The Angel vs. The Demon


Suddenly, Emmanuelle frowned as she noticed a slight shift in the forest outside, like a shadow passing from tree to tree. Wincing with slight pain, Emmanuelle chastised her little kitten for scratching her, when she was reluctant to be put down. Seeing that her kitten had fallen right back to sleep, Emmanuelle walked out of her chambers, and into the foyer and slipped on her cloak and headed outside onto her stone steps. Wrapping her soft dusty pink cloak closer around her body, Emmanuelle raised her beautiful face to the heavens, and watched in trepidation as black clouds dominated the sky in the area. She heard a slight crying sound a little ways away, and decided to follow it, to see if someone was hurt. Following the sound, Emmanuelle became more afraid with each step, but continued on, despite the fear coiling itself inside her. Her black riding boots made crunching sounds on the forest ground louder, by the eerie silence that now took over the forest, when out of no where, something long whipped across her chest, sent her reeling backwards, landing on her back. The wind knocked out of her lungs, leaves and twigs flew all around her, as she gasped for breath. Looking up, she noticed a long branch swinging in the wind, that had come out of no where, had been what hit her. Touching her cheek with her fingers, she looked at the blood coating the tips of her fingers. The branch had cut her cheek and neck.

As she was about to stand up, a dark figure appeared in front of her, blocking her path. Her tear stained eyes followed from the black boots, to the black britches and cloak....until her fearful gaze those of Demitrios'

Looking down, Demitrios watched the wild haired angel who had stolen his heart from him, and made him feel weak with his feelings for her. But now he had total control over himself, and will never let this female in...human or angel, regardless. He had to destroy her before she consumed him, no matter the cost to his heart.

As Emmanuelle looked up into the face of Demitrios, she watched his eyes, and felt her heart lurch in her stomach. He was so dark, menacing, so dangerous....and yet she knew now that she wanted him. She felt a fear so deep, that it scared her totally. She was here for a mission; to save his soul, and take him back home to the heavens, but part of her just wanted to be here with him forever. She knew, with a woman's intuition, that a battle waged inside him, as she gazed up into his dark ebony eyes. For a moment, she had seen tenderness, and in the next, it was consumed by darkness. When had she begun to have feelings for this man? She remembered her Guardian angel Michael, telling her that she now had human emotions, flaws and failings, even qualities, but was this part of the equation? Was this wrong? She was torn from her revelry as a huge hand came down to grip her by the throat, and raising her face level to Demitrios.

"I will destroy you, hellcat angel. Yes, I do know you are an angel" Demitrios triumphantly told her, as her eyes grew wide in shock. A voice that did not sound like Demitrios, spoke from him. "The Demitrios that you have occasionally glimpsed, is under my control, and no meddling angel will get in my way. He has turned weak, with his love for you Emmanuelle, and now I have to take over from here. From what I see in your lovely green eyes, I see that you love him as well." Throwing back his head and laughing with dark evil, the being continued "Imagine that, the angel vs. the demon. How deliciously wicked and ironic. Come now my dear, what do you have to say about that?"

Feeling anger rise inside her, Emmanuelle brought forth all the strength and energy she had, compounded with adrenaline, and boxed Demitrios' ears with the flat of her palms, forcing him to release her from his strong grip. Emmanuelle landed on her behind, with a groan. Looking back, she noticed Demitrios running towards her in anger. Standing up, picking up the hem of her skirts, she ran quickly deeper into the forest. Looking back once more, she cried out in horror as her housekeeper and butler; Henry and Mathilde jumped on Demitrios as he passed them by. The being that had overtaken Demitrios' body, swung out and knocked both the older couple back, rendering them unconscious.

Emmanuelle whimpered softly in fear, as she had come to care for the couple; whom have taken such great care of her. Now, they have paid the price for helping her, as she watched them both lying still, presumably dead....because of her. She could never make up for what they have done for her, except save Demitrios. Yet...she has failed.....this evil being inside of him, overtook his body. Yet from what she was told by Michael, Demitrios had wanted to leave the realms of heaven when he became restless, arrogant and rebellious. But from her research on human males, most males had those very same attributes as well. Emmanuelle now realized that her and Demitrios had a mutual pull towards each other, each complimenting the other's personalities. Yet all this was for naught, Demitrios seemed lost to her now, as the evil being was closing in on her. Demitrios had turned into a demon, but kept part of his angelic heart locked away in stone, that she had apparently breached.

Running as quickly as she can, Emmanuelle suddenly found herself near a waterfall. Noticing a large boulder beside the waterfall, she quickly scanned the area and smiled in relief as she became aware of a shadow behind the boulder, which meant a small crawl space for her to hide behind. She slid her small form behind the boulder and tried to remain quiet, her own companion was her heartbeat, as it beat furiously with adrenaline. Her chest rose and fell, as she became aware of the pain she felt. The branch had cut her cheek and chest, and the evil being had bruised her throat.

Her relief was short lived as a hand shot out and gripped her throat once more, pulling her out of her hiding place.

Screaming in fear and surprise, Emmanuelle's small hands covered Demitrios' forearm, trying in vain to dislodge his hand from her throat.

"Please Demitrios, don’t kill me, I love you" Emmanuelle gasped between breaths.

Demitrios' ebony eyes softened for a moment, then it disappeared as the evil being took over once more. "Don’t bother, little angel, Demitrios cannot fight me, this is my body now. For an added bonus, I am going to take your virginity. A virgin bet you will taste very sweet, and I shall cherish tasting your blood as much as your sweet nectar, little one" Leaning close to her, Demitrios ran his long tongue along Emmanuelle's bloodied cheek, lapping up the warm, red liquid. Lifting her higher in his arms, he then ran his tongue across the slash on her neck. One of his hands lowered down her body to cup her round little behind, gripping her almost painfully, to his strong body.

In a last attempt to escape him, Emmanuelle looked directly in his eyes, never breaking contact, as her hand slowly reached down to take the tiny dagger hidden in a sheath, upon her hip. Raising her hand quickly, she struck out and caught the evil entity in the face...but that was Demitrios's face she was cutting, yet she had to. She had failed miserably, in her mission here on earth.

Emmanuelle ran quickly into the water, below the waterfall, and tried to slip behind it, before the evil being could see her. She had just reached the giant, flat boulder on the other side of the waterfall, when she was pounced from behind. Turned around roughly, she was pushed onto her back, looking up into the now-red eyes of Demitrios.

"Before I kill you, little angel, any last words to Demitrios before I take over his body and soul completely?" The evil entity extended his razor claws and ran them down Emmanuelle's delicate throat, resting them at her pulse point.

"Nothing I can say will make a difference now, but I need to know why you are doing this? Since my life is forfeited anyway, I might as well admit, aye, I am an angel, but my Guardian angel Michael will soon come to rescue me and send you back to hell" Emmanuelle informed him in a deadly calm voice, raising her chin defiantly.

Laughing menacingly, The dark being threw back his head and laughed, then transformed his body and voice. Suddenly, standing before Emmanuelle was.....Michael?

"Noooooooooo!" Emmanuelle covered her mouth with a shaking hand. Backing away, she asked, unbelieving ""

Standing over Emmanuelle, the entity's black eyes bore deeply into her lovely green ones, and smirked with pure malice."Since I am going to kill you anyway, I will tell you how and why, little angel. You see, there was indeed a mission planned to return Demitrios to the heavens. I overheard the Michael and the Archangel that was his namesake, discussing it, in seclusion, well he thought they were in private anyway. It defied the laws of Heaven, but I hate Demitrios and Michael, and all those in the High Guard of Heaven, for casting me aside, because I wanted to lead some of the missions. Demitrios was just as rebellious, strong minded and proud as I was, and yet he was favored...."

"So it wasn’t the real Guardian Michael that sent me here to earth to save Demitrios, you wanted me to lead you to destroy Demitrios. Oh my Lord, I cannot believe this is happening. But why me? Was I even an angel to begin with, or just part of your plan?" Emmanuelle felt her throat was constricting from the pain and anger, mingled.

"Oh you were definitely an angel, but a Rogue Angel, that God wanted to send to earth, to help humans and guide them. Though, my plan was more fitting for you, and now you have succeeded in helping me find Demitrios. There was one little lie however; You were told that if Demitrios breached your maidenhead with maliciousness and no love, that you will be living out the rest of your days here on earth, as a mortal. Truth is Demitrios already loves you, as you love him, for a very long time now. I have erased both your memories of each other, you were in no danger of losing your immortality. If you both would have mated and created a child, that child would have ruled the High Guard Council one day, instead of me. In fact, it was foreseen, that you would have had twin sons, born of your flesh and his, but that is why I am here. You and Demitrios will die, never having a chance to produce those children to rule the council. That position was mine. Now that I have you both here, my quest is complete."

"But where is the real Michael? What have you done with him?" Emmanuelle whispered softly, horrified.

"Allow me first, to introduce myself. I am Guardian Kristoff, former leader of the Guards of Heaven. As for Michael, well he's a bit....tied up at the moment. He was indeed your Guardian Angel in the Heavens, but Michael had no idea that I had betrayed them, they thought it was Demitrios. The story was easily believed, because of Demitrios's rebellious nature. Now, it's time for you to die, beautiful little angel." The evil entity inside Demitrios told her with deadly calm, as he lifted her by the throat with one massive hand. In that moment, all the memories came flooding back to Emmanuelle. She saw in her mind's eye, her and Demitrios together, and the love they shared. Like a windows in time, the images bespoke of their first meeting, when they actually fought verbally, disliking each other. But as time went on, the electricity between them two, forged a bond stronger then steel. Demitrios's strength kept her safe and warm, and her love and softness, opened his heart to love. With a gasp, the last picture in her mind was slammed before her eyes, as she watched her Guardian Angel Michael unite her and Demitrios in the bonds of matrimony....Demitrios was her husband.

Emmanuelle looked into Demitrios' ebony gaze, and a silent realization appeared in both their eyes. They both knew at that moment, that they loved each other.

Suddenly, the hand lowered, and the entity growled, sensing Demitrios attempting to fight the darkness inside him. For a moment, Demitrios emerged, and fought the entity, and shoved Emmanuelle away from him. "My memories have just come flooding back too, Emmanuelle, love, now run!!" Demitrios ordered her.

Scrambling to her feet, she ran toward the Manor house, but only made it to the stables, when she was yanked back by her long golden-red hair painfully.

Emmanuelle screamed, but felt a burning anger inside her at the same time. Turning to face the evil entity, her eyes widened at what she had seen. No longer were they Demitrios' beautiful ebony eyes, but were now a pale yellow rimmed in red. Emmanuelle knew her fate was sealed, when the entity hovered over her and raised her once more, by the throat. The entity leaned in and whispered in her ear " You would have been delicious to taste and so wonderful to stretch and fill with my enormous shaft, but alas, time grows short. Your life is now forfeit, little angel, and your husband will be next. Any last words, "m' lady"?" The entity tormented her.

Raising her chin defiantly, Emmanuelle felt a calmness wash over her, as she whispered the very simple words to him.........." May God forgive you".

The entity's eyes widened in anger, then he plunged the eight inch razor claw into Emmanuelle's heart. A single tear ran down her cheek, as her vibrant green eyes clouded over then closed. Her head fell back, as nothingness overtook her body. Before the entity could drop her to the ground, the single glimmering tear fallen from the angel's cheek, fell upon Demitrios' hand.

Crying out in pain, the entity dropped Emmanuelle to the ground in a soft thud, as the single drop of tear pierced his skin. Demitrios fell to his knees, as the entity was thrust out of Demitrios' body. In what seems like slow motion in time, the entity and Demitrios were separated, but the entity needed to destroy Demitrios in order to survive. Both males looked at each other, as they faced off. Demitrios desperately wanted to go to Emmanuelle, but he could not turn his back on this evil entity, lest he be consumed once more.

Suddenly, the entire forest was enshrouded in golden light, as the Guardian Angels in full heavenly armor, lead by the Archangels and Michael descended from the Heavens. Surrounding the group on earth, the Heavenly Guards stood beside Demitrios and Emmanuelle's prone body. The Archangels and Michael approached the Krifstoff; the former Guard of the Heavens.

Michael's deep voice boomed fiercely but calmly, as he stood a foot taller above Kristoff "You will never again harm anyone. What you have done, has sealed your fate throughout eternity. You have betrayed us all with your greed and malicious ways."

"Oh and what shall be my punishment? Death? I am already dead, and so is your little angel. I was not allowed to lead the Council, and now, neither will Emmanuelle and Demitrios' children, for I have destroyed her." The entity laughed sardonically.

"Then turn your eyes this way, Kristoff, for it shall be your last sight you will witness" Michael indicated with his massive hand to where Demitrios was leaning over Emmanuelle's prone body.

Surrounded by Guardian Angels and Archangels of Heaven, Demitrios looked into the beautiful face of Emmanuelle, and his eyes welled up with tears, as he gathered her into his arms.

He spoke softly to her "I will love you for eternity, my little Emmanuelle" and with those words, a tear slipped down his down his face, and landed on Emmanuelle's cheek. Suddenly, his wife's body was surrounded by a soft white light, which resembled wings holding her. The wound in her chest slowly disappeared, healing her. A few moments later, Emmanuelle's eyelashes began to flutter slightly, and her eyelids rose to reveal the vibrant green of her eyes.

"I love you, Demitrios...."Emmanuelle tried to speak. "I thought I was killed"....

Before Demitrios could answer, Michael stepped forth and placed a large hand on both their shoulders, and looked at Demitrios. "I am sorry we have wronged you Demitrios, we know it was not you that have betrayed us, it was Guardian Kristoff. You will both be welcomed back to the Heavens if you wish to come back, but I was instructed to give you both a choice; to remain on earth as mortals or return to Heaven. If you choose to remain, both your powers will be taken away, and you will be human...."

Looking at each other, Demitrios and Emmanuelle knew they both wanted to stay on earth and be together. Demitrios took his wife's hands, looked at Michael and said "We wish to remain here as mortals. But may I have just one more moment of my powers? I may need them for a moment.

Michael looked at Demitrios in question as he said "Aye but wh..." he didn’t get to finish as a loud growl could be heard coming from behind Michael.

Moving Michael out of the way in time, Demitrios stood tall with arms outstretched as he aimed his hand towards Kristoff, Demitrios let loose a blue light in the form of a sword, and watched as it tore Kristoff in two, while the entity was at a full run.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Demitrios!!!!!" were the last sounds Kristoff made before the blue light destroyed him completely, vanquishing the darkness into oblivion.

"Ok, now you may take my powers, I'm done with it" Demitrios laughed like the powerful warrior he is.

Michael, The Guards of Heavens and the Archangels smiled at Emmanuelle and Demitrios and informed them before departing "Henry and Mathilde were also giving their lives back, for their bravery in aiding you Emmanuelle. Please be well and we will see you again one day. With those last words, they slowly vanished, leaving the couple standing alone.

Looking at each other, Demitrios picked Emmanuelle up in his arms and carried her into their home. Smiling at him, she whispered "Looks like the battle between The Angel vs. The Demon is over, we have each other now."

Demitrios was about to respond when he cried out in pain, as Emmanuelle's little kitten Rogue, climbed up his legs, using her claws. "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww! The battle between the angel vs the demon may be over, but I think the battle of the claws has just begun. Who will be more fierce, rogue's claws on me or your claws on my back when I make love to you?" he winced as the kitten's claws dug into his thighs, and at that very moment, Emmanuelle's claws dug into his shoulders.

Nipping his earlobe, Emmanuelle informed him "We will see who will win the battle of the claws, my love, but either way, you will not remain unscathed" winking at her husband, she bit his shoulder playfully. Demitrios was seen carrying his biting wife in his arms and a kitten clinging to his muscular thighs with her needle-sharp claws.

The End....for now *winks*

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