tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 03

The Champion's Companion Ch. 03


The Huntress Leader is a position of seniority to the band. Huntresses who volunteer before the enclave can create bands.

Caris is the Huntress Leader. If ranked by ability, Caris would in other groups be a distant third or a solid fifth in the twelve person bands Huntresses that usually range around in. Caris didn't want to follow older girls and get her ass kicked around until she had her own team, so she made her own. Caris led the band by force of personality. Everyone around her was raised with her. She had been bossing and manipulating her teammates since they were all children. The four women were all only twenty summers old. The group was the smallest and weakest band in their enclave.

Ignorant of their failings, the band plodded along doing whatever Caris came up with. Then Kaarthen came along after just finishing labor a few days prior. She had been lying around the enclave meditating for two months in preparation for her pregnancy and was barely recovered. Caris knew she was for some reason desperately looking to get back out and didn't care about seniority despite her well-documented 5 years. Caris was okay with it. It simply became another rule she could forget as Huntress Leader.

Caris shirked the usual practices of Huntress Leader by keeping the others in a close enough formation to be heard and be seen by the others when they were stopped or moving. The tightened formation limited their awareness since one person can hear better when they are moving alone. She could communicate better with the tighter formation and felt in control.

To her weak side was Kassin, an Amazon with long hair more black than grey that hung to her lower back. She also had the usual pale colorless skin. Taller then most men at more than six and a half feet, slender, and deceptively fragile looking, her breasts were cones that were very undersized to the rest of her frame. Kassin was quiet, and very introspective. Caris knew she was very sensitive about her lack of feminine features.

Caris had really pushed her when it came time, to not become a priestess. She was too good with a blade, spear, and could run fast as the wind. Kassin was the best fighter in the group.

To Caris' rear was Kassin's lover Ailli.

She was equally quiet and dark the two had been together since the girls had been allowed to cleanse within the purified waters of the Dark Mother's temple. Caris was the one who found the two kissing one day when the priestesses were teaching the importance of cleanliness and bathing.

To anyone who had not seen them grow up you would swear they were sisters, twins even.

Ailli's only differences were larger hips and thicker thighs, and she didn't have Kassin's aloofness but stood slightly hunched and was always fidgety and nervous. She had never learned anything well from training and always seemed to have two left feet. Ailli was also nowhere near as good at hunting or fighting as Kassin in fact, Caris had tried to see her go.

To Caris' strong side was Vellina.

She was a shorter than everyone by more than a head, if she were any shorter they could call her stout. Vellina's hair was also grayish blonde instead of the gray and black streaks of most Amazons. She had blonde hair on her forearms and had a short soft layer everywhere else of clear blondish white hair instead of being completely hairless below the neck as was usual. Her fingers, forearms, and lower legs were shortened by comparison to the other women. Vellina had natural strength at the expense of speed, agility, and endurance. Her form was also the most full figured of the band. She was the last to grow and the first to stop when they were kids. She had very wide child bearing hips, and large swaying round melon sized bosoms and a large doubly bubbly round ass whose crack was covered only partially by her loincloth. She wore a purple homespun blouse tied off under the leather mantle with her quiver and bow.

Most in the enclave thought Vellina couldn't do anything well. None of the other huntresses expected much from Vellina despite her strength, her body was much too round for good fighting. But, it wasn't true Vellina was actually quite strong and good with her tongue, hurling insults that made priestesses scream when they were children, or using her slick silver tongue to get out from under the crotch of the older girls who always singled her out and demanded 'licks from the cow'. Caris defended Vellina, but was not a friend. She too demanded licks when the urges came.

Caris had hair that nearly completely grey her eyes were a mischievous light green. Her breasts were only a little smaller than Vellina's. She was a full six feet tall. She had a voluptuous proportional body not slender as Kassin or padded like Vellina. She was muscular on her upper body her breasts were very rounded long teardrops. Her ass was nicely swelled with two rounded cheeks. she also wore a skirt that was given as a 'gift' when she was younger, it had two stiff thick leather panels that went less then mid thigh linking the top corners were bronze and iron hoops 'donated' from the blacksmiths as she grew. One hoop was large enough to holster her blade despite looking stupid and cutting her when she ran. She also wore a circular leather mantle on her shoulders and a quiver of arrows.

Vellina and Caris were the only ones to have captured men. Caris remembered the event as painful and rushed. Vellina who heard sharing the potion given to men to make them hard ensured a good time. She barely remembered the night but got hot and wet from the blurred images she partially remembered.

Caris led her Huntresses back from the hunt. They had found only little prey animals forcing the group to attack a boisterous group of monkeys to steal a goat carcass. They wanted all to rest after two hard days of hunting. Caris knew they had to keep moving if the wanted to get anything better. She hoped Kaarthen was better or at least would quit trying to tell her what to do.

Despite the fact she was 5 years younger, she didn't need someone whose group forgotten about her to try telling her things. Despite how good a Huntress and tracker the old hag was Caris liked things just fine.


Kaarthen was now beyond sore. The man had bound her mouth with her loincloth to stop the moaning when she awoke. Her bindings for her legs had been left untied after the first day. He had used her roughly the whole day. He would idly suckle from her breasts; he would also use his fingers on her by rubbing her body, not trying to make her happy but simply content to rub her because he could.

By the evening of what she figured to be the second day, he offered to retie her arms comfortably and used her leather loincloth to tightly wrap her arms from wrist to elbow before tying it off.

He then fucked her roughly after discovering her body still quite wet. He took her from behind and when she immediately tried to lay flat he followed her down to the ground on her back then forced her right knee out to the side. He then got between her legs and thrust his cock hard into her. He thrust deep, putting all the power of his legs into it. His hands came around to the front to her breasts as he nibbled her neck and ears with surprisingly sharp teeth. Her body gave in to the orgasm that it had wanted all day since he had crawled all over her body rubbing her and drinking her milk.

He was insatiable, his hands were in constant motion beneath her. He was roughly fucking like a maniac searching for something deep within her. Something inside popped suddenly as he thrust hard and he was suddenly deeper. She came again but it felt like her body was forced to it and her vagina stunned, before tightly clenching him. It must have been what he wanted. His balls were almost pushed in as he raised himself up on both hands and released his seed into her with surprised gasp.

He then without pause or moving started his interrogation.

"Would you like some water? Your body has needs and you haven't made water in 3 days now." He prodded.

Kaarthen stayed silent. "Was he watching this whole time?" She thought.

"You may not understand, but your little band of merry cows has done some seriously expensive damage. I am not just here to kill you however. If I can help you to understand staying around is a bad idea we could all be happier wouldn't you say?" He added almost breathlessly.

"I would be happier if you got off of me." She thought trying to squeeze his slimy cock out of her pussy, and distracted herself with the wet sensation.

"Perhaps your leader would be the one to decide, what is her name?" He said. His eyes hungry eyes flicked over her body again. She could feel his gaze behind her, it burned it was so close.

"Menthino works with followers all the time, where is your enclave? There is one behind us did you girls have a reason to bypass them?" Marcos watched and felt her bristle at the word 'girls', He made a point hit that nail hard a few more times.

"You girlies may not know it but these wilds stretch pretty far and a lot of creatures would love to turn the tables on your little hunting band." She held steady, "Finding yourself on the business end of something's cock would really cut short whatever you girls are up to." That got her attention; she tightened reflexively along his cock.

"Since I had to make it by myself I wonder." Marcos mused aloud.

She tried squirming to try to look at him, to look into his eyes. Marcos noticed that his cock was hardening and that she was interested now. He just needed her to speak so she would be committed with a position in the conversation.

"After noticing the tracks they leave already, and that they decided to wait till now to hunt." He paused, "how far could that amateur group get through the corridor pretty famous for making things disappear?"

Sensing that rhetorical questions didn't pique her pride in the band he decided to switch gears. He presented her a water skin from his robe. She didn't deserve it. It would keep her stronger and alert longer and reduce discomfort. However, it would make her open her mouth and physically enable her to speak. It also made her need him, since untying her would simply lead to a direct confrontation.

"Besides most things living in these mountains are in the forest during the summer. I bet only bad things are around up ahead." He continued as she drank. He spoke slowly, trying to finish talking just as she took a breath.

He could almost feel the cool wetness her body needed flow over his cock. He started thrusting slowly and gently.

"Why?" Kaarthen asked taking a breath, "Because you think those four can't defend themselves?" Suddenly surprised she said anything. She quickly went back to drinking the water feeling fooled and ashamed. She had some idea it was set up that way, but no idea how.

Marcos latched on to how she excluded herself that was the real surprise. He was also mildly surprised her hips were moving.

When she tried to push him out earlier his cock was in her womb still and it only felt good. Now he was no longer past her cervix, but occasionally he popped through as he stroked her with a building intensity that she unconsciously matched before repeatedly catching herself.

"I'm not sure; as they get away from the forest they'll be much safer. Right now they are in the middle of everything that will eat or be eaten." Marcos said as he insidiously brought a hand around to her bud making her moan into the water bag and blush. She only pretended to drink now. Kaarthen didn't want to be fooled again by whoever this man was who handled her so masterfully.

To punctuate the morbid statement something far away screamed almost sounding human and female.


Caris was about to realize she lost any kind of control of the situation.

The scream had come from behind. The monkey troupe from earlier attacked from behind Ailli who had been tasked with carrying the shredded goat.

The monkeys had grown in numbers. Following their prize, the troupe had linked up with others as it crossed through neighboring monkey territories. Now confident and numbering almost a hundred with adults in front that were eerily making no noise. Ailli was swarmed and in her panic, she started swinging the carcass around forgetting to draw her blade.

Kassin had charged forward before Caris knew what to do and was now in the middle of the fur ball. Monkeys attacked the two biting, scratching, and tugging parts of the carcass from Ailli who was now just holding on.

Caris drew her blade and told Vellina to ready her bow. She knew a bow may not be the best idea but Vellina had arms too short for any good blade use and her tits got in the way. Caris used the strategy of slashing what she could while trying to keep on the outside of the mess, but then only two or three monkeys were enough to keep her back.

Vellina was also hampered since the only monkeys staying still were on the backs of Ailli or Kassin. The tall Huntress was bleeding from bites and scratches but still fighting against overwhelming numbers, two monkeys lay still at her feet. A majority of the monkeys around her were wounded but they kept attacking by running up or around her body. The monkeys knew how to attack larger animals and Kassin could not get the deep wounds needed to kill more. Ailli was laying face down in a tug of war with the monkeys.

Vellina was knocked down from behind by something that slammed her face onto large rocks putting her to sleep.

A shrill shriek froze the girls, and scattered the monkeys some of whom were clutching pieces of goat meat or tufts of human hair.

Caris and Kassin turned to the new threat with blades ready and wariness in there eyes. A well-camouflaged lizard standing three feet tall at the shoulder and at least twelve feet long was staring back at the two.

It didn't have any obvious teeth showing as it tasted the air with its tongue, and its eyes only held reptile's intelligence. Its limbs were short and powerful. The toes ended in large curved claws. It carried its wide flat body well off the ground. The creature was an Oofi, a type of large overgrown lizard that has many variations from poisonous to fire spitting. This Oofi was a chameleon ambush hunter and scavenger. The women had never seen one, but only heard novelty stories of how they changed color.

The two girls advanced to within five paces, centuries of worth refined training styles had been drilled on both women throughout the 20 summer they had been living. Long before either chose the path of the Huntress, they were learning. They knew what their mothers before them learned so they could go all the way to a fulfilling death. Once they chose the Huntresses path thousands of year's worth of weapons training was endlessly drilled into them. An Amazon may not always have an even chance against a male. Nevertheless, in battle the Huntress stands and fights alone, that is their style.

First, there was the change in breathing. changing to a slow cycle of three second breathes in and out, with three second holds in between. The Amazon may not breath like that the whole encounter but the breathe control reigns in panic and keeps a clear mind. They must control their breathing to control heart rate and any hasty actions fueled off adrenaline.

Second, they mentally they forced themselves to see the situation as another training match in a familiar courtyard they could almost visualize.

Third, they looked for the clear areas around and between themselves and the enemy. They moved placing themselves first in equal then improved terrain over the opponent.

Forth, they both brought their blades up not to a defensive pose but one for speed, this opponent was fast. Their toes pointed to the lizard and they leaned forward slightly. Caris favored a reverse grip. Kassin took a traditional hold of her blade.

Caris in her viciousness never bred the males they fought. Death was what her victims got unless they got away. That meant she did not care who killed. It was a secret that the band had learned to fight together unlike the earliest teachings, trainings, and traditions of individual accomplishments and honor. The practice of group fighting was shameful unless hunting or defending from animal. Nevertheless, was something that was commonly agreed to quietly by Huntresses in weak bands.

Caris led, but was only half a step ahead of Kassin to her right. The five paces walking were only three at a dash.

The Oofi quickly turned right offering a side profile and despite how unfamiliar the creature was, they knew it was going whip its long tail. Kassin jumped correctly preempting the strike, Caris almost ran past the front of the creature her blade nearly missing the flank of the lizard as it spun away. Kassin however landed on the other side of its head and gave it deep cut down just behind the right shoulder and another for an upstroke deeply severing its neck and slicing through to the spine.

The Oofi's colors flickered across its scales and it collapsed in seizure. Kassin jumped back from the claws of the creature in its death throes.

Caris delivered her Coup-de-Grace stomping the mouth closed and stabbing the brainpan.

The other Huntresses were roused and readied. Vellina was just woozy, Ailli was in much worse shape, but still able to walk after some time. Kassin was also bitten and scratched but mostly along her arms. Kassin quickly moved to Ailli and after getting her standing started washing her free of dirt.

They were not far from their camp and could not waste time if they wanted to get back before sunset. After resting, Caris dressed and skinned the lizard wondering if the thing was poisonous. The most meat was in the tail and limbs but they carried it all even the hide, and the goat.

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