tagGroup SexThe Briefcase Ch. 08

The Briefcase Ch. 08


The limo shifted and then a few moments later the door opened at curb-side. Justin appeared and then ducked inside sitting down by a narrow bar counter, in one of the thickly padded, wide, and dark leather seats.

"To whom do I owe the thank-you for this mid-day fun?" Justin smiled at Eric, but when his stare didn't leave Jessica, he turned his attention toward her.

"Jessica would like you to hold her down, so I can spank that pretty little ass of hers." Eric's voice was deeper, thick with desire and just as the words left his lips, he moved to sit beside her.

A light flush mounted her cheeks and her brown eyes were filled with vulnerable curiosity. She glanced out the window and then at Justin, as the limo began to move, the tinted glass securing them against curious eyes. She was breathing roughly now.

"I don't think she needs to be held down..." Justin winked at her. "...She's not going to try to get away." his smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, very sure she'd accept what they were about to give her.

Eric tipped her chin toward him and softly exhaled before sinking his warm lips back into hers. He was aware of Justin, beginning to move, opening the bar's counter to draw free the needed extras for pleasure. Lubrication, massage oil, and condoms. It was time to give her the pleasure that her body so richly deserved. Eric wanted her lost in it, giving herself until there wasn't anything left but her cries for release.

Eric laid her down onto the comfortable wide, leather seat. His hands slipped under the sports jacket she wore and then explored up and down the sides of her white, satiny blouse. He continued to steel her breath with one greedy kiss after another and then pulled his lips away to look into her eyes.

"I think you're right Justin, but we need to be sure. We don't want her thrashing her arms around." His breath almost dried her lips as he spoke, roughly panting against them.

Jessica could see that something more than lust had suffused his expression. She trembled as his lips quirked at the obvious uncertainty she knew reflected in her face.

"I've never..."

Eric touched the open gap of her lips with his index finger. "Trust me," he told her and then squeezed both her wrists and pulled them above her head. Something in his eyes told her that he knew she already did.

She gave a sudden flinch, as Justin encircled her wrists in his hands. Eric sank his hands underneath her, too lift her, as Justin pulled the cuffs of her jacket over her wrists, freeing the jacket from her arms. Eric leaned toward her lips, nipping at them, as he began to unbutton her blouse. Her beautiful breasts were flushed, now matching the color of her cheeks.

Justin touched his lips to her inner wrist and warmed the inside of her palms with his breath. It almost had her shaking, as she watched Eric open her blouse fully, his tongue flicking over the satin material covering a hardened nipple. Ohhh... she silently cried, swallowed, and then wet her lips with her tongue.

Justin shifted his body, moving closer.

Eric slid the blouse up from under her, and Justin finished peeling it from her arms, releasing it from her wrists. Jessica reached for Eric with her right hand, squeezing his neck with her fingertips.

"Kiss me there, Eric." She needed too feel the strength of his kiss.

He eased the strap of her bra off that shoulder, exposing the first hard nipple to his waiting mouth.

"You're like a present to be unwrapped, every time I touch you, Jess," Eric growled roughly above the taut bud before taking it completely into his mouth and holding it there, flicking his tongue against it.

"Mmm," she moaned.

The sweet scent of vanilla filled Eric's senses, as he looked up at Justin, where he was stroking her bare arm. The tips of his tan fingers worked the flesh of her dainty arm, the sheen of the oil dressed her skin while he brushed his tender lips along the same path. Justin then released her left arm and reached for the other, she let go of tender grip to Eric's neck, her arm freed from the strap of her bra.

Eric enjoyed the certain element that Justin brought as a third. The mix of tenderness and aggressiveness was a balance that he was good at. It was good for Eric to have him there. It slowed the need to take her too quickly. Sharing women with Justin was a unique experience, no matter how many times Eric had done so.

Eric slid the next strap off her shoulder, as he took the untouched breast into his hand. He cupped it and then raised it up to his mouth. The tip of her nipple now captured and held between his teeth, he bit down with enough pressure that it had her arching up too him.

Justin then leaned down as her back reached its highest point and took the opposite nipple into his mouth. He circled it with his tongue while Eric flicked across the other. She shut her eyes, feeling as though she would cum from the mass of sensations that struck the very core of her womb. She was in heaven, lost in the multiple touches that they were giving her.

Eric took that moment to slip his hand in between her back and the cushion of the seat, releasing the clip to her bra.

Jessica tipped her chin upward, looking back at Justin as he sucked one of her fingers into his mouth. His hot mouth felt like it was melting her skin.

"Ohh," she moaned, "More, I need more," she whimpered, wishing for deeper contact.

Eric slid his hand down her side, taking with it, the coiled straps of her bra in his fingers. He found the zipper to her skirt and lowered it at the side. When she willingly raised her hips, he pulled the skirt down and took it off, tossing it into the next seat where his jacket lay.

He looked down at the white, laced panties that covered her. "Are you going to get wild for me, Jess?" Eric's voice was harsh, hoarser now.

Justin moved up, the width of his chest above her head, as Eric moved downward. Justin placed the palms of his hands over her breasts, sliding them in luscious circles, decorating the hardened tips of her nipples with lustrous sweeps from the pads of his fingers. That oil was destructive. It warmed her flesh and then when Justin laid his tongue and lips against it, the heat began. It flamed, twisted the desire throughout her body, as she fought to keep her eyes open.

Jessica watched Justin as he moved from one breast to the other while Eric raised her leg and then kissed her ankle, gripping the three inch, spiked heel, releasing it from her foot. He then lifted the other, trailed his tongue up the front of her ankle with a long, slow lick that had her foot arching in his hand, as he pulled the last shoe off.

Jessica was only barely aware of Eric undressing when she heard the subtle sound of a zipper and the tousle of his shirt. Her eyes had shut then, as Justin rubbed his slick, oiled hands down toward her panties. Her stomach quivered at the advancement, as Justin ran his fingers in circles, around and around the slope of her belly button.

The next time she managed to look, Eric was completely nude, the thick, hard length of his erection straining out in front of him. Justin pulled his hand away, rubbing his hands together and then sat back into his seat. She watched Eric, staring, thinking, and then looking down at the white, laced panties that still hugged her hips.

"What did I tell you about those panties?" Eric growled, filling the limo with his scolding tone. It sent a hot, rushing heat straight to her rear.

"I don't belong to you." Jessica looked down between her legs at him.

Jessica knew what she was asking for, pushing him for. She had never felt the strike of a man's hand across her ass and she wanted to know why she was aching to feel it.

"Turn over!" Eric ordered with an intense, darkened stare. "Do it now, Jess."

Jessica looked back to see Justin shedding his clothes, knowing that his turn would be soon. His dress shorts slid down over his knees, settling on top of his shoes. He pulled the edges of his polo shirt up, revealing the tightly packed abs beneath his shirt, as it went over his head, letting it fall on top of where his shorts rested.

He sat motionless in the leather seat, watching her eyes drift over him. "I think you better do what you're told." Justin said with a husky voice, it was rougher now, his cock just as hard as Eric's, barely hidden beneath his white boxers.

Jessica returned her eyes to Eric, where he sat at her parted legs, his stare impatient, flickering with dominance. He craved her. She could see it right there, in his eyes. It was her; she was the one that brought that out of him. She felt her heart skip a beat and then speed up, as she let another piece of herself go inside.

She turned over, placing her hands against the padded, leather seats of the limo, which was still moving at an unnoticeable pace.

"Good girl, now I think these need a little color." Eric stated from behind her, the pad of the leather seat sinking under her feet as he moved a little closer, looking down at her exposed buttocks.

She almost gushed at the thought and then dropped her head down between her shoulders, Eric's knees now at the inside of her legs, pushing her knees apart as far as the seat would allow.

He pulled her panties to the side, "Oh my, Jess. You're so wet for me." Eric groaned, his fingers parted the trimmed curls, and a second later the first stroke of his tongue had her flinching. "So hungry, so beautiful." he breathed, against her open folds.

She whimpered. She wanted to moan and couldn't. She trembled as his fingers slipped into her squeezed center, as she waited for the first sensation of his open hand. Justin took that moment to slide over, putting his thighs next to her braced hands, as he reached underneath and sensually tugged at one of her nipples. She felt lost in a world of sex with nothing to hold onto. She would've held onto Justin given the chance, but her head was heavy, hung between her shoulders, as she watched Eric move his arm back and forth against her thigh.

"No more panties! Do you hear me?" Eric demanded, and the first slap of her skin was heard in the large limo, as his open hand made contact with the untouched, ivory skin of her ass.

The sensation caught her off guard as it raced to the other the cheek, down the crevice to her filled pussy. It burned through her clit sending electric current through her womb, as she raised her head to cry out only to find Justin's cock only inches away. Held in his hand, the iron-hard length was thick, heavily veined, the head wide and dark.

"Oh God!" she whimpered. There were things that she'd never done. She had never taken what she wanted, never asked for what she needed.

Eric growled from behind her, slipping his fingers free of her gripping channel. A second later he tore her white panties from her hips. "Answer me!" Eric ordered.

He ripped them off! God that was hot! she thought.

"Yes!" she cried.

"Good girl." He smoothed his hand over her printed cheek. "Justin, make her be quiet." She was still whimpering, and only became louder when he took his hand away.

"I have something that will muffle her cries." Justin's tone had changed again, not just rougher. They were two halves that made a whole.

Courage. That was the word that flashed through Jessica's mind, as Justin slid under her until she lifted her hands, the first one, then the other, pressing into the cushion on the other side of his lap. She then positioned her lips just above the fierce, length of his flesh.

Smack. Eric's hand met with the other cheek and before she could cry out again, Justin firmly but gently pulled her head down until her lips met with the head of his eager cock, headfirst. Justin had buried his hand in her hair, clenching the strands, as his cock flexed when she closed her lips around the crest, muffling the cry that now vibrated his cock. She felt her juices easing from her body, aching to feel Eric print her cheek once again.

Justin gasped and she may have heard him whimper a curse as she began to milk him slowly with her mouth. She sucked him harder when she felt Eric grow hungrier, his teeth nibbling, sometimes biting into the flesh of her ass.

"Ahh, your sweet mouth...mmm." Justin panted above her. She tensed as Justin gripped a little harder, a slight pinch to her scalp. Was he going to try to force her to do it his way?

He didn't. He stroked her scalp, the pads of his fingers sensually moving, but he stayed still within her grip. He didn't thrust, simply waited and when she moved again she heard the low, drawn-out moan that passed his lips.

And Eric, his tongue had returned, as he licked, stroked and flickered inside her vagina before moving back to her clit. He was driving her mad. Taking her to the edge of the peak before pulling back, to lay another print on the beautiful blush of her round cheeks. Eric forced her to strain for his touch, as Justin filled her mouth with his need. She was wetter than she'd ever imagined she'd be. The sounds that left her body she hadn't recognized, she couldn't focus on the pleasure she could give because she was racing toward the pleasure she was being given.

She pulled her head up away from Justin, releasing his cock, as she felt a cool and slick finger tease the tight entrance behind her pussy. "Eric!"

He growled listening to her cry and then pressed into the entrance. When he captured her clit and suckled it, her movements opened that entrance further and allowed his finger to slide deeper inside.

"You're destroying my control." Eric's voice was strained, as his finger slid out and then returned with another.

"Eric, please." Jessica whined; she was so close.

His fingers scissored apart as two more slipped into the empty channel of her pussy. "Exquisite, Jess." he whispered low, and deep.

Justin tipped her chin to bring his lips down too capture hers. He nipped at them and bit at the edge of them, as she heard him capture his cock in his hand, stroking it below her chin. "Do you know how badly he wants you? Eric has waited for you, Jess. You can see it in his face. He wants to give it all to you," Justin whispered, causing her to tremble, as she felt Eric caress her deeply. "Feel how it races through your body, how it fills you like a drug."

Eric slid his fingers free and sat back into the seat. She turned her head, pulling away from Justin, and looked back to see Eric. His teasing eyes, burned through her, as he licked at the taste of her off his satisfied lips.

She had had enough. She turned back to Justin, as he leaned back into the leather seat. She was torn apart; the need for release burned the deepest part of her body.

She then went to her knees in front of Eric, bent and let her mouth cover the head of his cock. This was the flesh that she wanted. Eric's. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and sucked him into her mouth. She worked her tongue around it, teasing him as he had teased her.

Behind her, Justin's fingers were piercing her rear, and she didn't care. She spread her legs for him, filled her mouth with Eric and heard his strangled groan as her name went past his lips. "Ah fuck. Yes, suck the head, sweet Jess. Just like that!"

She bucked against Justin, thrusting her hips back, his fingers moving inside her.

"I want it now!" She lifted her lips from Eric's cock, licked the head and then stared up at him. "Take me, Eric. Take me now, please." Her eyes were blazing with desire.

"She's so ready." Justin nibbled at her rear and kissed her there, his tongue flicking, as he slid his fingers inside her. "She can take both of us now."

Eric looked into her dazed, sensual eyes, where there was no hesitation, no sign of uncertainty. "Both of us, Jess?"

She wanted Eric to know she was ready. There was going to be no misunderstandings. "Yes, both of you, right now." Her voice was strong with need.

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