The Book of David Ch. 07


Amber squatted in front of me and quickly swallowed me whole. Cherys cried "NO!" and then wailed in agony.

I could barely stand as Amber hoovered me, jacking the base and sucking powerfully at the tip. After only a minute, I grunted and then began blasting away into Amber's mouth. I came with such power and such volume that she gagged and had to pull off, thick ropes of cum shooting across her face in creamy white lines, painting the pretty blonde from forehead to chin.

I'd built up quite the load after all the skinny-dipping and playful teasing and especially the recent oral play with Amber and Cherys. Even after the first dozen full shots, I was still going and Amber pointed me down to empty the rest onto her chest.

Only when I was done firing did Cherys quiet. Amber sagged her butt down to the deck and leaned back against her arms, her hands planted on the floor behind her. She gasped for air while the hot streams of jism dried on her naked body. And my cock began to wilt.

Cherys was sniffling softly as she watched my erection go away.

But just when we thought it was over, her wild eyes turned to the side and she saw Nate's swollen prick. It was a new fight as she reached out to him, demanding, "I need a cock. I need a man!"

Amber and Danielle restrained her while Monica planted Nate back onto the lounger beside them and she inhaled his prick. Cherys was already going silent again and sobbing pitifully. Two minutes later, Nate spurted into Monica's mouth and she drank it all down.

And at last Cherys went limp.

Danielle and Amber let go of her, and she looked utterly devastated as she curled into the chair and buried her face against the back.

We all jerked when Cherys suddenly lurched, making a gagging noise. And then she flopped out of the lounger, turned towards the grass, and then let loose with a loud retching sound.

A large volume of vomit spewed out onto the grass as she hunched forward on all fours, followed by a second load. And then Danielle got hold of a towel and was wrapping her up.

The party was over.


Even though I'd been back home for a week, it still felt a little weird waking up in my own bed. I'd begun to think of our old college apartment, where I'd spent three years of my life, as home. So with that momentary disorientation, my mind was occupied with remembering the proper way to the bathroom and to locating my clothes. The previous night's adventures and misadventures were not yet remembered.

My mild hangover probably didn't help.

So when I came out of the bathroom and saw Cherys waiting to use it, it took me a few seconds to remember just WHY she was looking at me like a frightened animal.

Choosing not to comment, I simply offered a reassuring "good morning" and then brushed past her while she scurried into the bathroom.

Of course, the instant I got into my own bedroom, it all came rushing back to me. After Cherys had recovered from upchucking her entire barbecue dinner, Danielle got her cleaned up and then we loaded her into my car. I had kissed Amber goodbye, with a promise to call in the morning. We brought Cherys back to our house. It was a common enough occurrence for her to stay overnight with Danielle, and we didn't want her parents to see her in this state.

But before that, I remembered the party, her naked body, eating out her pussy, and Cherys begging me to fuck her.

It was a damn good thing I'd already pissed; otherwise there was no way I'd squeeze out a drop with this erection.

In my mind's eye, I recalled just how she looked sprawled across that lawn chair, her chest heaving those massive tits up and down; her legs split to the sides. One hand was on her clit, her own fingers lewdly spreading those pink pussy lips wide.

Absentmindedly, I sat on the bed and dug my hand beneath the waistband, circling my fingers around my rod. I managed only a few strokes before the sharp knock came at my door.

Reflexively, I yanked my hand out and tried to smooth down my pajama pants. "Yeah!"

Cherys cracked the door and then came in. I saw her gaze immediately zero in on the tent being pitched in my pants, and then she forced her eyes back up to mine.

"Hi..." she just kind of drawled, momentarily forgetting what she was going to say.

"Uh, hi..." I managed awkwardly. I flailed around trying to think of something else to say. "How are you feeling?" I asked. Then I saw her squinting at me awkwardly. "Hangover?"

"Yeah..." she winced and looked at the floor. It was extremely weird for me. Here was a gorgeous, supremely confident woman who I had worshipped since I first took an interest in girls. And she was staring at her feet with her head hanging down between her shoulders.

It couldn't be like this. She meant way too much to me for our friendship to end like this. So she got drunk and a little horny, who hasn't? And after all my masturbatory fantasies of her, who was I to claim she wasn't allowed to lust a little after me? I had to make her see that I still cared about her as much as ever.

The awkward silence carried for a long minute. Then she finally breathed in and said to the floor, "Look, I wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I acted last night."

"Don't worry about it," I cut her off.

She startled and then managed to glance up at me. "I put you in a very dangerous position. wish I hadn't-"

"Forget it. If you want, it never happened."

She looked at me a little more closely. "I just don't want things to be awkward between us."

I opened my arms in an obvious invitation for a hug. "Come up here."

Still a little wary, Cherys managed to drag her feet and then sit on the bed beside me. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her as she settled her back against my side. One arm slid around her waist and the other stroked her arm in a familiar cuddle position. "Hey gorgeous..."

"Hey hero..." She sighed happily and snuggled a little closer.

Our heartbeats slowed and our breathing became rhythmically smooth. I relaxed considerably. We would be alright.

"David... I love you..." her voice came quiet and trembling.

Instinctively my arm tightened around her. Amber, of course, told me she loved me. She was my girlfriend. But the only other girl who'd ever said that to me was E-Beth. In retrospect, my ex had only said it as an automatic response to my declarations of love. She hadn't really meant it.

But Cherys said it and I could hear in her voice that she meant it. I was so shocked I was frozen stiff.

Her voice continued in the same tremor. "Before you say anything, I just want you to know that I don't love you romantically. I'm not trying to steal you from Amber or hurt Danielle or anything. But it's how I feel. For everything you meant to Ellie. For the way you treat me. For the way you've made me believe that there are good men out in the world somewhere. I love you. It's almost like you're family."

I thought about what she said and in a way, paralleled it to the way I felt about Danielle. In everything but blood, Cherys was like a sister to me. If that meant I had the occasional incestuous thought about her, so be it. But she was like the girl next door I had grown up with and fantasized about. And now I would consider her one of my closest friends.

Truly, she knew me better now than even Nate or Kevin, or E-Beth or Amber. She knew me almost as well as Danielle did. And I cringed inside at the thought of anything bad ever happening to her. And so the words flowed forth effortlessly. "I love you too, Cherys."

She hummed happily and snuggled deeper into my grasp. My arm around her waist cinched up until it was pressing up slightly beneath her breasts. I felt affection mingled with chemical heat in my veins. Damn she smelled good.

But despite the tug-of-war between sisterly love and raw lust for her, I didn't feel awkward. Looking back, I'd gotten used to the sensation; after all, I'd been in that tug-of-war for almost ten years now.

I let my head loll over against hers, hugging her tightly. Now if only her forearm wasn't pushing down on my erection.


Danielle and Cherys must have had their own discussion over the events of the party, because when I came out of my room they were comfortably at ease around each other.

Within the hour we were on the road and ready to move the girls into their new apartment. I felt nostalgic sadness seeing them set up a home that didn't include me in it.

Fortunately for me, Amber had the perfect solution when I returned her house. It started with the pretty blonde in bed, flat on her back and fully clothed. She then pushed her shirt above her naked tits, hanging around her neck while she dropped her head off the edge of the mattress and ordering me to shove my dick into her throat.

After making me use her tits as handholds to facefuck out my aggression, she flipped onto all fours and hitched her skirt over her naked ass, presenting me with a wet and juicing pussy from behind.

After spending a load there, Amber sucked me back to life and then climbed aboard to let out her own aggression after being dominated by me for twenty minutes. Already lubricated by my first spending, Amber could move her hips really, really fast.

She damn near fucked my teeth out.

And so as I cuddled in post-coital bliss with my girlfriend and thought about my sister and Cherys together, on their own, I realized that it was all just a part of growing up. You move on with your life.

My new world was a whirlwind of excitement with my new girlfriend. I clicked so well with Amber in a way that that was vastly superior to anything I'd ever experienced. As happy as Ellie and then E-Beth had made me, those relationships just didn't compare to the happiness I was finding with my current paramour.

My big sister Danielle was finally going off to a place where she didn't have to mother over me. She was free to focus on building a career and an adult life for herself without worrying about her little brother's mental condition or even how to feed a young man.

And Cherys was moving on to figure out her life. She had stability and the love of a beautiful, caring woman in Danielle. So she had a few too many beers and drunkenly decided to try and find out what a dick felt like. So what? She could put the past behind her and focus on her future.

At least, that's what I thought. Perhaps I should have known better than to think it would all blow over and we would all go back to the way things had been before. Life doesn't work like that. Things don't go back. Everything... inevitably... changes.

And the events that happened at the end of summer certainly changed everything.


Despite having to schlep myself off to work while my girlfriend stayed home and sunned herself, I rather enjoyed the 3-month summer vacation.

Maybe it was because my old high school friends realized this was our last hurrah together, and we showed it by partying harder than usual every chance we got.

Maybe it was because spending 9-10 hours at work every weekday made the time fly by rather quickly.

Maybe it was because after 9-10 hours of sheer boredom at her house, Amber was really, really excited to see me. Yeah... I think that was it.

For example, on a random Tuesday I went to her house and she met me by the door wearing a push-up red teddy, matching red stockings and garters, and no panties. The very next Thursday she told me her parents were home and she came to my house. And then I found out she was buck naked underneath her trenchcoat.

And that doesn't even go into the times when she pranced around topless in skintight black vinyl pants and boots, holding a riding crop.

After the first month or so, she couldn't even wait for me through the whole workday. I was hunched over the computer at my cubicle when a soft pair of hands suddenly covered my eyes. "Guess who?"

Of course, I knew the voice immediately. "Amber?" I jerked and turned around. There she was, beaming at me and wearing a short sundress that showed off plenty of her cleavage. With her blonde hair up in pigtails and a smattering of pastel makeup, she was a pretty pixie in human size.

"Come on. I'm taking you to lunch."

I sputtered for just a second. It was only 11:15. "I've still got work!"

Amber grinned at me. "I already cleared it with your boss." Sure enough, my boss was leaning against the door to his office, rather obviously drooling at Amber's ass. Engineers really don't see enough cute girls in their lives.

We returned to the front of my office building around 2pm. I sat back in the driver's seat and sighed. Amber sat up and wiped a glob of cum from her lips before leaning up and pecking my cheek. "That should hold you until tonight."



It was a warm summer Friday evening and Amber agreed to meet me at the local mall/cinema/restaurant complex. A mindless PG-13 action blockbuster was opening and we were going to kill a few brain cells and make our eardrums go numb for a couple of hours, then find a nice dinner.

Thanks to casual Fridays, I drove straight from work in jeans and a polo then went to our designated meeting spot in front of the theater. Just like it had done almost every day for the past six months, my heart leapt sky high as soon as I saw her.

Tonight she was in skintight jeans and a baby-T. I whistled out loud as I ogled the long legs, trim body, and full bosom of the cute blonde with her back to me. Stepping forward quickly and silently, I put my hands over her eyes from behind and said, "Guess who?"

The head bobbed down for a second and an unfamiliar voice wavered, "Eric?"

Like I'd just stuck my hands into hot flame, I jerked back while the girl turned around. "Oh, I'm SO sorry. I thought you were someone else."

The cute blonde turned and backed away from me, her face very SIMILAR to Amber's but I knew it wasn't actually her. In fact, she looked several years younger than us, probably still in her teens.

"Hey!" a gruff male voice came from the left and I turned to see a hulking boy stalking towards us from the restrooms.

"Amy! This guy bothering you?" the hulk asked.

"No, no," the girl shrugged, trying to place me but clearly recognizing that I was just a stranger. "Just a case of mistaken identity."

The guy seemed to cool off from his momentary fury, and then took a closer look at me, wrinkling his eyebrows. "David?"

"Yeah," I answered in surprise, standing up straight. "Do I know you?"

"Well, it's been awhile. You used to date my big sister Elizabeth." He reached out to me with a meaty paw.

I tentatively took his hand and studied the face. A moment later, I recognized him. "Eric! Little Eric?"

"Not so little any more," he deadpanned. The guy was four inches taller than me and all muscle.

"Holy shit you grew up!" It had been two years since I'd last seen the kid, during that summer when E-Beth and I started dating. Somehow, he'd gone from a tall, but skinny twerp into this hulking monstrosity.

"Yeah, hit some kind of growth spurt."

"I'll say. You coming up to Uni already?"

He chuckled. "No. I'm still in high school. Going to be a senior."

"You playing football?"

"Yeah. Coach moved me to defensive end."

"Too bad you're not graduating yet. Uni's defense could use some help." Then I turned to the pretty blonde who was looking back and forth between us.

Eric caught my look and then stammered out. "Oh, I'm sorry. Amy, this is David. David, Amy."

She held out her hand. "Pleased to meet you." I looked at the way she carried herself, still in that coltish awkward way showing she still hadn't grown into her body. Her head bobbed a bit when she turned. I realized just how old I was getting with these kids who were four years younger than me. Still, she was quite pretty and I knew she'd break some hearts when she grew up.

Amy soaked in my little evaluation of her nice body and proudly thrust out her chest. "So you dated his big sister?" She giggled in a flirty little way.

"Yeah, we're still friends. But she goes off to some internship every summer so I haven't been by Eric's house since he was, well... a lot skinnier. How did you end up with him?"

Amy turned to her blushing boyfriend and smiled, "Oh, you could say it was love at first sight. I had just transferred in from out of state. The minute he saw me his jaw went slack and he just stared in utter rapture." The cute blonde giggled. "It made quite an impression that this tall, hunky man was so taken with me immediately."

We both looked over at the boy, but realized Eric's jaw was rather slack and he was staring off behind me.

Amy remarked, "Yeah! That's the look!"

Meanwhile, I turned to follow his gaze and saw Amber walking up to us. I instantly analyzed how graceful she walked, despite her wedge sandals. Her miniskirt and blouse were also quite a bit more grown up. Perhaps I should have immediately recognized that Amy was not her, even from behind. This was a grown-up woman.

I reached out my arm.

Amber settled into me and said, "Hey baby. Who're your friends?"

I gestured to the slightly-recovering Eric, who was still staring at Amber in wonder. My girlfriend had that effect on occasion. "This is Eric. He's actually your roommate's little brother."

"Really?" Amber said dramatically, searching his face. "E-Beth's little brother? I'm Amber."

"I know," he stammered. "I was a freshman when you both were Seniors in High School."

Eric still looked tongue-tied so I gestured to Amy, who was looking back and forth between Eric and Amber and didn't seem too happy with what she saw. Myself, I started to wonder if his most recent slack-jawed look was for his girlfriend... or mine. I finished by directing Amber's attention to the younger blonde, saying "And this pretty girl is Amy."

"Hi," Amy said coolly as she held out her hand. "I'm Eric's girlfriend."

Amber shook it and evaluated the other girl. Both blonde, both slightly-built except for sizeable chests. Same height, similar figures, similar facial structures. "Well, I have to admit he has excellent taste in women," Amber complimented.

Amy made a neutral 'hmph' noise and then slipped her arm around Eric's waist. That finally broke his reverie and he looked back at his girlfriend. "Nice to meet you both," Amy started abruptly. "Come on, Eric. The movie's going to start soon."

The two of them said goodbye and then turned away. I was shaking my head in wonder at what a small world this was and looked back to my girlfriend. Amber was actually staring after them.

"You remember him?"

Amber smiled and then turned to me. "Yeah, I do actually. He used to follow me around like a puppy dog when we were in high school. Nothing obvious, he never came up and even talked to me. But he was always hanging around and I saw him staring at me more than once. Never knew he was E-Beth's little brother. He's grown up quite a bit."

She looked over at the departing couple again. "Guess he found his own version of me."

"Good for him," I said emphatically and wrapped her into my arms. "Because the original is absolutely incredible."


*bzzt* *bzzt*

The hell? My eyelids were painted shut, but with great effort I managed to pop one of them open.

*bzzt* *bzzt*

Now free, my eyeball swiveled over to the clock. It was one in the morning. Who the hell was calling me this late? Didn't they know I had work tomorrow? I mean, I enjoyed having a cell phone now. It kept me connected and meeting up with people was SOOO much easier when you had cell phones. But before I had the damn thing, I could actually SLEEP all night.

*bzzt* *bzzt*

Fine. I got both eyes open, reached over and picked up the handset. The caller ID showed "Danielle". I was going to kill her.


"Hey, squirt. Did I wake you?"

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