tagRomanceThe Baller and The Nurse

The Baller and The Nurse


Author's note 1: This piece is a sequel to an earlier story, "Desperate Measures: The Baller." If you have not read the aforementioned "Desperate Measures: The Baller," then it may be a good idea to read that one first. All of the background information on the characters and the circumstances of their interactions are established in the earlier submission. This story picks up the day after the events in the previous piece.

Author's note 2: This story is a Romance, but it contains elements of NonConsensual/Reluctance, Exhibitionist/Voyeur, and Anal sex. The sexual content is pervasive and explicit. Anyone who finds these subjects offensive or who prefers sex in the background would be better off clicking back to the index and finding another story to read.

* * * *

The front desk called Sergio's room at 7:55 a.m. to advise him of a visitor. After confirming her identity, the hotel employee gave Yesenia an electronic pass card and directed her to the VIP elevator. She slid the card through the reader, punched the button for the twenty-fourth floor, and rode the glass-encased car to the top of the hotel. Yesenia exited, turned left, and scanned the hallway for room 2424. She found the door, knocked, and then waited.

"Good morning!" Sergio said, welcoming her into his room. "Did you bring my automobile?"

"I parked my car with the valet. Here's the ticket."

"Gracias, mi amor, gracias."

"De nada, Senor."

Sergio took the ticket from Yesenia, tucked it into his shirt pocket, and gave Yesenia a thorough once-over. Standing in her navy blue scrubs, white lab coat and sneakers, and with her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, Yesenia presented a professional profile in stark contrast to the cut off shorts, bikini top and wild hair she sported the previous day. The baggy scrub pants obscured her curvaceous backside, while the lab coat made her ample breasts all but disappear. The conservative make-up adorning her face completed the transformation from slutty playground tease to health care professional.

"Dulcita, aren't you professional today? If I weren't expecting your visit, I probably wouldn't have recognized you. I hope you didn't cause the front desk to believe that I am ill. The concierge can be overly helpful at times."

"I'm on my way to work."

"Are you a doctor, Yesenia?"

"I'm a nurse--a private, home nurse."

"I'm impressed."

"Thank you. I worked hard to get where I am. Now let's hurry up and get this over with so that I'm not late for work--drop your pants."

"Not so fast, my pretty little nurse. It would be my pleasure to become knowing you better. I've ordered breakfast from room service. Come and join me on the terrace, where we can enjoy this beautiful morning sunshine."

"I told you, I have to get to work."

"Would you like some coffee, at least?

"You aren't listening. I don't have time."

"Is there anything I can get for you? A mimosa? Orange juice? A pastelito? Some berries and cream?"

"Ha ha. I get it--berries and cream. Did you forget to mention your banana?"

"No, no, I meant fresh strawberries and sweetened creme. The kitchen here has the biggest, freshest, sweetest strawberries I've ever seen. They are delicious."

"Look, Sr. de la Cruz, I have to get to work. I'm only here because you hustled Russell out of my car, and you're making me suck your dick so I can drive it. Now let's conclude this disgusting business of ours so I can get out of here and get where I need to be."

"Alright, alright, Yesenia, let's get started. But first, I'm going to need for you to remove your clothes."


"You heard me. Your clothes--take them off."


"Because I want to see all of you. You have beautiful breasts and your skin is like cinnamon and honey. You tantalize me. I want to see all of your beauty."

"Sr. de la Cruz!"

"Si." Sergio bowed.

"You ... you're overstepping the boundaries. I'm not here by choice, you know. You humiliated me yesterday in front of the entire park, and I am left with the impression that you intend to continue humiliating me for the foreseeable future. I'll do what I have to do, but I will only go so far with you. I'm with Russell, and he's the only man who gets to see my naked body."

"Yesenia, I am try to be patient with you, but my patience has limits. You have two options. You can take off your clothes this instant, or you can turn around and leave before I have hotel security remove you. The choice is yours, but you need to make that choice immediately."

Yesenia's eyes started to water, but she was determined not to cry again. She set down her purse, took off her lab coat, and kicked off her shoes. She pulled her scrub pants to the floor, pulled the top over her head, and then stood before Sergio in her bra and panties with her head tilted downward. She realized that bowing her head was a form of submission, so she lifted her chin and looked into Sergio's sparkling blue eyes.

"Very nice," Sergio said. "Now finish."

Yesenia dropped her head, reached behind her back, and unhooked her bra. She let it fall to the floor, and then pushed her panties to her ankles. She stood in the center of the room--nude except for the white anklets on her feet. She raised her arms in an effort to cover her naked breasts and pussy, but when she realized that she couldn't hide all her assets she feigned defiance by standing with her arms hanging to her sides.

Sergio leered at her front side, and then directed her to spin around in a slow circle. His eyes devoured Yesenia's round, bulbous buttocks, soft belly, and thick, muscular legs. Her nipples were at full attention, and a sheen of perspiration was forming between her pendulous breasts. Her thick black bush was trimmed to a small patch above her slit, but that patch was surrounded by visible stubble. Looking closer, Sergio detected a hint of nectar moistening her pink and grey nether lips.

Despite the cool temperature in the hotel room, Yesenia felt a warm wave wash over her body. She could smell her own arousal rising from her pussy, and she guessed that Sergio could also. A hot flash exploded in her face as she processed that thought.

Compelled by the heat rising within her, and at the same time anxious to be done and on her way, Yesenia initiated the action. She stepped toward Sergio and reached for the drawstring on his white linen slacks. She pulled it, allowing the loose-fitting pants to drop to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear. His cock sprang out, fully erect and ready for attention. Yesenia wrapped a hand around the base, dropped to her knees, and licked the shaft.

Sergio leaned forward, grabbed her by the pony tail, and pulled her head backward.

"Not today," he said. "Come with me."

"What's wrong? What did I do? Where are we going?"

"Outside. That's how you like it."

"Says you," she spat.

Sergio led Yesenia to a doorway and ushered her onto the balcony.

"What's up, boss?" a familiar voice greeted the two.

Yesenia turned and saw Jamal seated at a table with his breakfast. There were two more place settings, several dishes with steel covers over them, a pitcher of orange juice, a pot of coffee, a bucket of champagne, and a tray of fresh fruit. Yesenia's eyes widened as she covered her crotch with one hand and attempted to cover her breasts with the other.

"What's he doing here?" she shrieked.

"Mr. Walker works for me now," Sergio answered. "He is my gerbil."

"Gopher," Jamal corrected. "I'm your gopher."

Jamal looked at Sergio, diverting his eyes to avoid staring at Sergio's crotch. He glanced at Yesenia, taking in her lush curves while attempting to see past her protective arm placement.

"Right, gopher," Sergio said. "That is what I am mean."

"He's not staying out here," Yesenia snapped. "Jamal, you can take your plate and go inside now. Watch some TV."

"Mr. Walker is precisely where he needs to be," Sergio interrupted. "He is no going anywhere."

"I'm not..." Yesenia started.

"Then you're dismissed. Pick up your clothes and go."

"And my car?"

"My car will remain in the hotel garage. You can call a cab or take a bus. I don't really care."

"You-you can't...it's my car!"

"Yesenia, please leave now. Jamal, call security."

"Wait! Alright! You win--again--what do you want me to do?"

"Are you sure you don't have time for breakfast?"

"I'm positive," Yesenia snarled.

"In that case, come over here."

Sergio turned a padded chaise lounge chair away from the sun.

"Right here." He pointed at the chaise. "On your hands and knees."

Yesenia placed one knee and then the other on the thick cushion, and then leaned forward and lowered her palms to the chair. She glanced at Jamal, and then looked away as a wave of heat flushed over her skin.

Sergio paused at the table as he walked toward the chaise. He scooped up a handful of butter that was softening in the morning sun, and applied it to his erect cock. He rubbed the remaining butter into the crack of Yesenia's ass, buttering her entire crotch from front to back.

"Hurry up, jefe," she said. "I have to get to work."

Sergio placed the tip of his cock against Yesenia's buttered asshole and pushed. The head popped through the unprepared muscle ring and burrowed another inch into her anal canal before meeting resistance.

"Oww! Fuck! You're in the wrong hole!"

Sergio placed his hands on her curvy hips, grasped a fistful of flesh in each hand, and pushed again. Another inch of cock disappeared inside her tight ass.

"Stop it, dammit! That hurts! Didn't anyone teach you to ask before doing that?"

"I'm sorry that you are in discomfort," Sergio said as he drew backward and then pushed forward again. "It had been my intention to take my time and make slow, passionate love to your entire body. But since you are in a hurry, I will get this over with as quickly as possible."

"Wait! Not like this. You're too big."

Sergio pushed once again, burying the full length of his cock in Yesenia's ass. His groin was pressed against her crotch, and his balls were resting on her pussy.

"You are mistaken, mi amor. I would say we are a perfect fit."

Yesenia groaned.

"I beg to differ."

Yesenia grimaced as unbidden tears formed in the corners of both eyes.

"You can beg all you want, but it won't change anything. I'm going to fuck your culo until I cum, and then you will be free to get dressed and leave."

"Wait--wait a minute." Yesenia inhaled. "A blow job is one thing..."

"And this is something entirely different. I understand. I find this much more intimate--more personal--more in line with our new friendship."

Yesenia shifted her hips, searching for a more comfortable angle.

"Do you think that ramming your cock in my ass makes us friends?" she whimpered.

"I like to think so. I hope that you don't let just anyone shove a cock up your ass."

Sergio drew back and then pushed forward again.

"Ungh!" Yesenia grunted. "Please! Ungh! Stop!"

"Mi amor, you are talking too much. Perhaps Jamal has something he can stuff down your throat to silence you."

"No! I can't--not both of you."

"Very well."

A tear streamed down Yesenia's face, despite her best efforts not to cry. She clenched her jaw, put her face down, and stared at the cushion while she attempted to relax her burning asshole. She glanced at her watch, noted the time, and realized that she was wasting precious minutes resisting. She had to hurry up and finish in order to make it to her first appointment on time.

"Fuck me!" she urged through gritted teeth. "Fuck me, papi."

Sergio felt his dick swell in response to Yesenia's encouragement. He never stopped to consider whether her enthusiasm was feigned or genuine. His brain was excited at a primal level, and he thrust faster, pushing his cock in and out of her buttered ass with increasing velocity.

"Fuck me papi! Fuck my tight ass!"

Sergio rocked his body back and forth, plunging the hard shaft and flared head in and out of her tight, slick asshole. Anal sex was his favorite perversion, but few women were willing to take his cock in their tightest entrance. None had ever taken the entire length. Yesenia had no choice, he realized, but he still marveled at her talent and her enthusiasm. The fact that she seemed to like it made it even more thrilling for him.

"Give it to me, papi!" Yesenia growled through her clamped jaw. "Give it to me! Give me that big dick!"

Sergio's cock had never felt longer or harder. Despite the girth, his cock slid in and out of Yesenia's ass with amazing ease. The melting butter was the best lubricant he had every used, loosening her tight brown ass and her smooth, warm tunnel. He pushed faster and deeper, burying his bone in her sweet, tender backside.

"More! Faster!" she urged.

Sergio continued thrusting. He was unaware of his surroundings--unaware of anything other than his engorged cock, Yesenia's slick ass, and her ragged voice. He opened his eyes and looked to his left where he saw Jamal, seated at the table and rubbing his crotch beneath a napkin. Sergio waved him over.

Jamal walked around the table and approached the chaise. Sergio met Jamal's gaze, pinched his thumb and forefinger together, and then pointed at Yesenia. Jamal stared for a second, and then nodded in approval.

"Faster! Faster!" Yesenia urged. "Fuck my ass, papi, fuck my ass! Cum for me, papi!"

Jamal's fingers and thumbs closed on both of her nipples. At the same time, twin waves of searing heat raced in opposite directions, one from Yesenia's nipples to her brain and the other from her nipples to her clit. Her body felt as though it were being consumed by fire.

"Ungh! Yes! Oh god! Yes! Don't stop!"

Yesenia's entire frame shook as an unanticipated orgasm overwhelmed her. She had been so intent on making Sergio cum, that she failed to note her own growing arousal. The unexpected pressure on her nipples was the final spark that set her off, releasing a wave of heat and fire that coursed throughout her body.

"Ohhhhhh! Yesssssss! Yesssss!" she cried. "Just like that! Just like that!"

Jamal continued to pinch, while Sergio resumed thrusting in and out of Yesenia's buttery ass. Yesenia lifted her head, realized that it was Jamal who was pinching her nipples, and dropped her head again in shame. Another wave of heat seared her skin.

"Oh god! I can't stop cumming!"

Sergio thrust faster and faster. For the first time, he realized, he was going to shoot his load in a woman's ass. All previous attempts ended prematurely due to reluctance or fear. Yesenia's ass devoured the thick intruder.

Clutching her curvaceous hips, he thrust in and out, pushing and pulling her body back and forth to increase the force of his thrusts. Sergio felt his balls tighten, and knew he was close.

"Harder, papi, harder! Fuck my ass harder! Give it to me, papi! Give it to me!"

Sergio felt an explosion inside his head. His vision went black as his cock swelled and spurted. Jets of cum shot from his balls, up his shaft, and flooded Yesenia's bowels. He pushed and pumped as the juice continued to erupt from his cock.

"Oh yes! Papi, yes! Fill me! Fill me! Fill my ass!"

Yesenia's ass burned, but her skin was on fire. Every nerve was tingling as the most powerful orgasm yet wracked her body. He arms gave out, and a second later her legs followed. Yesenia collapsed on the chaise, her body quivering as the afterglow spread over her torso. A stream of cum leaked out of her ass and collected on the cushion beneath her.

"That was...amazing," Yesenia panted. "I've never..what did you do to me? How did...? Wow. Just...wow."

"Umm, boss," Jamal interrupted, "I don't want to seem ungrateful, but what about me? I could use some relief, too. Just sayin'."

"I can't...I have to go to work," Yesenia mumbled between gasps for air. "I can't. Sorry, sweetie. Not this time."

"Don't worry, Jamal, I'll see that you're taken care of," Sergio answered. "Get the door for me, please."

Sergio bent over, picked up Yesenia, and cradled her in his arms. He waited for Jamal to open the door, and then carried her into the room.

"Wait outside," he said to Jamal. "I'll call someone for you."

"Sure thing, boss. Hey, how about that Puerto Rican girl from last night?"

"With the pierced nipples and no gag reflex?"

"Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about." Jamal giggled.

"I'll see if she's available."

"Cool," Jamal answered. "Oh, Yesenia--one more thing."


"You're even hotter than I imagined. I don't know why you're wasting it all on Russell."

"When you can beat Russell one-on-one, come and talk to me."

Jamal closed the door and returned to his breakfast. Sergio set Yesenia on the sofa, gathered her clothes, and handed them to her.

Yesenia put on her bra and panties, and the stood up to put on her scrubs. Sergio stepped toward her, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her body against his. Their eyes met, and then he lowered his lips to hers.

"The bathroom is over there," he said, breaking the kiss. "You can take a shower and get yourself cleaned up before you go."

"I don't have time. I'm going to be late for work. I'll sign in and then go straight to the bathroom. I'll wash up before anyone even knows I'm there."

"Are you sure?"

"I don't have any choice. I'd stay longer, but I have to go."

"Alright. Here's the valet ticket. Same time tomorrow?"

"Maybe a little earlier."

"Very well. I'll see you tomorrow morning. Breakfast will be waiting for you."

Yesenia stepped through the door, and then turned back before Sergio could close it.



"One more thing."

"I'm listening."

"Thank you for not sharing me with Jamal. I was so turned on, so horny, I was...out of control. At that moment I would have done anything--sucked his dick, licked his ass, fucked him--anything at all. And then I'd hate myself for it tonight."

"You're welcome."

"Sergio, I'm not a whore."

"No one said you were."

"I'm serious. I am not a whore."

"I believe you. Now get going. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

* * * *

The front desk rang Sergio's room at 6:45 a.m. Five minutes later, Yesenia exited the elevator, stepped around the housekeeper's cart, and knocked at the door. Sergio opened it and invited Yesenia into the suite. Salsa music was playing at a low volume over the room entertainment system.

Standing in a white robe with the hotel initials monogrammed in bold black letters, Sergio escorted Yesenia into the main sitting area. Yesenia handed him the valet ticket and then set her purse on the table.

"Do you have time to dine with me this morning?" Sergio asked.

"Let's take care of business, first, and then if I'm still ahead of schedule I can join you for breakfast."

"Very well. Take off your clothes, por favor, mi flor hermosa."

"You are such a charming devil, aren't you?" Yesenia removed her scrubs, folded them, and set them on the coffee table.

"I'm doing my best to make our negocios pleasurable for both of us."

"It seems to be working for one of us, at least."

Yesenia felt her face flush as she unhooked her new bra, pushed the matching thong to the floor, and set both on top of her folded uniform. "Is this how you treat all the women in Europe?"

"Every woman is unique--every one must be approached, cultivated, and cared for in a different manner. The things I do with you I have never done with anyone else, and never will do with another."

"So, I'm the first woman you've ever fucked in the ass?"

"Of course not. But you are the first woman who has ever performed for me in front of an audience."

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