tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Amazon Journals Ep. 04

The Amazon Journals Ep. 04



"A Death In The Family"

Written By: J. Jasper Martin
Inspired by Alissa Wilkins.


Adrienne Wilkinson – Eve
Tsianina Joelson – Varia
Emily Perkins – Constance
Julie Strain – Daphmina
Reese Fairchild – Cyane
Amy Smart – Aimee
Kirsten Davis – Sonya
Ingrid Park – Serita
Chrissy Massey – Chrissy
Mimi Rogers – Ophelia
Alissa Wilkins – Alissa

Special Guest Stars:

Josh Hartnett: The Messenger
Mila Kunis: Drusilla
Mia Kirshner: Ennia
Katharine Isabelle: Livilla
Angela Bettis: Octavia
Christina Aguilera: Lollia
Daniela Amavia: Milonia
Katherine Kelly Lang: Caesonia

:From the author:

I would like to begin with my sincerest apologies to all those who enjoyed these stories. I never meant to disappear so long, but of course, my last computer crashed with ALL and EVERY bit of information I had. I lost much, but thank goodness to a little piece of paper I found, I was able to regain my author membership back under JasperMan.

I would also like to say sorry to someone special.

Alissa Wilkins. You are one of my dearest friends, and you helped me write these stories. If not for you, I would have never been able to write erotic tales like I have. I would have contacted you after my computer crashed, but I had your e-mail and all other info saved to my computer and lost it.

I am making a dedication with these next three and final Amazon stories.

To Alissa Wilkins.

My dear friend.

I hope you can forgive me.

Joshua Jasper Martin.


"Well?" Varia asked the bard who sat with dried tears on his face and his quill making the last word needed. "Was that what you wanted?"

"Oh, yes!" He said excitedly "and then some."

"Good." She said.

Varia looked over to find Constance and Eve holding each other with tears in their own eyes.

"When did you get here?" Varia laughed when she saw her daughter.

"Sometime during the first gathering of Remuk." She answered.

"Well, Virgil." Varia looked to the bard again. "I think it's time for you to be on your way if you ever want to get out of here alive with that story I just told you."

"Oh, right." He smiled.

He looked to Eve and Constance and smiled at them, despite the fact that he still had very hard feelings towards Eve for the past. He still couldn't help but smile in his excitement as he packed his scroll and quill.

"Good journey, Virgil." Eve told him.

"Thanks." He said before reaching for Varia's hand and laying a kiss upon it. "and thank you for the wonderful history."

The three girls smiled as Virgil left, knowing full well that this tale would be taken as far as the seven seas through out the known world.

"I cry every time I hear that story." Constance said.

"... and how many times have you heard it?" Eve asked her little lover.

"... Gods... I don't know, fourteen times now?"

Varia laughed as she moved over to the three girls and lay beside them. Looking into their beautiful faces.

"You know what?" she asked them.

"What?" they asked in unison.

"I'm in the mood for love."

To be continued in "A Death In The Family"

* * * * *


It had been four years ago.

The dark haired Eve stood beside her lover, the beautiful and ever radiant Alissa. The lovely couple whom met years ago as enemies, turned lovers.

Eve looked on upon the mountains before her. Her first and only child (by help of a friend to a friend in need) Xena, in her arms. Xena had of course been named after her grandmother. The great and powerful warrior princess... and Eve's pride in her child over took her as she remembered her final days with the Amazons.

Those days had been wonderful, and even somewhat erotic to her. She had found her heart and soul among the strong women. Even found an adventure, but that is a story worth waiting for...

Fall into her memory now, yet another time, shall we?

* * * * *

Four Years Earlier

"We have put it off long enough now!" Came the annoyed voice of Daphmina, the chief warrior of the Amazon council.

The rest of the council had been debating all morning as to weather or not the approaching Roman's should be welcomed into the village. Daphmina and Aimee had been the only two to express opinion of eliminated the invaders.

"We must fight them now!" Daphmina roared.

It was Cyane's turn to speak. "The invaders are not even armed, and the scouts report that they are all women accompanied by one man, a messenger."

"A trick!" yelled Aimee.

"The Empress is with them step-mother." Constance consulted. "Perhaps she is bringing a message of peace to us. Perhaps they don't wish to fight."

"Roman's want nothing more than blood and battle." Daphmina glared. "They are arrogant madmen and women who love nothing more than death and destruction. Now is our chance to make them truly pay with the blood of their Empress!!!"

The group came into an uproar of argument, with the exception of Varia and the ever so patient Constance waiting on her step-mothers command.

Varia took her adopted daughters hand into hers and smiled as sweetly as she could in this battle of words between their fellow sisters. She often wondered what type of queen her daughter would be, but looking at her now, she smiles and knows that she has raised a patient one. (A beautiful and sexy one at that) of course, she looks out to the arguing sisters and prepares comes to a decision.

"Enough!" she speaks calmly, standing from her place.

"Peace, sisters!"... Varia looks around the calming quieting room and reaches into her heart for the words. "We cannot murder an innocent who has traveled from far with simply a message. Should they come onto us with any kind of threat, then we will fight, and only then!" she glares towards Aimee and Daphmina especially.

"For now, we shall invite them into the village with peace..." She began to walk out of the circle. "Tonight we celebrate in honor of our guests and soon to be new sister Amazon."

Daphmina's eyes shot open as soon as she realized what that meant,... no! she thought. Not Eve, she'd never let Eve become a sister.

Hatred seemed to soar through her veins at the thought. Bringing her blood to a boil. Not in my lifetime! Not EVER!!!


Eve watched from her place as the Roman women made their way closer to the village, and she recognized her former two chambermaids from her princess days in the Empire. How beautiful they remained. Those child hood sweethearts of hers from so long ago. Now maids of the new empress, Caesonia. How beautiful she was.

She was radiant in her toga (A strange fashion for a woman) but beautiful none the less on her. She was accompanied by Eve's former maids Livilla and Lollia. The half sisters born of a noble Roman hero Antonius.

Eve also recognized the other servant girls surrounding the great Empress, Milonia, Octavia, Ennia, and Drusilla. She had only once had Milonia in her own bed before. The older but still young and devastatingly beautiful Milonia. Who had in fact been Eve's gift for her 18th birthday that evening she came to be.

"Allow me the pleasure of pleasing you, princess." Milonia said as she knelt between the open thighs of her darling Eve.

The beautiful Eve just sweetly turned eighteen. Who had been "conquering" young servant girls and boys since she was just four years younger than she was today.

"Milonia, you are always welcome." She laughed as she held her head back to savor the sweet feeling of this older, much much more experienced Roman daughter.

She let out a soft moan from between her delicate lips as the dark haired girl lavished a kiss upon her moist sex. Tasting the delicious juices that seemed to slowly ripple down the young princesses thighs.

Milonia moaned softly as she tasted her dear sweet nectar offered by Eve, as her long fingers and hands moved up to take the princesses breasts in her palms. Messaging those ripe orbs as her tongue lathered the juices from her new fruit.

Eve let out a more drawn out and louder moan as her nipples, they were squeezed and teased by the servant girls delicate fingers. Her clit was on fire with pure arousal as the poor little thing was nibbled and pulled by the lips of Milonia.

"Of by the great Gods above!" She moaned. Throwing her had back further, unable to move as her body felt for the first time ever, the most extreme orgasm river itself up her spine and through her entire body.

"Oh, oh, hmmmmmm." She groaned, whimpering.

Milonia's index and middle finger found passage to the soft opening of the princesses sex, penetrating and playing inside of her like an instrument. The pure wanton instrument called "lust".

"Ohhh..." Eve signed "I'm cumming." She was barely audible.

Her whole body trembling and shivering as a wave rushed over her like never before,...

Eve came back to her reality and blushed crimson as the women approached her,... how she longed to feel that delicious feelings with her servants again.

She was caught off guard as she realized she had been in mourning. She sought through her mind, desperately trying to decipher what she could be mourning about. Who had passed away?

Caesonia stood still finally ten feet before the former princess and called for her messenger.

Eve stood watching and waiting, desperate to hear some news.

Caesonia sent the messenger to Eve, sensing her dread as she looked at her with complete and total silence.

"Eve, daughter of Xena,..." The messenger began "Warrior princess, daughter of Amphibolies, in Greece?"

"I am." She said quietly.

"This is a message for you from Gabrielle, Amazon Queen of... " he was cut off by Eve as she snatched the parchment from him.

"I am instructed to read..." she cut him off again,...

"I'll read this for myself." She said sternly.

She watched as the Amazons came to greet the group of women whom had just arrived. They seemed eager to celebrate, so much to the point that a few sisters took the messenger and lead him to their own hut.

Eve stood there looking at the rolled up scroll, and felt a cold chill suddenly come over her shoulders and down her spine.

She made way to her hut, stopping for a moment to see the open hut of the two sisters, both on their hands and knees with the messenger fucking one from behind while fingering the other...

The sloppy noises began to arouse Eve as she watched the scene of pure unbridled passion before her...

Catching herself, she made the trip complete to her own hut...


Livilla entered the tent in Varia's arm, laughing heartily together as they did. Kissing with fierce passion.

"My little slave." Varia laughed. "Had slaves of her own didn't she?"

"Oh so true." Giggle Livilla "Varia has offered to let me watch you get punished my princess... mmmmm how I grow wetter to see such..."

They both stopped laughing as they saw a broken Eve weeping hard with her head held in her arms. Her body closed and crouched fetal on her bed roll cot.

"Eve?" Varia knelt beside the weeping princess.

"Eve, what's wrong?" asked Livilla.

"Eve..." coxed Varia. "Eve, tell us... what..."

She spotted the scroll beside Eve and decided to read allowed... the contents read.

Dearest Eve,

The daughter of my dearest friend.

I mourn now as I write this out for

you. My quill moves oh so slowly now

for my heart is weak with this horrible

distress I share with you.

I know not how to say this to you

any other way except this.

Xena is dead.

She died as she lived her last days.

A warrior, and a hero. She gave her

own life to save many souls.

With this I have one last lament to

share with the whole world. You will

be the first.

"I sing of Xena,

princess, warrior, hero, and true.

The great one who's life was all for truth.

She gave her life,

She gave her all, but time itself cannot save us all.

We lost a friend, we lost true love,

But forever will she watch us,

Forever will she call.

Her daughter and friend,

Her child left behind,

Will always with her dearest friend

Sing the name one last time.

Xena, the true.

Xena always and forever more.

Our tears are spilt for you."

With that, tears fell to the parchment, soaking the ink as the roam filled with silence and the mourning came in.

Livilla and Varia lay beside Eve, wrapping their arms around her, for their dear friend had lost her love, she had lost her life giver, she had lost her only mother. Her tears were the same they cried.

* * * * *

In the shadows she stood waiting for the Queen.


Varia left the tent of the weeping girls with tears in her own eyes, not sensing the danger that awaited...

Oh if only she had sensed it would she have saved herself... the knife came quickly into her back... her mouth was covered to keep her screams within as she looked over her shoulder, eyes wide as she stared at the taker of her life...

Varia's world went cold and black... Varia was dead.

To be continued in "The Dead Will Speak."

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