The Baller and The Nurse


"What if I don't want to stay here?"

"That's up to you. Just promise me you won't ever go back to that apartment you shared with Russell."

"That's for me to decide."

"Of course, of course." Sergio stroked his chin. "Who is Racquel?"

"Racquel? Do you mean Racquel Perez?"

Sergio pulled a slip of paper out of his shirt pocket, looked down at it, then put it back where he found it.

"Yes, Racquel Perez."

"Rocky's a friend of mine on the sixth floor. I watch her kids whenever she has to work a double shift."

"I guess someone else was watching them this morning. She was in your bed when my men arrived at the apartment. There were no kids in sight."

Yesenia's eyes blazed.

"That backstabbing, man-stealing, leg-spreading slut! It sure didn't take her long to move in and take my place. Just wait until I get my hands on her weave. I'll wrap those extensions around her neck and choke a bitch."

"Let it go."

"What? You don't know..."

"Yesenia--just let it go. Why would you want to go back there and deal with those people?"

"I have to. I can't just walk away and let her move in on my man."

"Is that truly the way you feel? Do you want to fight over Russell?"

"Yes! No! I mean--I don't know. Not really. But I have to do something. My reputation..."

"It's over in that neighborhood. You lost all of that when you were on your knees sucking my cock in front of that crowd. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. It would be futile for you to go back there and grovel. The best thing you can do for yourself is start over and never look back."

"That' home. I have to go back."

"You can do better. This is your chance. You just have to decide what you want."

"I know you're right. I get that. But knowing it and doing it aren't the same."

"Look, we can discuss this later. Right now, we need to get dressed so we can go to dinner. We have reservations in an hour and a half."

"Um...where are my clothes? I hope I have something to wear."

"Try looking in that box in the corner. I think that's the one Jamal said was the lightest."

"This one?"

"Yes. You look beautiful, by the way. Very sexy."

"Thank you. Not too bad for someone who was beaten like a pinata just over twelve hours ago, right?

"You're gorgeous, Yesenia."

* * * *

Sergio and Yesenia returned to the suite just before midnight. Sergio opened the door and turned on the lights. Yesenia stepped through the entrance, grabbed his hand, and led him to the bedroom.

"Tell me, Sr. de la Cruz, if I fuck you now, does that let me off the hook for tomorrow morning, or will I have to fuck you again before I go to work? Technically, it will be tomorrow by the time we finish."

"What makes you think I'll be done fucking you when your shift starts?"

"If that's the case, then you better get started. If I'm late the day after calling in sick, I'll definitely lose my job."

Yesenia stepped out of her shoes, unzipped her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She turned her back toward Sergio, unhooked her bra, and dropped it onto the pile. Her panties followed a second later. She turned around and presented her naked body to him.

"Mmmmm mmmmm," Sergio groaned. "You look much better than you did this morning. I love the shaved pussy."

"Waxed," Yesenia corrected. "I thought you would appreciate that. Now let's get into bed, and you can show me why you like it so much."

Sergio stepped toward her, scooped her in his arms, and carried her toward the bed. Instead of setting her down, however, he turned toward the door and carried her into the sitting area. He reached for a light switch, and then opened a door and stepped onto the balcony.

"What are we doing out here?" Yesenia asked. "I thought we were going to bed."

"We will, in due time. But first, let's enjoy the night air for a little while. I'll get you a drink."

"It's cold out here. Take me back inside."

"We'll get to that. Stay here, I'll be right back."

Sergio deposited her on a lounge chair, and then went inside. He locked the door behind him, strode across the room toward the bar, and mixed two cocktails. He turned on the balcony light, and then went back outside with the drinks.

"Why did you turn the light on? Someone could see us."

"Not likely. We're twenty-four stories up. The only way anyone could see us is if they were in the building across the street and using a telescope or binoculars. Without the light on, they wouldn't be able to see anything."

"You want to be seen?"

"It doesn't matter to me. But I think you rather enjoy it."

"Oh really, what makes you say that?"

"The way you reacted at the park, for one. And then again, in front of Mr. Walker, and yesterday, in front of the maid. You were very excited. And right now, your nipples could poke my eyes out if I look too closely."

"That's because I'm cold. It's freezing out here. Let's go inside."

"In time. First, let's drink to a life without Mr. Russell."

"I'll drink to that."

Sergio tipped his glass toward Yesenia, then swallowed the contents in one long pull. Yesenia did the same, then scrunched her face in disgust.

"What is this?"

"A little specialty of mine--I call it a Sergio Slammer. It's very famous in Madrid."

"It should've stayed there. That shit is nasty."

"It's an acquired taste."

"Am I an acquired taste?"

"Well, I did more or less acquire you from Russell, but I don't know yet how you taste."

"Russell didn't know either. That bitch wouldn't eat my pussy."

"Why not? Is there something wrong with it?"

"No! Fuck you! Fuck off! Take yourself out of here and go straight to hell! There ain't no damn thing wrong with my pussy."

"Then why wouldn't he..."

"I don't know! He's a stupid bitch, that's why. Take me home."


"I said, 'take me home.'"

"Racquel Perez and that 'stupid bitch' Russell are in your former home. This is your home now."

"This isn't a home. This is a god damned hotel room."

"For now, this is the only home you have."

"Fuck you. Fuck your hotel room."

"Yesenia, listen."


"I didn't mean anything bad."

"You shouldn't have said it. That was an issue between Russell and me for a very long time."

"What? He thought there was something wrong with your pussy?"

"I don't know what he thought, but that mother fucking bitch wouldn't lick it. No matter how much I begged, that bitch would never go down on me. But he expected me to suck his big black horse dick every damn day. Mother fucker!"

"I'll lick you."

"I was hoping you would say that."

Sergio stood up, took off his jacket, and draped it over a chair. He adjusted the chaise to full recline, laid back, and pulled her toward him. Yesenia straddled his face and lowered her steaming pussy to his mouth.

Sergio extended his tongue and licked her tender slit from front to back. She was already damp when he started, and after only a few seconds the moisture became a swamp. Yesenia rubbed her soft mound all over Sergio's face, riding his lips, tongue, chin, and even his nose. Every protuberance was another slippery surface that she used to tickle her clit. Sergio's firm hands on her waist were a reassuring presence as his mouth probed and prodded her along a steadily accelerating wave of orgasms.

After Yesenia's third orgasm of increasing intensity, Sergio held her in place with his huge hands while his tongue sought out her fleshy nub. When he found the engorged seed peeking from its hood, he focused his efforts on flicking his tongue across it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Yesenia moaned. "That's the spot. I've never felt anything like that before."

Sergio redoubled his efforts. His strong arms held her firmly in place while his tongue whipped back and forth with more and more intensity. Yesenia tried to rock her hips, but Sergio was too strong; he held her motionless. She grabbed two fistfuls of black hair and pulled, attempting to somehow increase the friction on her clit.

"Don't stop!" she cried. "Don't stop."

Yesenia felt the wave growing. It was different than when Sergio's cock was shredding her asshole, but no less intense. Her skin was covered with goose bumps, but her face felt hot and her crotch felt even hotter. Another orgasm was approaching--this one would dwarf the other three that had already wracked her body.

The wave rose and then crashed upon her with the force of a tsunami.

"Mmmmm! Oh! Yes, papi! Mmmmmm!"

The tingling sensation that started at her clit traveled to her toes, to each of her fingertips, and to her brain. She felt hot and liquid, as though her body were going to melt onto the floor.

"Enough! Let me up. That's...enough. Stop. I can't take any more. Let me up. Let me up."

Sergio released his grip on her waist. Yesenia stood on unsteady legs, stepped back a pace, and then collapsed on Sergio's chest.

"That was...incredible. No one has ever made me cum like that before."

"No one has ever licked you to orgasm?"

"Never. No one. Russell wouldn't eat my pussy, and the guys before him--well I guess they just didn't know what they were doing. Wow. So that's what I've been missing. Wow. Damn."

Yesenia laid on Sergio's chest, reveling in the afterglow of her orgasm. She noticed her ragged breath punctuating the silence twenty-four stories above the late-night stragglers on the street below. She imagined steam coming off her body in the cool night air. She felt her heart pounding in her chest. In the past four days, she realized, she had experienced four of the most intense orgasms she had ever felt in her life. Three times she was outside, and at least two of those instances were in front of other people--one an entire crowd of people.

For a moment she wondered what was happening to her, and then realized she didn't care.

"I'm ready now, but it's your dick I want this time, not your tongue. Fuck me, papi, fuck my pussy."


"No? What do you mean, 'no'?"

"I'm not going to fuck you. You are going to fuck me this time."

"What? You think I don't know how to ride a dick? Not a problem. Let's go."

Yesenia reached behind her back and felt Sergio's crotch. His dick was already hard and at full attention. She turned around, unfastened his belt, opened his pants, and pulled out his thick shaft. She gave it a few admiring strokes, and then leaned her face forward and swallowed the head. She bobbed up and down for several seconds, and then turned and squatted over his groin. Yesenia reached for his manhood, lowered her crotch until the cock head was poised at the entrance to her vagina, and slowly lowered her torso. Inch by glorious inch, she felt the hard rod filling her hungry cunt.

When Sergio was halfway inside her, Yesenia paused.

"Am I wet enough for you?" she asked.

"Am I hard enough for you?" Sergio responded.

"Only one way to find out."

Yesenia slammed her body downward, impaling herself on Sergio's spear. She immediately raised her crotch and then lowered it again. She settled into a steady rhythm, sliding her pussy up and down Sergio's meaty cock, rising halfway up the shaft before taking it all the way to his balls on the downstroke.

She felt the familiar flush of heat spread from her groin to her face as her first orgasm approached. She rode that one out, then felt another flush approaching even before the first had dissipated. Her body moved faster and faster as she rode Sergio to a second, and then a third orgasm. Her skin glistened with a thin sheen of perspiration despite the chilly evening air. Sergio grunted and groaned beneath her, content to let her ride his beautiful cock as she pleased.

Yesenia paused for a second to catch her breath. In that brief moment of lucidity, she decided to change things up. She rocked backward, put her hands on Sergio's chest, and shifted her weight to the balls of her feet. She squatted on Sergio's cock, which was still buried inside her.

That position caused her pussy to contract, thereby tightening its grip on Sergio's cock. An involuntary moan escaped his throat. The dulling effect of the alcohol he had consumed just prior to their coupling was about to be put to a severe test.

Yesenia flexed her legs, sliding her swampy pussy up Sergio's shaft. She immediately felt a burning in her thighs that caused a drop of water to form in the corner of her eye. 'Froggy style,' she realized, had its drawbacks as well as its benefits.

She continued rising until she felt the tip of Sergio's cock poised once again at the entrance to her pussy. She slid down again, careful not to let it slip out. The feeling as her wet, constricted pussy slid down the thick, hard shaft sent another wave of heat from her crotch to her brain. After two more strokes, she could no longer maintain the deliberate, tortured pace. She squatted and rose with abandon, propelling herself to two more orgasms in the space of a few minutes.

The burning in Yesenia's thighs became intolerable, so she lowered her knees to the chaise, laid her body on Sergio's chest, and rested for a second. Sergio was in no mood for a break, however; he thrust his hips upward and began pumping her from below. Despite its girth, his cock slid in and out of her pussy easily. Yesenia lifted her head from his chest and gazed at his contorted face. His eyes were closed and his facial muscles twitched in the same rhythm as his thrusting hips pummeled her from below.

Overcome with emotion, Yesenia lunged forward and pressed her lips against Sergio's mouth. The contact sent another wave of heat from her pussy to the tips of her fingers and toes. Sergio wrapped his arms around her, pressed his lips against hers, and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Yesenia tasted his tongue and another flavor, as well. A second later she realized it was her own pussy that she was sampling on Sergio's lips. For an instant she found that idea revolting, but in the heat of the moment she pushed that thought aside and thrust her own tongue past Sergio's lips. A fresh wave of heat tingled across her skin.

After a minute or two Yesenia lifted her head to catch her breath. Sergio lifted his head, rooted around on her chest, and eventually found a nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and applied pressure with his teeth.

"Ungh!" Yesenia cried as a wave of heat cascaded across her body. "That's--harder!"

Sergio applied more pressure, sucking the nipple as hard as he could while closing his teeth around the rigid nub.

"Oh gawwd! Yes! Just like that!"

Yesenia was no longer riding his cock. She was too distracted to do anything but careen from one wave to the next. The pressure on her nipple combined with Sergio thrusting in and out of her pussy was more than she could handle. A wave of heat flashed across her body. Sergio's cock was thrusting in and out of her with increasing speed. The burning in her left nipple was becoming a dull ache, but it was an ache that she couldn't forego. The pain sparked a wave of heat that seared her skin, scorching every fiber of her being.

"Harder! Harder, dammit! Harder! Oh, damn!"

Yesenia was seconds away from her biggest orgasm yet. It was assaulting her from every direction, as well as from inside and outside of her body. She no longer knew where her flesh ended and Sergio's began. All she knew was a conflagration was consuming her, and she never wanted it to end.

'Unghhhhhh! Yessssssssss!"

Sergio felt his balls tighten. He would have preferred to hold out, delay his orgasm, and prolong the fucking for another half hour. It was already too late, he knew. There was no turning back--no stopping the impending climax. He was about to cum and there was nothing anyone could do to slow it.

A surge of electricity sizzled across his temples as his cock contracted. A moment later the first shot of cum jetted up his shaft and exploded inside her. His vision went black as additional explosions simultaneously went off in his crotch and in his brain. He relaxed as the third and fourth spurts escaped his twitching cock, but another, smaller wave went off as the last few spurts trickled out.

Sergio relaxed, let the nipple slip from his mouth, and reclined against the chaise. He became aware of Yesenia's naked form laying on top of his; they were both panting, and their pounding hearts rumbled like a stereophonic thunderstorm. Neither of them spoke, or even tried to move.

Fifteen minutes later, Yesenia was the first to stir. She buried her face in Sergio's shirt so that he could not see her weep. Sergio felt her trembling body, and felt her warm tears dampening his shirt.

"Why are you crying?" he asked. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," she sobbed. "It's not that."

"Then what is it?"

"No one has ever made love to me like that before."

"This wasn't your first time."

"No. Hell no. I've fucked a lot of guys. What I mean is--I'm not a whore, but I'm no virgin, either. But no one has ever made me feel like that before. No one has ever understood what I needed the way you do."

"You've never cum before?"

"Oh, I've cum before--but not like that. I didn't know what I was missing. Now I do. And now that I've found it, I have to live with the fact that you're leaving in two months."

"You will find more men. A beautiful woman like you won't have too much problems. You can show them how I make you cum."

"God, you can be an ass."

Yesenia sprang up and stormed toward the door. She pulled it open, stepped through, and slammed it shut. Sergio trailed ten steps behind her. Yesenia reached the bedroom and slammed that door, also.

Sergio reached the bedroom and opened the door. He found Yesenia on the bed, curled up in the fetal position. Her head was buried beneath a pillow as she sobbed in the darkness.

"Yesenia ... what did I do?"

"Are you really that dense?"

"Yes--no--I mean...what is wrong with you?"

"For someone who is so sophisticated and so adept at seducing women, and seems to know how a woman likes a man to treat her, you don't know shit about a woman's feelings."

"Yesenia, I'm sorry. Just tell me what I did."

"Do you think I want other men to make love to me? Do you think I want any other men at all?"

"I...I don't know."

"Do you think I can get turned on like that for anyone? Do you think it's your dick that makes me feel that way?"

"You are a sexy woman. You must have many men that want to be with you."

"Why do you think I want other men? My god, you're even stupider than I thought."

"Yesenia, stop playing guessing games with me. Just tell me what you want."

"Why do I have to say it? How can you not know? Isn't it obvious?"

"Yesenia. Stop. Just tell me what you want from me."

"I can't believe you're making me do this. Alright Sergio, I'll say it. And when I'm done, I'll get dressed and get out of here."

"I told you already, you can stay here."

"Shut up, Sergio. Just shut up. Alright. Sergio, I love you. There...I said it. I love you. Now let me get dressed and get out of here before you laugh in my face."

"Hold on. You aren't going anywhere."

"Is that your response? Am I your prisoner now?"

"Let me finish. Yesenia, you aren't going anywhere. You're staying here. I..."

"Why, so you can laugh at me and fuck me in front of your friends? 'Hey, come and watch me fuck the silly little Dominican girl.' Is that what you want?"

"Please stop interrupting. I cannot allow the woman I love to walk the streets without any place to go."

"Stop. Don't say that. I don't believe you. Don't tell me you love me just so I'll stop crying."

"I mean it, Yesenia. I love you."

"Oh really. Is that why you took my car, and then you're going to leave me here all alone with a pile of boxes, nowhere to live, and no means of transportation?"

"I wasn't going to do that."

"You've done it all week."

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