tagGroup SexThe Briefcase Ch. 09

The Briefcase Ch. 09


Justin leaned toward Eric and held his hand out; a condom lay on his open fingers. Eric took it and slid it quickly down over his cock, and then pulled Jessica to him. He pulled her up until her breasts met with his chest. He stole a kiss, devouring her lips until he could lie back onto the wide leather seat. He set her up until she straddled him; he didn't have to guide his cock to her--she did it for him.

Jessica lowered her hips, her fingers wrapped around his shaft. The parted the silken folds of her pussy welcome the head of his cock, slid inside the velvet vise until completely captured, and then she stilled.

Justin moved behind her, his teeth nipping at her shoulder as she shuddered, spilling more of her juices over the sheathed length of Eric's cock. Her muscles clenched around him as Justin placed the tip of his covered head to her rear, and then eased inside her.

Jessica felt the stretching burn, the impalement, as Justin moved down her spine, tongue licking, his gentle hands squeezing on her rear.

"Don't hurt me," Pleasure and fear of the unknown tore through her. "Please don't hurt me." She whispered, shaking, touching Eric's lips with her fingertips.

They paused, Eric beneath her and Justin behind her. "Would I hurt you, Jess?" Eric asked, his hand stroking the top of hers, ignoring the tight little movements she made, the need to have him thrusting inside her.

She shook her head and felt herself relaxing, as the thick head of Justin's cock eased further inside her.

She was trying to breathe, trying to focus. "I would never hurt you, there is only pleasure here." Eric said, and wrapped his other muscular arm around her back, his hazel eyes staring deeply into hers.

And it wasn't pain she thought she'd feel, it was pleasure, an agonizing sense of rapturous ecstasy that was tearing through her. Eric remained still, buried to the hilt inside her, as the firm grip of Justin's hands held her in place while he gently worked his cock inside her.

"Eric!" she moaned, digging her nails into his shoulder.

"I have you, I've always had you, Jess."

Eric had her, there was nothing left to claim and she knew it. She wanted to belong to no one else, just Eric. And Justin, the other half that completed him.

"That's it Jess," Eric kissed her neck, bit at her flesh. "Let us please you, every part of you touched and stroked."

Justin pressed forward, he slid inside her fully. Her head jerked up with a strangled cry and she began shuddering. Her wide and wild eyes were staring down at him. She could barely see him. A haze of white-hot pleasure filled her vision and tore through her body. Both men were moving, sliding back and forth, retreating and then invading until she felt it building inside her, racing up her spine and blazing through her nerve endings.

"Oh fuck! She's coming, Justin." Eric growled into her neck, wrapping his arms tightly around her, holding her; she was trembling.

"Ah, yes." Justin forced the words past his lips. "So tight, so unbelievably tight."

She shut her eyes and saw the tiny sparks behind her eyelids, as she bucked against Eric and Justin, feeling them fill her. Over and over again, driving herself harder onto each penetration she felt herself dissolving between them.

Male throttled groans and curses filled her ears as she felt there cocks throb, ripple with their release. She was boneless between them now. Her fractured mind not lost to Eric's possession and the fulfillment of pleasure that he promised her. She still felt them inside her, hot, the primal intensity of the act sealing her desire. She'd never be the same again.

* * *

It was hours later and the limo pulled to a stop outside the silver high rise. Jessica's appointments; well they were covered. Anytime Jessica didn't come back after lunch or when meetings ran late outside the office, Sam knew to cancel them or shuffle them around without so much as a phone call to her.

The chauffeur opened the door and Eric stepped out, he held out his hand for her, and Jessica emerged. Eric pulled her tightly to him and she looked up into his eyes. He could see that she wanted to say something, but was at a loss for words. The quiet ride they all took back to the office while they all dressed, left a lot of time for her to think.

"This was the last time, Jess," Eric said with a serious tone, his expression tight. He knew she'd be stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn. "No more games until you come to me," he stated.

"But-"Jessica began, but stopped when he put his thumb to her bottom lip.

"You're not a toy and I won't treat you like one, Jess. You are either mine or your not." He looked down into her eyes wondering if he could stay away from her. "If I wanted a toy, there's plenty among the club at my disposal." he said plainly.

His expression softened and then he leaned down to lay a soft kiss to her lips, and his mouth lingered. Jessica shut her eyes, his fingertips slid down her side and reached around, gripped at her ass. It flamed against his hand from beneath her skirt. A soft audible sigh left her body, her lips melting into his kiss until he pulled his mouth away.

"You're an amazing woman, Jessica Alexander," Eric whispered at her open lips, standing curbside at the open door of the limo. She opened her eyes and looked at the chauffeur who stood quietly behind him, looking around at the passing cars, appearing uninterested in their conversation.

She felt a breeze snake up under her skirt when he released her cheek from beneath his hand. The heat from the hand prints at her rear kept her warm and she smiled thinking about her ripped panties, still laying on the limo floor.

"You owe me a pair of panties," she said in a matter-of-fact way, as he gave her a pat on the same spot which made her jump towards his hips in response.

He chuckled and gave her another one of those sexy grins. "You have a lot of thinking to do, Jess. I'll be waiting for your answer." And with that he forced himself to untangle himself from her, taking the warmth of his body with him, as he stepped back inside the limo.

One last glance into her eyes, "You know the number, Jess." He turned in his seat to face forward and then the chauffeur closed the door, making his way around the long stretch until he disappeared, closing himself inside. The engine started and the limo pulled away and she stood there watching until it was out of sight.

Jessica turned and walked up the cascading concrete steps. Her mind was lost. It was hard to focus on any one thought as she made her way through the lobby toward the elevators.

Arrived at her floor, she stepped out, walking down the long hallway toward her office, her head down with little to no eye-contact with anyone who past by her. Was he serious? No more? She pierced her bottom lip with her teeth as the ride in the limo passed through her mind like a movie on a screen.

"You're back!" Sam spoke with a bright and cheery tone. "I shuffled your appointments. You had a few cancellations which made it much easier," Sam stated, noticing the blank expression on her face.

"That's great, thank you Sam. You're truly the best, I don't know what I'd do without you." She tried to fake her smile, but failed.

"Are you alright? You're all flush. Are you sick?" Sam asked, as her expression turned to worry.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm just a little warm I think." Jessica set her purse on the counter and then proceeded to take off her jacket.

Sam watched with curiosity, not buying her excuse. "Okay, well if you need anything, just ask."

"Actually, I do, Sam." Jessica felt her stomach flip over and then smiled. Eric was supposed to feed her and until now she hadn't been hungry for food.

"Yeah, and what's that?" Sam asked, as Jessica folded her jacket over her arm and then grabbed her purse off the counter.

"Order me some food. I'm starved!" Jessica smiled, and placed her hand against her stomach, feeling the rumbling get worse by the minute.

"The deli in the lobby okay?" Sam asked, smiling at her obvious hunger.

"That's perfect, thanks." She turned as Sam picked up the phone. "I'll be in my office, send all my calls through," she added, standing in the opening of her office door.

Jessica slumped down into her office chair and leaned back with a long sigh. She slipped her hand into the open buttons of her blouse and placed her hand against her breasts. The heat hadn't subsided. She looked down and saw the color of her flushed skin, it was like a bad sunburn.

She looked up at the clock on the wall, 3:50pm. I might as well get some work done, she thought, opening her briefcase on the top of her desk. She looked at the chain hanging from the handle and wondered how different things would've been had she not met Eric.

The next day...

"I'll send the forms over right away. Yes... thank you." Jessica replaced the phone to its cradle and then looked at the clock, it was past seven.

Sam knocked on her open door. "This envelope arrived late," Sam watched Jessica wave her in and then strolled toward the desk. "I'll be leaving now, unless you need anything else?" Sam informed her, dropping the envelope on her desk.

"Put these forms in your outbox for tomorrow, please. They need to be sent out, first thing in the morning." Jessica held them up as Sam took them from her hand.

"Okay. Have a good evening." Sam smiled and then walked toward the door.

"You too, Sam."

Jessica sliced the letter open through the bottom of the unmarked envelope and then pulled a card out.

Obsession Art Gallery 9 pm

Jessica looked at the card and then laid it down on the desk. She wasn't up for a meeting, she was still thinking about Eric. She stood from her desk, ripping the card into pieces and then threw it in the trash. She gathered and shuffled the last of her folders together before piling them into her briefcase. She closed the case, turned off her computer and switched off the desk lamp.

After locking her office door, she walked down the dimly lit hallway, and then took the elevator down to the main floor. She passed through the nearly empty lobby and the started down the steps. When she looked up, a chauffeur stood in front of a white limo. Is that Eric's limo...? she and looked at the limo driver and was almost sure it was.

She reached the end of the steps within a few feet of the suited man. "Are you waiting for Eric Jackson?"

"Yes, ma'am." He answered simply.

Jessica bit her lip and then reached for her purse. She pulled money out, folded in her fingers. "I'd like to wait for him." She smiled, looking up at him.

"The money is not necessary Miss Alexander." Color flushed over her cheeks as the chauffeur reached for the door, "Mr. Jackson will be here shortly." He smiled, as the door swung open.

"Thank you."

Jessica climbed in, taking a seat in the wide leather seat near the bar. The chauffeur closed her in, shutting out the noise of traffic, as she felt her heart pick up in anticipation of him arriving. Each moment that passed felt like an eternity.

She looked down at her skirt realizing that she'd worn panties. Without hesitation, she leaned back, lifted her hips from the seat, and pulled her skirt up. She sank her thumbs down under the strings that held her panties to her hips, and then pulled them down, swiftly slipping them over her heels. With a click, she unlatched her briefcase and threw them inside.

She crossed her legs and then looked out the one-way windows, the chauffeur patiently stood by the closed door, waiting for Eric to arrive. I hope you don't have plans Eric, she thought, and then saw him coming down the concrete steps toward the limo. She suddenly couldn't breathe when he arrived in front of the door, while he paused to talk to the driver. The door opened and she took the first, full breath, thinking of what she was going to say.

Eric looked over to see Jessica smiling up at him, as he sat down in the back of the limo. He stared at her for a moment, the heat of his grin, taking in her expression and the way her chest seem to rise and fall so rapidly. He felt his cock twitch as she pierced her lip with the top of her teeth.

"I guess we got off work at the same time tonight." I can't believe I am making small talk, she took another breath when his expression didn't change.

"Have you come to me Jess?" He asked with dark gaze that had her clinching, wanting to feel him again.

The limo shifted as the driver shut his door. The long tinted window went down, as he looked up into the rear view mirror. He was waiting for the destination.

"In your bed, alone, just us. I'm yours?" she swallowed hard, trying focus.

"Yes. You'll belong to me. It's not just games for me anymore, Jess," He softly spoke, as his eyes dropped, looking at where her knees were crossed. "I want all of you, not part of you." He added and then looked back into her eyes.

"And Justin?" Eric knew what she was asking and didn't wait to answer her.

"He's our third, someone I trust to touch you." He simply stated, then dropped his gaze to the black high-heels that hugged her ankles.

"Show me that you belong to me Jess." He spoke after a long silence, "I see it there in your eyes."

Jessica uncrossed her legs and then pressed her knees together. She remembered the scene at the Clients Ball with the submissive woman and dominant man. He had pointed to the floor, without a word and the woman had gone to her knees.

Jessica bit her lip and took a deep breath, placed her palms against the leather seat, and slipped down onto her knees. She crawled to him, only a foot away from his bent legs, and then stopped, placing her hands onto her lap.

"Carl, take us home."

The End.

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