tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 15

The Alley of No Return Ch. 15


Chapter 15: Like Mother Like Son

It was 7.45 a.m and all was quiet in the hotel. Only the silent apparitions , whose furs floated behind them rustling and leaving a faint rail of perfumed smoke, disturbed the still silence. Laura Deadorchid pressed the lift bell and squeezed Jennifer's hand.

"That was awesome Jennifer..." she whispered, "...something that pilot will never forget huh?"

"So what about flying away with him sometime as he suggested?" Jennifer said needing a co conspirator. Laura slipped her card into Jennifer's pocket.

"Call me and I'm there..." she said , and pecked her on the lips "...I am up for anything Mrs Coombes."

Just then a flourish of guilt swept over Jennifer.

"Laura...she squeezed the singer's arm "...oh my...Martin....I can't believe I...you know with the cigar...."

Laura looked at her with an evil glint in her dilated pupils, and giggled with wicked intent stroking Jennifer's face as she did so.

"Hey momma you have a hot son I ain't one to moralise....your secret's safe with me. You don't mind me seeing him tonight in London? Say why don't you come? We have an after party at Natasha's show; and we may get up and play a few is the general plan. Could be fun? We have to get rid of Martin for a while so I can have another play with your fuzzbox though huh?"

As the lift was taking its time, Laura Deadorchid smiled and reached in the top of her stocking where she kept the stash the pilot had given her. She placed it in the other woman's palm and thrust both their hands into the pocket of Jennifer's sleek fur: "For later..."she said softly.

Jennifer looked confused until Laura spotted a trace of the white powder on her sleeve. She eagerly snorted it; relishing the softness of the black fur against her face as she entered a dimension of heightened senses.

Absolute surrender to the prospect of further illicit enjoyment totally replaced Jennifer's guilt.

"Sure. That would be great. My husband has to go to work today and I was planning on a spending spree in London."

Laura's black pools where eyes had been met hers through her dark fringe.

"Aw that sounds great but we have this press conference before the fashion show; and there are no chance of tickets for the show either. So yeah you look after Martin for me and have a fun day shopping. And then...we play!" she said, clicking her fingers as the lift door opened with a ding.

Laura reached in her pocket and pulled out two Marlboro lights , placing them in her lips in the lift.

Lighting them up, she narrowed her eyes at Jennifer and placed one in her lips.

"I gotta see you smoke again" she said with a hunger .

Jennifer narrowed her eyes too, and this time it was time for her to take control.

"You are a very naughty girl Laura...mommy may have to spank you very hard" Jennifer said, exhaling the smoke all over her conquest. She pulled her hard as she would a naughty child toward her before lifting her fur, slapping her naked rump , and then in a very unmotherly motion slipping her fingers into her soft dampness.

"ooh mommmy" said Laura thrilled, and they began to kiss, groping each other through the furs and smoke that passed between them coursed their veins in unison making them one evil flesh.

The lift opened and the women were as startled hares caught in a car's headlights. Before them were Hektor and Annabel Stakaros, the hotel proprietors.

The awkward silence was broken by Hektor's booming laughter as he placed a huge cigar in his gritted teeth.

"Ha ha ha ...is worth paying the fine to see this...very nice ladies no Annabel?"

Annabel needed no encouragement, and as they traded places with the women in the lift, Annabel gently reached for Laura's cigarette and took it to her lips.

"Yes very nice" she said, and winked at both women as the doors closed.

"See you at breakfast maybe ladies" Hektor laughed again as the lift descended.

"Wow that was hot..." Laura said, marvelling at the catlike way the Italian Ethiopian beauty in sparkling dress had seduced the cigarette from her hand in one svelte movement, inhaled and blew cigarette smoke back at her; as Hektor had lifted his wife's slim body toward him with lust in his eyes.

"Catch ya later Jennifer..." Laura said pecking her once more and this time it was she who took the cigarette from another's hand and inhaled as she sauntered across the penthouse lounge and toward Martins' room.

Neither Martin or his father had noticed the women had ever been gone; after their exertions they had slept fast. Both women had enjoyed the ironic sweet nothings that their lovers gave them not realising that the sweet song the women sang belied the spirits of Sirens beneath their pretty skins.

"Got to go 'Fer got to go...I will see you tomorrow, have a nice time in London..." John said as he threw her the car keys and left the room for the cab that would take him to work.

Jennifer lit a cigarette and spread herself in the fur over the bed, tilting her head back on the pillow, closing her eyes and reaching inside herself , groaning as her fingers explored the wet cavern. Two guys, and a girl and another romp with hubby after, despite the lack of sleep, had left her still insatiable. She felt little respect now for the man who had tamed this wildness from her twenty years ago. Bringing herself to climax again, she smiled, took one last drag on the cigarette, and stubbed it out. She then surrendered to sweet sleep.

Martin was banging on her door two hours later.

"Mum it's 11 o clock we've missed breakfast. What's this about us going to London?"

He waited for an answer and knocked again.

Jennifer answered the door naked but for her fur, and peered through as she had chained it.

"Mummy's not decent" she said, slightly embarrassed, as stale smoke weaved its way around his mother and embraced him through the gap.

"Tell me something I don't know" Martin said teasingly with a smile.

Jennifer smiled and said "go and get us a sandwich and a coffee Martin and I will meet you in the lobby lounge. Mummy needs a shower."

"What do you want in your sandwich mum? " Martin responded.

"Onh ...errr...maybe rare beef and some lettuce" would be good "I am going to need some protein " she said and laughed aloud, closing the door.

"Ahh wow.." Martin sighed, and marvelled at the changeling his mother had become. He liked it .

Martin finished his coffee as his mother walked into the lobby lounge and glanced around nervously.

"Everyone else gone?" she said.

"yep mum just us. Left. Drink your coffee its going cold."

Jennifer stooped to pick up the coffee and put a leg out. Martin stared at her new stance; her sheer black legs in high patent heels. It looked hot; and his eyes lingered there as his mother knocked back the lukewarm coffee .

As she came back up for breath and smacked her lips, she caught Martin looking.

"Does it look okay Martin? You don't think this dress is too short?"

He surveyed his mother's body with a hand on his chin and said "Hmmmmm..." Looking at his mother's worried reaction, he added swiftly:

"...nah just kidding you look great Mum...I mean really great."

His mother smiled, her eyes sparkled and she pulled the fur around her, jingled her keys and grabbed the sandwich from the table, placing it in the napkin.

"Come on or we will never get to London."

Twenty minutes later they were well down the motorway. Since they had been in the car they had hardly spoken; each going over the events of the night before in their minds. The speed they had been travelling was also intoxicating and at last Jennifer let her patent stiletto off the pedal a little, pulling in to the slow lane, and reducing speed to a steady 70mph.

"Quiet Martin?" she ventured.

Martin smiled and wiped the fringe from his eye.

"I had a funny dream mum. A dream it must have been..."

Jennifer smiled. "me too" she said, coyly.

She stared at her son in the mirror, approving of his new image. The black lined eyes peering from his floppy fringe she assumed had been the craftsmanship of Laura, but she didn't know for sure. He looked half girl half boy, and as sexy and striking a figure as she had ever seen. But it took her back to the days before she had met his father. The days before his father had rescued her form a life of wickedness and decadence running drug fuelled with such boys in the night.

"Light mummy a cigarette please Martin..." she said throwing the pack of Marlboro lights into his lap from her open handbag.

The words made Martin squirm with excitement and guilt. He couldn't wait to see his mother smoking again and he eagerly followed her instructions.

Jennifer didn't take her eyes off her son as he lit her up, and smiled as she took it from his hand and watched as he lit another for himself.

"Phoaw" she said under her breath as she lifted her sheer thigh and pressed down on the accelerator with her heel, her cigarette dangling sexily from her lips as she indicated to pull out to overtake. It shocked and thrilled her to see smoke pouring from her sweet son's nose and mouth, and grip the cigarette in her lips that had been in his a moment before. "Kiss by proxy is okay" she thought.

Martin looked at the slipped skirt that revealed his mother's thighs. He watched her gloved hand holding the long white smouldering tube change gear firmly , and closed his eyes in ecstasy as he imagined it around his gearstick; that soft fur over her glove tickling his thighs....

As the low winter sun illuminated the smoke that poured from his mother's pink glossy lips, Martin's erection swelled again. Illuminated in the sun too were also traces of white powder on the black coat. Martin stroked the soft sleeve of his mother's iridescent fur, and smiled himself as he touched the residue to his tongue knowing exactly what it was.

"You're bad mum; very very naughty..." Martin smiled bathing in the perfume of her smoke and scent.

"You don't know the half of it Martin..."she said "I think your mother is out of control." She tilted her head back laughing , then taking a seductive puff and exhaling a powerful shot of smoke toward his lap said firmly in a raspy whisper "and I think I have a very bad boy too don't I? "

Martin's smile vanished in a second and was replaced by an altogether more sinister one. His mother gyrated her hips ever so slightly in the car seat in approval. He moved close to her and stroked the fur near his mother's face with amoral animal instinct replacing conscience.

"I think you're going to like helping mum shop for a new fur coat aren't you Martin" she teased, the slight tributaries above her lips quivering as she inhaled and exhaled on the long white Marlboro again. She smiled like the devil as she watched her essence embodied in smoke float into her only son. An inch was between their blood swollen expectant lips.

She turned away and pressed the accelerator down again and the smoke filled car hurtled down the motorway drive to what would have seemed to an onlooker like the devil too.

Martin gripped his car seat in fear as the accelerator hit 130mph.

"Ha hah that has cooled you off a bit hasn't it? Now save it for Laura you silly boy."

Martin smiled and said:

"Sorry mum. Just you look really hot and..."

"No need to explain Martin. I know I do...and I'm flattered..." and winked at him an altogether more motherly wink.

Martin took a disc from the pocket of his jacket and placed it in the disc player, turning up the sound before adjusting his seat to recline, flicking his cigarette from the slightly open window, and putting his hands behind his head where they could do no harm.

"Take me Higher and Higher....Temptation...." blasted out of the speakers as the Cradle of Filth brought back fond memories to his mother of another boy and another version of the song long long ago....

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