tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Amazon Journals Ep. 05

The Amazon Journals Ep. 05



“The Dead Will Speak”

Inspired by Alissa Wilkins.

Adrienne Wilkinson – Eve
Tsianina Joelson – Varia
Emily Perkins – Constance
Julie Strain – Daphmina
Reese Fairchild – Cyane
Amy Smart – Aimee
Kirsten Davis – Sonya
Ingrid Park – Serita
Chrissy Massey – Chrissy
Mimi Rogers – Ophelia
Alissa Wilkins – Alissa

Special Guest Stars:

Josh Hartnett: The Messenger
Mila Kunis: Drusilla
Mia Kirshner: Ennia
Katharine Isabelle: Livilla
Angela Bettis: Octavia
Christina Aguilera: Lollia
Daniela Amavia: Milonia
Katherine Kelly Lang: Caesonia

From the Author:

This is the continuing story that will be followed by one last to come in the Amazon Journals. For a while after I plan to take a break from the stories of Eve and will bring you a story of Slave owner in 1811 Mississippi entitled “Angel’s Heart”
For now, let me give to you, the further tales of the Amazons.

In the shadows she stood waiting for the Queen.


Varia left the tent of the weeping girls with tears in her own eyes, not sensing the danger that awaited…

Oh if only she had sensed it would she have saved herself… the knife came quickly into her back… her mouth was covered to keep her screams within as she looked over her shoulder, eyes wide as she stared at the taker of her life…

Varia’s world went cold and black… Varia was dead.


The scene was devilish and wonderful to behold. The naked bodies of these Amazon nymphs from the great council, mingling limbs with the Roman slave girls and their empress.

Daphmina, Aimee, and Sonya were no where to be seen. Alas probably just in their own tent making love, and plans of war, wishful thinking over their hate for the Romans.

Constance was found on her hands and knees with the hand of the Empress probing two fingers into her dripping sex, being coxed to urinate unto the chest of the slave girl Ennia. Who lay there with her large tits displayed and awaiting the moaning princess’s nasty dribbles.

Cyane lay with her head between the legs of Milonia, while Lollia and Serita took their tongues are her two open orifices, bringing cries of lust from the young girl. Her his bucking wildly into their intrusions as her own fingers and tongue tasted the slaves.

Chrissy and Ophelia were both on hands and knees with strapped on phalluses wildly fucking the wet charming holes of slave girls Octavia and Drusilla.

“Yes, fuck me!” were the cries Drusilla mumbled over the strained moans of her co slave Octavia.

“Oh Yee Gods!” Milonia droned allowed, her head falling back with her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her sex dying from the hot air being breathed by the moaning Amazon between her legs.

Lollia kissed her new mistress Serita firm on her sensuously red lips, sliding her tongue deep into the mouth of the heaving Amazon. Their fingers working furiously into Cyane’s ass and pussy, weakening her for all they could as they moved their bodies together, grinding their sexes into one another, for greater stimulation.

“Yes.” Breathed Serita. “So lovely, you do that so lovely.”

Moaning at her Amazon mistress’s approval, Lollia, the smaller petite creature called woman let her mouth draw down to the bosom of her lover. Sucking in her large pink reddish nipple.

A cry arose from Serita’s lips, causing her to thrust her two fingers harder into the anal passage of her Amazon sister.

Cyane’s face rouse from between Milonia’s legs with eyes wide open as her dark chute had been pumped ferociously by the Amazon’s fingers.

Octavia had been rolled over into a missionary position for Chrissy’s assault upon her open orifice. Her sex dripping as another orgasm swept over her body, leaving her large taunt breasts to quiver in the cold from the sweat.

Ophelia had taken her place on her hands and knees, while Drusilla knelt behind her sliding the phallus into her Amazon lover while her tongue traced down the open crack of her arse. Her tongue probing the dark passage, tasting the sweet nectar that lay inside.

All at once the night came alive with the cries from outside as an Amazon messenger came running into the hut screaming and crying out.


The room went silent as all looked in bewilderment and wonder. Constance’s eyes melting into coming tears and rage.

“WHAT!!!” She shrieked “what do you mean she’s dead!”

The Amazon was weeping as she addressed the princess. “Dead, murdered!” the last word came out like a screech.

The Amazons and slaves looked about a moment before rising up and clothing themselves before running out to the scene.


Constance lay weeping at her mothers body, clutching her close in her arms. Eyes drained with tears that seemed to flow like the heavy rain in the river.

“Mother.” She wept in a quivering tone. “Please wake up.”

Eve knelt beside Constance and Varia, staring in a with fixed eyes on the dead lifeless body of her once great enemy and now newly acquired lover.

The entire council had gathered in dismay, looking down at their lifeless queen. All of which they shared in love and trial.

“The Romans did this!” Cried Aimee.

“Yes!” Daphmina agreed “The Romans!”

The Amazons began to gather around the Roman visitors with hateful glares in their eyes and swords raised high. Ready to attack the trembling women, all but the rest of the Council whom looked in horror.

“NO!” Cried Eve.

“What did you say?” Daphmina sneered.

“I said no!” Eve stood between the Romans and the Amazons. “They were no where out of our site when this happened. Killing innocents would not bring Varia back to us.”

“What about her?” Said Aimee, glaring at Livilla.

“She was with me.” Eve answered.

“Oh so convenient.” Laughed the raging warrior woman Daphmina. “Varia was even seen last entering their hut. Who’s to say Livia did not kill her, or have this slave Livilla kill her?”

The Amazons all looked at one another all round then to Eve, who’s name Livia had not been spoken in a while yet. Their swords clutched tightly as they assessed whether or not to attack.

“We all know she did it!” Daphmina cried. “We know it!”

“That’s not true!” Livilla cried.

“Damned dirty whore!” Daphmina approached her with a sneering venomous glow in her eyes. “Dare you speak to me, ME! I could cut you down where you stand…”

Daphmina pulled her sword and circled the slave “You Romans are nothing but putrid whores and Varia was blind to see that.”

Eve noticed a slight bit of blood stained upon the knife in Daphmina’s belt, as she kept on… “Are we to let simple slaves wonder our village free! Are we to let this deed go unpunished?”

“Are we?” Eve asked in mock enthusiasm.

“Watch your tongue.” Daphmina snarled.

“Watch your dagger!”

Daphmina looked in surprise at her dagger as Eve quickly snatched it away from her.

“The blood of the Queen.” She looked disdained into Daphmina’s eyes.

“There is blood.” Came the scattered voices.

“Daphmina!” Exclaimed a surprised Aimee.

“Let me kill her!” Snarled Sonya.

“NO!” a cry came from Constance.

The princess walked slowly towards Daphmina. With a look that could scare the paint away from walls. The pure lustful hate that boiled like a blister rising in the heat.

“Sa-ta-laka!” She cried out.

This meant indeed Vendetta among sisters. The challenge was made, and the fight would come.


To be continued in “The Circle of Arei-moue”.

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