tagGroup SexThe Bigger They Come!

The Bigger They Come!

byMR. Gibson©

Dear people Please give me comments on what you think of my story. But please if it's negative make it constructive criticism. Thanks and enjoy this interracial/group sex story!


My name is Stacy Jones. My husband Donald and I have been married for eighteen months. Donald has been in the military. While he was doing his training we were apart for ages, so when he finally finished it was great to have him home with me again.

My husband Don is six foot tall with short brown hair and green eyes. He has the handsome face of a film star, is intelligent and has a a great sense of humor.

I am not so bad looking myself. I am twenty four years old with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I have been blessed by god with an all natural 46DD bosom.

I also have a tight tummy, so tight that you can bounce a quarter off of it. I am also proud of my shapely ass and long skinny dancer's legs.

My husband often becomes jealous when we walk down the street or beach together and I am wearing my black spandex, leopard skin tights or teeny thong bikinis, because he knows that most men's eyes will be glued to my fantastic physique.

When I walk down the street I just know what all the guys are thinking.

"Wow! Would you look at that fabulous ass. I sure would like some fries with that shake!"

"Wow! Would you look at that woman! She is curvier than a sidewinder rattlesnake. Why don't you snake your way into my bed honey?"

"My god! did you see that sexy, blondes gigantic, twin hemispheres of flesh? Hey! big momma, baby wants to suckle!"

I just laugh as I watch them all ogling me as I talk to them in my thoughts.

"Wow! sir, your hands are so big. I am sure you are very handy with them, but I am more than two handfuls and much more woman than you can handle so dream on lover boy!"

"What was that kind sir? You want to feel up and play with my giant jugs and then bang me in the fucking ass? I am not so sure your plain jane wife watching you watching me would appreciate that too much. Do you?"

"Excuse me. What are you two construction workers saying? You want to get me doggy style while one puts your big cock in my mouth and the other gets behind me and slams me in the ass! How naughty is that?"

"Don't act so calm and cool college boy and pretend that you are not interested in me because I can plainly see your cock standing up like a circus tent in front of your damn shorts!"

"Oh! You two seem like a nice loving couple. Whats that? You want to hop in the sack with me and lay me on my back, as the wife plants a big kiss on me, and your husband bangs me in the ass. Plus after that wifey you want your turn as you bang me in the ass doggy style wearing your strap on dildo? How kinky is that!"

"Well, looky here! Two more college boy's gawking at me. You want to double penetrate me don't you boys? One big dick in my pussy and the other big dick in my ass? Wow! boys, Come and get it!"

I sense these comments from people and a whole lot more, but like Tom Cruise said to Jamie Foxx in the movie "Collatteral" "You just have to roll with it."

My husband Donald says I was such a great catch when I agreed to marry him and I think the same way about him.

I was dating my husband Donald two years before we got married, although I'd seen a few guys before him, he was the first man I made love to.

Don's cock is very broad and measures 6 1/2 inches when fully erect.

Howard Rogers is the best friend Don has made in the service.

Don mentioned Howie when he wrote letters and mentioned him again several times after his return.

In bed one night after we had made love we started talking. The talk lead to his training and ultimately about his friend Howie.

"Don, I would like to meet Howie!" I said.

"He'd sure like to meet you. I showed him a picture of yourself not too long ago and he says you are gorgeous!" Don answered smiling.

"Wow! that is great. What picture of me did you show him?" I asked.

"The picture of you posing sexily in your teeny pink, thong bikini on the beach." Don replied beaming.

"Ohh! that's a hot one if I do say so myself!" I answered proudly.

"You ain't kidding honey!" Don answered beaming from ear to ear obviously proud he had such a beautiful wife.

"What does Howie look like? I asked.

"Howie, is a gorgeous, African-American male with short black hair and brown eyes. He also has ebony skin, a black mustache and a professional bodybuilders physique." Don exclaimed excitedly.

"Wow! I answered just as excitedly.

"Howie is also hung like a fucking mule!"

"Really?" I asked.

"Really!" Don replied.

"How big?" as I snuck my hand under the bed sheet and started to rub myself excitedly.

"God, honey." Don said. "When we are in the shower I try not to look but he must be at least six inches on the slack."

I'd been rubbing my clit during this whole description. Though we fucked just five minutes ago I was very horny again. In no time my big clit was standing straight up in attention just like a military person.

I was feeling very bold and daring now.

"Don, I would love to fuck him!" I confessed, "iv'e never had a really huge one before. The biggest I ever had or seen was seven inches long."

"Don i'd never screw around behind your back but can't I fuck you and Howie together?" I continued on.

"Jesus Stacy!", Don answered. "You mean it don't you!"

"Oh! yes!" I replied.

"Well Howie is my best bud and he is pretty broad minded. I will see what I can do." Don replied smiling as he gave me a big kiss.

"Thanks Don!" I replied after he finished kissing me.

"Don't mention it dear." He answered smiling back.

Next Friday night my husband Don brought Howie home for dinner. An hour after we had eaten I felt that I had known him for months.

Howie was smart, funny, interesting and easy to get along with. I can see why Don liked him so much!

Howie was sure something to look at. He was all enormous, muscle with a huge barrel chest and enormous, biceps bulging from his tight, short, sleeved shirt.

Howie also wore a very tight pair of blue jeans and I could not help but notice his sizable cock bulging underneath it.

"God! My husband Don was probably right on how huge Howie's balls were!" I thought lecherously to myself.

"God! they made them big these days!" I continued to think as my pussy tingled excitedly.

I then looked lustfully at Howie.

"Howie, Do you really think that I am gorgeous?" I asked flirtatiously.

Howie taken aback a bit then looked at my husband who smiled and nodded. Howie then looked at me and smiled.

"Yes, Stacy I do think that you are gorgeous."

"I am not going to screw around Howie," I went on, "I will show you my enormous, pair of tits if you show me that huge cock of yours!" I said boldly.

"Your reputation precedes you!" I continued smiling.

"Jeez! breathed Howie amazed. "You don't mind do you Don?" he asked.

"No, not at all Howie as long as I am a part of it. My wife and I discussed this all when we were in bed before." Don answered smiling broadly.

"It's a deal then. God! this is unbelievable. Show me those big, beautiful jugs doll!" Howie exclaimed excitedly.

I then first got up and then put on a sexy, dance tape. Still standing and slowly starting to dance I pulled my top over my head and off.

As I put my hands behind my back to unclasp my bra, I locked eyes with the musclebound Howie. My husband Don and Howie gasped as my huge, boobs popped out excitedly happy to be free from their confining harness.

I was that rare type of blonde whose muff matches my head hair. Howie signed with pleasure as I gyrated my beautiful ass and shimmied my large tits in his face.

I then sat back down on the couch and shamelessly played with my pussy with my legs spread open real wide as I moaned sexily all the while.

Doing this drove both men crazy as I then cupped my big breasts with my hands underneath and pumped them up and down seductively, as I began to pinch each of my nipples, which caused me to moan even more!

I then looked straight at Howie.

"Your turn big boy!" I said excitedly.

I looked on in amazement as Howie's groin had grown so enormous in his tight blue jeans I did not know how they contained it!

Howie quickly smiled at me and stood straight up, quickly taking off his shirt,workboots and socks.

When he took off his jeans his underwear went with them. Four feet in front of me was exposed the biggest cock by far I had ever seen in my life.

I felt giddy, was this a dream, or science fiction? I was on my knees before it in a flash. Howie's mythical,monster cock was gigantic with a capital G and still growing fast.

I watched in amazement as his big, black mushroom shaped cock head grew real big, as the stem grew much longer and a whole lot thicker, as his scrotum started to really balloon.

Howie's cock looked like a giant redwood rising up from the ground and I absolutely loved it!

I then stroked it with one hand, then two, had I had three hands, I could of used them all and still not covered it's length.

I then slowed my double handed jack-off. I was fascinated on how his foreskin slowly crawled over much of the huge, engorged, black head on the upstroke. I then looked up at Howie's face.

"Wow! Howie. Bow Bow! I did not know that they made cocks this fucking huge!" I exclaimed.

"How big is your cock?" my husband Don asked, by now also very naked and sporting an erection.

Howie told us his former girlfriend measured his cock once and when Howie told us the actual size of his horse sized dong my husband and I almost keeled over in amazement.

"Fuck!" we both said in unison hardly believing the enormous, size of it.

"Howie, You should bronze that monster it's so huge!" I said laughing excitedly as both men nodded their heads and joined me in laughter.

"let's head up to the bedroom!" I said in ectasy as Howie immedietly picked me up off of my feet and cradled me like a baby in his arms.

"Lead the way!" Howie said to my husband Don as Howie carried me upstairs to the bedroom following him.

When Howie was carrying me upstairs in his massive arms my foot accidently brushed against his giant, black, cock making it grow still larger!

"God! his cock felt like a small, hard baseball bat. I just couldn't wait to get his enormous,blood engorged, muscle of steel into me!" I thought excitedly to myself as I teased his cock again with my toes making it grow to an unbelievable large size!

Howie's monster, come-cannon was so enormous, and throbbing, with huge veins popping out everywhere, that it looked like he was going to explode mightily at any second, but he somehow held off till we all got to the bedroom.

When the small group got upstairs to the bedroom I got doggy style on the bed as I started to suck Howie's come-cannon, as my husband banged me from behind.

Howie's cock was so massive I gagged a bit trying to deep throat it. I was such a fantastic cock sucker I soon heard Howie moan as he exploded excitedly in my mouth.

Howie had so much come coming out of that black,horse sized dong of his I couldn't swallow it all.

My husband Don seeing Howie explode so massively in my mouth triggered off his own orgasm as he came mightily inside of me.

I then took my husband's cock in my mouth as Howie banged my pussy from behind. I loved sucking on both men's cocks but Howie's cock was like an enormous, cigar compared to Don's cigarette sized one.

"OHH! honey. You sure can suck a man's cock!" My husband Don said excitedly.

"You bet I can dear!" I answered as I furiously sucked it and Howie feverishly banged me from behind like a big, black stallion.

I then heard my husband moan as he exploded in my mouth. The come from my husband was great but not nearly as great as what Howie shot into my mouth but a girl takes whatever she can get!

When Don finished orgasming into my mouth the very,muscular Howie kept banging away in my pussy.

I just knew that having such a fantastic ass with a real tight pussyhole it would not take long for Howie to blow his nuts into me.

"OH! to be filled by such a monster cock was so amazing. I couldn't get enough of it!"

"OHH! Howie! Bang me honey! Harder! Baby! Harder!" I moaned as he kept on going.

"OHH! Wow! Howie! you sure know how to fuck a girl don't you!" I cooed.

"Your damn right honey! Howie answered quickening up his pace.

"OOOHH! It feels soooo good. Don't stop!" I moaned.

I then looked back at Howie as we kissed and he continued to bang me royally.

"OHH! my god! It feels soooo gooood! I can't believe it!" I moaned as my body bucked from all his thrusting into me.

I then soon felt the biggest orgasm of my young life began to build up inside of me as I closed my eyes and braced myself for the atomic explosion.

"OHH! Howie! You are hitting my spot!" I moaned.

I just barely got this saying out of my mouth when the biggest orgasm of my young life raced through my whole body making it rock wildly in pleasure.

I then closed my eyes,gritted my teeth and braced myself as another powerful orgasm hit me like a lightning bolt.

Thinking after two such mind blowing orgasms I couldn't possible come again,not so fast, not so soon, but I was wrong as I soon felt another storm just about to break, as another humongous orgasm hit me, rocking my whole body into a spasm.

Howie seeing me come so wildly became very excited, triggering off his own mighty orgasm.

I then turned quickly around and with my talented mouth sucked Howie's cock off to another enormous erection.

"Now bang my fucking ass baby. I just love it in the ass!" I cooed to him as I got doggy style and shook my shapely butt in his direction.

Howie did not need me to tell him twice as he quickly mounted me and rode me like a bucking bronco.

My butthole was so tight I knew that Howie would not last long.

"OOH! baby! Your body is so unbelievable! I feel myself coming again!" Howie moaned as I felt his massive nuts tighten up inside of me as he blew his mighty load.

Howie shot soo much load into me I lost total control coming in multiple, huge orgasms. After Howie and I were through orgasming we all rested in each others arms.

We did not rest long though, because me lying naked with two, very, sexy, naked, men got me all hot and heavy again as I quickly got doggy style and my husband banged my pussy and Howie banged my ass.

I think all women should have the pleasure of being double penetrated like this! I tell you I was moaning so excitedly and seductively both my men exploded into me wildly causing me to have multiple,humongous orgasms.

Howie was so turned on his massive cock was still rock hard after all of this as he picked me up off of my feet, as I straddled him, wrapping my long, shapely, legs around his very broad back as he rode me.

"OOH! baby! You are the best fucking ride I ever had!" Howie moaned pleasurably as I hopped up and down furiously on his horse sized dong like a fucking pogo stick.

I felt the same way about Howie but I did not want to embarrass my husband who was standing near us, even though he knew it anyway.

Howie and I then let out a moan in unison of unbelievable pleasure as we both came in earth shattering orgasms.

After this Howie lay me gently on the bed again,as I then hopped on his lap and crossed my legs as I gave him a long passionate kiss.

When I was kissing Howie I could feel his huge, hard on pressing against my butt cheeks and I knew he was all ready to go at it again as Howie, myself and Don decided to make a night of it and got under the bedsheets and fucked like crazy!

When all the sex was done we all went to sleep together in our big, king sized water bed with me lying in the middle of my two, very hunky men.

The next day was Saturday and we all decided that we would get together for sex every Friday and Saturday night from now on, and since today was Saturday why let the day go to waste as we went at it wildly again, with my husband Don banging my pussy and his friend Howie banging my ass.

"You know what? I wouldn't have it any other way."

Wouldn't you like to join in too?" I thought to myself as I then completely lost the thought as a lightning bolt of pure pleasure hit me and I came in another humongous orgasm!

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