tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Bullpen Ch. 04

The Bullpen Ch. 04


Hannah Cho couldn't quite believe what her friend telling her.

Lying naked on her side just beyond the mirror glass separating the two girls, Erica Rivers told her story slowly, seeming to get a sexual charge out of the retelling. There was conflict, of course - the better angels and inner demons shouting each other down - but Erica continued on, explaining to her friend how she'd won approval from Dick Abbott to continue her experiment.

"You licked him?" Hannah asked in disbelief. Dressed in borrowed hospital scrubs with only her own panties on beneath them, Hannah sat Indian-style on the floor of the Observation Room. She was just feet from her nude friend, but while Hannah could see Erica through the glass, she knew that Erica could see only her own reflection. Despite this, and despite the fact that their conversation was being transmitted electronically through Hannah's microphone into the Bullpen's intercom, it felt private, as if they were sharing secrets at a high school sleepover.

"I licked his cheek," the Caucasian girl admitted. She hesitated for a moment, having second thoughts about what she was about to reveal, before finally coming clean. "I wanted to kiss him."

Hannah recoiled in disgust. Luckily, Erica hadn't been able to see her friend's facial expression, but she was fairly certain how Hannah had reacted.

"I know," Erica continued, more than a little disgusted with herself. She was shocked at her own behavior, disturbed by her own inner desires, but undeniably turned on at the retelling of that afternoon's events. Dressed in nothing more than a piece of lab equipment turned lingerie, with her tits and cunt exposed, she had finger-fucked herself in front of her overseer, her friend, and her subordinate. Dick Abbott. Colin Eggert. Mike Takahashi. They'd all watched her as she'd gotten herself off - seated with her legs spread at the lunch table, crawling across the floor, leaning into an older man's lap, and grunting his name as she reached orgasm. And now, just a few short hours later, the memory of incident caused her clitoris to throb with excitement, begging to be touched yet again.

"What's worse…" Erica began, but caught herself. "Is Colin back yet?"

Colin and one of his assistants, Vince Nemecek, had spent the afternoon trying to fix the urinalysis engines in the crawlspace beneath the Bullpen. Though he could have returned, and could have rewound the audio recordings that the Bullpen was, even now, storing for posterity, Erica doubted he would. And that doubt was enough to allow her to speak openly and honestly with her best friend.

"No, not yet."

Erica nodded from her side of the glass, encouraged to go own. "What's worse, though, is that I wanted more."

Hannah was unsure of what the girl meant.

"I wanted to suck his cock," she stated flatly, charged by the vulgarity of her own language.

"Dick Abbott?" the Asian woman responded, denying that they could be talking about the same, frumpy-looking fifty-year-old man. "You want to put Dick Abbott's dick into your mouth?"

Erica giggled a bit. She shook her head, assuring Hannah, "Not any more. But at the time." She sounded frightened by herself, by her own emotions. She then added, "And Colin…"

This piqued Hannah's curiosity even more. "Colin?"

Again, Erica hesitated. Should she be admitting aloud what had consumed her for this past week? Should she admit whom she had fantasized about as she rubbed her clit beneath the shower that afternoon, about what she had fantasized him doing to her? "We hugged."

Hannah's eyes went as wide as plates. "While you were naked?"

No, Erica thought to herself sarcastically, while I was dressed. I decided to don the clothes lying so agonizingly close in the Observation Room, take a stroll out to my car, and then hug Colin when I got back - but before I undressed again. Then again, perhaps Hannah meant… "Would the corset have mattered?"

"No, probably not." Hannah caught the stupidity of her own question.

"It was just a hug. At first."

"At first?!! Erica, baby, you can't go down this road."

"He was rock hard, Hannah. I wanted it. I wanted to touch it. I wanted it inside me. I wanted it inside my mouth, inside my pussy, inside my ass…"

"Erica!" Hannah shouted, hushing her friend. The nude girl had gone into a trance, of sort, picturing and fantasizing about the technician's penis, and Hannah, like Noah, was beginning to worry about her. "He's married. He's your friend. Among other reasons, too numerous to name…"

"I know, I know." Erica made a show of shaking the fantasy from her head, but Hannah could tell the thought of Colin's member hadn't gone anywhere.

If anything, now the Asian woman was picturing it, as well. Picturing it inside her friend's mouth, inside her friend's pussy, inside her friend's ass.

"I need to talk to Jamie," Erica said. "I need to tell her this is all my fault, that Colin's around me not for any sinister purpose, not for any sort of physical reason, but because he's my friend, and I need him."

"You might want to leave out the part about wanting his penis inside of you."

"I'm serious, Hannah. I need to come clean to her, I need to explain the experiment to her. I don't want to make Colin lie to her, or hide this from her – I can tell it's twisting him apart inside."

"And Tom?"

Tom. Tom Russo. Her boyfriend. Even now, Tom was watering Erica's plants, taking in her mail, checking her voicemail at home for her. They talked, now and then, over the Bullpen's speakerphone, Erica insisting that Arizona was so dull that she hardly left her laboratory. She had so much to tell him, so much to explain, and so much to fear upon telling that their conversation had become increasingly flat. How would he react when he found out his girlfriend was naked and being stared at by all of her colleagues? How would he react when he found out that she was masturbating on video recordings available for a dozen or so people to watch? How would he react when he found out that she had cum in another man's lap that afternoon was calling out that man's name?

No, she couldn't tell Tom.

But maybe she could tell Jamie. Maybe it was a step in the right direction – one honest confession on Colin's behalf before another honest confession on her own.

"Tom," Erica murmured. "Oh, if only he could just come in here with me and fuck me himself."

That afternoon, Erica had touched Dick Abbott. She had hugged Colin. She had allowed Hannah to probe her crotch and inner thigh to inject more deuterotone. And she had touched herself.

But what Erica longed for, what Erica desired, was for someone else to make her cum. She wanted to lie back, and let someone else do the work. She wanted to lie on her back, running her hands through her short hair, as Tom fucked her. As Colin rubbed her pussy. As Hannah ate her out.

This last fantasy caught Erica off-guard, and she quickly opened her eyes, unsure of exactly when or why she had closed them. Paranoid, she wondered to herself if Hannah had guessed what she was thinking about.

Hannah, though, was lost in her own thoughts. This wasn't Erica – Erica wasn't this frank, this open about her sexuality. In the years that they'd known each other, Erica and Hannah had had only one previous conversation about Erica's sex life with Tom, and it had been awkward and uncomfortable. This Erica, this Erica-plus-deuterotone, seemed to have little difficulty talking about getting fucked, talking about Colin's dick, or talking about getting herself off in front of three men.

Noah was worried about her, as the Medical Oversight people had been. Hannah was, as well, but she couldn't bring herself to speak her concerns aloud. If it had been her experiment, she would have been willing to do almost everything that Erica had done to herself to see it through. She was unsure as to what adult acne experiment might prompt Hannah to strip to her skin, or inject herself full of faux testosterone, or cause her to masturbate in front of her friends and colleagues - but Hannah felt as if she would do it. It would, of course, be the most awful experience she would ever be through, and it wouldn't be easy – she had blanched after just a few seconds in the Bullpen the week before. But it wasn't any less difficult for Erica, it wasn't any less humiliating than it would be if it were Hannah on that side of the glass.

Already, people at ConnPharm were talking about Erica. Not Erica, exactly, but people knew that there was a woman in the Bullpen, a woman stripped naked and on exhibit to a handful of horny technicians. There were a few people, of course, who knew whom the woman was, and Hannah doubted it would stay secret for long, even in a relatively large company like ConnPharm. She also doubted that Erica's humiliation would end there. How much longer would it be before stories of Erica's arousal began circulating? How much longer would it be before people heard of her obsessive masturbation? How much longer until would it be until they found out Erica was begging to be fucked by her boyfriend, by Colin Eggert, or by any living, breathing person nearby?

At that moment, Hannah wished she could bear some of Erica's burden. Would it be any less humiliating for two women to be locked in the Bullpen together? Probably not; and if anything, it probably would make them both feel rather uncomfortable. But at least there would have been two of them – Erica would not have been alone.

This was Noah's project, too, Hannah thought to herself. He should be bearing some of the humiliation with Erica. Granted, he couldn't grow breasts – the deuterotone had little to no affect on males, in general. But he could share in the embarrassment his partner was suffering. He could be the subject of awful stories bouncing around ConnPharm.

Of course, a naked male in the Bullpen was neither as sensational as a female inside, nor as embarrassing. Noah, should he be surrounded by Mike Takahashi, Aaron Abrahams, Vijay Singh, Colin Eggert, and so on, would feel no more embarrassed than he might in the men's locker room. A naked man, aroused and pleasuring himself, would not elicit the same sense of delight and wonder from members of the opposite sex, or the same amount of disgust and disdain from members of the same sex. A man jacking off would be accepted, and people would move on.

Erica would not be treated with the same understanding attitude.

"You could always call Tom and explain," Hannah suggested. People might not identify with one of ConnPharm's up-and-coming scientists cumming in front of someone from Medical Oversight, but they might understand a conjugal visit. "Maybe have him come in while Wendy's on duty, and suggest that she take a walk and leave the two of you alone in the Observation Room. Tom might even find the corset a turn-on."

"Maybe," Erica replied, her mind drifting off in fantasy. Wendy would certainly go for such a plan – she wasn't the one who would need convincing. "I'd have to tell Tom about the past two weeks, however."

"You could leave out some of the more lewd details."

"Obviously." Erica was unconvinced. She had a relationship with this man, one filled with love, respect, and passion. Had she betrayed his trust? Would he be able to get past her deceit and provide her with the physical contact that she wanted, that she needed? The thought of his hands upon her body, the thought of his dick inside of her, the thought of her body moving in harmony with his, the thought of Wendy watching them both from the ops desk – Erica wanted it badly.

She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs away from the mirror glass. One hand brushed casually against her stomach, aching to go further. She thought back on the last time she'd been fucked by Tom, a few nights before she left for "Arizona." The hardness of Colin's dick, too, hung in her memory, teasing her by how excited she had made him. The stain on Dick Abbott's pants, caused by her, caused by her body, caused by her sexuality, set off another level of arousal.

But the image that Erica couldn't get out of her mind, the fantasy that stuck, was the thought of Hannah Cho going down on her, eating her out.

She swallowed hard. "Hannah, do you mind if I…?"

"Oh," the Asian girl gasped. Erica's legs were bent at the knee, swinging slowly back and forth, opening and closing her pussy away from the Observation Room. The naked girl's hand was absentmindedly playing with a short tuft of public hair about her slit, eager to go further. It just needed permission. Hannah answered, "Oh, that's okay, I'll just go."

But she didn't stand to leave, as if she knew what Erica would offer next.

"No, don't go," Erica pleaded. Despite being watched twenty-four hours a day, she felt lonely. She had no one to talk with, no one to share with. "I can keep talking while I do this. Or I can wait."

It didn't appear as if the latter statement was true, but Erica had offered, nonetheless.

"Oh," Hannah repeated. "Oh, um…no, go ahead. I mean…"

Incredibly, the first emotion that entered into Erica's mind was annoyance. What was Hannah's hang-up? They'd talked to one another from stall to stall in the women's room. Hannah had obviously also watched the recordings of Erica getting herself off that weekend (apparently, Erica remained one of the few people in the Human Hormone Lab who hadn't seen the recordings). She wasn't going to call out Hannah's name, she wasn't asking her to be involved – all she wanted to do was relieve a little tension and continue on with their conversation. It was a form of relaxation, after all.

Erica caught herself, realizing that she was wrong to be annoyed with Hannah. Of course this was awkward. Of course this was uncomfortable. And Hannah didn't even know about have the dirty things she was involved with in Erica's head.

But, the more Erica thought about the question, the more she began to ask herself what her own hang-up had been. Why was she so embarrassed by this seemingly natural act? Why had she been on the verge of tears that afternoon? Who had drawn up the rules and social mores about nudity and sexuality, anyways? And why had those particular rules had been drawn up?

The more she thought about these questions, the less she felt that she had to be embarrassed over. Without awaiting any further comment or hesitation from Hannah, Erica reached down to run her middle finger between her labia.

"It would be easier if I were single," Erica breathed, her hand already massaging her crotch. It was a massage, after all, no different than if she were working out the kinks in her neck, no more awkward than if someone were rubbing her shoulders. "I wouldn't have to explain anything to anyone."

She panted. He whole body trembled with delight. She ran her free hand through her hair.

Hannah was apparently very distracted. Despite multiple voices shouting multiple commands inside her head about what to do or what to say in this particular situation, she observed, "But you do have the option of calling Tom in. If you were single, you wouldn't have an at-hand partner…"

The mention of Tom's name sent Erica's body surging. The sound of another woman's voice, in conversation with her while she fucked herself, nearly put her over the edge. Erica fought the urge to moan in pleasure – she didn't want to scare Hannah away.

"It'd be much easier to find a new partner than try to explain to Tom everything that's going on here," she exhaled. Her whole lower body was now squirming on the Bullpen floor, and the thought of fucking some stranger got her hot. The thought of fucking some stranger in the Bullpen while Hannah watched got her hotter. And the thought of fucking Hannah in the Bullpen while some stranger watched nearly sent her over the edge.

Hannah, staring with mouth agape at the scene in front of her, chose to ignore the comment. Nervously, she cast a glance to the chute down which Colin had disappeared, terrified that he'd return to find her watching her best friend masturbate. Colin hadn't poked his head up yet, but he would soon. Secretly, Hannah hoped that Erica would finish herself off soon.

As for Erica's comment about picking up a random gentleman for a quick fuck, Hannah chose to ignore it. Instead, she brought the conversation back to Tom. Perhaps he might be the answer to satiating the nude girl's lust. "You're going to have to explain it to him eventually. You can't just show up back at your complex and hope that he doesn't notice your D-cup breasts."

"Fuuuck," Erica purred, leaving Hannah to guess whether the girl was cursing her situation with Tom or commenting on her own physical pleasure. "I was going to tell him about the experiment afterwards." She paused to let a wave of genital bliss envelop her body. Breathing heavily, she continued, "Or at least about most of the experiment.

Her ass left the ground as her hips gyrated against an unseen partner. "Maybe I was going to tell him I was right in Avon." She sighed. "Maybe I was going to keep with the Arizona approach." She gritted her teeth as she finished the sentence, forcing the final words out in an angry-sounding grunt. "But I was going to tell him that I experimented on myself, and that it worked."

Erica had returned to the floor, but both feet remained planted soles-down, allowing her to push upwards against her hand. She inserted her left middle finger into her mouth – wetting it with her own saliva – and then dropped it to her pussy to join her already hard-at-work right hand. She ran her wet hand against her wet pussy, and to Hannah, appeared to be enjoying the sensation.

"So why not now?" Hannah asked. Her own breathing had become labored, her own pussy had become wet. Hannah wasn't gay, but the scene in front of her seemed to transcend gender-specific allure – this was sex, primal pleasure, and it was turning her on. "Why not tell Tom about the experiment now, while he can help you…" The Asian woman paused for a second, hesitating before blurting out, "So he can fuck you?"

The word "fuck" had an almost magical quality on both women. Both were conservative, sexually speaking, and reserved. The naughtiness of the word only added to the naughtiness of what was transpiring between them – Erica fucking herself in the Bullpen, and Hannah fucking herself in her mind.

Erica whined, a high-pitched cry that, up to that point, Hannah had only heard in adult videos.

"And how do I explain the Bullpen?" Gasp. "How do I explain my nudity?" Gasp. "How do I explain being watched all day?" Gasp. "How do I explain fucking myself in front of Wendy and Tessa and Colin and Mike and Dick Abbott?" She whined after each name.

Hannah looked nervously at the open chute a few feet away. Erica was on the far side of the glass, with only her own reflection for company. Colin was still MIA. For a moment, Hannah wondered to herself whether she, too, could masturbate, here in the Observation Room. No one would ever know – not Colin, not Erica, not her fiancée Hyun-Shik.

Shaking the thought off, Hannah was shocked at herself. She had gone from revulsion about Erica to stimulation to revulsion about herself in the span of just under five minutes. And Erica had yet to cum.

"How do I explain fucking myself in front of you, Hannah?" Erica asked, her eyes gazing out through the mirror glass towards her friend.

Though Hannah knew the girl could only see her own reflection, she felt chilled to her soul that Erica was staring right at her. Did Erica know what she had been thinking? Did Erica know that Hannah had actually been contemplating fucking herself right alongside her friend? Erica had the excuse of deuterotone – Hannah had only her own wantonness to blame.

Hannah didn't get a chance to respond.

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