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The Best He Ever Had


"Dyson..." the young woman trailed off as she stirred in her sleep. The man smiled down at her. She was simply captivating to watch, not like other females he had been with. She seemed like the diamond in the rough. He stood still, watching, taking in her beauty. Seeing her stir under his stare, a devious smile slipped upon his lips as he heard his name beckoned again. She shifted and began to get out of bed. The man stayed a distance from her, making sure not to be discovered. Aubree stumbled across the room, bumping into the edge of the bed. To catch herself, she threw her hand up to the nearest thing to her. Her eyes slowly open when she hears a low groan. Standing in front of her was the man of her dreams.

"What are you doing here, Dyson?" her tone was forceful, as a prey trying to dominate the hunter.

"Nothing." his hands ran through her hair and lifted her chin.

Aubree's face grew hot as she still acted the dominate one. Dyson smiled, pushing Aubree.

"You know, the sounds you make when you call my name are too sinful for an innocent girl like yourself to say."

Aubree turned a bright red. Stammering out, "I-I never called out your name!" she looked away.

"Want to?"

Aubree looked stricken "W-What?" her tone was questionable, yet excited and anxious. Dyson smiled. "Would you like to call out my name?" he asked as fiddled with her buttons. "Can you picture it? Can you imagine me...with you...? Can you picture what pleasure I could bring you? What sounds could escape your precious lips..."

With that last word, her over-sized nightshirt was unbuttoned. Aubree had never had this much physical contact with anyone before tonight. This was all new to her, but she loved every minute of it and hated every second Dyson's hands weren't roaming her body.

Aubree looked up suddenly, staring at the smirking boy.

A devilish smirk crossed his face. "You must command me."

Aubree was very unhappy with this statement, but her frown left quickly. For you see, this virgin was a devious one and the most sinful idea ran through her mind. She went for Dyson and pushed him down on the bed, smashing her lips against his. Dyson was taken by surprise, wide eyed, but accommodated by giving into her. Knowing that this was her first sexual encounter with another being and of course, taking everything in, Dyson pulled away.

Aubree looked up at him, placed her hand on the back of his neck. Panting sweetly, saying "No. Not tonight. Tonight I am your lover."

Dyson was glad to hear this and toyed with her short hair "I am so pleased to hear you say that."

Aubree looked confused. Then, with triumph, as another thought went flying in, she straddled him and smiled down at him. She began to unbutton his white shirt with great speed, almost too fast.

Dyson smiled. "Someone's impatient."

"You have no idea." Aubree studied Dyson's perfect chest, loving the view a little too much. Aubree lightly touched his abdomen, gracing the flesh with light traces. Dyson sighed contently at the treatment, it was soothing. Aubree smiled warmly, pleased with the reaction she got from him. Her hands trailed farther down slowly, taunting those sweet lips with perfect sighs. When she reached his belt buckle, Dyson looked at her, eyebrows raised in disbelief. She disregarded the look and continued. She began to remove the silver studded black leather from its loops, throwing the unneeded piece of clothing onto the floor with a gentle thud. Dyson, looking towards the belt, hitched a gasp which caught in his throat as he felt her hand put pressure on his growing erection. He moaned shortly. Loving that sweet sound, Aubree chuckled, and before Dyson could look back to her to tell him this wasn't necessary, Aubree had undid his pants and lightly thumped the tissue. Dyson whimpered lightly from the pain, his eyes beginning to sting. He choked out "A-Aubree...p-ple-ahh..." panting when the girl lightly squeezed his erection.

"Yes?" she whispered and teasingly used the tip of her tongue across a pulsing vain "Ahh...ple-please...Aubree..." she pinched it ever so sweetly, causing him to squirm under it.

"Please? Please what?" Aubree smirked at his perfect blushing face.

A light moan escaped his lips.

Aubree circled the head of his erection with her tongue, causing Dyson to throw his head back in a half-scream. The man's patience had grown wearily and bucked his hips, throwing his organ into Aubree's awaiting mouth.

Dyson put a hand on Aubree's head and whispered seductively "Suck me dry...you little sadist."

Aubree glared at him, but than a glint was seen throw her eyes. She sucked lightly, softly and began to whimper. Dyson, wanting more, bucked his hips. Aubree didn't go any faster though. She kept whimpering softly and sucking to slowly. He grabbed a fist full of Aubree's hair and pushed down on her head.

"He likes it rough, does he...?" she thought.

She sucked violently. Dyson moaned, but wasn't satisfied. He looked over to see Aubree's breasts bare. He reached under and took a hard nipple between two of his fingers. Aubree bit down and cried in pain.

"Ah... A-Aubree.." he moaned as he released into her mouth.

Aubree spit out his shaft and started to whimper, squirming.

"Dy-Dys-" She was then interrupted when Dyson entered a finger into her hot, wet untorn hole. Aubree gasped. With her mouth wide open, Dyson threw his tongue into her mouth as he kept fingering and rubbing her nipples. Aubree, still being fingered, started to enjoy the feeling when Dyson hit a spot, never discovered before. She let out a cry of ecstasy.

Dyson just chuckled and said "Found it."

He then fingered harder, adding another finger. Aubree grew tired of this game and removed his fingers, whimpering when she pulled them out so quickly. She then sat down, unknowingly onto the boys lap. Dyson stroked her cheek softly and trailed his hands down to find Aubree's wet core. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips. He smiled, forcing her down on his member. With eyes closed, she threw back her head, arched her back and moaned loudly. Panting, Dyson began to thrust his member in and out of her, reaching up to caress a breast. He then slid a finger between her soft, silky lips. She began to suckle it, rolling her tongue around it and nibbling on the tip. Aubree had never felt anything like this before. All she could do was thrust her hips harder and faster, mimicking his movements. She wanted so bad to feel the moment of both of their releases. Dyson let go of her breast and slid his hand between her legs. She shuddered as his fingers pressed firmly on her clitoris. He began to move them in a circular motion building up speed with every rotation. Aubree's legs began to shake. This was the moment that both of them had been waiting for. Being with many females before, Dyson knew what was coming. He smiled as he began to thrust in and out as fast and as hard as he could. She felt his member become hotter and bigger inside her and in an instant she let out a blood curdling scream. Every inch of her body was shaking. Beads of sweat rolled down her neck, down her breasts and dripped off of her nipples onto his scalding hot skin. He shoved his member in once more and gasped as the feeling of release overcame him. Aubree smiled as she felt his warm juices fill her up and leaned over to kiss him. She laid her body next to his and placed her head on his chest.

"Not bad for your fist time" Dyson whispered in her ear, trying to hide that she was the best lover he's ever had.

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