The Bitch Research

byblack saphire©

"Tell me. Maybe I can help" Jake said, still confused. Jenna buried her head in Jake's shoulder, her arms clutching his tightly.

"This stays between us." Jenna hissed. Her body had taken over now. She needed it and she needed it now. She needed to be fucked.

"Yes, of course" Jake replied. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"Fuck me. Fuck me now. Don't ask questions, just fuck me!" Jenna pleaded. At the back of her mind she knew this was wrong and that she shouldn't be doing this. Not here and most certainly not with Jake but she couldn't help it.

Jake was not one to ask questions when given the opportunity like this. He had spent many days secretly checking Jenna out and fantasising about her. Yet, he would never make a pass at her or do anything to jeopardise their relationship. But her asking him to fuck her, in fact almost pleading to be fucked was a different thing altogether!

He unzipped his pants slowly as Jenna cleared the table with one sweep. She unbuttoned her blouse and lay on the table. Jake took in a deep breath as he saw how erect and long her nipples were. Raising her hips, she pulled her skirt and panties down in one smooth move. Jake had removed his pants now and his cock was stiff at attention. He leant over to lift her legs and Jenna helped by spreading them. He looked at her red swollen pussy and let out a low grown.

"My God! Look at how swollen you are!" Jake cried out. "and your soaking....!"

"Just fuck me Jake. Please! I need it." Jenna pleaded.

Jake slid his cock slowly into her hot seething pussy. He had never felt anything so tight before! Although she was so well lubricated, her pussy was tight and hot. A hot, wet, tight cunt! Jenna hissed as she felt his cock spear its way slowly into her. She could feel every inch of his cock separating her swollen pussy walls. It was pure pleasure as she felt his hairy balls finally smack against her vulva.

"Fuck me Jake. Fuck me hard." Jenna moaned. "Don't be gentle with me. Just fuck me!"

Jake needed no further prompting. He grabbed her shoulders as Jenna wrapped her legs around his ass. He started thrusting deep and hard into her, knocking the breath out of her with each thrust. Jenna moved her hands upward to remove Jakes hands from her shoulders. She placed them on her breasts, urging him to squeeze them as he fucked her.

His hands covered her breasts and he squeezed them. He pinched her nipples hard, eliciting a sharp cry from her. He grabbed her breasts and used them as leverage as he sawed in and out of her pussy.

Jenna's mouth was wide open in an 'O' as Jake hammered hard into her. She drummed her heels into his ass, urging him deeper and deeper into her.

"Aaooooohhh....yesss...yessss....fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!" She cried out. All sensation was focused in her battered cunt and her whole body felt like it was nothing but a big, pussy with a thick cock satisfying it.

"Cummm...gonna cummm....cum with me...please....cummm!!" Jenna mewled, almost incoherently.

Jake could feel the spunk building up in his balls and he thrust harder into the beautiful girl lying like a whore under him.

"Unnh...gonna cummm" Jake cried out.

"Fill me! Fuck me and full me with your cum" Jenna wailed. "Fill me like the bitch I am!"

Her gutter mouth was all it took to drive Jake over the edge. He slammed into her and his cock throbbed and spasmed as he shot his load into her.

"Oooohhhh Yeaaaahhh...yessss...." Jenna cried out as her own body spasmed and shuddered with ecstasy. She felt her pussy clamp down on Jakes cock, milking every last drop into her boiling pussy. Her pussy seemed to clamp and spasm many times, leading her to another mini orgasm.

Jake stayed deep within her until her pussy stopped clenching and he slowly withdrew his cock. He looked down at her pussy hair all matted with both their juices.

"That was so hot Babe!" Jake enthused.

Jenna smiled weakly up at Jake. "Thank you. You don't know how much I needed that." One hand moved automatically to cover her leaking pussy while she draped her arm ove her breasts. The attempt at modesty didn't go unnoticed and Jake averted his eyes as he pulled on his pants. As is often the case after hot, unplanned sex, reality set in and Jake started to wonder what had really caused this sudden sexual wantonness from Jenna.

"Um..Jenn? What exactly just happened?" Jake asked tentatively. "W-Why did you need it so bad?"

"Shhh!" Jenna replied. "Please. No questions and please keep this between ourselves. Someday I hope to be able to explain all this. For now, please just consider it a favour among friends. Okay?"

"Um, yeah. Okay." Jake responded. " I suppose it's the least I can do. me again if you need help." He continued lamely, trying to make a feeble joke. "Anyway, I suppose I should get going."

Jake paused at the door to turn back and feast his eyes once again on the nubile figure lying on the table. Jenna didn't respond as she watched her boss walking out of the lab. She pictured what a sight she must make, lying with nothing but her blouse hanging open off her, with her cunt dripping cum. She reached backwards for some cotton swabs and cleaned herself up before swinging off the table and heading into the toilet. She was thankful that each lab had a private toilet and she was able to fully clean herself up without leaving the confines of her lab.

After cleaning herself up she made more notes, adding in her heightened smell and spasming back and hips. That made seven side effects. And of course her increased sex drive – but that was the main purpose of the experiment!

Jenna consulted her research again, poring over her notes. She finally found it. Her spasms of the back and hips were a signal trait known as the Lordosis Behaviour. It caused the spine to arch downwards, making the genitalia elevated and more easily accessible. Obviously the experiment was working. She was displaying all the traits of estrus.

She recalled the careful study that she had done. How she had carefully extracted the blood of cats and dogs and then spun them in a centrifuge. This had enabled her to isolate and then combine the enzymes that she required. After controlled tests with lab rats and special computerised simulations she had injected herself with it. And now the results were proving spectacular.

She was a bitch in heat!

She made a mental note to fuck on her fours the next time, since she was displaying acute signs of Lordosis. She imagined herself on her fours, her hips pressing themselves downwards involuntarily, awaiting a cock to take her from behind.

Jenna felt a gnawing in her stomach as she thought about getting fucked again. She had really enjoyed the fuck with Jake. The enzymes had altered her physiology to make it the most sensational fuck she had ever received. Even though she was still feeling horny, she knew she had to see how much she could control herself. Perhaps she had injected herself with too strong a dose. Briefly she considered taking the antidote. But if she did, she would never know how far she would go and how to perfect her experiment into a drug. A drug that would make her millions!

She had only one concern. Estrus, or the condition of a bitch in heat, lasted anything from 4 days up to 15 days!! If she was so horny on the first day of the Estrus Cycle, could she last for 4 days? And what if it went up to 15 days? She knew however that she had to see the experiment through. She was a bitch in heat and she would stay in heat for as long as she could!

The rest of the day passed by in a blur. She kept herself busy with her work research as well as doing more research into Estrus and documenting her own reactions to the experiment. Experiencing estrus was by far more meaningful and produced far more substantial data than anything she had read. Sexual urges wracked her body every time she took a break from her work and so she concentrated hard on her work and on controlling herself. Soon it was time to go home and with a sense of relief, Jenna locked up for the day.

She had a quick dinner outside and then proceeded home. On reaching home, she prepared herself for her shower and performed her self examination again. Her panties were wet with her juices and her thighs were crusty where her secretions had dried up. There was thick globs in her panties that she figured were a mix of her juices and Jake's semen. Her vulva was still red and swollen. Jenna briefly considered shaving her pubic hairs but decided she had better not add any extra factors of stimulus to the experiment.

Jenna showered and washed herself thoroughly. She put on a fresh, clean pair of panties and continued with more documentation if the days events. Tired out and trying to fight the urge to play with herself, Jenna fell asleep.

Jenna awoke just before her alarm sounded. Her hands were between her legs and her panties were soaked through. Jenna recalled vividly the dreams of the previous night. It had been one long fuck fest with different partners. Partners who didn't seem to have faces but she could remember their cocks piercing into her. It was like one long porno movie in which she was the main actress. No wonder her panties were so thoroughly soaked.

"Day two" she mumbled to herself. "It hasn't even started yet and I'm already so fucking horny."

She showered and dressed herself, again picking out sexy clothes to suit her mood. She went with black lace panties, a tight red knee length skirt and a form fitting brown blouse. She decided she wasn't going to wear a bra today just because she felt like it. She wore her hair brushed out again and drove to office.

She was early today and there was no one in the car park when she got in. She noticed her sense of smell had increased further and she could pick up smells from almost 50 meters away. She also noticed that she could distinguish smells a lot better. In fact for the better part of the morning, she noted down who was going past her door purely by their smells. She smiled to herself as she picked up Susan's scent mixed with the distinc odour of semen and pussy juice. Susan had been fucked in the morning before coming to work!

Jenna managed to keep her raging lust in check, primarily because she stayed in her office the whole day, away from the male species. She realised that the male scent drove her crazy, especially in close range. Even behind the closed doors, she could smell the men when they walked past and her body would start to ache with lust. Her pussy would secrete even more juices and her nipples would ache. She noted all this down of course in her little note book.

By the time the clock signalled the end of her working day, she was a soaking mess. Still she prided herself in the fact that she had managed to maintain control and had not just given in to her lustful feelings. One thing she did notice though was that the more she deprived herself of succumbing to her lustful needs, the more confident and brazen she became.

As luck would have it, Stuart was leaving at the same time as Jenna. She cursed softly under her breath as she knew she would have to be in close proximity with a man – something she had been trying to avoid.

"Hey Jenna!" Stuart called out. "Didn't see you the whole day."

"Hi Stu," Jenna smiled, groaning inwardly as she felt her nipples engorge and her pussy start to drip. She noticed Stuart staring at her chest and she knew that he was looking at her protruding nipples, especially since she wasn't wearing a bra.

Jenna's head felt light as she chatted with Stuart. She seemed to be on remote control and was obviously capable of carrying out a sensible conversation, although she really didn't know what she was saying. Her nostrils were picking up the strong pheromones emanating from Stuart's body. She could smell his sweat as well which was turning her on so much. And what was that? She could smell the odour of sexual excitement on him. She couldn't resist it any longer. She had to act on her heat.

"Would you like to come home with me?" She asked out loud suddenly. "Just follow my car."

Not even waiting for an answer, she jumped into her car and drove, noticing that Stuart had quickly followed behind her. She drove carefully yet quickly back to her place and ran inside, leaving the front door open. She knew she was behaving like a brazen hussy, but she couldn't help it. She peeled off her clothing, only leaving her panties on and walked back into the living room.

Stuart was standing looking dumbfounded as Jenna knelt before him and undid his trousers. The sweaty, sexual smell of his crotch sent spasms to her pussy as she opened her mouth to take his cock in. Stuart groaned as he watched Jenna swallow his cock. She gave his cock a few good sucks before she pulled off him and sat on the couch, legs splayed.

"Lick me Stu." She begged. "Lick my pussy."

Stuart was not going to question his good fortune. Here was gorgeous Jenna, someone he had been trying to date for the last few months, begging him to lick her pussy. He knelt at her feet and peeled off her panties. He was surprised by how red and swollen her vulva was but even more so by how much juice there was dripping out of her. Stu leaned forward and licked along the furrow, from her ass right up to her clitoris. Jenna jerked spasmodically as his tongue ignited more fires inside her.

"Oohh yesss....Oh Godd...lick me. Don't stop....yessss!" She cried out. Jenna lifted her legs backward, almost in a tuck and offered her pussy up to Stuart. His cock lurched in his pants seeing Jenna in such an obscene position. Her feet were practically behind her ears, offering him unobstructed access to her quim. He licked harder and faster, dipping his tongue deep into her gash. He scooped up her juices with his tongue, enjoying the pungent yet fruity taste of her.

"Mmmpph...mmmpphh..ummmm..yeeeahhh!" Jenna moaned loudly as she lifted her hips to Stuarts sucking mouth. "That's it! Yes...Yes...suck my cunt...Oh Yessss!"

Her body started to tremor and her screams grew louder as Stuart licked with wild abandon. He face was glistening with a mixture of his saliva and her juices. Jenna suddenly bucked upward and screamed loudly as her body spasmed wildly in orgasm.

"Oooaahhhhh yyyeaaggh.....Godddddd" She screamed out loudly, enjoying the wild orgasm tearing through her body. Her thighs continued to shudder and tremble as she released her legs and brought them back to ground. She touched Stuart's cock which was hard as rock. Jenna stroked it slowly as she turned herself on the couch and raised herself on all fours.

"Now fuck me." She practically commanded. As she said this, her Lordosis reflex kicked in and automatically her back arched downwards, lifting up her hind quarters and offering her gaping pussy to Stuart. On her fours, her pussy was perfectly aligned with Stuart's cock. He grabbed her hips and with one lunge forced himself inside of her.

"Unnnhh...Yesss!" she cried out as the hard rod of flesh impaled her. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Stuart ploughed his cock into her throbbing pussy. Each inward stroke caused Jenna to grunt out loud and his cock made slushing noises as he rammed it into her soaking pussy. Stuart's cock was encased tightly in Jenna's swollen pussy. She started moving her hips back at him, urging him further into her.

Stuart suddenly stiffened and rammed hard into Jenna.

"Ah..Ahh...gonna cummm! Aaahhh" he moaned.

"Nooo! Noooo....Oh god no..." Jenna wailed as she felt his cum splattering her insides. "Damn you, I haven't cum yet."

"I-I'm sorry" Stuart apologised as he felt his cock softening inside her. "You were just so hot, I couldn't help it. I'm sorry."

"I'm so hot Stuart. So horny." Jenna cried, almost in tears. "Do something, stick your fingers in me, something! I need to cum!"

Stuart looked at Jenna's body, throbbing and spasming in need. She wasn't lying and she wasn't just horny. This was different. She must be on some kind of drug Stuart reasoned. Jenna was mewling incoherently now, filthy words coming out of her mouth. Staurt felt his cock rising again but it still wasn't hard enough. He looked around the room and found a candle sitting in its stand. He reached over and grabbed the candle and stuffed it into Jenna's pulsating cunt.

"Ohhhh....yeah....dont even tell me what it is...just fuck me with it!" Jenna squealed.

Stuart fucked her with long, slow strokes of the candle. He noticed that her juices were dribbling down her thighs. His cock stirred more wildly this time. A few more strokes of the candle and he was back to being rock hard. Jenna was moaning and thrusting her hips backward. He timed his withdrawal of the candle and insertion of his cock perfectly.

"Awww...that's your cock! I can feel the heat. God Stuart, its so hard.!!!" Jenna squealed in delight.

Her backward thrusts became more intense as Stuart wrapped his arm around her waist. His fingers danced across her clitoris as he sawed his cock in and out of her. Jenna was shaking her head from side to side, crying out in ecstasy as her body responded wildly to the sexual gratification. She raised her head and moaned loudly as her body tensed.

"Yeeaaggh...Cumming...Oh Stuart I'm cumming....aawwwwww!"

Her entire body started to convulse and shake. Stuart stopped fucking her briefly as he felt her pussy clamp on to his cock. Her pussy squeezed and milked his cock and just as it relaxed, he started fucking into her violently again.

"That's it Stuart! Don't stop! Whatever you do, don't stop! Keep fucking me hard! Oh God I'm gonna cum again.....!!"

Her body shook and convulsed again but this time Stuart didn't stop fucking her. He ploughed his cock deep and fast into her trembling body. She started to gurgle as wave after wave of a powerful orgasm shook through her. Just as she came down from one orgasm, another one shook her body. She kept on cumming as she finally felt Stuart slam hard into her and his hot semen scalding her pussy walls.

She collapsed hard on the sofa as Stuart lay buried in her. Slowly she felt him pull out of her and she could feel his cum dripping out of her. Her body was still trembling and she buried her face in the sofa, enjoying the afterglow.

"Stay with me tonight Stuart?" She asked softly. "I can't be alone. Please stay with me."

**** **** ****

Jenna got fucked another 3 times that night. In between their sexual activity, Jenna explained everything to Stuart. She explained that she needed someone to stay with her and keep and eye on her for the next few days until the Estrus wore off. She explained that she didn't know how far her 'heat' would take her but that she wanted to see it through to completion. Part of the deal was that Stuart would get to fuck her while he stayed with her. He had to understand though that she may be getting fucked elsewhere as well. She couldn't help herself from fucking others – not while she was on heat, and not while she wasn't willing to sacrifice the experiment.

Stuart was supportive. After all, who ever imagined he would even get the chance to fuck her once, let alone on demand?

The next three days went off well for Jenna. Her sense of smell hadn't increased further and she was coming to terms with her new found lustiness. Knowing she had Stu to take care of her needs kept her in check. She would fuck Stu in the morning before going to work and then at least twice throughout the night. She was amazed that she didn't feel tired with all the sex. Even more amazing was that she didn't feel sore either. Her pussy seemed to recover quickly, ready for more.

Stu wasn't coping too well though. He was getting tired and his cock was sore with all the activity. He was almost reaching the stage where he was finding it hard to accommodate Jenna, but somehow, he still made it.

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