tagGay MaleThe Boy from the Sea Ch. 08

The Boy from the Sea Ch. 08


*Whew, another story line done! Please tear this to shreds, I know it wasn't my most inspired work on this site, so please give me some criticism, and enjoy!

All characters are 18+*

In the waves, Shia watched. First she was disappointed. They were erecting a makeshift gallows, while she had been hoping for a good burning. Then she was angry and annoyed, because they needed to keep the two alive for a night so they could build the gallows. She waited, a foot below the waves, popping her head up every hour or so to watch the construction of the gallows.

Her consorts had left her hours ago. It was too risky, the wailing, being above the surface, being within sight of the shoreline! Every Merlee broke the rule about breaking the surface, it was a rule that was meant to be broken by playful younglings, and mischievous young adults. But within sight of numerous ships, and land itself, it was a crime punishable by death.

Shia was too far into her revenge, that she barely noticed when her two most devoted suitors left her. She was crazy, she was dangerous. She had sunk all of the human ships, done most of the wailing. Her eyes were surrounded by dark sleepless shadows, and her teeth were constantly bared. Her muscular tail thrashed at the water, and her thin strong unfeminine torso flexed, looking strangely asexual without breasts or nipples or definition.

The sun rose, and Shia kept her head above water, regardless of being less then three hundred yards off the shoreline, regardless of the sun that burned her fish-pale brow and cheekbones.

She watched with disbelief, and then fury. Her mind went into a numb furious blank when humans came in and out of the building that had caged Adriel and Christopher. The humans looked stunned and terrified. The hole in the ceiling had been expertly patched, and word filled the village, word that they had disappeared through the cell walls. For years to come, Christopher and Adriel would become a ghost story, and then they would fade altogether.

Shia gathered herself. She would attack this village. Excite the animals until all of the humans died or fled, march on land herself and set fire to their houses. She would attack it until there was nothing left! She would exact her revenge, if it was the last thing she ever did!

Then hands came from the deep, fixing on her tail and arms and hair, pulling her into the riptides.

Shia took nearly half an hour to slowly die. Her hands were tied to a root that dangled from a rocky cliff face. The sand in this hidden cove was sprinkled with the bone dust of her old lover, and the dust of generations of traitors and crazies and Merlee who couldn't bear to live without the sun.

Before she died, her face burnt black.


Adriel was clumsy, especially with human food and utensils. He nursed Christopher back to health with bumbling, but devoted care. Christopher was very weak, especially on his left side after the blow to the head. Adriel carefully sponged the wound clean every hour. He fed Christopher soup and mashed-up cheese. He helped hold Christopher up when he relieved himself, and when he took short walks to strengthen his body. They spoke very little.

They had been captured for less then 24 hours, but it left a deep change on both of them.

Adriel had been hopeful and accepting of humans. He had seen the kindness of the Spaewife and Christopher, and assumed that humans were just gentler then the Merlee. He was deeply afraid of most humans now. It was only Christopher that he trusted now. Chris, and maybe the Spaewife.

Christopher had also lost faith. He and his lover had been falsely accused, beaten, hurt. They would have been hung in the morning. All by people he had known and trusted for his entire life. He had aged noticeably in one day. Even Adriel could see faint bewildered look in his eyes, and the grimness of his mouth.

It would take a long time for them to heal.


On the third day, Adriel was leading his lover around the courtyard of the old ruins. Chris was able to walk far better, but his left leg was still a little weak. His brow was furrowed with concentration, and they both heard the hooves clopping on loose stones.

They hid behind a low stone wall, and Max rode into the clearing. He was riding a heavy Clydesdale gelding named Teeg. Heavy saddlebags dangled from the horse's massive flanks, and Max jumped off, looking around.

"Brother?" He called, hands cupped around his mouth.

Chris and Adriel crawled out of their hiding place and went to Max. Max stared at the young man who had gotten them into all of this trouble. His skin was a pale gold now, and his slender legs and feet were bare. Max looked away and spoke softly.

"This was the first time I was able to get away. For a while they searched for you two, but no one really wanted to find you. They never found the hole in the ceiling, so they think that you two vanished into thin air. They think that he is a powerful sorcerer, and they are afraid to find him."

"Father and Mother, are they suspected? Does Anna suspect?"

Max took a deep breath. "She suspects, but she doesn't want to get me or our family hurt. She is leaving it alone. That's what the whole town is doing. People got killed, children got killed. Whatever happened, I just hope it doesn't happen again. Enough people have died."

The brothers turned in surprise when Adriel spoke. "She is dead." Adriel's eyes were downcast. "It was only a matter of time. She love Theo, Theo love me. She want to kill me, and hurt me. She scream, she try get on boat. She kill humans."

Adriel took a deep shaky breath and started to cry. "She will die where Theo did, and she will die in disgrace."

Christopher was still a little weak, but he was perfectly lucid. He embraced the sobbing boy from the sea in his strong arms, and Adriel let himself go. He cried on his lover's shoulder, and Chris looked up at Max.

Max only looked down at him, not saying a word. Though nothing would ever be said, Max knew. He finally understood his strange adopted brother, understood the deep primal feelings that Christopher had felt for him. Max couldn't comprehend such a strange urge, but he could understand it.

Tears ran down Christopher's still face. Part of him was crying for their situation, Adriel's frailty, the dead villagers, the exile that had been forced upon them. The larger part of him however, was crying for what had been lost between him and Max. Things would never be as simple, or as loving as it had been on that wooden dance floor.


Christopher and Adriel rode the heavy drayhorse, and Max lead them. They rode to a moor high in the mountains. It was a wild desolate place that none of the villagers had been to in living memory. However, a century ago, there had been another village here. Max stayed with them for three days, helping to get them settled, and to rebuild.



It was late fall, and Addie was barking at the woolly backs of the helpless bleating sheep. They were stupid, and even after a month of frozen nights they still couldn't understand that the shed was far warmer then their summertime corral.

Addie was a sharp-nosed mutt-puppy that was an expert herder, even at barely two years old. Max had brought her, as well as the sheep, up the to the moor. She nipped at the heels of the stupid sheep, and a bundled up figure watched, waiting in the driving snow with a heavy staff to get any sheep that broke away.

The bundled-up figure went and closed the shed door. Heat from the eighteen bleating sheep baked through the cracks. The bundled up figure and Addie ran through the blinding snow to a hut that was smaller then the sheep-shed by several feet.

Adriel gasped with cold as he closed the door behind Addie's curled tail. The hut was one room, but unlike Christopher's old hut by the sea, this one was insulated to last a furious mountain winter. The walls were of stone, the roof was of thatch and mud, and the woodpile on the north side of the house extended several feet to both sides of the wall, and above the roof. The hut was wall-to-wall with the sheep shed, and the only thing separating the two was a loose board wall with several wide cracks in it.. The sheep stank, but they kept the hut warmer, and the fire in the hut helped to warm them.

Adriel looked different. His skin had a natural tan to it, that had faded somewhat as the days got colder and he bundled up more. He had kept his hair long, and he liked to braid it as Christopher had done on his second day as an exile. His hands were callused, and his arms and torso were ropy with lean wiry muscles.

Adriel put a pot filled with clean snow on the fire to melt. Max came up every month now, to bring them news from the village, and to replenish the stores that Chris and Adriel couldn't grow themselves. Adriel went down to the frozen cellar to take an armful of potatoes and onions and dried carrots up the stairs.

Addie was curled up at the colorful rag rug by the fireplace. She gnawed contentedly on an old bone from a deer Christopher had killed a week ago. Adriel started to cut up the vegetables with a short iron knife and toss them into the stewpot.

Adriel looked up, his eyes bright with relief, as the door creaked open. It didn't matter how often it happened, he was always anxious when Christopher was away. Chris stumbled in, his heavy wraps encrusted with snow. He dragged the carcass of a mountain goat by the sharp-hoofed feet. The smile on his windburned face was huge.

Adriel went up to him and hugged him tight, the goat lying awkwardly between them.

"I...I was so worried." His voice was glad, and grateful. "I'm just happy that you're home."

Christopher kissed him gently on the mouth. "Thanks for waiting, Ade. Just let me put this thing down-cellar, so it will freeze. I'll butcher it tomorrow."

Adriel helped him to unfasten his bulky wraps, and then shook the snow out of them. He was dressed in his house-clothes. Even after all this time, he hated wearing shoes and breeches. He did when he was outside, out of necessity, but in the home, the wooden floors were all covered with woolen rugs to keep his bare feet warm, and he wore what could only be described as a skirt. It looked silly, but who was there to see it?

Adriel brought in another armful of logs as Christopher came back up the stairs with a hank of dried meat to chop up for the stew. After putting in a few cloves of garlic and a bit of sea salt, Christopher couldn't stand it any longer.

The stew simmered on the fire as Christopher sat down on the low hay-filled mattress. The heavy wool covers were soft and brightly dyed.

"Come here Ade, help me warm up."

Adriel's smile was as sweet and rich as a dollop of cream. He casually shucked the shapeless wool jacket he had been wearing around the house. He unlaced the linen shirt at the throat, and threw the shirt carelessly over his head, baring his lean muscular sheath of a body. The cold raised goosebumps on his hairless skin. The ridges of his ribs, as well as the hard layers of muscle on his stomach, were very visible. He had always been thin, and always would be. His hard nipple-less pectorals appeared to glow softly in the flickering firelight.

He dropped the shapeless wool skirt he had been wearing, and he stood there in the firelight, naked among the heaps of his discarded clothing.

Christopher's mouth was dry, and he felt the warm surge of affection in his chest, and a darker, more animal surge in his crotch.

"Addie, go to the shed!" The dog sighed where she had been lying on the rug, and loped over to a small square hole in the wall between them and the sheep shed. She squeezed through it, barked once, and then they were alone.

Adriel smiled and went over to the fire to give the stew a quick stir. He bent over more then he really needed to, to show off his taut white buttocks. He shivered with delight. He loved the way Christopher looked at him, made him feel. They were both exiles here, but they had each other. Christopher was Adriel's whole life, and vise versa.

Christopher stripped off his shirt. His body was still shivering from the cold of being outside. His dark pink nipples were puckered into hard little points from the cold. His skin had lost the uniform fisherman's tan. He was naturally more muscular then the boy, and his stomach was hard and ridged with muscle. His arms were thick and strong. His brown hair was longer, down to his ears in unruly waves.

His smoldering brown eyes followed Adriel's naked body. Adriel's pale cock jutted from his body. That beautiful slender head bobbed as the Merlee exile walked to him, that rich little smile on his face.

Adriel carefully climbed on top of his lover. His legs straddled Christopher's slender hips, and he could feel the hard point of Christopher's cock against the inside of his thighs. Christopher wrapped his arms around the slender boy and slowly sat back. They lay down on the bed with Adriel on top, gently humping his lover's crotch.

Adriel pressed his lips into Christopher's mouth and prodded his lover's lips gently with the tip of his tongue. Chris didn't open his mouth for a moment, and then he yielded with a soft moan. Adriel's tongue was so wet and slippery and erotic in his mouth. Their bare chests were together, and the friction of their shivering skin made warmth. Beads of sweat began to stand out on Adriel's pale slender back.

Adriel moaned softly with the delicious friction of Christopher's body hair and nipples. The front of his body had neither, but he had an erogenous zone just below his sternum that felt delightful with the stimulation. Christopher lowered his head and started to nip and nibble at Adriel's slender sensitive neck. He swirled his tongue gently over the pale skin.

Adriel rolled them over, so he was underneath. He kissed Christopher on the forehead, his eyes were dilated with arousal. "Christopher..." He purred, burying his hands in his lover's thick brown hair. "Pleasure me Christopher..."

Christopher kissed him passionately, and then started to run a line of kisses down Adriel's slender throat. He ran his lips across that pale featureless chest, swirling his tongue around the sensitive area below his sternum.

Adriel moaned and ran his fingers through Christopher's hair. He whispered Christopher's name over and over, in a soft croon. Christopher kissed Adriel's flat vulnerable belly. Christopher ran his lips down the bony lines of the V of his hips. He could feel Adriel's erection against his chin.

Christopher cradled the throbbing erection in his hand, running his fingers lightly down the warm side. Adriel moaned softly and stroked his hair. Christopher ran his tongue up the length of his pale cock, swirling the tip of his tongue under the throbbing glans.

He stroked Adriel's cock, covering it with sloppy kisses and kitten licks. His lover whimpered and bumped his thin hips. Christopher teased his tongue into the slit at the tip of Adriel's cock, tasting warm salty precome.

Adriel trembled. Adriel mewed with how good it felt, until he couldn't take it for another second. He rolled over onto his stomach and heaved his sweet little ass into the air, keeping his chin on the coverlet.

Christopher kissed each beautiful cheek twice, and then spread it to kiss the little pink pucker in between. Adriel was so loosened, they had made love so often, that they no longer needed the handfuls of grease and oil that they had needed earlier on.

He leaned in and gently probed the little hole with the tip of his tongue, feeling the tight ring soften and relax, hearing Adriel whimper softly. He leaned down and licked the tender pouch of his testes, caressing them with his hand, and cupping them while he went back up to Adriel's anus.

Adriel gasped and pushed his ass back when Christopher lapped at his anus with his warm wet tongue. He whimpered with need, and moaned with gratitude when Christopher penetrated the hole with his tongue. Adriel had been longing for penetration, even just his tongue. Adriel felt safer, better, more loved whenever Christopher was inside him. He needed it.

Christopher didn't disappoint, he was human, and he was so hard that he was about to burst. He spat into his hand and rubbed saliva in and around Adriel's anus. He spat again and again until Adriel was slick, and his cock was dripping. He moved up onto the bed, leaning over Adriel's prone body.

Adriel whimpered sweetly, so sweetly when the wet tip of Christopher's long cock poked him, missed, and then started to plunge deep inside of him. In one long smooth stroke that had them both gasping, Christopher buried himself up to his pubic hair. He rested for a minute, their balls resting together.

Then he started to move his hips, Adriel moved back, gasping, his air coming in rapid pants. Christopher reached around and stroked Adriel's cock, still wet from his mouth. Adriel gasped and begged for more. Chris delivered, dripping with sweat in the cool room.

His hips pumped in and out, sweat dripped down his lean lunging body, they both gasped for air. Adriel yelped as Christopher's cock scraped against his prostate skillfully. They knew each other's bodies, knew them like an extent of their own. Adriel scrabbled for grip on the shifting bedsheets as the force of his lover's flexing hips dislodged his hands. He cried out in breathy gasps at how good it felt.

Christopher bent low over Adriel, knowing that this was Ade's favorite position. His chest cupped Adriel's back, his cheek was against the back of his neck, he reached around with one hand and started moving his hips in long slow strokes. He pulled nearly all the way out, and then all the way back in, stroking Adriel's cock in time.

Adriel couldn't help letting out a long exhilarated moan with every thrust.


They came, Adriel a moment before Christopher. They lay, exhausted, on top of the coverlet. It was chilly in the room, but their exertions made it seem to warm. Adriel eventually got up, holding his hand between his legs, blocking the twitching gaping hole with two fingers, trying to hold it in until he squatted over the chamber pot and let it out with a sigh. What felt like a quart of semen dribbled into the clay jar.

Chris was smiling wryly at him. Adriel stuck out his tongue, and walked naked to the fireplace. He stirred the stew, and ladled two bowls full. They huddled on the bed, and ate their simple supper with a chunk of rye bread.

They were exiles, but this wasn't a bad life. Not by a long shot.

Still, Christopher was restless. He waited until the stew was finished, and then he snuggled Adriel close under the covers.

"Ade? Adriel, my love?"

Adriel turned and kissed him on the lips. "The very same." He murmured, his deep midnight eyes gleaming in the firelight.

"Perhaps when the spring comes, we can travel. We can go inland, and see the mountains. What do you think love?"

Adriel buried his face into Christopher's chest. He could feel the wiry warmth of his lover's chest hair against his lips.

"As long as I'm with you."

Snow continued to fall, as it had fallen in winters past, and as it would in the long and numerous winters of their future.


*I know that this isn't a perfect ending, but it's the only ending that worked. I don't believe in the hollywood ending. Shy Jared ended knowing that their love couldn't last forever in the times that they lived in. The bottom tier ended without a government upheaval. The only story I can be accused of giving a hollywood ending is Poor Simon.

All and all, I hoped you liked it. If you've stayed with me for eight chapters, I hope you like me well enough by this point, so if you like my work, then please check out my new story, 'Alone at the End of the World'

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