The Carousel


Dan hated to go shopping with his wife. They had been married twenty years and he knew the trip would be just like the last hundred or so. She needed clothes: old lady, boring lady, church lady clothes.

God, how it sucked!

Just once he hoped that she would find her way into Victoria's Secret, or even the lingerie aisle at Kmart. But never any luck with Claire. Print skirts down to her knees, white pantyhose, and huge white bras. Dan felt as though he had died and gone to hell. But today would be different, as he would soon find out.

Today, they went to the new mall outside the city. It was huge, and there were so many new stores that maybe Claire would get lost in there trying on her matronly clothes. Perhaps he could even slip off and then pretend that he had become lost.

He was desperately trying to find an excuse to escape her before he had even found a parking spot. Fifteen minutes in the car with his wife was torture. Thank God there had been little traffic or the trip would have taken much longer. As Dan counted his blessings, he saw the massive structure of the mall center court approaching.

Dan could hear his wife's breathing increase as they got closer to the doors.

How about I let you out at the front. You won't have to walk so far, okay Honey? I'll park and meet you inside.

He knew that she was aching to get inside, and she readily took him up on his selfish offer. Dan, after all, had a plan. He was not going to follow her around all day as the dutiful husband. No, he was going to enjoy this trip too. He watched as his wife disappeared inside the mall, and then drove around the building to the opposite side knowing that she would not expect him from the other direction.

She had all the credit cards, well, except for his secret one, and plenty of cash. Dan knew he had provided for her well, and he found himself beginning to daydream of a million pair of panties that waited him in the lingerie shop. Why should he feel guilty? He thought to himself.

All Dan wanted to do was look, after all, he was a man, and he needed to be turned on. Sex for him was about more than just getting off; he needed some visual stimulation too. That was something that his wife just didn't understand.

Dan wasn't a bad husband, he had even tried masturbating with his wife's old granny panties but it made him feel as old as she looked dressed in those awful white lace drawers. He had once bought soft cotton prints for her, thongs, that she threw away and then cried. He tried. What more can a man do?

Grand opening day at the mall was a big deal in the little town. There were balloons everywhere and the smell of fresh popcorn and cheap hotdogs filled the air. It was almost like the atmosphere at a county fair in the fall, except there were no rides. Dan could hear bells and chimes and music. He looked far ahead into the crowd and could see that there was a carousel in the sun room area at the end of the food court.

Dan had reached the faux gold railing that surrounded the carousel and he was mesmerized as he watched the machine float elegantly around the sun filled room. After several rotations, he noticed a woman sitting sidesaddle on one of the monstrous looking horses. She was wearing a halter-top and a black mini skirt that rose almost too far up her thighs because of the way she was perched on the horse.

As she passed the second time, he could see that she was wearing a pair of light pink panties. Damn! They were beautiful, and so was she. The young woman had long auburn hair and it floated behind her as the carousel whirled and twirled around.

She seemed to be in her early thirties, and she seemed so free, so uninhibited, and somehow, she seemed innocent. Dan could not help but envy that lime green and yellow horse.

Lucky fuckin' horse, he thought. He would have gladly traded places with the evil looking plastic horse. Yes, even for just one ride, he would have gladly let her sit on his back. Dan let himself become lost in the vision of the young woman on the horse. He could almost feel the softness of her creamy white thighs.

He could taste her sweet breath as he kissed her and the feel of her hair was like silk to his work worn hands. Dan had let himself become totally lost in the fantasy of taking that unknown women right there on the carousel, and he could feel his pants becoming tight as he achieved an erection.

Oh, it didn't take much for him, and maybe, somehow, the young woman knew it. The carousel passed Dan one last time and as it slowed, he was sure that the woman looked directly at him and smiled. She almost seemed shy, but maybe she was being coy; Dan wasn't sure. He had never cheated on his wife, but he had thought about it a thousand times.

He had the opportunity to cheat many times, but never acted upon it. Sometimes he regretted that he had passed up a chance to just have a good fuck with someone he didn't know. Much too soon for Dan, the carousel came to a stop. The music waned and Dan waited anxiously for the young woman to disembark from the platform and come to him.

He blushed when he realized that his hope was in vain, after all, why would she come to him? She didn't know him; she was probably with someone. Perhaps she was just putting on a show for her husband or boyfriend, or maybe she just liked to show herself to strangers. Dan turned to walk away, still throbbing from the panty peek that the young woman had given him. He assured himself that if that incident was to be the highlight of this trip, the trip was certainly worth it. He resigned himself to wandering the corridors of the mall in search of his wife.

Dan sighed and looked for someone who could direct him to the shop that sells disgusting middle aged woman clothes. He knew he wasn't being fair, his wife was beautiful; she just refused to show off her body. To Claire, sex was perfunctory. Just to have a child. Dan had often wondered why or how a woman could be so cold in bed. She was even like that when she was younger, but Dan had wanted her for his wife anyway. He just didn't realize how much he would be giving up. Now,almost thirty years later, he was sorry.

Sorry that he didn't marry the wild, lusty woman he dated in college. Gina. That was her name. Too late for Gina, he told himself and made his way towards the opposite end of the mall. Ten minutes into the search for his wife, Dan saw a tall, exotic looking woman handing out samples if front of a new shop. The samples appeared to be soap, or maybe shampoo.

As Dan got closer, he could see that the shop was filled with nothing but women. There were woman of every shape and size, but the tall thin ones greatly outnumbered the chunky ones. But to Dan, they were all so beautiful...lovely, sexy women. Women buying panties and bras. Women buying panties.


The phrase flashed like a neon sign in his brain and Dan felt sick to his stomach. He must have finally left hell and found his way to lingerie heaven. He didn't want to leave. Wife or no, he was staking his claim here, in front of Victoria's Secret for a while. About twenty feet from the entrance to the shop, there was a fountain and a circle of wrought iron benches and some wooden tables. The entire area was encircled with rough stones and enough plants to resemble a small jungle. It was quiet except for a few people talking softly and the gurgling sounds of the water.

Dan looked around until he found a bench that afforded him a great view into the panty store. He did not want to appear overly interested in the women who were coming and going from the business, but he was extremely interested. There was just the tiniest bit of hope inside him that his wife would come out of there, all red cheeked and excited at the thought of surprising her husband with a nice pair of silk panties.

Dream on, Dan said to himself. There is a better chance if snow in... Damn!

He couldn't believe his eyes! It was her. The woman from the carousel was entering the shop. Dan flashed back to a few minutes earlier when he saw her lovely pink panties.

What a tease! She must be a tease, right? Dan thought he was going crazy.

For some reason he felt compelled to approach her and he didn't even know her name. He had to do it. Had to! He pulled himself from the bench and cautiously made his way to the storefront. Knowing that Claire could be nearby, Dan scanned the faces of the people rushing past him. His wife was nowhere to be seen. The young woman had disappeared into the packed store. Dan was now close enough to see that there were countless tables and racks filled to overflowing with panties and bras, and a few items that he could not identify. But he was sure that the lady with the pink panties would look great in any of them.

He could just see her, waiting for him, posed on his bed. The door barely open and her waiting for him. All that lovely, creamy, ivory skin begging for his touch. God, he needed this woman, She was killing him with her sideway glances and modest smiles. She must be an angel. Dan was so immersed in his decadent little fantasy that he was visibly shaken when someone walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

Sir? Could you give me some advice? A woman softly asked.

Dan turned quickly, mostly out of guilt, okay, it was fear. Pure, unadulterated FEAR! He thought his wife had somehow wormed her way into his most secret fantasy. Hell, she can't have everything; it just wouldn't be fair! Dan actually considered that if she could somehow read his mind, they both might benefit from what she saw in there. He could only wish though, and he did wish, everyday. His wishes just never came true.

It was her! The woman from the carousel. The woman wearing the pink panties was asking him a question. Once again, Dan felt ill, but he didn't understand why. He should have been thrilled. Maybe that was the problem. It had been so long since he was so totally and fully aroused that he didn't know how to deal with it.

Help you? Advice about what?

Dan fumbled with his words; he couldn't take his eyes off the lovely woman standing near him.

Sure! I will gladly help you in any way that I can. All he could do was smile.

I was wondering... if I try these two swimsuits on, maybe you could tell me which color I look the best in.

Dan knew he must be blushing, and the young woman smiled so sweetly at him he felt himself turn even redder in the face.

I would love to do that for you, he told her as she walked towards a dressing room.

His wife had completely left his thoughts as Dan stood outside the door waiting for the young woman to emerge wearing nothing but a swimsuit. The sound of waves pounding the shore replaced the chatter and giggles of the several dozen women in the store. Dan could smell the salty air and that distinct scent that one can only find at the ocean. Clean, yet somehow tainted with the sweat of hundreds of people and the decay of millions of miniscule sea creatures.

The thought might have sounded disgusting, but Dan knew exactly how fresh that smell could be. There was nothing in the world that could compare to the total freedom of basking in the sun, cooling off in the salty water and then spending a few hours watching the ladies stroll along the shoreline. Hundreds of ladies in their swimsuits, or if he was lucky, in nothing at all. It didn't take but a couple of minutes and the carousel girl was standing in front of him, waiting for his approval.

The suit she had chosen was a pink mosaic type material, it had a thong panty, and the bra was nothing more than two triangles of material held together by a kite string. It was magnificent! She slowly turned from side to side, giving him just enough time to admire her, but not long enough to affix his stare to any one spot. Dan could not help but imagine her bending over to retrieve some dropped object. How he would love to reach down and lift her beautiful ass towards him.

He would remove the swimsuit and place her on the floor in a position of being on her hands and knees. Yes, she would be his. She would be taken from behind, and he was certain that she would not mind. There were no words in his vocabulary to adequately describe how her soft yet very firm ass would feel pulled up next to him. Softer than silk, but not fat, firmer than any woman he ever had, but not so firm that she would lose her femininity. His angel was perfect, she was willing. He could feel her wetness as he entered her so gently.

Well! What do you think about this one?

She had already changed and Dan hadn't even realized that she had left him to try the other suit on. He was busted! There was a bulge in his jeans that could be noticed ten feet away. It was so very obvious that he was turned on by this woman that he was no longer attempting to hide that fact.

Well, it's nice, but you looked great in the pink one too. It would be wrong for me to decide for you, Sweetie. I like them both.

Oh, come on! I hate to decide things like this! Please decide for me, at least just express an opinion, please?

Okay, the pink one then, but only if you will let me buy it for you. He insisted.

I couldn't let you do that, Sir.

Please don't call me 'Sir'. My name is Dan. You can call me Dan. If you want to, that is.

The girl smiled sweetly at Dan and moved so close to him that he was sure she could feel his hard cock waiting patiently in his jeans.

Okay, Dan. Thank you so much. I'll be right out! And she disappeared back into the dressing room to put her skirt back on.

Dan found his way to the check out slowly. Walking was not comfortable in his present condition. So what, he told himself as he fought away the tinge of guilt he was feeling.

It's just a swimsuit for a lovely young woman that I will probably never see again.

He paid for the item and waited near the dressing room for his angel to appear. She was certainly taking her time changing back into her clothes, and Dan was becoming impatient. He wanted to see her for a couple of minutes before he had to resume his search for his wife.

I'm right behind you! She announced, her hand lingering near his waist. Dan turned and looked at her, wondering just how far she might go if he could only get the nerve to ask her.

Would you like to have lunch with me at the food court? Her brown eyes sparkling at him.

I'm not, um, not really all that hungry, but I would love to see you ride the carousel again, if you don't mind.

Sure, if that's what you want, sure, that would be fun. Her enthusiasm overwhelmed Dan, and he leaned over and kissed her sun-blushed cheek.

By the way, what's your name? He finally asked her.

Why he took so long was a mystery, but he had done it.

Most people just call me Kat.

Okay, but I will call you Angel, if that's okay with you. Dan replied.

Sure, if you smile when you say it, and she kissed him on the cheek.

Dan approached the ticket counter and bought two ride tokens for this vision of perfection he had stumbled upon at the new mall. He could only imagine how she would be in bed with him. So sweet, so innocent, such a wonderful lover.

Before the dreaded guilt could besiege Dan again, Angel was beside him, anxiously pulling the tokens from his sweaty hand.

I have a surprise for you, watch for me! And she disappeared into the line of adults and children waiting to board the carousel.

It seemed like forever to Dan before the machine with all its animated evil creatures began to move. The melody was just as haunting as he remembered from his own adolescence. He had not seen her board, so he was not sure which horse she was on this time. He would just have to be patient and wait for her to appear. Like magic, she would appear. And he was frenzied with anticipation of the surprise that she had in store for him.

Twice around. That's how long it was before Dan saw his angel. This time she was on a white and gold horse with a menacing smile. What a contradiction, he thought. Such an innocent girl on such an evil looking horse. Even the horse's eyes seemed possessed.

I would be possessed too, Dan mused, if I had to carry beautiful young women around on my back and could never respond to any of them.

He discreetly reached down and felt his hardness as he waited for her. The carousel was passing so quickly that he almost did not see her as she sailed by, smiling and waving. Her hair was trailing behind her as the ride whisked her away and Dan could see that once again, she was sidesaddle on the pony.

That's my girl, He said aloud, and waved back at her. Anxiously he awaited the next pass, wondering what the surprise was. As if in slow motion, she appeared. One of her hands holding on to the gilded post that protruded from the horses' back, the other waving at him.

There she was her legs slightly opened. This time, her panties were gone! She was wearing nothing beneath her skirt. Dan was amazed at how this free spirit had pleased him. The carousel passed once more and Dan had moved closer to the ride. As the horses raced towards some imaginary finish line, Angel tossed those lovely pink panties directly at him.

They seemed to float in the air as if they had grown wings and were destined for his waiting hands. Dan reached out and caught them just as they were about to land on the floor. He felt something he had never felt before. He was in love, but in a different way than the love he felt for his wife. Oh, he wanted this girl, but somewhere inside him, he knew that he would probably destroy her spirit if he pursued her.

The music was beginning to slow and Dan knew the ride was almost over. As much as he wanted to stay, he couldn't bring himself to ruin something so wonderful. He turned around, made his way through the crowd, and disappeared down the walkway into the giant expanse of the mall. His heart was breaking, but he never looked back.

Honey! I've been looking all over for you! It was Claire. Mature and stately looking in her conservative clothes. She was laden with packages and obviously needed some help from Dan.

Oh, I was just looking around, Sweetie. Tell you the truth, I got lost for a while.

In fact, it was the truth; Dan had been lost for a while. As he reached to relieve Claire of some of her packages, he realized that he still had the pair of pink panties clutched in his hand. Hoping that she had not already seen them, he quickly stuffed them into the pocket of his jeans.

As Dan and Claire neared the exit, she looked over at her husband and smiled.

I have a surprise for you, Honey. I found the cutest little lingerie shop in the mall. I hope you won't think I've gone wild, but I got some new panties.

As Dan unlocked the door to his car, he felt that warm tingle in his jeans.

Maybe wishes do come true after all, he thought to himself as he removed the pink panties from his pocket and dropped them in the parking lot.


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