tagMatureThe Business Trip

The Business Trip


The following short story is a one-off fantasy featuring Jacqui, an almost retired businesswoman from England. It is purely fiction, but is based on real characters and places.


Jacqui took another sip of her champagne. The film had just ended and she was into the last hour of the flight. The business class seating was comfortable in the extreme and life was good. At almost 65, retirement was on the horizon and she reflected that this would likely be her first and last business trip. There was a trade show taking place in New York and her boss had asked her to go to look at and comment on some document control software that had taken his eye. He was already there and would meet her at the show the following day.

The flight was due to land at around 6PM local time and Jacqui had plans to spend the evening sightseeing. She knew she should get some sleep to avoid horrendous jet lag, but this opportunity didn't come along every week. In fact, once in a lifetime, so she wasn't about to waste it in slumber, besides, she could sleep the entire homeward journey if she needed to. She decided to try and doze for a while before landing.

Jacqui was one of the lucky few who didn't look her age. In fact, she could pass for someone 15 years younger with the right lighting and had managed to maintain a slim figure. At 5' 5" she wasn't the tallest supermodel on the block, but her figure was nicely shaped and her 36C breasts enhanced that shape nicely.

She was just drifting into a dream when the familiar bong sound came over the aircraft speakers and it was time to belt up and prepare for landing. A flush of excitement washed over her as she contemplated the days ahead and the fact that tonight's sightseeing would be supervised by a friend who she had met a few years before on a web forum discussing retirement. They had never met in person, but had corresponded by email numerous times and got to know each other quite well. His name was Jack and he was few years older than Jacqui, but possessed an honesty and intensity which were tempered by shyness and which made him quite endearing. He had offered to give her the grand tour and she had readily accepted.

The usual delays and frustrations with immigration and baggage reclaim followed after landing, but she was soon out of the airport and enjoying her first Yellow Taxi ride to her hotel on the edge of Central Park. She was shown to her room by a uniformed "Bell Hop" and remembered to tip him. The room was spacious, much bigger than London hotels, and featured two of the biggest beds she had ever seen. A glance at her watch told her she needed to hurry as she was meeting Jack in the lobby at 8PM. She quickly showered and changed into a long black dress and matching black lace underwear. She sat on the bed and began to pull on a pair of black tights, but changed her mind and, on impulse, got a pair of black holdups out of her bag and put those on instead.

She stood up and took a look in the mirror, the overall impression was good. Not too much makeup, the dress fitted perfectly and showed just enough cleavage to maintain a man's interest. Jacqui and Jack were not internet lovers, so she had not come for a night of passion in a far off hotel room, but Jack had often complimented her on her appearance and she didn't want to disappoint him. She had put the holdup stockings on to feel good in herself. She had standards to maintain and had no desire to have him recoil when he finally got to see her in person. She also wanted to feel attractive. She took a last glance in the mirror before setting off to the lobby to await his arrival.

It was only 7:55PM when the lift doors opened, but she immediately saw Jack was there. She saw the look of recognition on his face and began to descend down the few steps from the elevator. Jack walked briskly over to the steps and embraced her with a hug and gave her a chaste peck on the cheek. After exchanging pleasantries, they set off out into the embrace of the "Big Apple". Conversation flowed as they took various means of transport to quickly take in the major sights. Jack insisted on recording the whole thing for posterity on a tiny camera he had brought with him. Jacqui wasn't sure about photos of her buying gifts in a department store, but nobody around, not even the shop assistants seemed to bat an eyelid, so she let him continue.

They ate in a diner which was something Jacqui had always wanted to do. Traditional New York fayre and so much she had to leave a substantial amount. Jack worried that she didn't like it, but she assured him it was just a question of portion size. She refused to let him photograph her eating, but he did get a couple of shots at the table and the waitress took one of the pair of them. Jack, with his arm around Jacqui's shoulders, both smiling and radiating joy.

By the time they got back to Central Park, they were loaded with bags. Jack expressed a doubt that she would be able to get all this stuff home, but Jacqui was confident she could make it fit in her oversized suitcase. That said, it was a bit inconvenient for their planned stroll around the park. Jacqui suggested that they drop the shopping off in her room and go back out again. The night was still young and there was plenty of time.

Having lived in the US for all of his life, Jack wasn't as impressed as Jacqui had been when he saw the room. It was perfectly acceptable, but nothing out of the ordinary to him. He smiled at the way she marvelled at the size of the beds, the huge window, the mini bar, bathroom and every other aspect of it. He sat on the bed and watched her as she moved around, pointing out features and generally happy to be in New York.

He retrieved the camera from his pocket and snapped a couple of photographs of her. Her smile was permanently fixed and was currently lighting up the room. She came over and sat on the bed opposite him. He asked her to pose for another photo and told her how he wanted her sitting.

Jacqui realised that the pose he was describing, which sitting on the bed, leaning back with both arms was extended behind her and her legs crossed would expose the elasticated part of her hold up stockings to him. It would also make her chest stick out to quite good effect. She felt naughty in teasing Jack this way, but then again, it was harmless fun and her husband wouldn't find out because the images were on Jack's camera, she was not so equipped.

Jack was delighted with the photos and held the camera up for her to see. She checked the hemline of her dress, which was not as revealing as she had feared. What she did notice though, was that the top of her bra cups were visible above the neckline of her dress.

'Oh Jack, that is awful, you can see the top of my bra. Delete it please' she pouted.

'I quite like it' ventured Jack, 'it gives a hint of the sexuality behind the woman'.

Jacqui thought it looked a bit cheap, so she asked again if he could delete it. Jack did as he was asked on condition that she posed again in a similar position. Jacqui agreed, but it soon became obvious that the bra would always be visible in that position. In the end, having gained Jack's agreement to never show anyone else, she submitted and posed, pushing her chest out as far as she could because, in for a penny and all that.

Jack was thoroughly enjoying this impromptu modelling session and glad of the excuse to just admire Jacqui without distractions of crowds, waiters or shopkeepers. He was impressed with how nice the shape of her body was at her age. He conceded that it wasn't perfect, but she had certainly not let herself go as she aged. Jacqui was similarly warming to the activity. She had always been a bit self-conscious, but Jack had put her at ease and she could see how much he liked her appearance. It had been a long time since anyone had admired her in this way, or at least, a long time since she was aware of it.

There was a large armchair in the corner of the room with a standard lamp behind it. Jack asked her to pose for a few photos in the chair, and they experimented with several positions, starting with a "Thinker" like pose which didn't work, and a few others. Jacqui decided she would look comfortable if she actually felt it, so hoisted her legs up onto the seat cushion and leant against the left arm. She noticed that this really did reveal the stocking top, but didn't expose any flesh, so she decided to stay that way whilst Jack snapped away. Jack looked at the results and, whilst he was generally pleased with them, wanted to appear fussy to prolong the photographs. In his mind, this was much more fun than being in the park.

He walked over to the chair and gently adjusted Jacqui's arms, taking care not to pull her about, but also making as much contact as he could with her bare skin. Jacqui noticed that his touch was lingering and also noticed the warmth that flowed through her as he brushed lightly over her bare arms. Jack was becoming genuinely aroused at being in such close proximity to this woman. The smell of her, the soft warm feel of her skin was like a powerful drug to him. He felt himself getting hard and hoped she wouldn't notice. He was now feeling in need of more contact with her. The more the better, but he didn't want her calling the police and being accused of assault or something.

His mind was becoming muddled by the thoughts running into his head, seemingly at random and he was having difficulty collecting his thoughts. He shook his head and decided to push his luck. He suggested that her legs needed arranging and reached down to move them slightly. She made no objection and, although she kept them together, she allowed him to move them to bring one knee lower down the opposite calf. He loved the way her nylon clad legs felt. His crotch was now getting the full message and was now supplying him with a full erection, constrained only by his trousers.

She noticed the way his hands felt so gentle on her legs, how he took great care to grip only very lightly and also how he made his touches linger. She thought about the situation, her alone in a hotel room for the first time in over thirty years with a man other than her husband. The thought sent a flush of excitement through her and she felt arousal rising in her crotch. At this point, she caught sight of Jack's crotch and she realised he was feeling similarly turned on. Well, she thought, there was no harm in being aroused. It was innocent fun, no adultery had taken place. It would not happen again, so she was happy to just enjoy the moment.

Studying closely through his viewfinder, Jack was fairly certain that he could just make out the light colouration of inner thigh. If that was true, it meant that Jacqui was wearing stockings. Jack loved stockings and the thought of being here with her dressed in that way made his heart thump. He also realised that this was a never to be repeated occasion and decided to go for broke.

'Look, Jacqui, please don't take this the wrong way' he stammered, 'but you are probably the most photogenic person I have had the pleasure to meet'.

'Thank you Jack, that is a lovely thing to say, but you don't need to flatter me you know, I am aware of my age and I am no spring chicken'.

'Oh, this is not flattery, this is from the heart'. Jack could feel his face turning red, but was spurred on by the one off nature of the situation. Jacqui smiled at him and just whispered a muted 'Thank you'. He moved to one side and snapped a couple of photographs. He wasn't concentrating now on the photography, but on the woman before him and his arousal.

Before he knew what he was going to say, the words had come out of his mouth and were hanging in the air. 'I would love a photo of you with bare shoulders'. Neither of them moved nor spoke for at least thirty seconds. The tension was almost tangible as they simply looked at each other. Jack was worried that she was about to throw him out.

She moved suddenly and he was convinced she would either hit him or run out of the room. Instead, she simply stood before him and with breasts pushed out and tummy drawn in said 'OK, you had better unzip me', before spinning around on her heel. It took him a few seconds to realise he wasn't going to get hurt and he rose behind her. She spoke again. 'If you just run the zip half way down, I can drop my dress from my shoulders and move my bra straps aside. I will look topless'.

Jack's emotions were in such turmoil that he fumbled with the zipper to such an extent that, when it did start moving, he pulled it all the way down. Jacqui was not concerned and simply gripped it with her elbows and walked over to the bed where she sat down on the edge smiling at him. He came round to sit on the bed opposite and watched as she slowly slipped the dress from her shoulders and did the same with her bra straps. He could now see the mounds of her breasts exposed to a couple of inches above the nipple and his hard cock raged at him for release. He concentrated hard to even remember what the camera did, let alone operate it.

Carefully, he set about composing the frame; he wanted to make sure he got this shot and not to end up with a blur. He also studied the lines of her neck and shoulders, the way one curve led into the next and the obvious softness of her skin. He had seen a photograph of her on holiday in a bikini, but this photo would be a hundred times better because he had seen the real thing.

Jacqui sat watching him concentrate. She had an idea that she was driving him wild and was enjoying the feeling. She didn't know how long it was since she had last done this to a man, but it was very many years ago, long before her body had borne fruit and given her a wonderful family. It was an odd thing that, although she had always been self-conscious and preferred to remain in the background, she wasn't worried about anyone seeing her body. A number of times she had changed on the beach and had probably given someone more than just a glimpse but it never bothered her in the least. It didn't bother her now, she didn't care what Jack wanted to look at. If he looked, it meant she must be worth the look to him.

He snapped a few more pictures and then moved around behind her. He asked her to turn and look back over her shoulder at him. She obliged and watched as he clicked away with his little camera. She wondered how many more photos he could take before the film ran out, then corrected herself as she realised that some memory cards held a great deal of information nowadays. He moved to her and pulled the back of her dress down slightly more, she let him and felt deliciously exposed, even though she was showing nothing that couldn't be seen on the most respectable beach. He snapped again and pronounced himself satisfied.

He walked round and sat back on the opposite bed smiling at her. She regarded him and his obvious delight at this new found pastime. 'Thank you', he said, 'that really is the most amazing set of photos I think'.

'Have you finished then?' Jacqui asked, disappointed with the abrupt end to the fun, but trying not to show it.

'Well, yes I suppose. I can't think of any more poses'.

Jacqui thought for a moment before suggesting 'How about a change of clothing?'

Jack was taken aback that she would want to continue, but he was very glad that she did. Yes, he thought, a change of clothing would mean they could do it all again. He hoped she wouldn't change the stockings though. 'Oh, yes, that will be great', he smiled.

'OK then', she smiled back, 'a change of clothes it is!'

She stood slowly, fixing her gaze into his eyes. As he watched in awe, she slowly drew the dress down over her shoulders. Seductively, she pulled it down over her bra covered breasts, slowly revealing more. She slid it down over her waist and hips, before a final move to reveal her panties and the stockings that Jack thought she had been wearing earlier in the evening. The dress dropped the rest of the way to the floor and she stepped out of it, still brazenly standing before him, looking into his eyes.

Jack just sat staring, hardly being able to believe what he was seeing. Her matching underwear, together with those seductively black tights, made his heart aches with lust. She paused a few seconds more before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. She held it to her body as she brought her hands back round to the front. Jack could only sit frozen to the spot as she slipped the bra downwards bringing her breasts into view. They were every bit as good as he had imagined and they hardly sagged at all. The large areolae with pronounced protruding nipples were exactly the stuff of his dreams.

She moved gracefully around the bed, her breasts swaying gently with each step, and climbed up onto the bed. She positioned herself on her left side, propping up her head with one arm. She laid at an angle so that Jack could see the soft skin of her inner thighs where they were exposed above her stocking tops. She allowed one leg to remain on the bed whilst she drew her right foot towards her, causing her crotch to be exposed as her knee elevated. Only when she was in position did she speak.

'I thought perhaps a change to fewer clothes might be fun'

Jack heard the words and struggled to reply. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that she would do anything like this, let alone on her own volition. He willingly stood and started to snap away with renewed vigour as she posed and exposed her body to his lens. He photographed every naked inch of her and she willingly complied, removing her panties and holding herself open so that he could see the eager wetness inside her. She pulled back the hood of her clitoris and let him take close-ups and distant full body shots whilst she fondled her breasts. Then, just when he thought he couldn't get any hornier, she started to finger herself, telling him to watch her play with her cunt. She told him that she wanted to feel a complete slut and finger fuck herself like a total whore for him to enjoy and to photograph.

The penultimate picture Jack shot that night was of his very hard cock entering her. The final shot was of her pussy and stomach covered in his cum. He was particularly pleased with that one because, the next time he came, later that night, the camera had been forgotten in a frenzy of naked lust filled fucking that would be certain to worsen anyone's jetlag. Well, at least she would sleep well on the flight home.

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The style, the flirting, teasing.... VERY arousing, thank you x

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