tagErotic HorrorThe Alter Ch. 02

The Alter Ch. 02


Each step brought her closer to the inevitable pain and torment she would know at his hands and she was helpless to stop him. She could feel his hands all over her body the tendrils sliding sickening against her skin coating it with some type of ooze. He was enjoying her screams and struggles using her fear to build his lust for her body. She felt the thick tentacles sliding between her legs tracing her sex with a chilling cold touch as she squirmed in his ever tightening grip. She pleaded and begged uselessly knowing he would never give in and only took savage delight to hear her begging. When he stopped before the table she arched her back screaming in fear.

Ajeroth listened to his bitch scream and beg as his tentacles slide over her silken flesh sliding up between her helplessly parted thighs. He enjoyed the feel of her squirming against him sliding against his aching cock. She would scream for him as he raped that tight little cherry of hers. He stopped before the stone table mauling her breasts roughly dragging the tips of his claws over the creamy firm globes. He laughed as he bent her over the table letting her have the illusion of fighting him as his tentacle wrenched her legs wide exposing the silken folds of her tight little cunt to him. One clawed hand slid over her firm heart shaped ass before he pulled it back with an evil grin he brought his hand down slapping harshly against the creamy cheek. He repeated the process several times feasting on each scream of pain before he trailed the clawed hand down between her trembling thighs. He found the bitch wet and quivering as he slowly began to drag the talons over the silken folds of her sex. With an evil laugh he drew back his hand slapping it hard against the little slut's cunt enjoying the shrill shriek she rewarded him with. He let her writhe and struggle for a few moments before he centered himself behind her tightening the tentacles as he rubbed the huge pulsing tip of his cock over her virgin folds. Bent over the stone spread wide for his cock she looked like a true sluttish bitch. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"You feel it slut. Your cunt is wet and waiting for your master's torturous cock to rape you while you scream and fight. You are Mine slut once the altar breeds you then my pet you will be my slut for eternity and I will breed you to my hounds as a kennel bitch one after another before I reward you with my rape. Now scream for me bitch."

As the words left his mouth he slammed his hips into the girl's waiting cunt growling as the silken walls resisted. He thrust harder and harder until the walls stretched around him tearing to allow his entry. He roared in pleasure as the hot flesh enveloped the massive pulsing cock. Her screams of agony were like nectar to him as he buried his entire length into the helpless cunt before him raking his claws down the bitch's back.

Charna's firm breasts were throbbing in pain as he mauled and pulled at her nipples the soft flesh bruising under the hard hands claws raking against skin leaving a searing pain in their wake. She tossed her head screaming and begging as he bent her over the table forcing her down to the cold stone as she struggled against him. When he yanked her legs apart, his tentacles sliding over her flesh, she twisted trying to pull free. The first blow that landed against her ass had her breath caught in her throat she couldn't even scream as the pain washed through her. With the second blow she screamed and arched her back squirming against the stone as tears welled in her eyes. Through several vicious slaps leaving her ass throbbing and red she screamed and fought long dark hair flaring and dancing over her back. She was gasping for air tears streaming down her flushed face when his hand slide against her exposed cunt dragging those talons over the silken flesh as she shuddered in disgust pleading for her life. Her pleas cut off abruptly as a stinging slap landed against her soft cunt and she shrieked thrashing in his grip while blinding agony seared through her leaving her shaking against the stone. She had bitten her lip as she felt him step back behind her and her struggles began anew desperate to free herself from his grasp to stop what was about to happen to her. Then she felt that huge pulsing head at the very entrance of her core and whimpered softly as she begged for mercy while he rubbed the tip against the folds of her sex. His words left her crying and pleading with him to let her go each threat seared into her mind. Then agony so pure and so hot flooded her while she arched and thrashed she screamed feeling him slamming his cock into her tight virgin cunt her soft breasts scrapping against the stone. She was caught helplessly the tentacles tightening as thrust after savage thrust buried his length inside her she could feel the heat of her blood from the torn walls. All Charna could do was scream and shriek as pain and agony filled her throbbing body. She felt a thick cock like tentacle slide around her throat and begin waving in front of her face as he slowly began to draw the massive length form her body.

Ajeroth shuddered in pleasure as he twitched inside her a moment listening to her scream and writhe against the table but his lusts were not sated. He slowly slithered a tentacle thick and slimy around her throat leaving the cock like tip waving before her face as he began to withdraw his hard pulsing shaft from her watching the ropes of her juice mingled with her blood. He drew back until just the very head remained within the tight shuddering cunt. Such a delicious slut, he thought as he grinned with malice forming hard torturous nubs along the exposed length of his cock. He reached down as she gasped and panted for air and gripped her hips tight enough to bruise her soft flesh. He felt her tense as he brutally thrust forward slamming his entire length deep into her tortured cunt. He let her scream for a moment as he twitched inside her then slammed the cock tentacle deep into her open mouth shutting the bitch up. Now he could have some fun with this slut. He began a hard savage thrusting in and out of her tight hole slowly increasing his size as another tentacle pressed against her ass before forcing deep inside the tight ring tearing it with a merciless thrust. He fucked her harder and harder over the next hour twisting with each thrust his massive length sliding in and out of the torn passage while she choked upon the tentacle in her mouth. He added a second tentacle into her ass driving deep and hard into the torn ring as his thick cock pulsed pummeling deep into her. When he felt the pressure building in his balls he let his cock swell inside her letting the nubs lengthen as he pounded deeper and more brutally into her. He leaned over growling in her ear that she was his bitch now as he tensed roaring in pleasure he exploded inside her the tentacles pulsed the thick hot seed into her mouth and ass as his cock erupted into his slut's cunt.

Charna shivered in pain panting and gasping for air as he seemed to stop with only the head lodged inside her. She was grateful for the relief as her body ached and throbbed. Then she felt the painful grip upon her hips and tensed under him anticipating pain. What she got was far beyond agony as he slammed into her again she felt nubs tearing her walls and she screamed and thrashed against the table until the thick tentacle plunged into her mouth filling it until her jaw distended. She gagged against the head as it force its way into her throat choking her. Her eyes widened as the demon began to thrust mercilessly the pulsing length in her mouth matching each thrust of the huge agonizing cock. She felt tentacles plunging into her tight ass tearing into her as she choked trying to scream helplessly as he raped her brutally. Tears streaked her face as he slammed into her again and again for over an hour that felt more like an eternity to her ravaged body. When she felt him tensing behind her swelling inside her she tossed her head her eyes widening as she heard him growling into her ear. When he erupted the cock like tentacle in her mouth began to drown her in vile bitter cum she was forced to swallow gulp after gulp as it seared into her torn ass and battered cunt. Her swollen inner walls throbbed with hot agony her torn ass ached while her shattered throat burned with the vicious seed her stomach retching trying to heave the contents. She stiffened gasping as her body shuddered in an intense pain induced orgasm that ripped through her flooding her senses until she collapsed upon the table while he tortured her with words.

"You little slut you like your master's cock enough to cum for him like such a good little bitch. I will rape you for eternity my slut but first the altar is hungry for your cunt and you will bare its spawn. Do not worry my pet it will only take a few days to grow inside you as the altar fucks you continuously then once the spawn is born it will fuck you until it is sated. Then my slut the real fun begins if you survive that is."

Ajeroth laughed as he lifted the girl from the table his thick granite like cock still buried inside her as he carried her from the room. She would get no rest before the altar fucked her until she bred for it. His large talon feet clicked as he crossed the hall turning left into a large black stone room. Set in the center of the room sat an enormous stone altar covered in strange symbols. The altar seemed to shudder as he entered the room definitely hungry for a slut to breed. He might just have found the perfect bitch. One tentacle closed the door locking it behind him as he reverently approached the altar. He chuckled thrusting into the tight cunt before he lifted her body from his cock using his tentacles to keep her still. He loved hearing her whimper as he raised her above the altar and slowly lowered her down upon it. The thick black stone came to life as the girl got close enough tendrils like rough granite latched onto her wrists and ankles pulling her down upon it and spreading her painfully wide. He stepped back moving over to her head as he pulled the tentacle from her mouth listening to her scream and beg for mercy. He took a moment to relish the sight of her spread helplessly in the grip of the altar while she twisted and squirmed. The altar remained still for a moment before a large thick cock of stone began to form between the girls legs. He positioned himself at the head of the altar as he spoke wicked malice dripping in his voice.

"Now bitch you pay for entering my domain this altar is a living thing and it is hungry for a sluttish whore like you. It will feed from your orgasms as it fucks you until you are fat with spawn. Only this stone will not be gentle with you if you live through this and the birth you will have eternal life and never be able to die."

Charna arched pulling against the hold of the stone altar the stone grating around her wrists and ankles as she felt the stone between her legs growing thick and cock like she felt the stone under her shuddering and sliding against her skin. She began to whimper as he spoke to her the black stone began to slide up over her calves tightening around her legs and pulling them wide. She screamed as she felt something slide slowly up along the silken folds of her battered cunt. Her eyes widening as it caressed her almost like a tongue tasting and probing against her she felt the pleasure begin to roll through her body as it found her clit and began a gently massage. She arched her back squirming against the stone as jolts of pleasure assaulted her senses her eyes slowly fluttering closed as the first orgasm tore through her body. She arched her back fully screaming in pleasure as her quivering sex began to convulse and ripple her juices flowing from the soft petals and down upon the altar. She rocked her hips her tongue slowly trailing over her lips as she shuddered upon the stone. Her pleasure ended quickly as the thick cock like stone drove deep into her slick cunt forcing deeper as it thrust hungrily into her body. She arched her back and screamed in pain the rough surface dragging against her battered walls.

"Yes you are a slut enjoying the touch of the demon altar and rocking against it. You will be my whore and breeding bitch if you survive so enjoy your pleasure while you can slut because it won't last long"

Ajeroth watched the girl squirming upon the altar as it began to pleasure her making her ready for its hunger. He let his words trail off as she screamed in her orgasm the glistening juice seeping from her quivering cunt as he licked his lips his huge cock twitching with a hot lust. He let her enjoy a moment before the thick stone cock of the altar slammed deep into her pussy driving and thrusting hungrily into the girl. He let her scream for a moment before he stepped forward placing the hot pulsing head of his cock against her lips smearing the thick pre cum over her face. When she screamed again he forced the head into her mouth with a deep growl of pleasure. He would have his slut's mouth while he watched the altar take and breed the new bitch. Grinning wickedly as she arched and strained in the hold of the altar he thrust his hips against her forcing the thick length of his hot cock into her helpless mouth. He didn't give her a moments rest as the altar began thrusting inside her hard and fast as it swelled on her juices the power of the stone making the girl orgasm continuously he began thrusting deep into her hot mouth growling in pleasure as he slammed forward until her nose was pressed against his balls and the thick head lodged deep in her throat.

Charna was twisting as she felt him force the thick pulsing head into her mouth cutting off her screams as she struggled helplessly. As the altar began to drive deep savagely thrusting in and out of her making her body arch and shudder in orgasm she felt the thick head stop before it slammed down her tight throat choking her. Her eyes wide as she struggled against the stone caught helplessly as it thrust and pounded into her feeding and swelling from her juice. Tears slowly began to fall from eyes as each thrust of the stone grated along her sensitive cunt she felt the thick cock choking her. Her eyes widened when the demon above her began to pulse and twitch inside her throat, her body shaking in an endless orgasm forced upon her by the demon alter, and he began to thrust deeply in and out of her mouth. She arched her back helplessly straining against the altar's hold upon her limbs choking with each thrust of the demon as he growled in pleasure above her. The thick stone cock inside her tight sex began to pulsate and thicken stretching her wider as its Master raped her tight throat with increasingly brutal thrusts. Her eyes widened and she tried to scream as the pulsing inside her tight helpless cunt turned into a flow of fluid that seemed filled with grit the stone cock thrust hard and deep forcing into her womb as it began to feed its seed into her belly long hot thick gritty ropes filling the fertile womb. She closed her eyes as she felt the cock inside her throat stiffen as the beast above her roared its pleasure and began to pulse its own release down her throat. She felt the thick hot seed rolling against her throat and gagged against the flow trying to swallow it to avoid drowning in it.

Ajeroth growled in pleasure as he thrust deep into the slut's throat stretching the tight muscles around his thick cock. He gripped her hair tightly as he arched his back thrusting his hips the full length against her mouth. When the altar began to swell inside the girl his eyes began to glow softly his own release nearing swiftly. The girl would be his for all eternity once she drank his seed if she survived the altar there would be no escape for her. He knew that his thick black seed would bind her soul to hell and roared in pleasure as he buried the hot length into her throat and began to shudder as the seed exploded into her. He growled his thick length pulsing as her throat convulsed choking against the flow and trying to swallow while the altar pumped its thick gritty sperm into her womb. Soon she would be fat with the demon's spawn if she lived through the mauling the altar would give her then she would serve hell and receive the curse.

(to be continued)

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