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The Big Blow


Peter threw on his swim trunks and sauntered down to the hotel pool. The late afternoon air was sticky with humidity and thunderstorms billowed on the horizon. The first hurricane warning had gone out the day before and nearly all of the hotel guests had fled up the coast. The hotel had transformed from a madhouse full of screaming children into an absolute paradise. Peter had virtually the entire place to himself.

He dropped his towel on a deck chair and kicked off his sandals. The pool beckoned him with the promise of refreshing relief from the oppressive humidity. He dove in and the cool waters instantly stripped away the beads of sweat. He held his breath and swam the length before surfacing on the far end. As he surfaced, he was suddenly away of the sound of voices. As he wiped the water from the water from his face, he looked for the source of the voices.

Two scantily clad women were lying in the deck chairs alongside the pool. Their deeply tanned bodies shimmered in the sun. They were both clearly aware of his presence. They whispered to each other and gestures subtly in Peter's direction. Peter could help but notice how little their skimpy bikinis covered. Peter climbed out of the pool and lay back on the deck chair. He drank in the sunlight and let it dry his dripping body.

After some time he was aware of the patter of footsteps. He opened his eyes to see the taller blonde woman approaching. She walked with a confident bounce in her steps. Her hair covered her breasts and Peter was suddenly aware that she was topless. Peter couldn't help but stare. Her firm breasts were partially obscured by the tangle of her hair but Peter could still see her hard pink nipples. He wasn't subtle about staring and she stifled a laugh as she approached. Her breasts bounced as she laughed and Peter was entranced.

"My friend and I were getting a bit bored over there and we were hoping you might come join us. I'm Stormy and the petite brunette over there is Sandy." Peter was taken by surprise but quick on his feet.

"I'd be delighted to join you fine ladies. I was wondering when you would come ask." He said with a wink. Stormy giggled and grabbed his hand. She led him back to where Sandy was sitting. Sandy looked him up and down, blatantly appraising him. She nodded in apparent satisfaction. She looked up at Peter lustily and unstrung her top, letting it fall away. Her pale breasts curved up gently toward the sky.

He felt Stormy guide him to one of the chairs. He sat and Stormy straddled him, naked. She had stripped off the bottom of her suit when he wasn't looking. She leaned in a kissed him. Her hair enveloped him and warm breasts pressed against his chest. There was no mistaking what the two women had in mind. Peter kissed her back and felt his cock stiffen. Stormy clearly felt it too and began to pivot her hips, rubbing her pussy against his suit.

Enveloped in the moment, he was dimly aware of Sandy stripping down and kneeling alongside the chair. With one deft moment, she slipped a hand into Peter's suit and grasped his stiff cock. She began to rhythmically stroke it with increasing intensity. With her other free hand she began to work Stormy's clit. Stormy's mouth opened and she moaned in delight. Peter loosened one hand from the tangle of Stormy's body and pulled Sandy close. He kissed her and she responded with eager intensity.

Moments later Stormy came hard. She bucked in the throes of passion and Sandy worked her clit faster. As her orgasm died down, she lay back gasping. Peter decided to make the next move. He stood up, picking up Stormy as he rose. She lay limp in his arms, recovering. He took two steps up to pool and threw Stormy into the shimmering water. A squeal of surprise escaped her lips as she submerged beneath the surface.

Peter turned to Sandy and she was eagerly awaiting him. He scooped her into his arms and took a running leap into the pool. Together they submerged into the crisp waters. He let them sink towards the bottom and Sandy didn't resist. When they settled on the bottom, she spun around and kissed him hard on the lips. Her stunning green eyes glistened with passion as she stripped the suit off his waist. Without hesitation, she wrapped her mouth around his cock and worked it a couple of times before a column of air escaped her lips. She followed the air to the surface moments later. They broke the surface to find Stormy awaiting them. She pretended to be grumpy about being thrown in the pool but Peter saw right through the façade.

The pool was deep and only Peter was able to stand and keep his head above water. The two shorter women clung to him to keep afloat. He teased Stormy about her grumpy attitude. "If you're going to be all grumpy, I'm not going to keep you afloat any more. He slid her hands from his shoulder and she let herself sink, giving him a grumpy look as she slipped below the surface. Peter watched as she sank down and swam back towards him. She wrapped her arms around his legs and took his cock in her mouth. She began to work the shaft and it felt fucking incredible. Not to be outdone, Sandy began to make out with him. "You girls sure know how to play nicely and share your toys", murmured Peter.

"Play nicely?" she said devilishly. "We don't play nicely."

To emphasize her point she grabbed Stormy's head and forced her to face fuck his cock. There was a gurgle of protest followed by a column of bubbles. Sandy held her down, much to Peter's pleasure. The stream of bubbles slowed and her resistance began to weaken. Sandy relented and Stormy burst to the surface.

"Ah fuck me. Is that how we're going to play?" Sputtered Stormy. "Two can play at that game" She wrapped her legs around Sandy's face, forcing her face against her pussy and submerging Sandy. Instead of fighting, she began to kiss and then lick Stormy's pussy. Animal gasps escaped Stormy's lips as she recovered her breath. When she recovered, Peter kissed her hard, pressing her down beneath the surface. She surfaced and he kissed her again.

This time she took a deep breath and stayed beneath the surface. With Sandy still locked between her thighs, she took Peter's cock in her mouth and began to give the most magnificent blowjob. Sandy had already been underwater for thirty seconds and she was clearly running out of air. She gave up her efforts and began to struggle against the thighs that locked around her. Stormy relented and released Sandy. She burst to the surface in a stream of bubbles. She clung to Peter as she gasped for breath. Peter held her close and soon Stormy surfaced too. Sandy reached down and guided his sunken cock into her pussy. She began to work his cock with rhythmic movements. Peter responded in turn.

They both took a deep breath and slipped beneath the surface. Sandy lay with her back to the bottom of the pool and Peter fucked her passionately. Tiny streams of bubbles streamed from the corners of her mouth. From his position he was able to sneak mouthfuls of air. She had been holding her breath for forty five seconds when she began to struggle to get free. Peter held her a few moments longer as she squirmed before relenting. She burst to the surface and Peter followed. A few moments later they submerged again and Stormy followed them down.

She stood over Sandy and Sandy obligingly began to eat her out. Peter fucked her hard and it was clear that Sandy was close to cumming. Thirty seconds later she came hard, crying out a stream of bubbles in passionate ecstasy. Stormy came moments later and a stream of bubbles escaped her lips. Stormy raced for the surface. Peter held Sandy down. He knew he was close to cumming. Sandy silently pleaded for him to finish. Her lungs were empty and she fought a losing battle to stay down. Her struggles were growing weaker and her eyes became glassy.

Peter came hard, pumping her pussy full of cum. He released her and she sank towards the bottom. Peter swam for the surface, pulling Sandy up too. They broke the surface together and she coughed, spitting up water. He held her at the surface as she recovered and coughed up more water. As they all swam for the ladder, the first drops of rain struck the surface of the pool. The storm had arrived.

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