The Change


Realization comes to Sarah and she yells out a startled "Fuck!" She's breathing hard and my adrenaline spikes from her smell. Apparently, her freaking out makes me freak out even more. We look at each other. Her eyes are dilated and glittering gold.

I slowly stand and loosen my muscles. Sarah takes a second longer but then stands up, too. "Jesus-fucking-Christ" she says. "No more fucking alarm clocks. I almost killed..." she looks around the room sheepishly. "... something."

Her hair is wild from sleep and she's still breathing fast. Her breasts are bouncing in time to her breathing and I'm hard from her, the adrenalin or both. She looks at me, looks at my dick and raises an eyebrow. "We could..." her eyes lose focus a little and she brings a hand down to rub her clit. "We should... Dammit! Stop doing that!" Sarah jerks her hand away from her cunt and opens the window. She sticks her head out of breathes deeply. "Stay over there until I clear my head. Your smell... I keep getting a mental picture of me with my ass up and you fucking me and I can't think straight. We need to talk about some things before we do anything else. Put on some clothes for god's sake." I pretend I don't see her playing with her nipple throughout that speech.

I'm able to find some of my older shirts and pants that kind of fit. I tear my underwear (boxer briefs) at the side as I put them on. Unfortunately the head of my penis sticks out of my underwear so I push it down and to the side a bit. It sticks out there, too. Sarah watches me while she stands next to the window. I can smell her and I know what she's thinking regardless of her telling me to give her a break. Her smell is strong, hot and humid and I feel myself flush with the blood rush. My teeth grind together and I almost take her there but I don't. I close my eyes and breathe deeply several times to calm myself down.

Sarah finds some of my clothes to fit her. We're both fooling each other. With our new sense of smell the clothes change nothing. We're working hard to control ourselves - it's like working a weak muscle we never knew we had. I don't have any coffee so we grab some Coke and sit across from each other at the little table in the kitchen.

"Where do we start?" I ask.

Sarah thinks about it for a moment and answers. "Easy - what happened last night? Well, okay. I don't even need to ask that, do I? I changed." She pauses again. "Did you change because of me or were you going to already?" She mulls this over. "I think because of me. How did it feel to you? Was there anything different to you before the warehouse?"

"No." I tell her. "I was fine the whole day. The only thing I noticed was when we walked up the stairs I had a hard-on and really wanted to have sex with you every possible way. I was just horny, though, not anything else. I think you were putting out a smell that did something to me. Some crazy aphrodisiac or something. I only started changing after I'd been eating you out for a while."

She shifts uncomfortably in her chair and licks her lips when I mention eating her out. "Okay, okay. So, yeah. So it's me. I did it to you. No, wait. Don't interrupt. I'm not going to say I'm sorry because we both know I'd be lying if I did. This." She holds up her hand and clenches into a fist. Muscles stand out in her arm like a small tree trunk. "This is a gift. I wouldn't give this back if I could and I'll kill anyone that tries to take you from me. I don't know if that's me talking or the change talking but we're together and nothing is going to change that now."

I'm nodding my head. "You're right. You're totally right. I wouldn't give any of this up, either. I was happy enough with who I was before but this is unbelievable. How, though? How did it happen? Is it a one time thing? It wasn't a full moon last night, I know that. Are there others like us? Can we make others like us?"

Sarah taps her finger on the table and looks down, thinking. "I don't know. I think... I think if we have these bodies then maybe it won't just happen once. Last night in the shower when I was..." She stops and looks slightly embarrassed. "... licking you, my tongue felt different. Before I did it, I just felt this sudden urge to hold you down and clean you off. Like, 'He's dirty and I should clean him because I'm his...'" Sarah looks confused and then takes a breath. "Because you're who you are. So, I did it. After I started, I felt my tongue do something. It was bigger and felt strange against your skin. It kept bumping against my teeth so I know it was larger. The same thing happened this morning. When the alarm went off and I was on the ground, I had claws not fingernails or toenails."

"So. Werewolves, huh?" I say, because I have no idea what else to say right now. We both sit there for a few moments. "Why? Why you? Or us?" I ask.

"The fuck should I know?" she says, angry at something. "You want to call up a psychic and ask? Or go see the doctor? They'd have fun with that. We could see how fast we heal from antidepressants or whatever other meds they tried to pump into us." I snort and wave my hands because I know how that'd sound.

I try another question. "Do you think there are more of us?"

Sarah bites the corner of her mouth and wrinkles her brow. "Maybe? I have a hard time thinking I'm ... we're the only ones like this. I mean, yeah, why us if we're the only ones?"

The conversation dies off again. I reach across the small table for her hands. She meets me half-way and we hold hands for a moment. I break the silence. "You know. I don't really know anything about you. We talk at work but that's it. I don't... I mean..." I falter. What should I say? I know we have some things in common but to get to where we are now we'd usually have been dating for years.

Sarah looks at me - simply and honestly. She just looks right at me. She grips my hand and it almost hurts. "We'll learn. I can't live without you now." she says.


It's getting close to 7 so I call into work and tell them I'm not coming in today. I'm sure my boss thinks I just want a long weekend but after this past week he's happy and doesn't care. Sarah calls in 20 minutes later and he's less happy about having nobody in the IT department but he can't really fire us so it doesn't matter.

Normally I shower in the morning but for some reason I don't feel the need and it's not because we showered last night. I just feel more natural in my own skin and my crazy nose tells me I don't smell bad so what's the point? My hair is kept short and stays in shape if I just run my hand through it a couple times. I do shave, however. I'm still not ready to try a beard. Sarah comes in while I'm cleaning myself off. She nips me on the shoulder and rubs my side affectionately before brushing her teeth. We're both still naked. She doesn't shower, either.

"My hair is different." She says. "Feel it. It's thicker and softer. Shit. That alone makes the whole thing worth it." She doesn't even have to wet her hair down to make it stay in place, she just uses my comb a few times and it stays.

"That was my tooth brush, woman!" I tell her, jokingly. I try to use my best fake man-of-the-house voice.

She cocks her eyebrow and looks at me from the side. "Yeah? What're you going to do about it?" She smacks my ass and darts away when I reach for her playfully. "Too slow, old man!"

I laugh and then actually try to grab her. Everything slows down and I watch my hand reach out for her waist. She sees it coming and twists insanely fast. I've never seen anything move as fast as we just did so I forget to stop myself. I end up breaking five tiles when my hand slams into the wall. It doesn't even hurt.

Sarah reaches up and pats me on the cheek. "You're my little dumbass. Yes you are." She uses her "You're a cute little doggie" voice on me. I can't help but laugh at it.

We're hungry again and Sarah needs better clothes that actually fit her. She decides to combine both of those needs and go to the mall. We figure it's during the week and early morning so it shouldn't be too busy. I ask if she's going to be cool just wearing my old t-shirt and she grins at me. "Hell, yeah. Bring on the stares, I say. They don't have a freakin' chance." I grin back at her and we kiss.

The kiss turns into groping and the groping turns into us suddenly breaking apart and stepping away. "Okay, Christ." I say. "This will be an actual problem for me. Every time I even think of something related to sex then that's all I can think about."

Sarah doesn't look at me. "Same here." she says. Her voice is rough and her scent is hot and spicy. I know she's mentally talking herself down from having sex with me.

It takes a second for my eyes to adjust to actual sunlight when we're outside. I sneeze three times before I can see properly. Sarah is smarter than me and just shades her eyes until she can handle it. It's sunny out but the wind is cold. I barely feel it. My shoes don't fit very well but I don't have a choice so I scrunch my toes in. It's kind of painful and I feel my toenails cutting into the material. I grab a pair of my jogging shoes for Sarah. She just barely fits into them.

We talk on the drive to the mall. I learn that she hates jewelry but likes to dress well. She says she used to wear earrings every so often but the holes in her ears closed after last night so that's out. She tells me a little about her childhood. Her mother died when she was young so her older brother and father raised her. She looks up to both of them and still talks to her dad a lot. I'm guessing that's where the cussing and non-jewelry-wearing come from.

I rest my hand on her thigh. She automatically covers it with her hand while she's talking. She didn't date much and, at 25, has only had two boyfriends. They both lasted only a few months. Her father and brother taught her all the tricks the boys try to use on women.

I tell her about my childhood. She chuckles at me being a nerd and demands to see my high school photos. We hadn't really talked ages before but I'm secretly glad she's only 5 years younger than me. She doesn't believe me when I tell her I've never had a girlfriend but then does when I tell her I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. I tell her it was valuable research because otherwise I would probably only know about werewolves through all the goddamned advertisements for the Twilight movies. She makes retching noises and I love her even more.

Fifteen minutes away from the mall she unzips my pants. She doesn't ask and isn't shy about it. She just reaches over and struggles with the zipper until it's down and the button is off. I scoot my butt down on the seat to make it easier for her. When she pulls my pants down my dick almost puts her eye out because her face is too close. She yelps and calls it a dick which sets us off both laughing for a few moments. She unzips her own borrowed pants and pulls them down. I just now realize she's not wearing panties.

Sarah pleasures herself with her right hand and pumps my cock with her left hand. I can't get used to being uncircumcised. It's so different. Better. I seem more sensitive than I was without the extra skin. I keep my left hand on the wheel and lean my right arm on her body to rub my hand down her side and grab her ass. My hand almost reaches her pussy so I play with her ass a little instead.

"I've been ... I've been wanting ... wanting this all fucking morning." She gasps as she fingers herself. "Every time I remember your cock in my mouth last night... God!" Now her mouth is on me and she's not slow this time. She's bobbing her head up and down and I have to focus on the road. Every so often she pulls back to lick and suck on the top of my dick and then lick up and down the length of it. I feel her tongue change against me. The top of it roughens and it's not fitting all the way back in her mouth. She's whining slightly as she's sucking me off -- cute little "ehn...ehn...ehn..." noises.

Traffic is light so I'm barely paying attention. A jacked up truck roars past us and then slows down, letting me catch up to it. The driver and passenger are staring into our car. They're both young and look like they're hicks that stumbled into a Gap store for the first time in their life. The passenger whistles and they both cheer us on. We hear it perfectly through the traffic and two rolled-up windows. Sarah doesn't even turn around. She pulls her right hand out of her pants and flips the guy off. The driver laughs and guns the truck forward.

Sarah pulls off of me again and sucks on my balls. I grab her by her hair and stick my dick back in her mouth. She moans and starts slapping her pussy as she masturbates herself. My toes curl and I put a dent in the steering wheel as I cum. Sarah's still masturbating but now she's swallowing my load and making little "ahhn ahhn ahhn" noises as she does. Her own orgasm rocks the car and I'm starting to think this little Geo Prism is not going to last us long.

When I stop cumming she licks me clean and I can hear a very small growl as she does it. Her eyes are slightly blank and her ears are more pointed than they should be. Her tongue is longer and it wraps around more than half of my cock during one of the licks.

I grab her by the neck and pull her up to kiss. She's definitely growling and her sharp claws are kneading at my thigh. Her tongue fills my mouth.

I dart glances at the road. Sarah is jerking me off again. When I break from the kiss she blinks several times and her eyes are more focused. I'm only slightly disappointed when she stops jacking me off. She wipes her mouth with the back of her arm and then licks it off with that long tongue of hers.

"See?" she says. "Not a second thought to cleaning you off. I don't even feel ashamed or weirded out about it." She rolls her shoulders and zips her pants up. "By the way, you're on your own with your pants. I think it'll take a while before you're able to zip them up, Mr. Perky." She laughs and squeezes my dick fondly.

Its 5 minutes before I get soft and 2 minutes after that when we roll into the mall parking lot.


I can barely hear my own thoughts and my ears feel like they're bleeding when we pull into the parking lot. There's so much noise. Sarah plugs her ears and I close my eyes to try to filter some of it out.

"Fucking Christ. This is crazy. How are we supposed to handle all this goddamned noise?" I ask her.

She closes her eyes before answering. "Try focusing on one of the sounds. It's starting to help. The other noises are there but not so bad."

I hear a mother screaming at her kid about wanting the latest Pokémon game. She's calling him a greedy little brat. There're three teenagers talking about the movie they just watched. There's a mother and father walking with their three kids. The mother is talking and talking about how she wants to go to some religious retreat with her female friends but the tones she's using and the way her voice changes minutely makes me think it's more than just a retreat - she's probably cheating on her husband. The husband isn't paying attention; his "Yeses" and "Sures" sound perfunctory and bored. The daughter is screaming at her younger brother for taking her miniature makeup kit and the younger brother is laughing, running and calling her a raccoon. The older brother is listening to some band. I can't hear the music very well but there's screaming and guitars involved. Some young kid is talking to another kid. He's telling him about this girl he fucked but he's lying - lying because he hesitates slightly every so often and his voice is all wrong and sounds too eager to please or impress the other kid. Hundreds of voices roaring in my ears.

I'm starting to get a headache. I try focusing but it's hard. Through all of the laughter and yelling and lying and screaming there's a solid and reassuring noise. Tha-thump, Tha-thump. Sarah's heartbeat is strong and loud, right next to me. I focus on it. I slow my breathing and my heartbeat slows down to nearly match hers. The other sounds fade into the background. If I focus on one of them I can hear what's happening clearly. Certain words ping for attention but it's bearable now.

I open my eyes and Sarah is watching me. She's smiling happily and I bask in her scent. It's carefree. Another mental image forms - rolling down a clover-covered hill as a child (pup, something says) while the sun shines down on you.

I put my forehead against hers and our noses touch. Out of some instinct, we rub them together softly and Sarah sighs.

When we get out I have to remind myself to focus on her as the sounds and smells hit me more strongly. It's easier now that I know the trick. I may have to start wearing sunglasses if it doesn't get easier to adjust to the brightness of the sun.

Sarah's nipples push the borrowed t-shirt out slightly and her breasts are perky and large. I imagine caressing them and sucking the nipples into my mouth while fingering her ass. I've got a hard-on and the tip is nearly out of my pants.

People look at us strangely when we make it inside. Most of them wait until we pass but some of the younger ones (men and women) are ogling Sarah. My shoulders itch from being near so many people at once and I don't like the way the men are looking at Sarah. I step closer to her to put my arm around her waist.

Sarah grins and leans into me to whisper, "You're growling, honey." I blink and realize she's right. She laughs and snuggles up to me. "My strong protector. You be sure to keep me safe from all of these 80 pound teenage boys."

I was never fond of large crowds before but now it's much worse. I find myself going out of the way to go around people and to get as far from them as I can. The hair on my neck is standing up and I keep looking for exits while glaring at everyone.

We're nearly to the store when I hear a guy behind me whisper to his friend, "Dude, I'd fuck the hell out of that slut!" My blood roars to my ears and I whip around, snarling. I'm baring my teeth and only a few feet away from the guy before I feel Sarah tugging on my arm.

"What did you fucking say?! Answer me!" I yell at the guy. His face goes from smirking to pure terror in less than 2 seconds. I know it's not the way I look or how big I am that terrifies him. His friend falls over backward in his rush to get away from me and he spills his drink (Pepsi) all over himself. The man that talked has pissed himself and is sputtering trying to talk and apologize at the same time.

I can feel my claws in my clenched fist. They weren't this sharp a little bit ago and I'm drawing blood with them. I feel hairs lifting all over my body. My nostrils are flaring. In my mind I can feel his windpipe being crushed between my teeth.

Sarah's got one arm hooked around my arm rubs my back with her other hand. My left arm nestles between her breasts.

"Sweetheart. Hey. Let it go. Hey, let it go." She's using a voice on me that's supposed to be calming and it is, slightly -- the kind you use on a scared animal to reassure them. "Let it go, he's just an asshole. Isn't that right? You're just an asshole, aren't you, guy?" She uses the same voice on the man and under other circumstances I'd be laughing.

The guy, however, is trying to break his neck agreeing with Sarah. He's fallen to the ground and actually scooting backwards to get away from me. Sarah is still rubbing my back and making "shhhhhh... shhhhhh..." noises. Some people are watching but mostly they're walking very fast away from all of us. A fat, balding security guard pushes his way through people and is slightly out of breath.

He's still walking to us when he asks, "Is everything all right here? What happened? Are you okay, ma'am?" As he gets about 10 feet away I can hear his heart rate speed up. The guard stops and leans on a brick flowerbed before trying to continue.

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