The Breaking of the Bat


"Now that you know who I am, Selena, this makes things rather awkward between us."

"Why?" She snorted. "Afraid I'll sell your secret to the highest bidder? Squeal to that annoying Summer What's-Her-Name on the news?" Selena used the knife to cut a small tear in the fabric covering his chest. "No, Bat...I mean, Bruce," She said with a grin. Grabbing on both sides of the tear, she ripped the uniform open, exposing the expanse of his chest to her eyes. He was...beautiful, as much as a man could be beautiful. His bare chest was nothing but solid muscle, smooth beneath her fingers. Here and there were scars that were badges of his years of service to Gotham City, from knife wounds and gunshot wounds. A light smattering of hair ran down from between his pectoral muscles and disappeared into the lower half of the costume, hinting at things yet to be revealed. She ran her hands again and again over the bare skin, closing her eyes to imprint them into her memory. She'd fantasized about this moment for so long. A shudder shook her body, sending a heat through her that started on her cheeks and made a beeline down to her breasts and down even further to her lower belly.

When she opened her eyes, Bruce's eyes were watching her every move, and in their stormy depths she saw a glimmer of an answering heat, kindling in his body. Lowering her head, she found his left nipple, a small perfect nub against his hard skin. Selena flicked her tongue over it twice, then traced circles around the pink bud lazily. She could feel his body tense beneath her questing mouth, his breathing a little faster, but still controlled. He made no sound, but watched her red lips close around his right nipple. When she had suckled them both at leisure, she raised her head and stared right into his eyes.

"Tell me, Bruce, have you dreamed about this like I have?" She purred. "Have you sat up in that big, lonely mansion and fantasized about me?" Sitting up, Selena ground her abdomen against his. Beneath the remaining cloth of his uniform, he was erect and ready from her ministrations. She reached up and grabbed the knot that held the towel she was wearing in place, yanking it undone. The white cloth fell free in her hand, exposing her body to him for the first time. She knew the effect her body had on men. She'd been one of Gotham's best prostitutes when she was on the streets. But in the reflection of the Batman's eyes, she saw herself for the first time as one that is admired and even loved. Her dark hair tumbled free about her shoulders and spilled down her back.

Her body was tight and toned, every inch in shape, and every inch alive with desire. Selena smiled down at Bruce, and offered her body to him. She cupped the bounty of her breasts in her hands.

"Every time you kissed me, I imagined your hands were on me, here," she admitted huskily, her long slender fingers supporting the heavy globes. "I wanted your mouth and your tongue here." She found the partially erect nipples, large and rosy against her skin, and pinched them. Each roll of the nub under her fingertips sent a throb straight to the lips of her pussy, and she felt her flower opening with desire, the lips swelling and parting, the slow drip of her juices filling the slit and leaking onto her thighs and his costume.

"I'd come home alone, and lie in this bed, and I'd touch myself. I'd dream of you, Bruce. I'd imagine it was your tongue opening me like this, getting me ready. Ready for you, to take you all in." She trailed her fingers down her flat stomach, his eyes following their path down to the dark strip of pubic hair that crowned her sex. The long digits pushed through the curls to caress the hidden nub of her clit, running circles over the prominent mound while her hips made involuntary fucking motions. She plunged two fingers into the dripping hole of her pussy, taking them in all the way to the knuckles, then pulling them out and holding them up so he could see them, glistening with the proof of her arousal.

"Taste me, Bruce, taste what you do to me." She wiped the fingers on his incredible lips, smearing her fluids on his face. He opened his mouth and sucked the two fingers in, suckling the taste of her, cleaning her hand. "God," Selena whimpered, and yanked her hand free, replacing it with her mouth. She tasted herself on him, feasting on his tongue and lips. Like a starved woman, she was ready to devour every inch of the banquet he offered. Her hips moved of their own accord, humping the bulge beneath her with reckless abandonment. Although restricted in his movements due to the cuffs, he strained to follow her motions, hips bucking off the bed. She bit his neck lightly, running her tongue over the nape, breathing in the scent of sweat and man.

Selena fumbled for the silver knife again, hidden among the covers on her bed. When her hand closed on the hilt, she placed a hand on his trembling stomach. "Don't move," She whispered, and slit the rest of the outfit from waist to knee on one leg, ripping the cloth away from the part of him she ached for. Her eyes widened when she saw it. Who would ever have guessed that the Batman would be so well endowed? He was at least seven and a half inches, but so thick her fingers couldn't even touch when they wrapped around his girth. A low, heartfelt moan escaped his throat when she wrapped her fist around him.

"Well, well, Mr. Wayne..." Selena chuckled throatily. She watched the clear liquid escape the tip as she slowly worked the skin of his shaft up and down, watched it bubble over the wide slit and run in droplets down the slope of the head of his cock. Making sure he was watching her, Selena lowered her mouth and licked the fluids from the taut flesh. Bruce's hips thrust up again and again as she relaxed her jaw to take him in her mouth. He was so wide she could only take up to the rim of the head, but she ran her tongue over and over the sensitive flesh, teasing him, promising him pleasures they'd denied themselves for much too long. She drew back, watching the massive cock throb with every beat of his heart, purring approval low in her throat. Selena's tongue and lips nibbled up and down both sides of the shaft, tracing the veins and making her way down the smooth pink skin towards the two pendulous sacs that hung beneath.

Lavishing both his balls with generous tongue sweeps and sucks, Selena watched Bruce's face redden as he strained against his restraints. His wrists and ankles were red from rubbing against the leather. "Poor, poor, Batman..." She teased, moving up to straddle him again. "Held captive by the evil Catwoman. Being tortured in the worst way..." She bucked her hips slowly, rubbing her naked pussy on his groin, letting him feel the shaft rubbing up and down the sopping slit. Leaning forward, Selena rubbed her hard nipples against his chest, giving him her weight. The wide head of his cock found the entrance to her sweet hot core, and she pressed back enough to let the tip slide inside her, but only for a second to torture them both. Bruce lunged up as her face passed in front of his, capturing her mouth with his. This kiss made their costumed flirtations seem chaste.

It was raw, powerful, seductive tongue fucking. He made it blatantly clear what he wanted his lower body to be doing, until they were both gasping for breath. Beneath her sensitive nipples and stomach, Bruce's chest was burning hot. "This isn't how you want this, Selena," He growled, snapping her eyes onto her face. "Not like this. Not with me helpless. Undo these cuffs." Her body was pulsing with need, but her mind was still wary. She looked into his eyes and found heat there, a fire burning just as hot as her own, a need nearly greater than hers.

"Undo them, Selena." He was right. It should be his option as well as hers, his wants as well as her needs. She undid his ankle straps first, then his left wrist. The instant the right strap came free, Bruce's hands seized Selena's arms, and she feared for a moment a deception, a lie to get free. And then he rolled, pinning both her wrists to the bed with one hand, his mouth seizing hers again and again. The length of his sex rubbed the swollen bud of her clitoris, taking her higher and higher in passion. He let go of her wrists and moved to her breasts, suckling, biting, even squeezing. It coaxed animal growls low in Selena's throat. This was the fantasy she'd been dying to live, his body hot and hard over her, ready and possessive and eager. Her ankles locked behind his back, and Bruce guided his cock to the slick center of her, poised to thrust.

"Look at me," Selena begged. "Let me watch you when you take me." He did, smoothing her dark hair back from her damp forehead, never leaving her green eyes as he entered her in one smooth stroke. They both groaned, still for a long moment, she adjusting to his width and he reveling in the heat of her silken tunnel. They'd survived on crumbs of passion for years, and now that the masks were off, the floodgates of desire were opened wide. The pace they chose was steady and strong, eyes and mouths feasting on the other. Selena braced her hands on the headboard for leverage, lifting her hips to meet every thrust, taking him as deep as he could go. Words of honesty poured from their throats, promises and begging, longings revealed that had been hidden for too long. "I need you," She panted, wanting more, high on passion.

"God, I've wanted this," Bruce grunted, giving more, their abdomens slapping together with the force of their fucking. "I've dreamed of this."

"Yes, oh God, so have I."

"We've crossed the line, you know," He breathed against her neck, his body trembling with more than sex, more than need. "Things won't be the same after this."

"I don't care," Selena moaned, raising her head to nip at his neck lightly. "It doesn't matter...don't let it matter." She brought her hands around behind him, cupping his flexing buttocks in her palms, her nails digging into the flesh. The sensation drove him into a frenzy, and he began to thrust harder, faster, trying to push as deep as he could, trying to touch her heart with his heat. He touched some inner spot, some pleasure center deep within her pussy, and Selena felt the roaring heat of an impending orgasm overtaking her.

She cried out his name, again and again, gripping him tightly with hips and hands, feeling the tidal wave rising so swiftly and hanging just for a moment on that shining peak. On the verge of losing her mind, she grabbed a fistful of his dark hair and pulled his mouth down. "Love you, Bruce," she admitted in a sob, her body falling over into the freefall of pleasure, her mouth claiming his to drown out her sobs. Her hole pulsed around him in a rush of wetness, each contraction of her inner muscles like a hot sucking mouth on his shaft. Her orgasm was an extended one; it didn't seem like she'd ever stop coming, milking him closer and closer to his own release. Sensing it was near, Bruce started to pull out from her, to spill his seed on the flat planes of her stomach. Selena stopped him fast, pulling him back to her. "Do it," she sobbed. "Stay inside me to the end."

"Selena," He groaned, and began to drive his organ home in earnest, taking her, branding her as his own. "Oh, god, Selena..." Words failed him, all that poured from his throat were heartfelt moans. He thrust twice quickly, then pushed as deep as he could, his cock exploding in her depths, coating the already slick flesh with his seed. She felt the jets of pleasure against her inner walls, and she held his body close until he collapsed, sated, on top of her.

They slept for a few hours, until Selena awoke to find Bruce stripping off the remains of the ruined costume, returning to the bed to claim her again before drifting off into a full night's slumber. When Selena awoke, she was alone in her bedroom. The cuffs dangled from the bedposts in abandonment, and the tattered remains of the Batman outfit lay scattered around the floor. She didn't bother to get out of bed, for she knew Bruce was gone. Giggling, she wondered if he'd borrowed her coat to get back to the Batmobile. Then again, it would do wonders for his playboy reputation if Bruce Wayne was caught running around the streets naked. She rolled over, burying her nose in the pillow where he'd been laying, breathing in the remaining scent of him.

Her nose bumped a small white card lying in the middle of the pillow, and she opened her eyes to see a small embossed business card bearing the Wayne Powers Corporation, and Bruce's name. On the back of the card was a telephone number, scrawled in a decidedly male hand. Beneath it, a simple phrase, four little words he'd forgotten to tell her in the heat of the moment: "I love you, too." Selena felt insufferably proud of herself as she dropped the card in her nightstand table. Imagine that, the Batman, giving out his home telephone number. Burbling with laughter, she rolled back over and tried to drift back off into slumber. Her last thought was that Bane might have been the first to damage the Batman in battle, but it had been Catwoman who had truly done the "Breaking of the Bat".

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