The Chair


Amy was sent to live with her aunt Susan after losing her mom in a car accident. Aunt Susan lived in the country with her two daughters. Susan's husband left her shortly after her second daughter was born. She loathed men and had no use for them. Going from a stay at home mom, to having to work menial jobs to provide for her daughters, made her hate people of higher means even more. Little did Amy know, she was going to leave a middle class life and enter a life of meager means. Aunt Susan was provided with a monthly allowance to provide for Amy until she reached the age of 21. Susan would have three years of the gravy train before Amy could leave.

Amy boarded a bus to take her to the small town where he aunt lives. Amy had only met her a few times when she was younger and did not remember much of her. She stared out the window of the bus not sure what was in store for her. After the long eight hour bus trip, the bus finally made its destination. Amy got up from her seat and stretched her tired body while her two bags were off loaded. Departing the bus, Amy got her two bags and as she looked up she saw her aunt Susan. The night air was cool and Susan was wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top. To Susan's right were her two daughters, Julie 19 and Jenny 20 standing beside Susan wearing similar outfits. Amy felt awkward wearing designer jeans and top. Amy walked toward the Susan and greeted her. Susan told her it was getting late and to follow them to the car. Amy put her bags into the trunk of an old beat out 1972 Mercury Monterey. Amy sat in the front seat as her two cousins sat in the back. Amy looked out the window as Susan drove her to her new home. They had driven past the nice neighborhoods and then into the lower class one. Susan pulled the car into the driveway. Amy noticed the old condition of the house. It was a simple two story house with the paint peeling off the sides. The yard had little grass and the shrubs were overgrown.

Everyone got out of the car and Amy retrieved her bags from the trunk. Once everyone was inside the house, Susan had everyone sit at the kitchen table. Julie and Jenny noticed the nice makeup Amy was wearing since they never allowed to wear any. They both giggled since they knew how their mama felt about girls in make up.

Susan looked at Amy and told her. "Young lady, there are rules to living in my house. Before I get to the rules, I need to ask you some questions."

Amy replied. "Ok."

Susan looked back at her and in a stern voice replied. "That's yes ma'am."

Amy felt a shiver up her back hearing that tone and crackled out a stuttering "Yes ma'am."

Susan looked at Jenny and Julie and told them to get the chair ready. The two girls giggled as they bolted from the table and headed towards the basement. Julie come back up to the kitchen and told Susan it was ready.

"That's wonderful Julie." Susan said with a smile. Susan got up from the chair and grabbed Amy by the arm and pulled her off the chair and started to drag her to the basement. Amy began to scream and cry as Susan dragged her.

"Cry and scream all ya want, ain't no one going to here ya anyways. It's about time someone taught you a lesson about manners and all. Your mom should have taught you some manners. But don't worry, Aunty Susan will fix that."

At the bottom of the stairs Amy saw a wooden chair in the middle of the room. The chair had an opening on the seat with a plastic bucket underneath. Julie and Jenny were sitting on the couch facing the chair.

Susan looked at Amy and told her to strip completely. Amy looked puzzled and before she could comprehend what her Aunt commanded of her, she felt the sting of her Susan's hand slapping her hard across the face. Susan looked at her daughters and told them to give her a hand. Susan held Amy with her arms pinned behind her back as her daughters began to strip Amy. Amy's blouse was ripped off, then her shoes, socks and jeans. Amy quivered as she was left in her panties and bra from Victoria Secrets. Julie grabbed the bra straps and pulled them down and reached out to unhook the bra, then pulling it away reveling Amy's firm breasts. Jenny pulled down Amy's panties and saw Amy's pussy was completely shaved.

Shocked at seeing a bald pussy on a grown girl, she looked at her mom and said. "Mommy, Amy's got a bald coochie."

"Does she now?" Replied Susan.

"Yes mommy, it's bald as a baby one."

Susan dragged Amy to the chair and pushed her down on her. Amy began to fight some as her cousins helped their mom get her into the chair and then Amy's wrists and ankles were tied to the chair.

Susan looked at the young naked body of her niece and told her girls to go up stairs and get their special night wear clothes on. The girls giggled again as they went up to their room and changed. They came back down wearing only t-shirts which were cut just below the breast line. Amy saw the thick hairy bushes between their legs. The girls sat on the couch with there legs crossed and Susan was standing behind Amy. Susan went over to a bench against the wall and grabbed a cigarette out of a pack and lit it up. She took a nice long drag then let it out, then put the cig in the ashtray.

She stood next to Amy and asked. "Are you a whore?"

Amy could no believe the question and uttered. "No."

Susan slapped Amy's right breast very hard and yelled. "No, what?"

Amy feeling the sting of the slap cried back. "No Ma'am."

Susan replied. "I don't believe you. I've read a lot of stories about girls who shave their coochies are nothing but whores and sluts. They put out easy and will do anything with a boy."

Susan looked at her daughters and asked. "What do you think of your slutty cousin?"

Julie replied. "Bet she's a skank whore and puts out easy for boys."

Jenny added. "Yeah, she's a skank whore and I bet she allows those nasty boys to put their filthy cocks in her mouth."

Susan looked at Amy. "I'm going to ask you some questions and if I think you're holding back on my, your young tender tits are going to pay."

Susan looked at Julie and asked her to get the special brush. Julie smiled and got off the couch went upstairs to the bathroom and came back with the toilet brush.

Julie smiled as she handed the brush to her mom.

Susan rubbed the bristles against the soft tender skin of Amy's tits.

"What's your bra size slut?" Susan asked.

"Thirty four "C" cup." Ma'am

"Bet you love showing those young titties to the boys back home don't ya."

Amy was having a hard time understanding what was going on and why her aunt was doing this.

Susan took the brush and smacked each of Amy's tits hard with a downward stroke.

"Uggggggggggggggg" Cried Amy.

"Answer the question slut."

Amy had tears rolling down here face and uttered out a wimper and a "Yes Ma'am.

"Thought you did, slut." Replied Susan.

Amy looked down and saw the red marks of from the bristles of the brush.

Susan walked over to the couch and handed Julie the brush and told her was her turn for a few questions.

Before Susan sat down, she kicked off her shoes and pulled her jeans off, then her white cotton panties. Amy saw her thick bush which appeared to be several inches thick and ran up towards her navel.

Susan sat on the couch next to Jenny and put her right arm around her.

Julie looked at Amy and then with her right hand she mauled Amy's tits. She pinched each nipple hard as she pulled them up into the air.

"Ok slut, do you let boys put their filthy cocks in your mouth."

"Yes." Replied Amy.

"Mommy, did ya hear that? My cousin is a filthy little cock sucking whore."

"I'm not surprised at all since my sister gave no guidance." Susan replied.

"So my little cock sucking cousin, did you let the boys' spooge in your mouth?"

Amy sat silent for a moment. Here she was naked in a chair, tied down and being tormented by her aunt and cousin. She was shaking in the chair and felt the need to urinate as well.

Julie getting mad having not gotten a response yet, started to beat Amy's tits hard with the brush. Amy cried and screamed as the bristles stung and cut into her soft skin. A few of the hits landed right on her nipples.

"Well, slut, I'm waiting for an answer." Yelled Julie.

"Yes." Cried Amy and then let her bladder go.

Jenny looked at Amy and said. "You're in more trouble now. You went potty without permission."

Jenny looked at her mommy and asked. "Can I punish the slut for going potty without permission?"

Susan looked at her kissed her on the check and told her yes.

Jenny got off the couch and went to a corner of the basement and brought back a wooden pole and placed it in front of the chair on the floor. She then untied and tied each of Amy's ankles to the pole and made sure her legs were spread as far as possible. She them pulled Amy's ass towards the edge of the chair so her bald cootchie was exposed and accessible.

Julie handed the toilet brush to Jenny and then she sat down on the couch next to her mom.

"Don't our new little slut look so nice with her slutty bald cootchie wide open for a good whipping mommy" Jenny asked.

"Why yes it does." Smiled back Susan.

Jenny looked at Amy in the chair, seeing her tits with the red marks from the brush. She noticed her make up had run down her face from all the crying.

"Ok my slutty cousin. There are a few rules you need to know. You don't got potty or toilet without mom's permission and she will watch you make potty and toilet, you got that?"

"Potty, toilet?" asked Amy who was still in shock from everything that has happened in a short time since her arrival.

Jenny looked at her mommy. "Can you believe this dumb slut don't know the difference between potty and toilet?"

"That doesn't surprise me at all. Just give the slut a nice whipping on her potty hole. Let the slut figure it out."

Jenny stroked the brush against the bald cootchie of her cousin. She started out with slow stokes then put more pressure on the brush making it dig into her tender flesh. Amy started to scream and cry, which just made Jenny more pissed off.

"Take your punishment like a good little cock sucking slut." Jenny yelled back before she started to wail the brush down about Amy's cootchie. Amy's body bolted upwards on every stroke of the brush and Jenny smiled each time she landed a blow with the brush. After about twenty blows of the brush, Amy had almost passed out from the pain. Amy's body was quivering from the beating and Susan commended Jenny for giving Amy's cootchie a nice beating.

Jenny looked at her mom and said. "Poor little cock sucker looks thirsty mommy."

Susan smiled back. "I bet she is. Why don't you be a kind cousin to the slut and give her some potty water."

Jenny smiled with glee and she went to the bench and grabbed a plastic cup. She got behind the chair and removed the bucket and dipped the cup into the urine getting the cup half filled.

She took the cup and stood next to the chair and put the cup under Amy's mouth.

"Get to drinking your potty water slut." Jenny demanded.

"No fucking way." Amy yelled back.

Hearing the "F" word, Susan bolted off the couch and began slapping Amy's face hard.

"You have a filthy mouth, whore." Susan yelled as she continued to slap and back hand Amy's face. Amy's face began to turn bright red and her bottom lip began to swell. By this time, Amy was starting to black out a bit.

Susan stopped and told her daughters to get the slut on the floor and hold her legs open and arms outstretched.

The girls untied Amy and dumped her limp body on the floor. Julie grabbed her arms out and Jenny spread her feet. Amy came to, seeing her Aunt standing over her face.

"Open your filthy cock sucking mouth, now!" Susan barked.

Amy could barely hear what was being asked when Julie grabbed Amy's mouth to force it open. Susan took her fingers to spread her big lips open and let out a stream of warm urine into Amy's mouth. Amy gagged and choked on the urine filling her mouth. Everyone laughed as Amy choked and gagged almost like drowning in it. When Susan was done, she lowered her soggy cootchie to Amy's mouth and told her to lick her potty hole clean. Amy hesitated as she smelled the putrid odor from Susan's cootchie. Jenny leaned forward and punched Amy's cootchie hard which made Amy's head buck up and then Susan grabbed Amy by the hair and rubbed her dirty urine covered cootchie up and down Amy's face.

When Susan was done, she got up and went to the couch, sat down and told her daughters to join her. The three of them looked at Amy laying naked on the floor, her tits and cootchie covered in red marks from the brush. Her make up had run all over her swollen face.

"Mommy?" Asked Jenny.

"What baby?"

"Since our cousin is such a slut, she should be kept in the basement? Sluts like her don't deserve a soft warm bed. Can Julie and I use her as a slut toy? You know Julie and I love cootchie and such. I think Amy should be our house slut. She'll have to cook, clean, do our laundry, and stuff."

"Jenny, I think that is a wonderful idea. Why don't you and your sis get upstairs in mommy's bed and wait for me." Susan replied.

The girls got off the couch and headed up towards their mom's bed. As she girls waited for their mom, Susan got off the couch and headed towards a cabinet. She removed a length of chain, a leather strap and two locks. Susan put the leather strap around Amy's right ankle, attached one end of the chain to it and put a lock on. The other end of the chain was wrapped around a metal pole in the supporting the floor above and then she put the second lock on. Amy was now chained to the pole.

Susan looked down at Amy who was curled up in a ball.

"Get some rest slut. Auntie Susan has more for you tomorrow."

Susan laughed as she headed up the stairs, turning out the basement light, closing the door and sliding the door bolt closed.

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