The Cage Crinoline


Then they went upstairs and changed into pioneer western women. Each wore a long dress with a full skirt puffed out with layer upon layer of frilly petticoats. They had headscarves and long full waist aprons with large ties at the back. They twirled around to demonstrate how the dresses moved and to check that the petticoats were correctly positioned.

Lisa said "All these petticoats are really restricting. A cage must have been a revelation after this. It would be much easier even just walking."

Alison replied "It's nice having all this soft silkiness swirling round my legs but they weren't like this. They were heavier, bulkier and more practical then."

Jane added "Imagine having to wash them with no detergents and ironing them with coal fired irons. It must have taken forever."

Lisa said "It probably did. I think that the skirts and petticoats must have been filthy in the real Wild West. Some of the photos I've seen look as if the dresses hadn't been washed for weeks. Although some of them do look as if they've dressed specially for the occasion. And the cowboys looked grubby as well. It's just as well we can't smell what they smelt like then."

"I can't imagine some of our guys wanting to eat real Pioneer women under layers of grimy clothes, can you?" asked Alison.

"No, I can't. Perhaps that's why it wasn't "done" then." said Lisa.

They sat down with some snacks and coffee and watched TV while waiting for Thomas.

After about an hour Lisa's phone rang.

"Lisa, it's Harold. The coach is on its way. They lost the match and Thomas is now likely to be dropped after tonight's showing. Apparently he played really badly and missed several chances. He won't be happy and neither is the manager. I'll know more tomorrow but be careful with Thomas. He'll be in a bad mood, I think."

"Thanks, Harold. We'll do what we can. See you tomorrow morning. Bye" Lisa hung up and told Alison and Jane.

"We'll be as gentle as we can, Lisa" said Alison. "But we've GOT to know what is going on. We can't let Thomas off the hook."

"I know. I know. But how? I don't think Thomas is really responding to me now. That's why I wanted you two. If he doesn't want me anymore he might respond to you .. " Lisa sat down suddenly and tears slid down her cheeks. "He's been great but I'm sure it's nearly over." She was crying openly now. Jane and Alison sat beside her and hugged her.

"Lisa, please pull yourself together." said Jane "If it's the last thing you do, it's for him. It can be your farewell, if that's what it has to be, but if you can sort out whatever trouble he's in you could both start again with something good to look back on."

Lisa sniffed, scrabbled in her skirt pocket, produced a large handkerchief and blew her nose loudly.

"Thank you for that, Jane. I'll try."

They heard Thomas coming up the stairs. Alison and Jane hid behind the door as Thomas entered. As he came through they grabbed his arms and kissed him.

"What..!" exclaimed Thomas "Oh, hello Alison, hello Jane. You startled me."

He dropped his heavy sports bag as Lisa hugged him.

"What have I done to deserve this welcome?" asked Thomas

"We thought you might need cheering up" said Alison "Come and sit with us while Lisa makes some coffee."

She and Jane gently pulled Thomas on to the chaise longue. They sat either side of him, spreading their skirts over his legs. Each held one of his arms and he was kissed again and again. Despite himself he began to respond. That encouraged the girls who kissed harder.

Jane slid sideways to rest her back against the slope of the chaise longue pulling Thomas back with her. His head was soon cradled between Jane's breasts as Alison continued to kiss him. Then Alison straddled him in a froth of petticoats and he was sandwiched between the two girls and held firmly. He couldn't protest because his mouth was full of Alison's insistent tongue.

Lisa came in with a tray of coffee mugs and put it down quietly. Jane winked at her from above Thomas' head which could be barely seen under Alison's flowing hair. Then Jane nodded, tapped Alison on the shoulder and ... then he was engulfed in fast moving women!

Alison pulled away from Thomas grabbing his hands. Lisa dropped forward onto him flattening him under her breasts. She held one of his arms while Jane grabbed the other. Alison tied his wrists together with a silk scarf taken from her apron's pocket. Then she tied his ankles with another as he struggled for breath, trapped between Lisa and Jane's breasts. He just managed to turn his head away from Lisa but Jane's hand held her breast in his way as Lisa moved and covered his mouth and nose with her breast. He couldn't breathe, or see!

Alison took her headscarf off, folded it and quickly tied a knot in the centre. Then she tapped Lisa on the back. Lisa heaved herself off Thomas who gasped for breath. As his mouth gaped open Alison jammed the knotted scarf into it. Lisa lifted his head as Jane tied the scarf tight behind him. Then his head was lowered back between Jane's breasts. All seemed as before except now he was helpless, tied and gagged firmly.

Alison stood up. She and Lisa sipped coffee while watching Thomas struggle futilely with his bonds. He glared at them over the gag.

Lisa nodded to Jane who cupped his gagged mouth with one hand while she pinched his nostils shut with the fingers of the other. Thomas was suffocating. His face started to turn red and his bound legs thrashed until Alison carefully put her coffee down and sat on them. He was turning purple when Jane released his nose. He snorted hard for several minutes while the girls watched him intently. Jane's fingers reached for his nose again but Lisa spoke first.

"Hold it, Jane. We haven't told him yet what we want from him. We ought to give him a chance to co-operate before we get too rough"

"That's rich, coming from you" said Alison "You're usually the one who is rough." She arranged her skirt and petticoats over Thomas' body.

Thomas' eyes followed the girls as they spoke. Then Jane's voice came from above his head.

"It's not really fair of us to torture him without giving him a chance to talk first."

She loosened the gag and pulled it down on to his neck. Before Thomas had taken a bare breath she pulled it tight, strangling him.

"But he mustn't think he's out of danger" Jane ended, releasing the pressure as Thomas gasped again. "Over to you Lisa."

"Thomas! We need you to talk to us and we don't want any lies." started Lisa. Thomas started to say something but Jane's hand gagged him tightly. "Not yet!" hissed Jane in his ear.

"We know that you are in trouble" said Alison "We don't know what the trouble is, but we have worked out quite a few things and we need you to tell us some more so that we can help you. Are you going to tell us?"

Thomas' head shook as violently as he could manage despite being held firmly between Jane's breasts.

"You are NOT going to tell us?" Lisa asked looking dangerous.

The head shook again.

"You are more afraid of something or someone else than you are of us?" Lisa asked again.

Thomas' head nodded slowly.

"Even though we're here, we've got you tied up and you know I can get VERY VERY angry?"

Thomas' head barely nodded but a nod it was.

Lisa jumped forward, pushed him off the chaise longue on to the floor. Alison went flying with the force of Lisa's attack and Jane's grip was broken. Lisa landed on Thomas and hit him several times in the chest. Then she started banging his head against the floor, getting harder each time.

Alison and Jane rushed to stop Lisa. Alison tried to pull her off but Jane threw herself across Thomas. Jane wrapped his head in her arms, cushioning it from the floor, but getting bruised herself by Lisa's violence. They both screamed at Lisa to stop. She continued to punch Thomas until Alison covered him with her body, catching two of Lisa's punches on her back. Alison's squeal of pain finally stopped Lisa's attack. Lisa sat back on her heels crying bitterly. Jane and Alison cradled Thomas between them. He tried to speak but Jane's hand gently prevented him.

Alison moved, winced, then spoke quietly.

"Are you pleased with yourself, Lisa? You've hurt three of us and all we've learned is that Thomas is in REAL trouble. We knew that before. Please go away for a while and calm yourself down. Jane and I will see what we can do while you are gone."

Lisa nodded, picked herself up, collected her coffee and went out of the room, still crying.

Jane removed her hand from Thomas' mouth.

"I'm sorry about that, Thomas. Lisa's been worried sick about you for weeks. We, and she, thought she could keep her temper in control. We were wrong. Are you all right?"

Thomas moved gingerly. "I think so, apart from some bruising. Lisa punches hard."

"I know!" said Alison "I caught one or two of them."

Thomas suddenly realised what Jane had said. "Lisa's known for WEEKS?"

"Yes" replied Jane "She's known that you are in trouble and we've even worked out that it's as a result of something that happened after the Stag Party in Hogstock. She's been worried about you since then and frustrated because you wouldn't talk and she couldn't make you."

Alison added "She's kept it all bottled up hoping you would tell her. Now you've admitted there's something wrong, which she knew, but STILL won't tell she flipped despite her promises to us."

"I can't tell. I daren't." whispered Thomas "You don't know what you are asking me."

"Well, if you won't tell, we'd better get you to somewhere where Lisa can't do as much damage - because she won't stop until you DO tell her." said Jane. "Come on, Alison, let's get him into the bedroom. He'll be safer on the bed."

The two heaved Thomas up. Alison tied his knees before releasing his ankles so that he could hobble slowly. They pulled him into the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. Alison lay across him pinning his head and shoulders to the bed while Jane undid his trousers pulling them and his pants down to his tied knees. Despite his protests she strapped his thighs together, untied his knees and whipped his clothes off. Then she lashed his ankles again. Meanwhile Jane had carefully stripped his upper half. Finally they sat back. Thomas was naked except for the scarves binding his ankles and wrists. His manhood had erected as he was stripped so efficiently.

"I claim that!" said Jane. "You can have it next, Alison."

Jane lifted her petticoats and settled herself on his tool. Her skirt flared around her, swathing him from feet to chest.

Alison lifted her skirt and petticoats as well then her muff covered Thomas' nose and mouth. Her hands linked behind his head, pulling him in deeper. Jane moved regularly on him and Alison joined in the rhythm. Thomas had to breath in the same tempo as his face became slick with Alison's juices. The girls went faster and faster as Thomas moaned under them. Finally Alison dragged her petticoats around his head wrapping him tightly and forced his face into her moist muff just before he spent himself inside Jane.

Alison untangled his head and wiped his face with a petticoat. She smiled down at him.

"Did you enjoy that? I did."

Thomas nodded, a faint smile on his face.

Jane's voice came from behind Alison.

"You can have much more of that - if you talk."

Thomas' smile faded fast. A worried expression replaced it.

"I can't. They'd ..." He stopped.

"They'd what?" asked Alison "Who are they?"

"I can't tell you. I really can't" he said

"You'd better or else Lisa will break you into little pieces. We want to help you. Don't underestimate what we and your friends can do." replied Alison.

Thomas' face crumpled and tears started flowing.

"I know that you'd all help but I honestly think it's beyond anything you could do." he sobbed.

Alison and Jane climbed off him and lay either side of him. Jane pulled his head against her breast and caressed him.

"We haven't left you any choice" Jane said "Either you tell us, tonight, or Lisa beats you into a pulp and we drain you dry as long as you stay alive. You are staying with us until we know exactly what the problem is. While you are here, Frances and Candice are working on George."

"George! They're working on George?" he cried

"Yes. If we don't succeed, they might. Candice can be very persuasive and George hasn't got a hope. Neither have you - so get talking!" Jane ordered.

Thomas shuddered at the thought of Lisa losing her temper again. Then he decided.

"I don't have much choice" he admitted "I think George will tell Candice even if I don't tell you. He really loves her and she ... she can be devastatingly persuasive."

Alison tapped him gently "And we can't be?"

"Yes you can but Candice is something else. I don't know what it is but she sees right through you and accepts you as you are, faults and all. She's amazing."

"So you will talk?" Jane asked, seeking confirmation.

"Yes - but only if you two can protect me from Lisa. She'll go beserk when she knows."

Alison got off the bed. "I'll go and talk to her. I'll try and arrange that she won't hurt you .."

Thomas interrupted "Her promise wouldn't be enough. She promised you that she wouldn't hurt me before .. remember?"

"OK, Thomas. I'll sort something out."

Alison left the room. Jane kissed Thomas. He shivered. Jane spread her skirt over him and hugged him.

"Are you cold?" she asked

"Not really, not now" he said, snuggling up to her. "I'm just scared stiff."

They lay together for several minutes until Alison came back.

"I've persuaded Lisa. She's agreed to be immobilised while you tell us and I've trapped her violence for you. She's caged."

"She's what?!" exclaimed Jane

"Caged!" retorted Alison "We'll have to take Thomas to her. She's downstairs."

"He'd better wear a bit more than skin, then." said Jane. "But we're not giving him his clothes back, not yet. Find something, please, Alison"

Alison looked in Lisa's wardrobe. She riffled through the dresses until she found one that would suit. Then she opened Lisa's lingerie drawer.

"OK" she said "These will do. Stand him up, Jane"

She pulled a silky teddy down over his head to his waist, eased it back up inside his arms and fastened the shoulder straps. Then she buttoned it between his legs. Then, with Jane's help she slid a full length bra-topped slip up before again fastening the straps. Finally she pulled a silky high necked column dress down outside his arms before pulling the back zip up to the neck. Thomas was sheathed from head to toe. Alison untied his ankles.

"Now you can come downstairs with us." Alison said

They had to support Thomas on the stairs since the dress was far too long. Lisa was taller than him and would have worn high heels with that dress. They emerged into the workroom but Lisa was not in sight. They sat Thomas on a chair facing the cage-crinoline, tied his ankles to the chair legs and then tied a length of wide silk ribbon around his waist securing him to the back of the chair.

"OK Lisa" said Alison "You can come out now"

Thomas flinched. He didn't want Lisa coming out while he was helplessly sheathed and immobile. But Lisa didn't come out. Only her head came out. It popped out of the waistband of the cage crinoline.

Jane laughed. Even Thomas managed a faint smile. Lisa looked ridiculous. She spoke.

"Thomas!" she said severely "I may look silly but I've done this for you. I can't get out of here without help. You are safe from me, no matter what you say. I only agreed to this because you are a friend and you're deep in the shit."

Thomas gulped. It was true. If Lisa was prepared to make herself look so stupid just for him she must really care about him. As he realised the scale of what Lisa and her friends were willing to do it made him feel very humble.

"Thank you, Lisa. I appreciate it. I really do. I can't understand why you three care so much but I can't keep quiet while you do so much to make me talk." Tears started running down his face again. Jane wiped them away with her apron then pulled his head gently against her waist. Thomas began to tell the girls about the problem.

"As you worked out, it's happened after the stag party at Hogstock. George and I went in a taxi to the motel with the two couples from London, only they weren't two couples. They were two criminals and two prostitutes, but we didn't know that. The girls were nearly unconscious which is why George and I agreed to help. We didn't know any of them, but since we had been sitting near them and they were going to Silverbridge we offered to help. I wish we hadn't."

"Go on" said Lisa quietly

"The four of us unloaded the two girls and carried them into a motel room. They had two adjoining rooms. When we'd put the girls on the double bed the men said they would go into "their" room and see if they had anything to help bring the girls round. We were left alone with two unconscious girls. One started to come round and wanted to go to the bathroom. It took both of us to get her there and she spewed up into and over the toilet. It took sometime to clean her and the bathroom up and then we took her back to the bedroom. The other girl was lying there exactly as we'd left her. She hadn't moved an inch. There was no sign of the men although it must have been at least a quarter of an hour since they went.

Then the girl we were carrying screamed "She's dead!". We thought she was raving but we put her down and I went to look at the second girl. I touched her. She was cold. I shook her. Nothing happened. I felt for a pulse but couldn't find one. By this time I was getting desperate. I tried chest massage and mouth to mouth resuscitation. When I tired George took over. All the time the other girl was sobbing and repeating "She's dead, She's dead". I banged on the communicating door and eventually the men came through. Then it turned nasty."

He stopped. The girls looked at him and at each other.

"What happened?" asked Jane.

"They accused us of killing her. They said that she was OK when they left so we must have done something to her. We wanted to call the police but they wouldn't let us. They told us that it was our word against three of them. As far as they were concerned it was our fault. If we hadn't been drinking as well we might have suspected that something was wrong with the set up, but we didn't."

"Then they changed. They would help us. They would take the body away so that it wouldn't be found with us. They didn't want to be involved with a police enquiry so they'd dump her somewhere a long way from Silverbridge. We should have rung the police but the phone in the room didn't work and the motel's office was shut. We weren't thinking straight and all three of them were shouting at us. Eventually we agreed and stupidly we went along with their suggestion. They got their car, we loaded the dead girl into the back seat strapped in with the other girl holding her up. Then they drove away."

Thomas stopped. Lisa, Jane and Alison were pale. They hadn't expected anything like this. Alison stroked Thomas' hair. Jane's free hand stroked his cheek. Thomas gulped and then continued.

"George and I cleaned the room as best we could. We tried to wipe any places that we might have left fingerprints on. Then we left. We walked into Silverbridge and I spent the rest of the night in George's flat. The next morning it seemed as if we had a nightmare but we'd both had the same one. We should have gone to the police then but we didn't think they'd believe us. We were worried because those two Londoners were really hard people. It would be our word against theirs and we didn't think they would hesitate to blame us. We took the easy way out and tried to forget it - but we couldn't. After a few days it seemed as if we'd got away with it. There were no reports of a girl's body being found. It almost seemed as if we'd imagined it. Until .."

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