tagBDSMThe Captain

The Captain


She waits patiently for his arrival. Looking around, she wonders how she got here. Thinking back on the last couple of years of her life, she can see the turning point on a lot of things. A failed marriage, a disastrous few relationships, financial and personal troubles. It just never seemed to end. All she wanted was to be able to get away from things for a few hours. Freedom.

She had looked at all the normal places to find what she craved. Most of the time she found predators that couldn't be trusted with what she really needed. He was different though. They met online, friendship was the only thing they really expected from each other. He was married and happily so. As time passed, they grew closer. He worked out of town for periods of time, so they were able to talk a lot. Sometimes, on lonely nights, they would indulge and exchange a few naughty pictures and have some fun although that only happened a few times.

She knew he was a Dom and she was his counterpart, a submissive. For her, she loved his take charge, no nonsense attitude. He was smart and funny plus he was hot and handsome. Time passed, and they became fast friends, they discussed issues in their lives, but she knew he always held back. Though it bothered her some, she let it go. She tried to prove she was trustworthy and not someone out to destroy his life, she cared too much to do that but after a while she gave up. If he wanted to give her more information, he would, she wouldn't ask him anything. To her, if he trusted her, he would share things she had shared with him. In the end, she pushed past that and decided that it was better to just let it be.

Looking up in the mirror of the cottage by the beach they rented for the weekend, she thinks back to that first face to face meeting. She had gotten there early, she wanted to have time to shake off some of the nerves. She knew what kind of vehicle he had so she watched and waited. Seeing him pull in, she stepped out of her car, he smiled at her. Smiling back, she meets him at his car and they embrace. Light conversation, lots of hands on each other and many kisses later, they realized the attraction they had made light of was real, or at least she did. His lips against hers were soft and demanding while his hands pulled her against him tighter each time their lips met. They couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other or their lips. Even now, she smiles when she thinks about it.

Most would say she should feel guilty about what she's done and what she will do. Most would call her a slut, a whore, a homewrecker. In reality, she is but she has no regrets. She's known she's cared for this man much more than she should for quite some time. She has tried not to admit it to herself but has failed miserably. So, she finds herself here following her heart again, knowing that it won't come out to her advantage but knowing that if she doesn't she will regret it.

She hears a knock at the door of the cottage and goes to answer. Opening it, she sees him standing there with a smile on his face. She smiles back and he rushes through the door and takes her in his arms. Her arms slide around his neck and she feels him against her, holding her again, finally. Her eyes close and she breathes him in, she kisses him on the cheek and he pulls her back slightly and kisses her lips gently. His hand pushes through her hair and he grasps it pulling her head back and holding her steady. The kiss deepens and he pulls her tighter against him. She feels his hardness against her abdomen and moans needing more. Slamming the door shut, he walks them back into the room while they kiss passionately. Reaching the bed, he stops and pulls back. His thumb runs over her cheek and she leans into his touch. They smile at each other and he starts to say something but hesitates. She shakes her head and leans in to kiss him again.

"Be a good girl and get on your knees for me, I need your mouth on me first," his voice is deep and tinged with need. I do as he asks and kneel before him, my eyes level with his cock. I can see he's hard. I lick my lips needing to taste him. My eyes cast downward, I wait for his command to begin. He knows I am getting impatient. "Good girl, now take my cock out and suck it good," he commands. I reach up and unzip and unfasten his pants, pull out his cock and lick the first bead of cum off the head. Moaning because I am loving the taste, my mouth encloses the head and my tongue runs over the head rapidly and repeatedly. "Fuck," mutters from his lips as his hands tangle in my hair. Gripping my hair tightly, he begins to move in and out of my mouth. His eyes are glued to where my lips meet his cock. My eyes are glued to his. My tongue swirls over his cock and I suck hard. He pulls me deeper onto his hard cock, his eyes are still on my lips. I moan enjoying worshipping him this way. Grasping my hair tightly he starts thrusting, deep and slow, penetrating my throat as I swallow him down. He starts to move setting a slow, deep rhythm. His eyes meet mine and he moans as I swirl my tongue over the head of his cock. "That feels so good," he whispers to me and pulls me off him. He pulls me up and kisses me hard, his tongue dances with mine, his lips soft and demanding devour me. "You have far too many clothes on for me." He utters into my lips between kisses.

He steps back, tells me to strip and for every garment I remove, he removes the same one. When he is down to his boxers and I am in my cheeky panties and matching bra, he halts the progress. "On the bed, hurry, I want to eat that pussy, but the rest is mine to remove," there's no question I need to follow his command, I need him to devour me. I lay down on my back and he lands on top of me, his hands cup my breasts and pinch my nipples, then move down over my ass as he grinds his hard cock against me. Kissing my neck, he pulls my hands over my head and whispers for me not to move them. I grab onto the rail tightly, so I'm not even tempted to move them. He pulls out his knife and tells me that he hopes I'm not attached to my underthings because I won't be needing them. I shake my head and he swiftly cuts them from me. His mouth devours my breasts, sucking, licking, nipping. His fingers squeeze and pinch the other nipple and I start to soak my panties. His hand moves down my abdomen and over the panties to find them wet and he chuckles in my ear. Rubbing harder against my clit he finds that spot on my neck that makes me crazy. Sucking and biting that spot while he rubs against my clit sends me over the edge into orgasm. "That's my good girl." He whispers in my ear.

Taking his knife, he cuts my panties and they fall away. He runs his hands over my bare smooth pussy feeling the wetness that has seeped out with my excitement. "You are so wet for me, aren't you?" He asks already knowing the answer. He moves down and leans his head to my aching center and breathes in deep. Taking his fingers, he exposes my needy clit and tastes the needy bud. My back arches in response to his lapping tongue. I struggle to leave my hands over my head for him. I feel his tongue lap over my clit and part my folds. His fingers follow and he pushes two into me to find that special spot. I moan and my pussy clenches tight onto his fingers in response to his touches.

He presses harder and faster onto that g-spot and I scream out, "Captain!" as I tumble over the edge wetting his hands and face.

Looking up at me he tells me, "On your knees, arms over your head, I'm going to fuck you hard. I'm going to use you until you can't walk. I'm going to turn you into a puddle. You won't be able to move when I am done with you." His eyes are serious and full of lust and need. I obey immediately.

On my knees, I wait. I feel his hands move over my ass and down my back. His knees urge mine further apart to open my up to him. His hand grips my hair pulling my head back, his other hand comes down with a hard smack against my ass. My eyes close hoping he has another for me. I wait. He doesn't disappoint me. "Does my dirty girl like me spanking her and marking her with my hand prints?" he asks gruffly, his voice full of lust.

"Yes Sir, mark me, spank me, use me, fuck me, I'm yours to do whatever you want." I moan out what he needs to hear and what I need him to hear from me. It's the truth. His hand comes down on the other cheek harder this time and I moan out an "oomph." He takes his hard cock and rubs along my pussy. I'm wet, dripping wet and he's using that, spreading it around. "Please Sir, I need you inside me. Please. I want to feel you inside me. Fill me Sir. Please." I beg him for more as he run his cock along my clit and over my folds and over my ass. With one more slap to my ass, he grabs his cock and pushes inside me. Filling my pussy so well, we both moan. He starts thrusting hard and fast, pushing my head to the bed, he feels deeper inside me. He keeps thrusting, hitting my g-spot hard. I can feel myself getting ready to cum. "I'm getting ready to cum Sir, may I?" I ask him in a shaky voice.

"Cum whenever you want, you've been a good girl. My good girl. I've missed you so much. I want to feel that tight pussy squeeze my cock when you cum." He's talking to me so dirty and I'm loving it. I close my eyes and let go. I can't hold back any longer. "Fuck, I can feel you squeezing me so good, your cum dripping down my balls. I want you to cum for me again. I need you to." His rhythm is harder and faster. He has started spanking me alternating cheeks on my ass.

"Fuck Sir, I'm going to cum again!" I yell out before I let loose. He pulls out and buries his face in my pussy. He's licking and spanking my pussy and I'm continuously cumming. He stops and shoves his cock inside my needy pussy again. I'm getting louder and I can't stop cumming.

"I'm going to fill your pussy up with my cum. I want to see it drip out. Fuck, I am going to cum now. "He almost whispers to me. It sounds like desperate prayers. I reach under me and rub my clit a little. "Filling that pussy now, fuck it feels so good." He gives me the final thrusts filling my pussy as I cum with him.

We collapse together in bed. He folds me into his arms tight. I close my eyes and breathe him memorizing every detail in my head and heart. We rest until the next time. I feel safe and secure with him. Loved even. I have missed him. More than I will ever admit.

I wake hours later craving him. Craving to have him inside me. He is on his back and naked. I pull the covers back and eye his cock. Taking him in my hand, I hold it and give it a few strokes. I lean over and take his soft member in my mouth sucking hard enjoying the softness of him. He doesn't remain soft long though, and before long, he is hard and has his hands in my hair guiding me up and down his shaft. He pulls me off and asks me if I had permission to do that. I tell him no, but I just wanted him inside me so much that I want to ride him.

"Ride me girl. Get on my cock and ride me. I want to feel you sink down on me." His voice is husky with lust and need. His hands are rough and guiding me on top of him already. I am on my knees, his cock in my hand, guiding him into my wet pussy as I set down on top of it. He feels so good, stretching me so good. I moan as I feel him go deeper and deeper inside me. The last bit I set down hard and fast on him and grind against him. We both moan. I reach down and rub my clit and grind some more. He slaps my hand away. "Do not touch yourself yet, I want to do that. Take your time. I want to enjoy this. We have lots of time." He smiles at me and I smile back. I lean forward, my breasts in his face. He takes them and cups them and pinches my nipples. I ride up and down on his shaft. A steady rhythm. I move to lean back and place my feet on the bed so I can ride and he can watch himself go in and out of my pussy. He loves this position and it feels so good. I start riding and he watches, his hand starts tweaking my clit and I feel myself getting close to cumming.

"I am going to cum if you continue to do that Sir," I warn him. I know he owns all that when I am with him. It's his to control.

"Cum as you wish," he tells me as he starts rubbing faster. I begin to move faster. I can feel myself getting there. "I can feel your pussy start to squeeze me love. Do it. Cum all over me." With that I can't hold back. A couple more thrusts for me and I fall over the edge screaming his name.

"Fuck, Sir, I'm cummimg, it feels so good, fuck. Oh God, I think I'm cumming again." I can feel myself cumming again. This time I look down at him and he is soaked. I have squirted and soaked him. I am embarrassed and ashamed but also, I am feeling like I have marked him as mine too. He has this look in his eyes though that I have not seen before though.

"Are you marking me?" He asks me. Not giving me time to answer, he flips me off him and has me on my back with him on top of me. "I like that you would want to. So, if it was an accident or on purpose, I am ok with that, it was hot, and I loved it," he kisses me and my arms wrap around his neck. We kiss passionately. He pulls back and puts my leg on his shoulders. His hard cock enters my pussy. "Still wet, tight and ready for me, MINE!" He says forcefully.

"Yours, only yours Sir," I tell him. He begins to set and hard and fast rhythm. Eye to eye, we never waiver. Each moan together. "Please love, cum with me, inside me, mark me, make me yours, keep me, love me," I plead to him.

"Cum for me girl," he tells me again and I do and we cum together. Tears run down my cheeks and I begin to sob hard. Tears fill his eyes as well. I see so much there, all I need to know. He lands on top of me and we roll to the side holding each other as we fall asleep.

Later we decide to get dinner, so we get a shower and get ready. I didn't know it was going to be together. I had warmed it up and was stepping in when I felt his naked body pressed against me and his arms around me. His lips pressed against my ear, he asks if I need someone to wash my back and I immediately agree. We step in and the hot water washes over us reviving us and washing away the day. His hands roam over my body cupping, pinching and squeezing. His lips kiss while his teeth bite and nip at my skin in all the right places. My neck, nipples, breasts, pussy, back, he knows me so well. "Bend over my love, I need to be inside you now." He whispers in my ear. I bend over and spread my legs, bracing myself against the wall. I know this will be hard and fast. "Touch yourself, make yourself cum for me." He tells me as he licks over my clit and through my folds. I reach back and run my finger where his tongue just was and hear him moan. "Good girl," he mumbles and he stands. He enters my pussy hard and fast. "Fuck," we both moan. He smacks my ass hard on each cheek as he starts thrusting. It stings but it feels good. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back and thrusts harder into my pussy.

My fingers move faster over my clit. My senses are overwhelmed. "I'm cumming!" I squeak out at the last minute and I can't hold back. My knees go weak and I am on the verge of collapsing in the floor. He holds me tight and pulls me up and into his arms. We stand and lean against the cold tile to catch our breath. His cum and mine mingle and run down my leg as we hold each other and kiss. No words needed between us. Actions are our words.

He gathers everything and washes my hair and me. In turn, I wash him and tend to him. This makes me feel so good to be able to take care of him like this. I carefully wash and dry him. He dresses in his clothes and leaves me to get ready.

Dinner was wonderful. Steak, wine, salad, potato, desserts, more wine. We laughed and talked. We held hands. People asked how long we had been married. I must've looked sad when they asked as I didn't have a wedding band and he did. I don't know what he told them for I tuned it out because I know what this is and I know what this will be. Putting my chin up and willing myself not to cry, I smile at him and we move on with the night. After dinner, he wants to go to a movie. The movie was great, we cuddle close, he has his arm around me the whole time. We share lots of kisses. What we were doing felt like what normal couples do. I miss that- a lot.

We go back to our beach front cottage and go out on the deck and watch listen to the ocean waves crash against the shore and cuddle on the lounger. We begin to kiss. His arms around me feel so right and so good. His lips against mine so soft and demanding. His hands pulling me tight against him. We make love in the dark there on the deck with waves and the stars. It was perfect. Each time I fall for him more and more.

Saturday, he had to work so I spent the day on the beach enjoying the sun and water. I feel a shadow over me and hear his voice, "Is that what you wore all day?"

"Yes, is there a problem?" It's just a bikini. I'm a curvy girl so there's more material but it's cute and I am sure to get a rocking tan. Not to mention I can take the top off to sunbathe if I want to when I am laying on my stomach. That must be what he is upset about. Fastening it back, I turn over and head towards the water. "Are you coming in or what Captain?" I ask winking.

Shaking his head and smiling he throws his shirt off and jogs after me. We reach the water and his hands are all over me. He has reached under my suit and pulled me against him and kissed me like crazy. He is usually not this handsy in public, but I love it. "Tell me about your day Captain." I smile and reach into his trunks grabbing his cock.

"You don't play fair Nurse Betty!" He laughs and kisses me hard. He tells me about his day of training for his job. To me, it seems interesting, but he is bored, and I get that. I would love to do something different, move away and start over fresh. We laugh over the funny things that happen and he tells me that there may be an opportunity for him to do something new and interesting, but it would be a huge change. I don't know what that means but all I can do is wait now.

We decide to clean up and head to dinner for the evening. We head to the shower and quickly get ready for dinner because we are both starving from our playing in the water. He tells me to go on to his truck and wait for him for a minute he wants to get a few things ready for tonight. I can only imagine what he means so I do as he asks and wait patiently in the truck as he gets things ready. About 30 minutes later he comes out and gets in the truck and we leave. He is smiling from ear to ear. I ask him what he's smiling about and his smile falters slightly, but he manages to recover and tell me that he's just happy to be here with me. Deep down I know in some ways it's the truth but in others he wishes it was her. I will never be able to take her place. I understand that. I plant on my own fake smile and tell him that I'm glad I'm here too. The truth is that I am glad I am here. More than glad. I just can't tell him how much.

We start off to dinner again, this time he has chosen something light for us. A fresh Mexican place. It's light and delicious. He makes me skip the wine and the dessert. He says play time must be done with a clear and level head. I happen to whole heartedly agree. Dinner is fun and relaxing. We talk and laugh and have a great time. We hold hands and flirt. It's a great night. We make our way back to the truck and he pulls me over in the seat next to him. He puts his arm around me and I place my hand on his leg with my head on his shoulder. Things just feel so right.

We arrive at the cottage and I'm sad to see the ride end. I will be writing about this night in my diary. Unlocking the door, he stops me, "Whatever you find, you have the ability to use your safe word and it will not affect anything else between us," he states standing there with a concerned look on his face.

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