tagGroup SexThe Book of David Ch. 05

The Book of David Ch. 05



-- CHAPTER 5: The Sisters --



Friends. I could handle being friends.

For some reason, having sex with E-Beth gave me closure with her. I'd subconsciously spent the entire summer with her in the back of my head, wondering how we would act around her when we met up again at school.

Now I knew. And I knew we could be friends.

I grinned. Maybe friends with benefits from time to time... but friends. We weren't meant to be together. Not now, at least. I'd been there for her as she grew up into a full-fledged woman and gained her confidence. But that was the end of our destiny. I couldn't tie her down to me, even though she might have stayed with me out of obligation. It wasn't right. Just like Monica belonged to someone else, E-Beth had her Mr. Right out there somewhere else.

I only hoped we didn't grow apart like Monica and I had done. At least E-Beth would still be at the same school, close by.

In the evening, I dropped by Kevin and Jen's place for dinner. We managed to chat about school for at least three minutes before Jen started peppering me with questions about E-Beth.

I specifically avoided mentioning the sex, but I managed to communicate that everything was good between E-Beth and me. Of course, Jen couldn't let me off without a twenty-minute interrogation, and pretty much everything came out eventually.

"Dude! Even when you're not trying you manage to get laid," Kevin chuckled.

The rest of dinner passed easily as the three of us just hung out like good friends do. And then Kevin practically booted me out of their apartment, stating he had to catch up to me in the bedroom department.

I said goodbye to Jen and promised to pray for Kevin's stamina. And on that note I started walking home.

Danielle and Cherys were waiting in the living room when I came in, cuddling on the couch while watching some inane sitcom on TV. Then I also saw that Nataliya was on the other couch with her on-again, off-again girlfriend Leslie, a decidedly butch lesbian. I believed they were 'off' right now.

"Hey, where've you been?" Danielle asked.

"Out," I said in a non-committal tone. Male teen responses were a hard habit to break. I started off towards my bedroom.

"Hey, did you eat anything?" Nataliya asked, getting up and heading to the kitchen. "We've got some leftovers."

"I'm fine."

"David..." Nataliya came right over to me. "You need to eat something," her tone was motherly.

"Nah, I ate with Kevin and Jen," I replied sincerely.

"Oh! Okay, just making sure."

"Thanks, Nataliya." I walked off for my bedroom.

"Hey, squirt!" Danielle called out. I cringed just a bit. I didn't mind the nickname when it was just us. But being called 'squirt' in front of four women kind of wounds the male ego. "Don't make plans for Friday night!"

"Why not?"

"Did you forget? It's your 21st birthday!"

All the girls turned around and ooohed at that pronouncement.

"Oh, that. Well, I'm kinda broke. I was just planning to hang out with Kevin and Jen."

"No! You cannot!" Nataliya cried. "I have special present for you."

Danielle waved her off. "Let me call them. I'm sure that what we've got planned blows anything they've got out of the water. You think I wouldn't take care of my little brother?"

Cherys flashed me a perfect smile. "We are gonna get you soooo drunk."


It took me a while to get to sleep that night. I kept coming up with wilder and wilder scenarios for what Danielle had cooked up for my birthday. While she'd always been a friendly big sister, she'd never taken an interest in any milestone dates in my life so far.

But I guess this was the big TWO-ONE. Perhaps she was finally going to stop calling me squirt and think of me as an adult.

Or maybe she was going to embarrass the hell out of me. Both outcomes seemed equally likely, and I stayed up tossing and turning agonizing over which would happen.

So I was a little slow the next morning. Lack of sleep does that to you. I managed to stumble off to class. After oversleeping on the first day of school and sleepwalking my way to my second day, my academic career wasn't off to a great start.

And so it was that my peripheral vision wasn't in focus when I walked into a small classroom. A familiar voice called out, "Hey! David!"

Right in front of me, Amber was sitting at a desk chair in the third row. My head was thick as molasses and I slowly wandered over, found the desk chair next to her, and then sank down like a sack of bricks.

"Wow, you look like shit."

I managed a pained smile. "Didn't get a good night's sleep."

"You freaked out over what you and E-Beth did yesterday?" Honest concern was in her voice, along with a clear note of curiosity.

"That?" My voice immediately perked up as I remembered the good time I had. "Oh, no, no. E-Beth and I are fine. We're friends. It's cool. But that's all over now."

"Good to know," Amber said mysteriously, looking straight down at her desk. But then she composed herself and asked, "Then what is it?"

"Oh, my sister." I sighed. "She always drives me crazy. But never mind. So what are you doing taking Chinese Art History?"

Amber cocked her head. "I dunno. Figured it would be an easy 'A'."

"Well then," a deep baritone voice with a thick Asian accent filled in. We both looked up to see the professor walking in the door. "You may be in for a rude surprise."

Amber blushed and got out her notebook, readying herself to take notes. I took a second longer to look over her. Unlike most college students, who typically wore T-shirts and jeans, Amber looked like she'd stepped out of a fashion magazine. Some multicolored polo with white collar and white cuffs around the short sleeves nicely accentuated her bosomy chest. A delicate necklace highlighted her collarbones. Slender capri pants called my attention down to the exposed skin of her firm calves, and she was even wearing 3-inch wedge sandals.

All of this I was used to seeing. Amber dressed like this all the time. But for some reason, I felt like I was noticing it more.

As the class went on, Amber slipped one foot out of her shoe and was dangling it on the end of her toes. I got distracted watching the flex of her legs while she did this and missed a couple of minutes of the lecture.

Later on, I found myself watching the way Amber fiddled with the butt of her pen in her mouth, apparently lost in concentration. But then her blue eyes flashed over and caught me staring. A wide grin spread across her face.

After the class ended, we started chatting as we walked out. Automatically, I just kept walking with her and it was a few minutes before I realized we were headed directly for the house she shared with E-Beth and their roommates. I also belatedly realized that the longer we walked, the closer Amber got to me. We'd started with a couple of feet between us as we ambled along. But now she was bumping against my elbow every now and again.

I especially noticed when I tossed off a moderately funny comment and Amber turned and hit me on the arm, giggling in a very cute and girly way.

Was Amber flirting with me?

We'd REALLY come a long way from 'What the hell are you looking at?'

Eventually, we got to her house. E-Beth met us at the door and smiled a smug grin at the two of us while Amber blushed. I hugged both girls goodbye and turned to head back the other way towards my apartment.


Friday night. Danielle told me to be ready by 10pm. So I sat on my bed, staring at the clock as it ticked forward at a snail's pace. 9:47 and 25 seconds... 26 seconds... 27 seconds... ugh.

I'd gotten dinner with Kevin and Jen. I chipped in a few bucks and they kept me fed. It was turning into a good arrangement. Not that I'd minded Danielle's and Cherys' cooking over the years. But it was good to hang out with my friends and besides, Jen was a REALLY good cook.

We were normally open and chatty, talking about everything with no subject taboo. Only this night, both of my best friends clammed up the instant I asked if they knew what was being planned tonight.

"Oh, come on! You both know, don't you?" I protested.

They looked at each other, then at their food. "Dude, we promised we wouldn't tell," Kevin apologized.

I started trashing Kevin's honor as a man, citing The Code, bros before hos and all. "Aren't I more important to you than my sister?"

"Don't even go there."

"So what happened to you for your 21st birthday?" I asked. Kevin had turned 21 over the summer, back in his own hometown.

He smirked. "Nothing like this..."

Now he had my interest piqued.

"But then, I didn't have a sister like yours, or like her friends."

I was going to DIE from anticipation and anxiety.

And so here I sat, alone in my bedroom on a Friday night. What was with all the mystery? Technically I'd turned 21 this morning. And I didn't feel any different than when I was 20.

At 9:54 there came a knock at my door. Immediately I yelled, "Finally!"

Kevin and Jen came in. Kevin was dressed like me, just jeans and a polo. It was about as upscale as we got in college. Jen was in her usual school clothes.

"Hey, dude. Relax! We're going to have a great time!"

I could see straight through Kevin's false sense of bravado. He was as nervous as I was. Further adding to the mystery was Jen's comment. She held Kevin's shoulders and said, "Have a good time. Look, touch, but don't go too far, you hear me?"

"Yes'm." He stated as ordered.

Jen kissed him then turned to me. She stepped forward and hugged me. "Happy Birthday, David."

It was just about 10 o'clock when Jen left and Danielle came to get me. She was quite pleasant to look at with her dirty blonde hair done up and wearing some of her nicer jewelry. The black cocktail dress accentuated her willowy body and pushed up her cleavage. At least now I knew she wasn't taking me to a crappy dive. She looked over us two boys. "All set?"

Kevin and I looked at each other. "You better not fucking leave me, tonight," I growled at him. He shrugged.

We walked out and Cherys was waiting in the living room, stopping us in our tracks.

"Holy shit, dude..." Kevin gasped.

Cherys was dressed to the nines in some slinky, strapless dark green dress that shimmered depending on how the light hit it, just like her eyes. Her gravity- defying tits threatened to spill over the top, and the hem was short enough to reveal her long, long legs while barely covering her ass. Her raven hair was also up, exposing the graceful slope of her neck and shoulders. High heels and delicate makeup completed the look. She was Aphrodite come to life.

Just when I was getting used to being around her, she goes and pulls this crap. It was a far cry from the baggy school football jersey she was wearing this morning.

"Hey, gorgeous..." I murmured, more sincere in that phrase than I'd been in a long time.

Danielle clucked her tongue. "I said you shouldn't wear that. Now the boys will be staring at YOU the whole evening."

"Hey, a girl's got her ego," Cherys remarked. "Let's go."

Kevin and I walked behind the ladies, obviously enjoying the view. Then we all piled into Danielle's car. Cherys offered to let me ride shotgun next to Danielle since it I was the birthday boy and all. I think Kevin got the better end of the deal sitting in the backseat with Cherys.

We drove out and then ten minutes later, my jaw absolutely dropped when I realized where the girls were taking us. It was a classy place and had a good reputation amongst the college crowd. But there was still a lot of neon exterior lighting and the words "Nude Girls" underneath the club's name had my heart racing.

There was a greasy, portly man just inside the front door who checked our IDs as we all filed in. He smiled at Danielle and then glowered at me and Kevin. Cherys was the last one through the door and he immediately brightened up. "Hey! Cherys, baby! You sure I can't talk you into working here? With a body like that, you'd be a millionaire before you turned 25!"

"Cool it, Leo," Cherys tossed off, looking bored and aloof while still managing to wiggle her torso and send her ample bosom jiggling just a bit.

Danielle sidled over to her, wrapping an arm behind Cherys' body and palming a hefty boob. "Yeah, you think I want some drunken slob drooling over my girlfriend's titties?"

Leo just laughed and waved us through. We went forward to what looked like a cashier's window at a bank. To my surprise, Leslie was behind the counter.

"Hey there, is everything set up?" Danielle asked her friend.

"You got it. No cover charge and Jordan will take you to your table."

I paused before the butch femi-nazi. "I'm kind of surprised to see you working here, Leslie. Thought you would've ranted about this kind of place degrading and objectifying women."

She laughed, "It is. But I like taking their money and it reminds me of the scum lowlifes that men can be."

"Like me?"

She looked me up and down. "Maybe not you. Besides, it's your first time in a strip club. I can tell. Just go and have fun. Happy birthday."

Seeing a familiar face and having the short conversation relaxed me just enough to take the nervous edges off. So when the doors opened to the darkened club, I felt as ready as I ever was.

Now I've seen some naked breasts before in my life. Monica had a very nice pair for her petite size and E-Beth's were just fabulous. But I'd never seen this many all at the same time.

On the main stage was a beautiful, skinny girl with dyed-blonde hair obvious against her dark eyebrows. Her fake tits were perfect circles on her chest, but large and very pleasing to the eye. And she was just the first one I noticed. On four separate mini-stages scattered on platforms across the room were four more strippers, all topless and gyrating to the music. So just like that, there were ten breasts visible and Kevin and I both got whiplash trying to look at them all at once. And that doesn't even count the waitresses, who were clothed, but just barely.

I barely noticed when Danielle grabbed my hand and dragged me along with her as our hostess brought us to our table. We were right up front against the main stage where four plush, oversized chairs awaited around a small table.

The four of us were quickly seated, Kevin and I facing the stage with Danielle beside me and Cherys directly opposite. Our waitress was beside us in a flash, and I managed to order a Manhattan before I recognized her. "Jenna?"

"Happy Birthday, David!" Another of Danielle and Cherys' friends gave me a peck on the cheek before she took everyone else's orders.

"How many friends do you have working here?" I asked my sister.

"Just a handful," she had to raise her voice and lean in to be heard over the music. "But I'm acquainted with almost everybody here. This is a popular place for students at the University, for both employees and customers. It's got a good reputation and it's considered safe. Cherys and I were able to talk them into letting us VIP you for the night."

"Thanks," I told her. "For everything. Not many sisters would have done this."

"Hey, I like staring at pretty co-eds just as much as you do!"

As if on cue, the next dancer came out and began her routine. This one was a smoky brunette with dark eyes and plenty of curves. I got so wrapped up in watching her gyrate and take her clothes off that I didn't even notice when my drink arrived and was sitting on the table.

By the end of her dance, she knelt on the stage right in front of me, undulating her hips in a clear miming of sex, her knees spread to the sides so I could see her shaved pussy lips just barely hidden by the tiniest of G-strings.

Danielle slid a dollar bill into my hand and then physically yanked me out of my chair. With a deer-in-the-headlights expression, I stumbled forward and looked back at my friends. Danielle just waved at me and I held the bill up to the dancer.

She turned and presented me with her hip, indicating down to the strap of her G- string panties. I reached forward and trying as hard as I could not to touch her skin, managed to slide the bill into place and then I backed away hurriedly while she turned away to charm another patron.

Cherys was laughing at me like I was an idiot, and I felt the burn in my ears as I blushed. Kevin looked just as scared as I felt.

Danielle spoke up. "Okay. We'll have to get you really drunk before we try that again."


Three rounds later, my head was pleasantly thick and I was feeling good. Both Danielle and Cherys had gotten lapdances, clearly enjoying the near naked women just as much as the guys in the room were.

And Kevin was getting his first ever professional lapdance. I could see the bulge in his jeans as his girl draped her tits over his eye sockets and then turned around to grind her ass against him.

I was gone enough that I didn't even realize I was reaching out to touch her leg. Danielle pinched my other arm. "No touching, unless she wants you to."

I nodded dumbly. Danielle smiled and leaned towards her girlfriend. She mumbled something and the only word I caught was 'ready'.

Cherys nodded and called over Jenna. Our waitress came back and Cherys muttered something into her ear. I knew something was up. And it probably had to do with me.

A minute later, I got my big surprise.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this next dance goes out to a special guest. It's his 21st birthday today!" A few drunken cheers went up in the audience. "Just for you David, we present... Nataliya!"

My jaw literally dropped when the buxom blonde came through the curtains. I recognized her face immediately, despite the heavy makeup which left her looking even more exotic. And I saw that she was a naughty schoolgirl fantasy come to life. Her hair was done up in paired ponytails that went up before they came down. Her little white top was tied off just beneath her breasts and exposed her flat tummy. And the skirt was obscenely short.

Nataliya skipped across the stage to some bubble-gum poppy number while a little girl's voice begged someone to hit her one more time. She showed incredible grace and rhythm as her hips bopped to the music and she spun around while slowly unbuttoning her top. All the while, she kept her focus on my table. More than once, her hazel eyes flashed in the light and looked right into mine.

She was clearly a pro, and I briefly wondered how many men had seen her get naked and fantasized about getting into her panties. Right now, I was the one doing the fantasizing. And without any physical contact, I was getting really turned on.

Sure, I'd noticed that Nataliya was a beautiful girl. She was the sort of statuesque Eastern European blonde that men all over the world lusted after. But she was first taken by various girlfriends or I was caught up in my burgeoning romance with E-Beth. After a while, I'd begun to think of her as another big sister like Danielle. Beautiful, to be certain, but not fuckable.

That assessment was now changing. Her stomach had a hint of musculature and a trapezoidal flare out to her shapely hips. And suddenly I was seeing much more of her hips when the skirt came off and puddled to the floor, leaving the tiniest G-string as a pink border between her perky asscheeks.

Nataliya's long legs were well toned and flexed wonderfully as she bobbed and weaved around the stage, alternately strutting and squatting. She had slender, delicate arms and hands that waved in the air as if floating on ocean currents and paused to frame her pretty face.

At the moment when she finally slipped off the top and bared her full D-cups to view, capped by volcanic pale pink nipples, I felt like spewing in my pants. But I held myself together and had to stop and take a big gulp from my drink to settle my nerves. And then she was done.

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