tagGroup SexThe Book of David Ch. 07

The Book of David Ch. 07



-- CHAPTER 7: Dream Girl --



"Have a good time?" Kevin looked up from his spot at the dining table with a funny smirk on his face.

Jen immediately reached over and slapped his arm. "That was rude."

"Dude, it's not MY fault they were screaming so loud the entire block could hear them," Kevin retorted and rubbed his shoulder.

I was standing in the doorway to the dining room with Amber by my side. She was doing her usual bright-pink blushing thing again. I held her to me and asked, "What are you guys doing here?"

"You invited us, remember?" Jen offered. "E-Beth was trying out some new lemon chicken for dinner and wanted a few extra mouths to do a taste test."

As if on cue, E-Beth came in from the kitchen, still wearing her apron. "Hey, sounds like you two had a good time."

Kevin and Jen started laughing. "That's what I said!" Kevin cracked.

"Well you would know," Amber stared down her roommate. "David had you making those same noises this morning!"

Now it was E-Beth's turn to be embarrassed. We weren't going out of our way to hide that I was banging E-Beth on the side from time to time. But that didn't mean it was the most comfortable of conversations to be having, either. "Uh, anyways," E-Beth stammered. "I should be done in ten minutes. Why don't you guys start rounding up Phyllis and Diane?"

Amber volunteered to fetch them and she turned to give me a peck on the lips before heading back. I walked over to the table, a little bow-legged for comic effect which put Jen into a fit of giggles.

"What can I say?" I smiled. "I'm living the good life."

"Dude, I'll say," Kevin grumbled before straightening his face and looking petulantly at his girlfriend. "Not that I'm complaining! Jen gives me all the loving I can handle."

"Hmph," Jen sneered with mock anger. "And don't you forget it." And then Jen glanced back at me. "So how many girls are you juggling now? I mean, besides Amber."

"Now? Just the one: E-Beth."

"Oh, that's right, Maria latched onto Randall and Angelina, right?"

"Yeah, but that didn't last long. She got bored and moved on. I swear that girl is as flighty with her dicks as a baby with too many toys."

"But dude," Kevin cut in. "I heard Nataliya dropped by last week."

I shrugged. "It wasn't like that. At first, she didn't think it would be a problem to borrow me and neither did Amber. But after the first couple of times, she felt guilty about quote/unquote 'Stealing David's time from a sweet girl like Amber'. She's back together with Leslie now and she found a single, young frat boy to play with on the side."

"Aww... you poor thing..." Jen teased.

"Not at all. Amber is more than enough woman for me. And to tell you the truth I think she misses Nataliya more than I do. Man that girl could eat pussy."

Amber's voice cut in behind me. "Yeah... now I gotta put up with this gorilla's clumsy tongue." She dropped her hands onto my shoulders and wriggled in mock frustration, laughing all the while. She kissed me and whispered in my ear. "Just kidding, baby. You're still one of the best."

Phyllis and Diane followed in after and everyone moved to take spots around the table, cramped as it was with seven chairs.

"Right on time!" E-Beth crowed as she walked in, holding a steaming chicken in a large roasting dish. Over the past few months, she'd put her chemistry expertise and mental focus to work in the kitchen and was turning out to be a master chef who rivaled Jen for culinary excellence.

Amber smiled and leaned into my arm. I looked around at my friends all chattering happily around the table and inhaled the sweet aroma of E-Beth's cooking.

Yeah, I was living the good life.


FINALS (June 2001)

I hate finals. But hey, at least they signified that the academic year was almost over. Still, over the past couple of years E-Beth, Amber, and I had developed a consistent study group habit and with their support, I had confidence that I would do just fine.

Unfortunately, I'd left certain books and study notes back at my apartment, so with a kiss to Amber I promised I'd be back soon and then left.

Danielle was waiting in the living room when I came in. She was reading a magazine and flopped it onto the couch beside her. "Wow... you DO exist! I was beginning to think I had just imagined having a little brother."

"I haven't been gone that long," I muttered as I headed for my room.

"David, when was the last time you slept here?" Danielle said in a concerned voice as she stood up to face me. "I swear you have more clothes at Amber's place than you do here."

I stopped in my tracks and turned around. "What... am I supposed to say sorry?"

"No, it's not that." Danielle sighed and then sank back down onto the couch.

"We just miss you," Cherys' voice cut in as she came out of the bedroom. She walked right to me and gave me a welcoming hug.

"Hey, gorgeous..." I said sweetly.

"Hey, yourself. Long time no see." Cherys fixed me with a sad look.

Now I was confused. "What?"

Cherys headed over to the couch to join her girlfriend, shaking her head. "Sorry, we don't mean to get all melodramatic on you. It's just that we don't have any finals that count and with nothing but dead air until the graduation ceremony, we've had plenty of time to get introspective."

Cherys sat down with Danielle and leaned forward onto her elbows. "It's just that we were talking about how little we got to hang out with you these last couple of quarters. One minute, we're drinking beer and cuddling on the couch. The next, you're falling headlong into love and spending all your time at Amber and E- Beth's house."

Danielle picked up the narrative. "We'd really gotten used to having you around but we knew there wasn't much time left before we graduated and moved on. In a way, it felt like you were growing up and moving on. You don't need big sister around anymore."

I shrugged. "I can't help it. And I really am sorry if you thought I don't need you guys anymore. But I'll tell you what. I've got to go back and study with E-Beth and Amber for my final tomorrow. But tonight I'll come back here; we'll do dinner and just hang out."

"Sounds great. We've got plenty of beer..." Danielle laughed.

Cherys sighed, "You know, you're the only guy I ever enjoyed being with. You've grown up to be a good man, David. I only wish you were like this when I was younger. Maybe things would have been different..." She stared off into space.

"Yeah..." Danielle was following Cherys' train of thought, but I was lost.

"Anyways," Danielle snapped out of it first and squeezed my legs. "Go study and get back here. Or we'll start the party without you."


I was still in a contemplative state when I returned to Amber and E-Beth's house. I hadn't really thought much about it for the past few months while enjoying the honeymoon phase of Amber's and my relationship, but I was going to miss my own roommates. I'd gotten used to Danielle and Cherys always being around. Living with my big sister had been way more pleasant and comforting than I would have ever guessed.

So I was a bit mentally distracted when I opened the door to Amber's room and the sight before me took me by surprise. E-Beth was half-naked on Amber's bed, reclining against the wall. She still wore a bra, a simple flesh-colored utility bra with big cups to try and hold her mammoth breasts. She'd made a futile attempt to remove her shirt, getting only one arm out so that the bunched cotton was around her neck and right shoulder. Her stomach would never be model thin, it just wasn't in her genes, but her abs were still tensed enough for me to see some definition and rippling as she clenched and sweated and groaned. Her legs were spread and a fully-clothed Amber knelt beside the bed, her blonde head wriggling in E-Beth's crotch.

And while I watched, E-Beth squinted her eyes shut and her upper torso started shaking violently as she pressed Amber's head tighter between her legs and came, wailing out her release as she shuddered in blissful triumph.

"Oh, thank you, honey..." she drawled as Amber got up from her position. "Ah, David's here."

My girlfriend turned around, her big blue eyes sparkling as she grinned at me. "Took you long enough. We got tired of waiting and decided to entertain ourselves to pass the time."

I rolled my eyes. "You could have started studying."

Amber giggled. "This was funner."

"I'll say..." E-Beth whimpered. I just rolled my eyes at the word 'funner', which Amber had said deliberately.

"Care to unwind with us?" Amber held her arms out to me.

A minute later, I was the one sitting on the edge of the bed and naked to the world. Amber was still in her jeans, but she'd shed her top and bra, correctly assuming that the sight of her firm 32D beauties would bring me to hardness that much faster.

Amber had the most succulent, pouty lips, and they looked DAMN good wrapped around my cock as she bobbed up and down. But after slurping me for a couple of minutes, to my delight she leaned up and wrapped her fleshy mounds around my cock, squeezing her tits together and giving me a wonderful tit fuck.

E-Beth, meanwhile, had recovered and got to her knees next to Amber. The curvy brunette finally got rid of her shirt and then unsnapped her bra, baring her even bigger tits to view. She leaned in and kissed Amber's cheek before speaking softly into her ear, "Honey, let me remind you how this is supposed to be done."

My eyes went wide, a reaction Amber certainly did not miss. And with an impish grin she released me and slid to the side. E-Beth took over, pulling my erection into the deep valley of her 34DD cleavage, and then she took over the pumping action.

Amber stood up and divested herself of the rest of her clothing, and now all three of us were totally naked. I could see the glistening wetness between her legs and knew my girlfriend was ready and raring to go. "Let me take over, E-Beth, and I promise than in less than five minutes you'll have the most delicious creampie imaginable."

"Ooh, sounds yummy," E-Beth answered. "But what if you can't finish him in less than five minutes? I'm starving already..."

Amber laughed. "Fine, I'll make it up to you."

"You'll get the strap-on and fuck me within an inch of my life is what you'll do."


E-Beth released me and moved me over until I was laying on my back across the mattress. She leaned down to kiss me and then whispered in my ear. "You'd better hold out long enough, Mister. I want your cream but I really want her to fuck me."

I just nodded as Amber straddled my hips and began lowering herself onto my erection.

"Hey!" E-Beth protested. "No fair starting early. Wait for it... you've got five minutes, starting... NOW!"

Amber shut her eyes and then lunged down onto me. Even after many, many (many) sexual encounters between us, she was still tight and it took a couple of strokes to bury myself to the hilt.

"Fuck me, baby..." she cooed.

I was only too happy to oblige. I watched my girlfriend humping her body up and down, sending her firm, round tits into jiggly orbits. But then my view was blocked as E-Beth settled her naked hips over my face.

"Let's see if I can't distract you," the impish brunette said down to me.

I was quite distracted with the pretty pink pussy in my mouth. And I wasn't the only one. E-Beth was rubbing at Amber's tits and I could hear their sloppy kissing. It was enough to throw off Amber's rhythm and despite my girlfriend's best efforts to get me off quickly, I nutted somewhere around six minutes.

Amber collapsed flat onto her back, her chest heaving with the exertion and momentarily weakened from her own climax. E-Beth, the energizer bunny, was off me and eagerly slurping my creamy jism from her roommate's abused pussy.

For a few more minutes, there was nothing but the sounds of heavy breathing, whispered moans, and wet lip-smacking. But as soon as everyone got their breathing under control, E-Beth was up and wiping her face with the back of her hand. "Alright! Time to pay up baby."

"Poor me..." Amber said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. And with a smile she rummaged around beneath her bed to find her toy box. The strap-on was soon located and put into place. E-Beth lay supine across the bed, her legs spread and her arms eagerly awaiting her friend.

I simply sat back and enjoyed the view. Amber started by doing a push-up over E-Beth's body, her tongue split E-Beth's lips while the head of her fake cock descending between E-Beth's other lips. It was a view I'd seen before. For some reason, E-Beth really got off on watching the pretty blonde fucking her. I rather liked it myself. There was something so inherently sexy about the way a woman moves her body to fuck another woman.

"That's it, Amber! Drill my wet cunt! Split me open and FUCK ME!" As always, the pinned-down brunette lit off into a quick climax after only a couple of minutes of the Amber treatment.

When she recovered, E-Beth looked to me and panted, "David, c'mere." I knelt on the bed and she wriggled my hips around until I was straddling her face, pointed back towards Amber. The blonde moved out of the way, arching her back and planting her hands onto E-Beth's juggling tits to support herself.

From this position, my balls were actually draped over E-Beth's eyes as she pulled down on my new hardon and tugged it into her mouth. It felt great, but I knew I wasn't in any danger of cumming as E-Beth was too easily distracted by what was going on between her legs. On the other hand, I was in danger, period. The next time E-Beth came she clamped down with her jaws, and I was fortunate that she remembered to cover her teeth with her lips lest she bite off a very tender part of me.

When she came down from her high, E-Beth popped me out and then fixed me with a serious look. "David, I want you to fuck my ass."

Amber came to a screeching halt at that.

"You serious?" I asked. Up until now, E-Beth's butt had been strictly 'exit only'. I'd gotten used to it with Ellie before her, but after failed suggestions the first few times with E-Beth I learned not to pressure her anymore.

"School is almost over and I don't know what the summer will bring. By next year, we may not be like this anymore. I've been wanting to try it, and I can't think of anyone else I would trust more." E-Beth held my cock in her hand, which wasn't going soft anytime soon at the prospect of this little prize. "You'll stop if I tell you to, right?"

"Of course."

E-Beth pulled me down to kiss her and then she sat up and motioned for Amber to get her equipment off. Once that was done, E-Beth spun the two girls into a sixty-nine, with E-Beth on top and her butt towards the foot of the bed.

While the girls busied themselves with one another's pussies, I dug through Amber's toy box. She wasn't into anal either, so I wasn't expecting to find Astroglide, but I managed to come up with a generic sex lubricant. It would do.

We started slowly. When I put the first lubed finger into her ass, E-Beth tightened up and Amber responded by focusing on her clit. When she seemed to relax, I introduced the second finger.

By the time I got to the third finger, E-Beth wasn't tensing up anymore. And so I got to my knees behind her.

Amber wrapped her lips around E-Beth's clit and reached up with both hands to spread E-Beth's asscheeks to the side. Never a skinny beanpole, E-Beth had some healthy padding on her bubble butt and once Amber got a good grip to the sides, I leaned in through the butt cleavage and placed the mushroom head against E-Beth's rosebud.

"Do it," E-Beth hissed.

I pushed in, E-Beth exhaling loudly, "Oh... oh, yeah... oh, yeah..." Her voice got higher and higher in pitch as she groaned at the stretch and tried to relax at the same time. And then she was sighing as the crown popped through and her ass muscles clenched together all at once.

"FUCK! It feels like I'm trying to take a huge dump!"

"Something like that," I said wryly.

"Okay, okay... I'm good. Push the rest in. Ohhhhh..." she moaned as I did just that. I went back to the slow, constant pressure, and gently glided forwards. When her anal chute clamped down on me, I couldn't go any further.

"Is that all of it?"

"No, just a few more inches. You have to relax, honey."

"Fuck! It already feels like you're shoving a baseball bat inside me."

"You want me to stop?"

"No... it's good. I'm good. It's just weird..."

Amber was licking away between us, pausing once and a while to take a tongue swipe at my balls. And then I was pressing forward and eventually I was fully buried up E-Beth's ass.

"Shit! I'm so full."

"You're so tight..." I answered.

"Oh, fuck me, David. Fuck my ass." She was trembling, her muscles quivering and completely unable to hold her body still.

I pulled back until just the ridged crown was holding me inside, and then I pushed forward. That was enough. E-Beth twitched and came, howling to the wall, "HOLY SHITTTT!"

I stopped when I got buried all the way once again. E-Beth was useless at licking at Amber's pussy. She barely managed to keep her body supported, her head hanging down between her shoulder blades. "Oh, shit. Do that again."

So I pulled back and pushed in.

"Fuck. AGAIN!"

So I did.


Amber and I could tell. Amber was getting soaked and I was beginning to worry E-Beth's ass would snap off my cock inside of her. Her muscles clenched and released as I pushed back and forth, squeezing me and caressing me like a third hand. We found a rhythm where I could keep going constantly and more importantly for me, it felt like her ass was milking me perfectly while I pumped over and over again.

So when E-Beth clamped down and came for a third time from this assfuck, she pulled me along with her. I slammed forward one last time and erupted, hosing down her bowels with a huge torrent of jism.

E-Beth collapsed forwards, her chest across Amber's crotch and her own hips over Amber's tits. I couldn't dislodge my cock and so I got pulled with her, landing heavily onto Amber with my girlfriend slapping my thighs until I could pull out and slump over to the side.

"Holy shit," E-Beth whimpered. "Holy shit... I never wanted to do that because I thought it was dirty. Why the FUCK was I missing out?"

Amber managed to catch her breath after being crushed by her two closest friends. She smiled at me. "Maybe I'll have to let you try that on me someday."

Impossibly, my dick began twitching at that thought.

Amber laughed. "No, no, not now. We've got finals tomorrow. Let's get cleaned up."


Unfortunately, Amber's comment had stirred my prick for a last round. And so with both girls kneeling in the shower, I sprayed them with my version of facial lotion before we rinsed off and got out.

After such a great sex session, studying was a total letdown. Still, with my balls drained, I was able to focus with remarkable clarity and we covered a lot of ground. And then I could at least look forward to hanging out with Danielle and Cherys for our scheduled together time.

"David, you look wiped out," Danielle commented when I came through the door.

"Looks like they did more than just study over there," Cherys teased. "Man, we schedule a pleasant, relaxing evening, and his girlfriends half-kill him before he even gets here."

I just grinned the slightly-guilty-but-more-proud-of-my-studliness grin. I staggered over to the couch and flopped down. Danielle was already handing me a beer.

"What movie are we watching?" I asked.

"Who cares?" Cherys said as she leaned back against my chest and pulled my arm around her. "Long as I get to stay just like this for a good couple of hours."

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