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The Boy Next Door


Her name is Laila a twenty year old African American woman. Returning home for the summer after her second year in college. She lives and attends school in the South. Laila is a starter on the women's basketball team and a cheerleader. She has a 4.0 grade point average and is very popular. So what's wrong with this picture? Lets have Laila tell you in her own words.

Would you believe I'm still a virgin? My parents have been very strict in raising me but I do have a mind of my own. I just haven't found a guy I like enough to give it up for. I date and sure a lot of guys have tried.... but after a little kissing and trying to feel me up I get board and stop them.

I was shooting baskets in my backyard when I heard a voice for next door.

"Hay Laila, how long have you been back?"

It was Rick, our next door neighbor. Rick is a year older than me, a white guy who's about a foot taller than me at six foot two..

" Two days.... When did you get back?"

Rick attended college in the Northeast.

"Just today. Would you believe it, my parent are away on a trip. Just like the movie I'm..... home alone. Can I come over and shoot some hoops with you?"

We shot around for a while when Rick said,

"Wow you're hitting everything. I remember when I could out shoot you..... Not any more. Want to play a little one on one?"

I noticed Rick's eyes where surveying my body as he spoke.

Not expecting anyone when I started playing, I was bra less. My 38 DD tities strained against the perspiration soaked tee shirt. My nipples were erect and emphasized by the dark halo that surrounded them. Rick seemed to enjoy watching my boobs bounce as I dribbled and shot. His eyes lowered to my tight shorts that clung to my thighs and butt.

"You're on", I said as I tossed him the ball. I noticed Rick's short sweat pants were soaked and clinging to his body emphasizing a rather large bulge. He made a fake to the right and moved to the left. As I reached out to steal the ball I missed and my hand stuck his very hard penis.

Gasping for air he laughed, "I'm sure glad you don't play in my league."

I was so embarrassed. "Oh god...... I'm so sorry....... Are you all right?"

Rick and I had been neighbors and friends since childhood and though I always had a crush on him we never dated. Man he sure had a big hard dick...... and from what I could see it wasn't going down.

"I'll be okay. I just have to catch my breath. I better get home."

"Oh Rick I'm so very sorry. Let me make it up to you. My parents are out tonight and I have to fix supper for myself. Why don't you join me, say around seven?" Rick nodded and went into his yard..... holding his crotch.

I was surprised how excited I was about Rick coming over for dinner. I jumped in the shower. I don't know if it was the cool water cascading over my body or the thought of Rick's hard cock that made my nipples erect. As I washed between my legs..... and lingered rubbing my clit, I knew it was Rick and not the water. Filled with anticipation I wanted this to be a special dinner.

Later I learned Rick was next door nursing his injured pride. His cock looked fine as he held it in his hand and lathered it in the shower. His dick grew as his thoughts went to Laila. How did she grow up so fast? No longer was she the tomboy who beat everybody at basketball. Now she was a beautiful black woman with a body to die for. He couldn't get the vision of her big beautiful boobs and hard dark nipples straining against her wet, white tee shirt out of his mind. Rick closed his eyes as he stroked his cock faster and faster until his cum shot up against the shower wall.


"I wasn't sure what you were preparing so I brought a bottle of Chardonnay.... It seems to go with everything."

I smiled as I reached for the wine bottle. Our hands touched in the exchange and we both felt a tingle. I was wearing a pink formfitting sheath dress which was a beautiful contrast to my coffee hued skin. My brown hair was pulled back and flowed to my waist. I decided to go bra less to show off my big brown breast. I wore a matching pink thong that blended in with the dress. I was barefoot as I continued to prepare the meal.

"White is perfect we're having shrimp and a salad. Is that okay with you?"

Rick nodded as he opened the wine and poured a glass for each of us. Rick wore a light blue polo shirt which matched his clear blue eyes and complimented his blond hair. Gray cargo shorts and sandals finished his men's fashion magazine look.

"That was a wonderful meal. Who knew, your not only smart, beautiful, a super athlete but you can cook too. Some guy is going to be very lucky. I bet you have guys hanging around. Anyone special?"

As I cleared the table I asked Rick to open a second bottle of wine I retrieved from Dad's collection.

"No there isn't anyone special....... Yet. Say, how is your...... Er... ".

Rick laughed. "My cock? It's fine. I think I was more embarrassed being such a woos than anything."

I blushed. "Oh I'm so sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just I wouldn't want anything to happen to you." We sat next to each other on the couch and clicked wine glasses.

"Mmmm this wine is excellent..... Your Dad has fine taste." Rick set his glass down and took the glass from my hand. He leaned forward and kissed me. As our lips met Rick felt my full warm lips and moist tongue as it slid into his mouth. Rick's wet tongue enter my mouth exploring the underside of mine.

Holding each other we felt the other's warmth. My hard nipples pressed into Rick's chest.I reach for his lap and began stroking his rising manhood. At the same time he reached around and grabbed my firm butt cheek, pulling me even closer.

"Oh Laila you are so beautiful...... So hot. I've got to have you."

Rick slid to a kneeling position before me. He pushed my dress up my thighs and I pulled it up over my head.

He was eye level with my tits as he said, "beautiful brown boobs". His tongue circled the dark areolas which framed my erect ebony nipples.

"Oh yes Rick, suck my tits.... Ooohhhh.... You suck them so lovingly...... Oh so deep.... god I can feel it in my pussy." Rick pushed my thong to the side and began to trace and rub my dark labial lips. As he slid one then two finger into my tight, wet cunt I gasped and Rick saw the beautiful pink of my pussy. He continued to nurse on my nipples as the back side of his thumb rubbed up against my clit and his two fingers maintained their fucking motion.

Rick replaced his fingers with his tongue. Tasting my hot juices, he flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue. He slid a finger back in as he continued to lick and suck my tight wet twat.

"Oh Rick..... You..... You...... You're making me cum..... Oh...... Oh...... Yes baby....... Oh!"

My thighs tighten around his head and hand as my body jerked and stiffened. With a sigh my legs relaxed. I was crying.

"What's a matter baby..... Did I hurt you?"

Wiping away my tears I said, "Oh no..... just the opposite. That was beautiful. I have never ...... I mean never had a climax like that in my life. It was my first!"

As Rick stood up he pulled off his shirt and I took down his shorts. Surprise, he wasn't wearing underpants. His eight inch cock sprang free as the pants slid down....... You may not believe it but this is the first cock I have ever seen. It was beautiful and at mouth level.

"Mmm ...... You're so big..... I don't know if I get all of you in my mouth.

" Rick held my head in his hands. "Inch by inch baby .............. Inch by inch."

I began licking circles around his shaft starting at the knob and down to the base. "Am I doing it right?"

Rick nodded as my tongue ran up the underside to the head and my full red lips engulfed his cap. Slowly I took in more and more.. Gasping at times, I continued till I reached the base. Slowly my head began to rise and fall as Rick felt my lips tighten around his prick, my tongue flicked and danced on his shaft. My pace quickened as I felt his cock swell. My hand twisted the hair nestled base and he exploded. Rick's hot cum splashed against the back of my throat. Gasping I swallowed.

With Rick's cream dripping from my lips I said, "Mmmmm baby.... Oh Rick you are yummy." We kissed and tasted our commingled juices. Sitting with our arms around each other I said, " I love the sight of my dark body against your white chest. It's so erotic. Specially your red headed prick on my red lips." We laughed.

I began stroking Rick's rod smiling at him as it grew to its former length and thickness."Rick I want to feel you inside me.... But there is something I have to tell you. I'm.... I'm a virgin."

Rick looked surprised as he gazed into my eyes. "And you want me to be your first?" I nodded. "Oh baby... I'm so honored.... Are you sure?"

"Yes Rick, I want you to take my cherry. Will you?"

Rick couldn't believe his ears or his luck. "Yes honey.... And I'll be gentle..... Let me know if I..." I put my fingers to his lips and replaced them with my lips. Rick picked me up and carried me into the bedroom.

As I lay on the bed he told me he was, "....... taking in all your beauty. How your beautiful face emphasizes your dark almond shaped eyes; your sparkling smile showing your white teeth framed by your full red lips; your large firm breast with dark nipples pointing to he ceiling; your smooth, soft dark skin, flat tummy, the trimmed black curly mound that covers your precious pussy, your lovely legs and awesome ass.. You are fantastic..... and so fuckable."

I parted my legs as Rick kneeled between them. He bent down to kiss and pay homage to the virgin pussy he was about to take. I squirmed at his kiss and raised my knees. Rick knelt forward placing the tip of his throbbing cock at the doorway of my waiting cunt. Slipping the head between my loving lips he shifted his weight and began to ease his ridged rod deeper.

I wiggled. "Are you okay baby?" I nodded yes. Rick continued with a slow rhythm. He said I was so tight, hot and wet. His shaft continued to slowly slide in and out. He paused as he felt my stomach tighten.

"I'm all right... Please don't stop.... It hurts some ....... But at the same time I feel ...... Oh... So wonderful." I felt a sharp pain as he went deeper and then it felt better as I raised my legs and wrapped them around him. His pace quickened. As we were one we could feel each others heart beat. His cock slammed into my cunt faster..... Faster.

Shouts and cries rang out as we slammed into the bed. I felt free. My body was responding in ways I had never imagined. His cock was so big yet felt so wonderful in my passion filled pussy. "Oh Rick fuck me baby... Fuck my black pussy with that big white cock of yours."

I knew I was about to cum and couldn't control it when Rick said, "Oh baby.... Oh Laila I'm cumming...... But I want you to cum too."

My legs tightened around his waist as I cried, "Oh I am.... I'm cumming Rick.... Yes..... Oh god yes......." I felt my pussy fill with Rick's hot cream, at the same time I had my own explosion.

Holding each other we kissed. My eyes began to well up. "Rick I'm so glad I waited and I'm so glad it was you....... Before you ask, I'm crying because I'm happy. These are tears of joy."

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