tagErotic HorrorThe Alter Ch. 01

The Alter Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Birth of the Hellcat Kitt

The day was warm for early spring with a nice light breeze blowing across the meadow cooling it slightly. In the meadow to the east of town lay a long and desolate plain none had ever dared venture into. The land there was barren and scorched and it seemed no matter how many years passed nothing ever grew upon it. The wide swath of death had only one thing that marred its flat dusty ground, a tower. Sitting in the center of the meadow stood a large obelisk of blackened stone. No one knew the story behind that tower; no one knew who had built it or what had happened on that plain. The only thing anyone knew was that the ground and the area were permeated with evil. No one ever that had ever approached that tower had returned to tell the tale. The menacing pillar and dead ground had stood there as long as any living person could remember. The tales of it had traveled down through many generations so no one really knew how long it had been there. Every so often a girl would disappear from one of the surrounding towns or villages without a trace. Most believed the girls had wandered too close to the forsaken ground but no one ever dared to get close enough to find out. It was on this beautiful day that a young girl absently wandered through the woods and fields.

Charna knew she wasn't supposed to roam too far from the town but the day was so wonderful. With the clear blue sky and light breeze she had lost track of where she was. She was dressed this day in a short sundress with the sides slit up to her hips on either side to allow the air to reach her ivory skin. The soft blue coloring of the linen matched the sky and seemed to shimmer in the sun. Her small waist was wrapped snugly in the linen that slid lightly over her skin and draped with a silver chain belt. The skirt of the dress stopped just above her knees and swirled and danced upon the breeze about her tender thighs. Her slender shoulders, neck and arms were bare to the warmth of the sun's rays while her long chestnut waves danced and fluttered upon the breeze. Charna was so wrapped up in her meandering that she never noticed the sun going down until she felt an eerie feeling. She snapped out of her reverie to find herself standing at the very edge of the desolate plain. The charred broken ground lay at the very tips of her delicate sandaled feet. She looked up across the dead earth, her heart racing in her chest with a sudden fear. Her curiosity had always gotten her into trouble and it rose inside her now. No one knew anything about this place and she felt the strong desire to explore it as she took a step forward onto the forsaken ground.

Ajeroth was sitting upon his throne tapping his long talon fingers against the armrest when he felt the sensations. He sat up straight a slow evil smirk spreading across his black lips. No mortal ever dared to tread into his domain of their own will. From the presence he was feeling some young innocent woman had been foolish enough to enter his territory. He was very pleased by this bit of luck, normally he had to raid a town to capture a girl and they never survived the altar. His last victim had just died inside the black stone and now this little cherry had delivered herself right into his grasp. Ajeroth rose menacingly to his feet and waves one talon hand activating the maze spell that would keep the girl trapped. The spell would lead her directly to him no matter what direction she walked. This little slut would never escape him. His granite like skin covering his massive frame shimmered as his clawed feet carried him from the throne room. Making his way out of the tower his crimson eyes glowed with malice. Once outside he began stalking his prey anticipating the screams this girl would give him as he made her his new pet.

As Charna walked on she wrapped her arms about herself and shivered with and eerie fear. The land was now covered in a dark sickly glow and it seemed no matter what way direction she chose she always ended up going the same way. She couldn't understand it but it seemed she kept getting closer to the menacing tower. She did not know how long she had been wandering when she saw a dark form in the path ahead of her. She was about to walk over to ask for help when she felt a horrible evil that almost crawled over her skin. She suddenly realized that this dark shape moving slowly toward her was huge and definitely not human. She took an involuntary step backward and screamed in terror when she saw the red glowing eyes. With another cry she pivoted upon her small feet and bolted.

Ajeroth had felt a jolt of lust the moment he saw his prize. She was young succulent and beautiful beyond what he could have hoped for. She stayed close to her keeping out of sight watching her as she roamed. He couldn't believe the luck that had brought her to his claws. The maze was leading her right to the tower doors. When he tired of watching her he decided it was time to play with his new pet. He stepped close enough to be seen as a dark shape moving into her path. He enjoyed the look of hope that crossed her face when she saw him and took greater pleasure as the hope died and turned to a look of sheer terror. Her scream made his enormous cock twitch and his mouth water as she took off running. She had no chance of escape the maze would herd her right to the tower doors. Once she stepped upon that threshold his dark power would force her into unconsciousness. He took his time leisurely following her close enough to stroke that fear as she ran.

Charna ran for her life hoping she was headed back the way she had come. It was impossible to tell she couldn't see through the dark eerie glow. Her heart raced in her chest, whatever that this was it meant to tear her apart if it caught her. She should have stayed home today she thought to herself. If she ever got out and home she swore she would never leave it again. She snapped out of her horrid thoughts and screamed as she stumbled. She went down hard scrapping open one knee upon the black stone steps. Struggling to her feet as she heard the thing laughing behind her she spun slowly backing up the stairs. As she crested the top stair the darkness shimmered and cleared as the monster stepped upon the first step. She shrieked in terror at the sight of the creature. His massive arms as big as her waist the long black razors of his talons, and a body that seemed made of stone with a head nominally human but mouth filled with razor fangs. It was the sight of its enormous cock twitching and stiffening that made her eyes widen. She took a step back feeling the doors against her back and descended into oblivion against her will.

Ajeroth chuckled darkly the girl was trapped in his web. She would soon be his bitch and scream for his pleasure. The thought of her agony made his cock pulse to life and start hardening as he stepped upon the black stone of the steps. The sight of absolute terror in her eyes when she saw him boiled his blood. His cock thickened quickly aching to slam into her helpless cunt. Soon very soon he promised himself as he watched her tumble into unconsciousness. He grinned as he strode up the steps and scooped his new toy up in his huge arms. His clawed feet clicked against the stone as he crossed the throat room and into his private dungeon. His talons shredded her cloths leaving her slim form naked against his body. His cock rubbed against her back as he tore the sandals from her small feet. He crossed into a side chamber which would now be her cell, her cage and laid her upon a cold stone table. His mouth watered as he locked shackles around her ankles and wrists then locks a thick steel collar around her slender throat. The chains he attached to each were long enough that his slut would be able to sit up and move around and of course struggle. His loved his bitch to fight as he brutally fucked her helpless. He crossed the chamber to a large stone chair and sat stroking the massive granite like cock as he waited for her to wake.

Charna woke with a groan and wondered where the nightmare had come from. She sat up reaching a hand to her aching head. Her eyes snapped open as she heard the rattle of thick heavy chain and felt the cold stone against her skin causing a shiver to course through her frame. She found herself naked lying upon a stone table shackles attached to each wrist and ankle as well as around her neck. She closed eyes her body trembling against the stone; she didn't want to see the creature she didn't want to know. This had to be a nightmare it had to be. Slowly with a deep breath she opened her eyes looking down at the stone beneath her letting her eyes adjust to the dim light she trailed them by inches up over the wall scanning the room. Her eyes landed upon the stone like creature her heart and breathe stopping in her chest as she watched the evil smile that spread over black lips. The creature wasn't as large as it had seemed when she first saw him. His arms were huge and rippled with muscle under the stone like skin, his chest was broad. His smile was still laced with fangs and malice still glowed in his eyes. It was when her gaze trailed down to the huge cock he was stroking that a scream of terror tore from her throat; the massive shaft pulsed as he stroked it thicker than her arm.

Ajeroth smiled slowly as he watched the prime little prize slowly waken from the forced sleep. He enjoyed the play of light against her smooth flesh, flesh he would soon mark as his. Watching her react as if she had been dreaming he took pleasure in the sudden alarm and racing heart when her eyes snapped open. He leaned back in his chair, his hand slowly stroking the hard pulsing weapon in long moves. He just chuckled as her eyes slowly roamed over him some form of hope showing within before her gaze met his stroking hand. The scream that tore from her throat hard as his tongue traced his lips as he rose to his feet. It was time to make the little slut his and prepare her for the altar. He loved the look of terror that crossed her eyes as he spoke his voice like gravel and thunder.

"Well you have finally awoken my dear pet. I am so pleased you delivered yourself to my pleasure slut. You will know pain and pleasure and beg me for both when I have finished with you. "

Charna's deep blue eyes widened in fear as she watched the monster stand she rolled off the table to her feet. She shook her head, she wouldn't let him do this to her. She had to find a way to escape him. She screamed again and began backing away as he spoke to her. Eyes wide with fear she trembled at his last words he couldn't make her into his toy she wouldn't let him. Her ivory skin shimmered as the soft rounded globes of her breasts rose and fell swiftly with her quickened breath. When she reached the end of the chain she whimpered in distress pulling against them trying to work her way free of the shackles as the beast steadily began to approach her stroking the long thick cock with wicked glee. Her voice trembled as she spoke.

"What do you want with me you can't do this, my father will come looking for me. You sick freak let me go and I won't let them kill you."

"Brave words my little slut but no one will dare to come here to find you. You walked willingly into my domain and now you will be mine. You will scream for me pleasure me and will breed like a true bitch. You will be hell's whore MY WHORE!"

"NO you can't do this you can't."

"I will do with you as I please slut you will never be free."

Ajeroth had slowly stalked his way across the room taking his time before he reached her. Her words, her spirit made his blood boil to make her scream to break that fight out of her till she begged for his rape. It was time for his toy to beg to scream and to bleed around his cock as he took her for his own. Once she was bred to the altar if she survived the breeding she would be bound as his slut for eternity. He trailed his tongue across his lips as he reached forward to grab his prize meat still stroking the thick veined cock that would tear into her tight cunt soon enough. His tentacles twitched to live along his back as his massive hand wrapped around her small wrist and yanked her toward him anticipating the fight she would give him.

Charna slowly tried to back away stepping slightly to one side but the chains would allow her no further from the beast. She shook her head screaming in fear as she watched him come toward her his words ringing in her ears the sight of the wicked lust in his eyes stopping her heart. She shrieked and tried to pull away feeling his hand grab her wrist with a bruising strength and reached up to claw at his face as he yanked her against him. She stumbled forward landing hard against his chest the stone like skin scraping against her firm breasts as she gasped for air. She took a step back her nails gouging down his face and across his throat. She had to stop him couldn't let him do this to her. She felt the thick heavy length slide against her belly and screamed in fear reaching gouging at his eyes she raised a knee against his groin and winced as she contacted the hard flesh before she turned and darted back around the table chains rattling behind her

Ajeroth roared in delight as she clawed at his face feeling her taunt breasts against his chest his heavy cock itching for her cunt. He felt the searing pain as she slammed into his balls and howled with rage. Enough the bitch would be his. As she turned to run her reached out hand wrapping into her long fine hair as his tentacle struck with the swiftness of a snake. This was the part he loved he thought as tentacles wrapped about her limbs coiling up along her body slowly but inevitably entangling her into a helpless web. She might fight and writhe but she would never escape him this bitch would be his and she would pay for coming here. He roared with pleasure as he pulled her back against him hard and violent. Her tender body squirmed in his grasp soft curves sliding against his rock hard body. He let go of her hair and his hand slid to her hips sliding up over her belly till he had the firm globes in his hand. He began to maul them roughly as he turned toward the cold stone table.

Charna screamed in fear feeling the snake like tendrils lash out capturing her limbs and slowly coiling around her. She reached down to claw at a tendril when he snapped her back against him she felt the hard muscles chest slam against her back knocking the wind from her lungs as the tendrils entangles and wrapped her against his form. The thick pulsing cock lay against her back as she arched and screamed in fear. She fought helplessly as he turned toward the table and began on slow step at a time to walk her helpless form to it. She was caught and fear burned in her throat with each scream as he took his time building her terror.

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