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The American Apothecary


The family sat in the Lawyers office very quietly as Dads will was being read. I was just sixteen and was still in shock over losing my Dad at such a young age but I understood most of what was being said. Dad's main business the Medical drug wholesale business was to be split into equal shares between my Mum and brothers and sisters. In addition, they would continue to run it as they had done for the last few years. The lawyer added that all my college fees had been paid, and if I got my chemistry degree like dad, I would inherit Dads own Apothecary.

Like his Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather before him, Dad had a special interest in making his own pills, potion and creams to which end he had built in the grounds of the warehouse a small warehouse unit to contain his apothecary, a manufacturing and packing room and a small living space for when he did late nights. It was the place I spent many happy hours helping Dad with his experiments. We already manufactured and sold mostly by mail order about fifty potions, some going back to great Grandfather's day. They had been sold under the name Sam's Apothecary all those years and was never going to change that.

Fast-forward eight year, I had travelled the world after getting my PhD in Chemistry, became a Master in Herbalism and discovered all types of strange and interesting tribal medicines. I also sowed my wild oats in various countries finding out where my lustful interest lay and working on ways to satisfy them. I had decided my talents should start to earn money so I spent months going over all the old notes and folders of my family until I found what I was looking for, something that Grandfather and my Father had worked on but never got to work It was the Breast Enlargement pill for women with a huge potential market.

After six months of trials and test I believe I had it perfected. A small advertisement in a local paper got me 40 female small-busted volunteers at the door for a local trial. I gave the ladies a talk, telling them what I expected for all of them, to gain at least a one inch increase in size, with some getting up to two inches. The Nurse I hired took over, measured, photographed all the women, and gave them a month supply of pills and they were due to report back in exactly one month. The nurse did warn me that probably only twenty or less will report back, usually apathy sets in. My sister Jane was in the group so I knew that at least one would return.

A month later, I was amazed to see a lot more than forty women waiting to report as I opened the doors it seemed that we had many happy people. There was even an extra twenty women wanting to get a supply of the pill. We had to send them away. The nurse re-took all the measurements and photographs. In addition, took all the reports. I explained it was still being tested but everybody who came today would receive a free year's supply if it went on the market.

The nurse gave me the control number of the women who were given the placebo and of course, their reports showed no growth. I wanted to interview them individually in my office. They were all pleased when I told them they got the placebo but would now get the real thing for the following month and should return then to show their results. The last woman was extremely friendly and we got chatting. She wanted a way to thank me for the opportunity and more for a joke I said.

"Sure! You can do my weekly shopping tidy up my apartment here, and cook me a dinner one day next week and then do the dishes." I said with a big grin on my face.

"You have a deal." She said. "How does next Wednesday suit you? I will come over midday to see what shopping you need and to start the tidying, dinner at eight."

"Perfect." I replied as I showed her out of the door.

I set about collating all the information that had come in and was delighted to see the results were exactly as expected with all the women gaining at least an inch. Some nearly two inches, and some even more. However, it was interesting to compare the before and after photographs and to privately leer a little.

Around four pm I heard a noise coming from a side door and went outside to see what is was, I was amazed to find a medium to large mutt tied to a post by the side door with a piece of rope.

I never had a dog before so had no idea what to do. I brought him inside and gave him some water; I got on with some work on my desk while the mutt just lay by my feet asleep. Later that afternoon I called the local dog pound told them what happened and they asked me to bring him in. I had already named him Jake by the time I arrive at the pound handed Jake over and that was the end of that. I though. Why I did it, I have no idea but I called the pound a week later just to find out if he had been returned to his owner, of course, nobody had come for him and a few more days they would be putting him down, I put the phone down.

"I must be a raving idiot." I called out loudly to nobody.

Two hours later, I had adopted Jake and he was asleep under my desk without a care in the world.

The following day the woman who was going to do my shopping and cook for me actually turned up around midday, which I must admit, I had not expected. We introduced ourselves, her name was Cas, she was about five years older that I, maybe even early thirties, tall, and slim. I showed her to my apartment area in the building and she went through the kitchen area seeing what I needed.

"What's that?" She asked when she saw Jake under my desk.

"That's my new killer guard dog." I told her with a smile.

"Does he ever wake up?" She asked.

"We are hoping anytime now." I replied. We both fell about laughing.

Cas went off shopping while I got back to work, I decided to order 100,000 bottles of the potion which I now called Twoup™, after reading all the reports I knew I had a winner, of course I had to meet the sales and promotion people and the rest of the family in a board room discussion the following day. I was just sitting at my desk mulling this over and wondering if I was going to fuck Cassie, when Jake woke up, He went to the side door, I opened it, and Jake ran out into the scrubland behind us. He ran in huge circle at full steam for ten minutes, crapped by the door of my car, came back, went back under my desk, and back to sleep. It was now official I was the owner of a mad dog.

Cassie arrived back a few hours later and left me working while she went to clean up my living area and cook dinner, I really wanted to work on my next project but that was still secret and Twoup™ had to be operational first. At exactly eight pm Cassie called out that dinner was ready I walked along the hall to my living area, Jake awoke of course, and joined me. Cassie had cooked a great meal, even Jake had a bowlful, added with a few bottles of wine and some vodka and great conversation it had been a wonderful evening. By midnight, we were both ready for bed and headed for the bedroom without a word being said, Cassie lay down on top of the bed lifting her dress to her waist and pulling her panties to one side, with her voice slurring from the drink said.

"Please suck my clit, it needs attention."

I stripped off all my clothes, lay between her legs, and stated to enjoy her delight and that is all I can remember. The next thing I remember is waking up to a tingling feeling as my cock is being sucked to erection as I wake up. She twirled and swirled me for a good ten minutes until I could hold it no longer and she sucked me dry and wasting not a drop as she swallowed. I was just laying there in ecstasy enjoying the whole experience. I must have laid there for sometime as when I finally came to my sense Cassie had gone and everything was quiet.

I looked at the clock. I was running a bit late. I opened the door to let Jake have his run and put his food down, went back to the bathroom had a shower and was back in the kitchen with coffee in front of me in twenty minutes ready for a day of meetings. It was a ten-minute walk across the site to the main office and the boardroom, Jake just came along with me and one inside I sent him under a chair in the hallway outside and he just curled up for a nap.

Everybody was there and everybody was smiling, a good sign I thought. I saw my sister Jane who had been involved in the test and she wanted to know if I had spotted her breasts in all the photographs.

"Of course I did and very nice they are, you should not have worn your necklace with your name on it." I said laughing. She blushed, but I do not think she cared.

It was accepted by the whole family that we had a good product and was worth promotion outside of the Apothecary catalogue and adverting budget of my little division. Then we had the marketing dept who floored me with their plan, they wanted it sold with a massage cream and a DVD to show how to apply the cream between couples. A white coated actor probably to explain the do and do not with the product, and explain the no warranty or guarantee of success for everybody, and the usual legal stuff. It would be sold initially as a starter pack with all three items and then the regular pack with the pills and cream. They wanted to use a cream that would make the breast feel tingly, when applied, this was cheap and easy I told them. The retail price for the starter kit should be $24.99 and for the regular pack $19.99. This was a shock as I had envisaged a $9.99 retail price.

I told them all I had already ordered 100, 000 bottles from my budget and I was cleaned out financially. They all laughed.

"Order a million more on our budget." My eldest brother, the CEO said. "I think you have a winner."

"What did you make last year all told?" My brother asked.

The accountant had the figures, announced it was $40K, and explained how the amount was arrived at. I had no idea at all. Money had little interest for me. I had a roof over my head and my old car. He went onto explain that I normally got one dollar a pack of anything I had brought to market. For the first year of this product, they were offering to make it two dollars a pack. My brain worked overtime, if they sold a million, I would make two million dollars, but my non-marketing mind had decided 100k packs was about the limit on sales.

A new face walked into the room, a lawyer Mr Bern, who my father used for the Apothecary business and still kept that position. I had known him since childhood. I got up to welcome him. He sat next to me and got straight down to business.

"I have been through the contracts, and they are safe to sign." He looked at me smiling.

"What contracts?" I asked looking at him quizzically.

My sister had got up from the table and led two more gentlemen into seats opposite me. She introduced Mr Davis and Mr Yamamoto. Mr Bern stood up and explained the gentleman wanted to be the European and the Asian distributor for the first 12 months of production and were prepared to pay $500K each just for a year's licence to be the sole distributor in their areas. I do not know why, but it came to me as Mr Bern was going on about different bit of the contract, when their contracts would start, they would make their own DVD and all the extra items.

"That's not enough money." I said quite feebly. "I want one million for Europe and one and a half million for Asia, half today and the balance seven days before sales start in your regions."

Virtually everybody in the room started talking, most of my family saying I was being greedy my sister and Mr Bern just looked blank. I just looked at the buyers as they talked between themselves, they stood up and leaned forward hand outstretched and with a huge smile.

"You have a deal my friend." said Mr Davis for them both.

I got up from the table and went into the next office, which was empty; my sister followed leaving Mr Bern to write it all up.

"You just became a multi millionaire." She said. "Paula, the marketing lady, said there will be offers from Africa and Australia by the end of the week for their marketing rights, so even more money coming.

"Ah Paula! I would like to play with her tits as well as yours, yummy yummy." Jane laughed.

"I was going to say you can't afford us, but after today you probably can." Jane said, we both burst into laughter, but I knew deep down it would happen eventually.

"Why don't you go and buy a new Mercedes this afternoon and dump that pile of crap Kia somewhere.

"What! I may wash it this afternoon; it's my pride and joy." The idea did go through my head; I could actually afford a new car, if this was not all a big dream.

I collected Jake and we walked back to my unit. He had his usual mad run and went to sleep while I had to write up the notes for the DVD and any leaflet to go with the product, which Paula was picking up later that evening. I finished it all off within a few hours and gave Cas a call, a good fuck would be nice tonight I thought to myself, but her kids were at home and she could not get away. Paula turned up around eight o clock and was very pleased with my script. She told me she wanted to get the DVD into production in three days.

"Are you taking the treatment?" I asked.

"Not yet! I will when it becomes available, a couple of extra inches would be very nice."

Fortunately, I was wearing my white lab coat, which always puts people at ease. I opened a drawer and gave her a bottle of Twoup™.

"Take of your shirt, let me takes your measurement and I will add you to my test subject list." Without even thinking, she complied and I took her measurement and not very discreetly had a good feel, nice, firm and conical with puffy nipples

"Did you enjoy that?" She said smiling, as she got dressed.

"It will be better in a month's time as you will see." I proudly said.

"If I get two extra inches then you have earned a further grope." Paula said as she got all her paperwork together and left.


The next few weeks were full of activity and everything had to be prepared for the launch. After two weeks, I had my supplies in stock, although the main stock was more than a week away, which was when the launch was due. I had seen Cas a few times but with my hectic schedule, we had not yet had time to exchange bodily fluids even once, since our drunken evening.

Then the plans went haywire. It was a Tuesday morning the phone was ringing nonstop, it woke me up at eight o clock in the morning, and I soon took those telephones off the hook. I went downstairs and the fax machine was churning out more paper than it ever had in five years. I glanced at a few and they were all orders for Twoup™. They mentioned a newspaper article, I quickly got onto the internet and got the site of the newspaper mentioned, and reading through to the women's section it all became clear. One of my original tester was probably a journalist and had sold the story to a huge circulation newspaper the story of course was full of praise for the product and did actually mention is was still in the testing phase but nobody noticed that bit.

I opened up the Apothecary web site where Twoup™ was already listed as available to find there were a thousand orders automatically taken and the email box was full up with nine thousand enquiries. I quickly set up an auto reply to the mailbox. I let Jake out for his run and put the coffee on; I was caffeine desperate, after gulping three cups and a few pieces of toast. I decided to wait until nine o clock when Beth arrived, she worked every morning here for thirty years and Joyce did afternoons, they answered the telephone and fax, got orders packed, shipped, and handled web site traffic.

As soon as Beth arrived, I filled her in with the details and she checked everything I had told her, she just took control, she telephoned various people and ordered them into work. She ordered me out to shower shave and dress and to take a break as it was going to be a very busy day.

I had a shower and shave, fed Jake, got dressed, laid down for five minutes and woke up three hours later, came down to a great hive of activity. People were running all over the place, some I had never seen before, other I had known for years. Joyce had arrived, I called her and Beth into my office, we needed to get their positions sorted, I ask for the latest report. "Internet orders have now reached 8000 units, telephone caller are being told to order from the internet via the answering system, we have yet to answer any of the emails, 5000 unit have left via UPS so far, thank to Juan. We need two new printers to print the label quicker and we have brought in six workers to pack and get ready for shipping, they have all done it before at other busy times, just not this busy. Juan will keep them at it until they drop."Beth said with a big smile.

"Right! As of today, you are both the General Managers of this business you answer to nobody but me; you will get a rise and a bonus when this settles down. Take a break if you need it, and if you both can work a full day for a time, I would appreciate it. Joyce, call that Pizza place up the road and order enough food and drink for ten people, call Staples and order those printers you need. Insist they are delivered today; let me know if there are any problems. Send Juan in now would you?"

Juan came running in a few moment later, He had been the general warehouse man for twenty years at least and turned his hand to anything as needed with never a complaint.

"Juan what is your job title."I asked.

"Juan do this." He said with a huge grin. "I have never had a real title, your dad hired me twenty three years ago to sort out the production and shipping, it was supposed to be for six weeks, we became good friends and I'm still here."

"Ok! As of today you are Shipping and Production Manager, and slave driver, you will get a pay rise and a bonus for handling this extraordinary event you report only to Beth or Joyce, they are the general managers. Do you need anything right now?"

"I have three more people coming in at six o clock for an evening shift until midnight, they have all temped here, before, I will stay until midnight with then, and I want to get all the orders packed and ready to ship first thing tomorrow."

I went back into the main office where Beth told me her two daughter would be in at six o clock for a four hour shift of answering emails to clear the backlog. Damn I have a great team I thought. I went off with Jake to the bank and got a few thousand dollars to grease a few palms if needed. My sister Jane called as I was returning to ask if I would accept a fee of one million dollars from the Australia wholesaler and half a million from the African company, I agreed and Jane had the money paid into my bank. It was all just numbers to me so far, I do not think I realized the significance.

I arrived back to see the pizza people leaving, Staples were just delivering the printers and two more UPS trucks driving off. I restocked Beth's petty cash box up from its usual fifty dollars to a thousand dollars, to buy whatever was needed.

I had some work to do in my lab so I grabbed a slice of pizza and went in there for some peace and quiet, and to do more on the next project. At seven o clock Cas turned up with her son for just a quick passing visit, I asked her son to take Jake out for his run, which he was pleased to do. As he went out the door I grabbed his mother and kissed her, lifted her on to the lab counter pushed her skirt up, dropped my trousers, stepped in between Cas's legs, she pulled her panties to one side as my hard cock pressed into her fast lubricating pussy and started banging away frantically.

"Oh, my God." she gasped. "You really are in need, keep going, and fuck me as hard as you can."

"Oh fuck that was so good." I screamed out and spurted deep inside her time and time again. "Wow I needed that." I said as my breathing returned to normal.

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