tagNonHumanThe Beat Hypnotizes Me

The Beat Hypnotizes Me


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The beat hypnotizes me, rocking me back and forth, my body vibrating my lips parted, eyes closed. I move; my hips swaying, my arms out and above me, feeling comatose and at the same time so alive. Sweat glistens on my body. My breathing is ragged as I twist and turn, my head rolling from side to side. Entranced, caught up in the flow of the music, I open my eyes and standing before me is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Our eyes lock and it’s as if I am dancing for him now, the room disappears. All there is is the music. The beat moves me as I glide closer; my eyes never leave his as I cross the dance floor. They are dark pools of ink, flashing in the dim lights of the club. He’s not dancing, just stands there watching me. A slow smile crosses his face and he holds out his hand to me. I take it, dancing against him, pressing my body against his and sliding up and down, letting the beat continue to move me. I turn my back to him, rising up and then back down as I dance, feeling him, trying to feel the warmth of his skin beneath his clothes. A moan escapes my red painted lips and I press back again, this time only rolling my hips, feeling the hardness of his manhood through his leather pants.

I hear him take in a breath, and his lips lightly touch my neck. He breathes in my scent, and then softly kisses the pale flesh of my body. I groan and turn to face him, my arms wrapping around his neck, grinding into him, letting him feel me, how close I am. Smiling wickedly, he leads me off the dance floor. I follow him without question to a back room down the darkened hallway. He glances back at me and the smile is still upon his face. I feel drawn to him, wanting him to look at me with his liquid black eyes. The music is still thumping and I can feel it vibrating through the walls as he closes the door behind us. I notice he does not lock it and I smile.

“No lock?” I ask as he sits me down onto the dark blue sofa in the room. He bends to his knees and stares into my eyes and I shiver from the electric signal I receive from him. Still silent, he shakes his head no, and then leans forward brushing his lips against mine. I reply with a stronger kiss, still feeling the rhythm of the song in my veins, urging me into the hot embrace of passion. My arms wrap around his neck and I lean back pulling him on top of me, my dress riding up my thighs. His hand reaches down and smoothes along my stockings then playfully snaps the garter, I yelp and he chuckles. My lips form a red pout and I lift up to lock my eyes with his again. “You like to hurt me?”

“I like it more then you’ll ever know.” He whispers back and dips his head, kissing along my neck, his tongue flicking my ear lobe.

I gasp and tilt my head to the side, wrapping my legs around his waist. I shiver and moan, “Mmm...what do you like?”

“Pain.” He says back, nibbling along my neck and then lifts to look at me. His hands move up and slowly lower the thin straps of my dress off my shoulders. I smile and let him bare me, revealing in the look on his face as he uncovers my breasts.

“Like?” I ask, my fingers rising to pull on my nipples.

He smiles wickedly and nods; his head lowers and brings my left nipple to his mouth, sucking in deeply. I arch my back and then yelp as I feel his teeth tighten around it and tug. He moves to the other and does the same, my eyes light up, my fingers intertwining into his dark curls. I pull his hair hard, yanking his face up from my breast and laugh as his eyes flash.

“Talk to me lover, tell me who you are!” I say and let my fingers caress my breasts as he watches.

He shakes his head, “Who I am is not important, you tempt me too much woman!”

I grin as he dips back to my chest returning my hardened nipples to his mouth. He bites down harder and I cry out, my body arching, as my legs tighten around him. He moans, his hands finding my legs once more; his nails tearing through the thin stockings covering my milky white thighs. I spread my legs releasing him, letting his hands roam where ever they wish to go. “Ahh, what do you wish to do with me lover?” I gasp as his mouth makes love to my breasts.

He rose and looked down at me, laying there legs spread, stockings torn. His intense eyes trace the curve of my thigh and then look over the damp thongs I wore. His hand moves between my legs and his finger caresses me causing me to call out to him once again. He smiles, “I wish to ravage you, and I wish to taste you….” He whispers scooting down the couch until he was settled comfortably between my legs, his face just inches away from my damp panties. His tongue snakes out from between his pale lips and licks through the silk covering my sex. My body stiffens as I feel him tongue me through my thongs; I finally spread my legs wider and look down at him.

His eyes were staring up at me, a look of hunger on his face. I slowly lower my hand from my breasts down to my wet crotch and slide it under my thongs. My fingers moving over my wet slit as he watches, I dip one finger then the other into my hot hole. Fingering myself slowly at first then picking up pace, aroused from him watching me masturbate, I whimper. He reaches down and rips the thin fabric from me, his eyes taking in the sight of my fingers buried deep within my pussy. I quicken the pace and gasp between breaths, “You like watching me do this?”

His eyes flash and he nods, “You’re so beautiful, go faster!”

I complied, fingering myself quickly, my hips rising up, meeting my hand. My cries echo off the walls of the room, my body finally quivers then convulses with orgasm. I groan and pull my fingers out holding them up to him to clean. His mouth engulfs them licking the juices, tasting me. A low growl comes from him and he dives into me, his tongue thrusting deeply into where my fingers had just been. I sigh and give myself to him, his mouth assaulting me, his lips move to my clit and then I cry out as his teeth tug on it painfully. He sucks me into him, tugging and pulling until my eyes almost tear; I groan and shudder from orgasm once more.

He sits up and begins unbuttoning his leather pants, as he undresses I lower my hand to my pussy, running my fingers through my juices. When I pull my hand back, blood catches the dim light and I quickly look to him. He smiles and licks his lips, “You taste wonderful.”

“Do I?” I ask bringing my fingers to my mouth and licking the blood from them, I see him smile wider.

“Oh yes, I can not wait to taste more of you.” He steps out of his pants and sits back onto the couch; I sit up and crawl over to him, climbing on top of him I slide my body down onto his hard cock and sigh in contentment. I slowly rise up and lower myself again, riding him. He growls and grabs hold of my hips forcing me down harder onto him. “Harder, make it hurt!”

I again complied and began fucking him faster and harder, grunting as our bodies make contact with each down stroke. I can feel him deep in me; leaning closer to him, my lips find his neck and I suck on it, my hips thrusting down onto him. I whisper, “Mmm like that lover?”

“Yes!” He hisses, “Harder!”

“You want more pain?" I gasp riding him as hard as I possibly could.

He groans, hissing again, “Yes!” His eyes rolling to the back of his head and his mouth gapes open.

I move faster and look at him one last time; and then a wicked smile comes to my face as I open my mouth. My fangs sink into his neck and all I hear is the beat of the music mixed with a delicious scream....

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