The Bookstore


Fantasies Of One Woman Part 3

Another one of my fantasies incorporates me working in some sort of a pornographic bookstore that has dancing girls who will dance for a man or woman in a booth with just a pane of glass between them. The idea of even working in a place like that is very arousing because normally I would never do any such thing or even think about actually doing it.

The bookstore owner tells me that he has a customer that wants to use one of the booths, and he tells me to turn him on. I smile my sly smile and slip into the back room for a few moments finding some sort of proper outfit to wear and end up walking to the both in a short black leather mini-skirt and a tight red blouse.

I take my place on a stool behind the glass in the booth and thought about some very naughty things to get myself slightly turned on before the customer came into the booth. After a few minutes I had a lovely fantasy drilling its way though my mind and I was very horny and ready to perform.

Soon the customer comes in and sits down. He is a tall man who is muscular and very nice looking. He has long brown hair that is tied back into a pony tail and I must admit the fantasy slipped from my mind once I saw him. I actually wanted him.

Music begins to play, something like that of Enigma. I was definitely ready to perform for this lovely man and hopefully really get him off.

The thought of having a man want me in that way has always turned me on. He could not touch me because of the pain of glass and I could drive him crazy.

I stand up and begin to gyrate my hips as I rub my hands all over my body. My nipples harden as my hand slide over them through my shirt. I slowly unbutton my blouse revealing my black lacy bra to him. My nipples were fully erect and seemed to be pointing in his direction.

I pinched my nipples a few times and teased them. I could see him shift in his chair a bit. I grinned to myself. It was working. Normally the guys would just watch us strip, but he was so good looking that I wanted him to be able to get off for me. I wanted to see him have to jerk himself until he came and I was going to do anything that I had to, to be able to see this.

I turned around and rubbed my ass against the pane of glass as I unzipped my skirt and slowly let it drop to my feet. My black lace thong rubbed against the glass now as I danced to the ever changing music.

The customer has his eyes glued to me. He is beginning to breathe heavy. I reach my hand inside my panties and begin to play with myself. My eyes are closed, and I show him that I am really becoming aroused. My pussy is so wet that my fingers slide around as though my pussy had been greased.

I open my eyes and check the customer’s crotch. The man is sitting there now with his cock freed from his pants and he is stroking it very slowly. His cock is at least nine inches long and very thick. I feel myself get wetter at the sight of his huge meat. I thrust a few fingers into my tight wet pussy and begin to finger myself like crazy.

. I slip my bra off revealing my erect nipples and I squeeze them with my fingertips and pinch them lightly and then harder. My hands rub all over my nice full, firm tits.

I glance again at the man and he is jerking his cock harder now and I figure it is time to turn up the heat more. I slip out of my panties and sit down on the stool with my legs spread so that he can get a full view of my lovely wet mound. I run my fingers over my clit slowly at first and then faster as the tempo of the music gains speed. I lean back against the wall and place my feet against the glass so that he may see how wet I am and see right into my soaking wet hole.

I press my fingers into myself and begin to finger myself faster and faster while watching the customer that sits there. He is now jerking his cock faster and faster and I can see the glistening of pre-come on the head of his cock. He stands up right against the glass and rubs the head of his cock against the glass adjacent from my pussy and my fingers, which are moving faster and faster now as he watches me play with myself.

The pre-come on his cock is smearing against the glass. I buck my hips towards the glass like I was fucking him and this drives him completely out of control. He jerks his cock faster and faster and he moans out and is gasping for breath.

I too am gasping and moaning as he makes these motions. I want him to fuck me so bad that it is running though my entire body like the blood that keeps me alive. My fingers move faster and faster. I buck my hips closer and closer to the glass pane starring at his hand on his cock and wanting to have it in my own hands.

After only a few more moments he comes all over the glass and I come all over my fingers and hand. I my hand is completely soaked in my juices and I shiver as I lower my legs and sit back on the stool.

He looks down at me as I reach for my clothes and he zips up his pants and the timer on the booth goes off and he has to leave.

I dress quickly and go to the back room and get the glass cleaner and a few paper towels and go into his side of the booth. It smelled so good. Then I looked at the wad of come that was slowly rolling down the glass. I could not help but stick my finger in it and lick the come off my finger.

I then cleaned the glass and slipped from the booth and went on my coffee break only to find him at the coffee shop. He was sitting there in all his glory reading the book that he had bought from the store and I watched him a moment before finding my own table and sitting down.

After a cup of coffee and a cigarette, I felt these large hands upon my shoulders and I looked up and it was the man from the bookstore. Without a word he just reaches under me and lefts me up and carries me out to the parking lot to a huge truck. He opens the door and sets me in and then climbs in on top of me.

We go at it for an hour in his truck and at the end of my coffee break I get out of the truck and make my way back to the store completely satisfied and ready to perform again.

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