tagNonHumanThe Bracelet Ch. 01

The Bracelet Ch. 01


The moment Brandi set her eyes on it she knew she had to have it. It was a strange golden bracelet, like a small metal-shelled armadillo, with a long flexible tail that wrapped around the wearer's forearm.

"How much is this?" she asked the trinket shop owner with excitement.

"That? Oh, dear you don't want that, believe me. As much as I'd like to get rid of it..." Said the grizzled old man behind the desk in the small cavernous shop.

"Yes I do! How much? Really!"

"You're sure?"

"Yes! Absolutely" she said caressing the smooth golden metal object.

"Well alright, but don't say I didn't warn you. That'll be $500. I'll be glad to get rid of the thing."

Brandi fished out her credit card and handed it to the man at the desk. She bounced as she clicked the latch that held it to her slim wrist. Then she wrapped the thing around her forearm. The tail was so long it reached almost to her elbow.

The transaction cleared and the man handed back her card.

"So what's the deal with this thing anyway? Why the reluctance to sell it" she asked as she admired her new jewelry. It looked almost like a sleek piece of armour. It made her look stylish with a touch of dangerousness.

"It's supposed to be cursed. Some kind of fertility charm."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She looked at him skeptically.

"Beats me. But that tail is supposed to represent a part of the male anatomy. I'm just superstitious, so I'm glad to be rid of it."

"Wow! That's so gross," she said with a giggle as she traced her finger along the metal tail wrapped around her arm.

Brandi left the shop swinging her right arm widely to show off her new bracelet.

"I'm definitely going to be the hit of the evening at Sandy's," she thought with a smile. Sandy was having another one of her pajama parties that were so much fun. There were two rules at these parties. The first rule was that you had to bring a new pair of pajamas, and it had to be sexy. The second rule was that you had to bring something unusual that could be a topic of conversation. These objects were often strange sex objects that they would laugh about, and occasionally try out in a special game of spin the bottle they had come up with. Brandi smiled because she definitely had the coolest and weirdest thing she had ever seen at Sandy's parties.

Brandi stepped down the stairs to get to the subway train to head home. She was really enjoying being on her own. She was 21 and living in her own apartment for the first time.

"Well I have one roommate, Kelly," she thought. Kelly was a friend from High School. In fact, all her friends that were going to Sandy's tonight were all on the high School Cheerleading squad. These parties were kind of like reunions. They always like to party hard and get crazy. They had little time for that now at college.

Brandi felt the bracelet get warmer on her skin, but she passed it off as the metal finally absorbing some of her body warmth. She stepped into the subway car and held onto one of the poles for support when she saw no seats available. She settled herself in front of a cute guy who was sitting reading a newspaper, but she saw his eyes dart up and notice her. He was trying to be discreet, and this amused her. She always was a bit of a tease, and she like to toy with those 'shy guys' to see what it would take to get them to lose their subtlety.

She felt her arm squeeze. She looked around to see who grabbed her arm; worried that someone was trying to steal her new find. She saw only blank stares and people zoning out on the ride home from work.

When she began to relax and returned to slowly twisting her body from side to side in front of the man before her, she suddenly felt her arm squeezed again. She spun around as saw more blank stares.

Getting more nervous, she checked her bracelet to make sure it wasn't damaged. It was fine, but it looked bigger somehow, as if it had taken a big drink of water.

"That's silly," she thought, "It's not alive."

Then she saw the long tail wrapped around her arm pulse, and she felt her arm squeeze. The necklace was alive. She quickly held it up to her belly to conceal it, and looked around to see if anyone noticed.

She saw more vacant expressions.

She began to feel a tingling on her wrist, and she looked down to see a thin brown cable had extended out of the bracelet's body. It was moving. She started to worry that she was going crazy.

The tendril took advantage of its closeness to her body to slowly feel it's way around her belly. Then it moved down. Brandi's eyes bugged out as she felt a light, tickling move over her mound.

"What is this some kind of sex toy?" she thought, beginning to respond to the delicate touch.

The little tendril darted around as if it were frustrated by the barrier her clothing created. It shot up and easily found the waistband to her jeans.

"Damn hip huggers!" she thought.

Brandi tried to pull her arm away from her belly, but it wouldn't move. She saw what looked like twenty or thirty little crab-like legs that had attached to her belt. He arm was trapped to her waist and it wasn't going anywhere.

As if alive, the tendril found her clit and snaked around it. It pulled and squeezed at it.

"Oh God!" she gasped.

Many of the people around her woke out of their zombie like trance and looked at her. She blinked back at them.

The tendril continued it's groping.

"Umm... I'm not feeling well. I feel sick." She said, lying. She was far from sick. She was feeling really good. This thing was touching her in the most tender and delicate way.

"Oh god this is good! But does this have to happen on the subway?" she thought as her belly spasmed.

The tendril snaked further around her clit to move the tip into her vagina. When it found the moist passage, it plunged in.

Prepared for the worst, Brandi bit her lip and shut her eyes, trying not to scream when the thing began to slither into her pussy, never letting go of her clit.

The sweat poured on her forehead, and she began to shake from the tender touch of her bracelet.

"Are you okay? You want my seat?" asked the man she had been teasing earlier.

She gratefully accepted his offer and sat down. The pleasure she was receiving was so intense that she was close to falling down. When she was seated, she pulled her jacket about her to conceal what the thing was doing to her. She could see and feel the thing pulsing around her arm as if it were drinking. It was a terribly frustrating pleasure the thing gave her. It was not enough to give her an orgasm, but kept her on the edge, and the longer she waited, the more she wanted it.

Brandi suffered fifteen more minutes of pleasure before her stop came. She almost missed it from the distractions. She rushed out of the subway and out to the street. She practically ran home. The thing on her arm was pulsing and squeezing with greater strength and she could feel it was about to do something, and she was sure she didn't want to be out in public when it did.

She slammed the door to her apartment behind her as she felt the thing beating faster and faster. She ripped off as much of her clothes as she could. When she reached for her belt to start removing her pants, another cable shot out and grabbed her other wrist. Her arms were now pinned to her waist, and couldn't move them. The pressure in her pussy and clit increased. The tendril went wild and twisted, turned, pistoned and groped its way in and around her pussy.

Her release finally came. Her orgasm swept up her body, and left her shaking on the floor to her living room. The bracelet spasmed as well, as if it were feeling her orgasm. Then the tendril slipped out of her pussy and back into the body of the bracelet. The little legs let go of her belt, and the cables released her arm and disappeared back inside its body.

"What the hell was that?" she thought. She was soaking with sweat and breathing heavily. She quickly tore off her pants to see what it had done to her, but when her bald pussy came into her view, it looked normal. It was red and slick with her juices, but it obviously hadn't hurt her in any way.

"I'm gonna have to figure out how this thing works! That was awesome! But I'd rather get it working on a lonely night than on the subway!" she said.

Brandi stood up after getting her strength back and headed to the shower to clean up. She turned the water on and reached for the clasp that held her new jewelry to her wrist.

The clasp was gone.

"What the hell?" she thought as she saw that the bracelet was a solid band going all around her wrist. It didn't look like it could come off.

She fiddled with it, trying to find some hidden catch to remove it. Nothing she did allowed the thing to open up.

Suddenly the body of the bracelet dropped off the band, connected only by a thin cable. The body of it landed on the floor and came alive. Brandi shrieked and jumped away from it, and landed in the shower.

She pushed her soaking hair out of the way to see what the thing was doing now. The little creature was some kind of armadillo-like stubby armoured worm, and the cable it was on looked like a leash that connected itself to her bracelet. The thing pulsated and grew bigger. The plates on its back separated revealing a dark tanned skin underneath. It was large and larva like with many tentacles under its body. It began to walk around on the floor flexing its back as it spread the metal back plates wider and wider.

When the thing was done, it was two feet long and had several tentacles for legs, and two rows of bumps along its back. It seemed to be looking around and sniffing.

Brandi trembled under the hot water. She reached out for the shower curtain to hide behind. The thing turned as it heard the rumple of plastic, and it leapt at her. The tentacle legs shot out, pushing itself off the floor and others shooting out to grab the walls for support. Other tentacles grabbed hold of her legs and arms, until it slapped hard against her belly, wetly. Brandi screamed as she tried to shake the thing off. She had read stories about this kind of thing on the Internet, and never though she would be in one of them.

The thing wouldn't come off. It moved lower as dozens of tendrils began to flick over her stomach and abdomen. It was the same gentle tickling that had brought her so much pleasure before.

"Oh no not that!" she yelled, as her stomach fluttered from the touch. She didn't want to like this. The creature was just too weird. When her body began to betray her and respond to the gentle touch of the tendrils flicking her stomach and pussy lips, it's mouth opened up. Brandi's eyes popped out of her head when she saw the thick, heavy veined shaft that slid out of the things mouth. The massive thing looked exactly like a dark skinned cock as it slapped against her belly. She could feel how heavy it was. It moved down, the cock slid down her belly until the head brushed her lips. The cock was dark like the rest of its body, with heavy pulsating veins running along its length. The head was huge, like an apple.

The thing pushed away and slapped the massive 13 inch cock against her pussy. She shuddered and her knees slipped farther apart instinctively. "Oh my God! What that thing could do for me!" she thought, "what that thing is GOING to do to me!" Brandy had given up trying to stop it and leaned against the back of the shower and held her legs apart.

The thing pushed the head of the cock against her pussy lips and held it there, beating with it's own heartbeat.

"Well don't just sit there! Do it!" she moaned. She had a small collection of dildo's but nothing like this, and it was getting to be unbearable having it just sit there at her opening.

It pulsed some more, twisting around but going no further into her.

"Oh God stop teasing me. You've been doing that to me ever since the subway! Fuck me damnit', FUCK MEEEEE!!!" she roared.

With that the creature began to push up into her slowly, and agonizingly. She felt so full. Every bump on the shaft gave her such agonizingly good sensations. Her opening was split wide to accommodate the width, making her clit rub against the whole length of it. The feeling was incredible. When it was all the way in it stopped for a moment, then pulled out until the head was sitting again at the mouth of her pussy. Then the creature dove in again quickly.

Brandi's legs gave way after the impact. She came so hard she had no choice but the sit down in the shower to avoid falling. At the bottom of the bathtub, laying under the hot stream of water pouring down, the thing started pumping hard and fast.

"Oh god yes!" she moaned. She had never felt this good before.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh yeah, more, more! Get more of that hot cock in me!"

The massive slab of meat pounded away into her belly hungrily. There was no mistaking it's urgent thrusting. It was getting as much pleasure from this as she. The tentacles released her arms and slid down to her small perky breasts. They wrapped around her, squeezing and pulling on them. The tips of the tentacles rubbed at her sensitive nipples. All this increased her pleasure, more than she thought possible.

With her arms free, she reached down and clutched at the heavy slug-like thing pounding away between her legs. With a firm grip of its back, she began pushing the thing harder into her.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck me! Yeah! Do it!" she moaned over and over again as she felt another orgasm explode inside her. Each one was getting more intense than the last. She raised her butt off the floor of the tub to meet its mad thrusting. The tentacles on her breasts pulled and twisted her nipples. Other tentacles began exploring the rest of her body. Her whole body was smothered with pleasure.

As he gripped the things back, she felt the bumps along its back get bigger. Soon she was holding on to them, and still they grew. Brandi opened her eyes to see what was going on.

The bumps had turned into little cocks. There were two rows of five, pulsing, meaty dicks that grew as the creature's heartbeat pumped blood into them. Brandi held two of them in her wet hands. The gap between her fingers and thumb were getting wider and wider.

"AHHH!!!!!!" Brandi screamed when she had her third orgasm. She shook, and pumped her belly into the air as the creature thrusted over and over into her. She rammed the huge cock into her by gripping the other dicks she held as if they were handles.

Brandi continued to moan as she got the distinct impression that the cock between her legs had gotten bigger. She looked down and was amazed to see that the cock coming out of the things mouth looked like it was closer to 15 inches long and really thick. At that length it wasn't able to go all the way into her but it tried with all of its might. She was just amazed by how much it was able to get into her.

Her thoughts were broken by another orgasm. It was so intense that she wondered how much more she could take. As her mind began to clear from the aftermath of her biggest climax yet, she began to get curious of the cocks she held. They were now around a foot long and thick with veins. The heads were pulsing with pre-come dribbling out. Brandi always liked to suck cock, so she leaned over and darted her tongue at the tip of one of the cocks she held. It tasted sweet. Much sweeter than any cock she had ever tried. She licked one and slid her tongue up and down the length of the hot flesh.

There was a pounding on the bathroom door when she had half the length of it down her throat.

"Brandi, are you alright? I heard screams!" said her roommate Kelly.

Before Brandi could warn her off, the door opened and Kelly jumped into the steamy room. Kelly stood there, her slim Asian eyes bugging out at the sight of her roommate with some strange creature pumping away at her pussy and cocks galore all over its back, one of them sliding wetly between Brandi's pretty lips.

"What the fuck is that!" was all Kelly could say.

"Mmmm..." mumbled Brandi as she let the cock slip from her hungry mouth. "Take too long... To... Explain! Oh god, yeah... So good... Oh fuck! Just go... be done when this thing is... AHHHH!!!! Done!" she panted.

Kelly was hypnotized by the thrusting meaty creature. She could see how much fun Brandi was having.

Brandi went back to the cocks she held. She alternated between the two and gave some of the others a quick lick. They were undulating and pulsing, trying to get into her lusting mouth. They were getting bigger and redder, as if they were about to explode.

Suddenly tentacles shot out and grabbed Kelly by the wrists and pulled her down. Her face was getting closer and closer to the rows of purple, dripping cock meat before her. Her expression of shock was soon changing to nervous lust. Her head was brought to an inch of the dicks. She could see Brandi slurping away at two of them. They looked good and ready to explode.

Kelly looked back and forth from the cocks to the thing's strange body, and back again. The cocks turned and aimed at her pursed lips.

Brandi screamed again as she orgasmed. She took her mouth off the two cocks in her hands and thrust her belly high into the air; her knees so far apart she was doing the splits. She madly beat the dripping cocks in her hands.

Kelly gave way to her mounting lust. Her pussy was beginning to drip. She opened her mouth to the cock that was lightly brushing at her lips to see what it tasted like. Satisfied that she liked the taste, she dove in for more. She quickly became an animal, gulping away at all the cocks in front of her, never settling on just one. As she plunged her mouth down some of the higher cocks, her large breasts rubbed up and down the lower ones, smearing her firm tits with pr-come.

Brandi joined her roommate at the cocks lining the back of the strange creature. They both sucked down more and more of the cocks, until they were all wet. The cocks in Brandi's hands pulsed one more time, and exploded, shooting jets of cum over her face and chin. Thick ropes of cum connected her chin, breasts and nipples to the heads of the exploding cocks. She alternated between the spurting rods to drink more of the hot sperm. It was sweeter that the precome, to her delight.

"Oh god this tastes good!" Brandi slurped.

Assured of Kelly's eagerness to please, the thing let go of her arms and groped her heavy breasts. Kelly was now free to slither her body all over the row of dick flesh. She even joined Brandi at the head of one of the spurting penises.

"Mmmmm... You're right this does taste good!" Kelly hummed.

Kelly slid up the creature and aimed one of the lower cocks at the mouth of her sex. The fat head pushed the lips of her pussy apart.

"Oh god it's so big! I don't know if it will fit!" she moaned.

Brandi was panting louder again, and lifting her butt into the air. She was going to come again. Kelly pushed her pussy down the long shaft and felt the tip hit her belly. She was going deeper than she shad ever before, and began to pump her body up and down the heavy dick.

"Oh yeah! Oh Brandi! It's filling me up so good! Uhh... Oh... Ahh... Yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

They were both pounding away at the fat slug-like creature with intense force. For a moment they wondered if they were going to crush the poor thing, but immediately forgot the thought as the thing went wild, shaking madly as it thrust what it could into and onto the two shrieking girls. They never stopped cumming and moaning and screaming; eager to get more of the things many cocks into what hungry holes they had.

Brandi's vision began to blur from the intense pleasure, then she felt the cock in her seize up. That familiar lurch that she felt when a cock was ready to explode.

Then it hit her again with a massive orgasm. At the same time the thing's cocks exploded deep in her ravished pussy. The creature pumped endless jets of sperm into her, overflowing out of her pussy. Her body froze still, her hips in the air as the creature pounded away into her.

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