tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Cheerleader Tryouts

The Cheerleader Tryouts


As the time went by in the early fall that year, Eric and I went out several times. Each time we would do something different; the first time we went out we made love, the second time we fucked, and the third time we screwed our little brains out.

I began to learn the intricacies of football, as we would be laying together somewhere; both of us stone cold stark naked and Eric would lightly diagram certain game situations and/or specific plays with a red magic marker.

For instance, if the offensive team had the football at my navel and was headed downwards, Eric might diagram a play in which the quarterback would step back two steps, stop, look around quickly, fake a pass by pumping once, but not following through, faking a handoff to the back crashing by him and then turning and following the back into the four hole and hopefully running safely behind him and scoring a touchdown at my pussy! More often than not these skull sessions would be interrupted by something large moving and becoming wedged in my endzone!

Quite naturally after a few of these sessions, I decided I wanted to be a cheerleader and I was bright red from my tits to my cunt from the magic marker. Haha! Just kidding, but not about wanting to be a cheerleader.

Now, of course I couldn’t be a varsity cheerleader, because I was only a freshman. Although I was allowed to go out for the varsity, Eric advised me that I should stick with the freshman team.

When I mentioned it to Kristine and Nicole, they said they wanted to do it too. I thought that was way cool, so we went out for cheerleader tryouts together.

The university freshman football schedule began later, because no one knew who the frosh team would consist of until the semster started, when both the beginning students would come out for tryouts and it became clear which freshmen weren’t ready to play on the varsity.

The varsity had already won its first two games by lopsided scores by the time the freshman football team would be officially formed.

Now of course you have to understand that up until a certain point I had nothing to do with this one. This particular incident was actually caused by Kristine and Nicole, who thought they were protecting me. I think it turned out they were incorrect in their assumptions, but their hearts were in the right place, at least. In my case, my everything is in the right place!

We already had realized we were going to be chosen for the squad just for the reason that Eric had mentioned and there was another girl, who I thought was certain to be chosen also. Kristine and Nicole strongly disliked her, and said they thought she was a hoity-toity stuck-up bitch, but I strongly disagreed with that.

I explained to them that I thought she was just shy and didn’t know anybody in the school and acted that way, because she was attempting to keep others at arms’ length to protect herself. Maybe she had had some bad experiences while in high school school.

Her name was Rebecca and I later found out she was a year older than me. That was another thing she felt badly about. She thought if people knew she was a year older, they’d think she had failed because she was stupid, but that wasn’t the case. It was just when she was young her family had moved so much she ended up losing a year.

She was very, very pretty with light brunette hair streaked with blonde highlights, blue eyes, and fair skin. She was between five feet, three and five feet, four inches tall and appeared to have a figure beneath her clothing that promised earthly delights, if you know what I mean; just the kind of firmness that most young men love – me too! Mwahaha.

Apparently in this particular case, it didn’t matter to Kristine and Nicole what I thought about it, because they just went about their evil machinations in secret. My good friends would seem to have a promising future in wardrobe design for a major movie studio, as they waited one day for Rebecca to leave, while I was still back in the shower room masturbating.

That was another thing that put my friends off about the young woman. They insisted, since she never showered after practice, that there was something hideously wrong with her or even – gasp – she was really a boy! I attempted to explain again to them that this fit my theory that she was just shy and non-trusting, but they just didn’t want to hear it.

To return to the day in question, immediately after Rebecca left to go home, Kristine and Nicole popped open her locker easy as pie despite it being secured with a combination lock. I had shown them how to do that. Oh, bad me! – slaps self.

They substituted her cheer leaders’ uniform with another one they had doctored. I don’t know exactly what they did, but apparently they had loosened some threads here and loosened some threads there. They removed entire sections by taking the threads out and then refastening them very weakly.

We had matching cotton panties and a bra that went with the uniform and they had even ‘fixed’ those. Placing the substituted uniform and underwear into Rebecca’s locker, Kristine fastened the combination lock and no one was the wiser.

At least I certainly wasn’t when I finally came out of the locker room, and Kristine and Nicole started kidding me about why did it take me so long to shower. I did notice on the way home that, at certain times, they would shoot looks at each other and giggle. But you know young women, if you worried every time they did something like that you’d end up a blithering idiot. I mean more than you are now – Mwahaha!

After classes the next day we all went down to the locker room as usual to dress out for cheerleader tryouts. When we arrived I noticed that Rebecca must have rushed from her last class and came straight to the locker room to undress in privacy.

I casually mentioned that as we were changing and Kristine shot another pointed glance at Nicole. At the time, I really didn’t think much about it, but later I remembered it.

We left the locker room and went outside to the athletic field, where the varsity, and freshman teams were all practicing at different ends of the field. Our cheerleader tryouts happened to be held that day on the sideline where the varsity was practicing.

I really dug that because every once in a while I could see Eric and he would wave at me when the coaches weren’t watching.

The woman, who was in charge of our tryouts, finally came out. Naturally enough she is not a physical ed teacher, because all of them are involved with coaching various sports. She was one of those cutesy drama instructors, who was a cheerleader in high school and she thought she was so precious.

You know the type, I’m sure. Her name was Ms. Lyons but she insisted we call her Bettina, when we weren’t in class with her. I guess if I were a guy I wouldn’t have minded jumping her bones some because she was very cute, but she didn’t turn me on at all. I couldn’t stand her personally and she was very small standing about five foot. That was way too small as far as I’m concerned. It’d be like fucking a child.

Bettina had us do some basic warmup exercises, nothing very strenuous – just something designed to stretch the muscles out some before starting the actual drills. She had us do this in order to help avoid such things as hamstring pulls, and turned ankles and such.

Then Bettina clapped her hands in an over exuberant manner calling us to begin our drills. She shouted out the first exercise, which involved two of the participants providing a base for the third participant to climb up, so the actual cheer involves the third person having one leg on each of the two girls she is standing between. I know you’ve seen something like this before.

Anyway unluckily for Rebecca, she was the middle participant between Nicole and Kristine. I’m positive, although they never would admit it, that as soon as Rebecca began climbing up on them, not being content with knowing that her uniform would quickly fall apart from the areas they had loosened on it, Kristine and Nicole began to ‘help’ by grabbing at certain threads while they were helping her up.

By the time Rebecca had achieved the top height of standing with one leg on each of their shoulders, her entire uniform including her underwear had just seemed to melt away with pieces of it tumbling everywhere.

Rebecca did the worst possible thing she could have done upon discovering that she was now standing stark naked almost five and half feet off the ground. She began to scream calling attention to herself from all over the field. And as luck would have the varsity was on a short water break, so she got all of their undivided attention too.

It used to be in football that the coaches thought it was bad to give water breaks, but since all those athletes have dropped dead down here in this hellish Florida heat, a player only has to look slightly hot and he can get some water.

The guys were whistling and hollering and I’d agree it was with good cause. Rebecca was every bit as beautiful beneath her clothing as I’d thought she’d be; nice high firm breasts with luscious appearing nipples, a figure that went down to a narrow waist and then flared out nicely at the hips, fine looking legs, and beautiful pubic hair that was blonde streaked that matched the hair on her head.

The totally naked girl continued to scream completely out of control, as Kristine and Nicole were holding her legs in a manner that prevented her from jumping to the ground. Before I could reach their side to convince them to lower her, Bettina became involved and ordered them in no uncertain terms to allow the now crying girl to jump down.

As soon as they acquiesced to the teacher’s order, Rebecca raced toward the girls’ dressing room and soon had disappeared into the building. Stopping to give my friends a substantial angry stare, I then informed Bettina that I would go talk to the hysterical student. Bettina immediately appeared grateful and thanked me. I don’t know what they teach these people in college, but it sure isn’t anything about how to help a student. I hurried after Rebecca into the school.

I went straight to the women’s locker room, because I assumed she wouldn’t have headed anywhere else in the school since she wasn’t dressed. Upon entering the locker room, I initially didn’t observe her anywhere, but then I heard her weeping. I finally located her back in the shower room. I’m not sure what led her back there, but I was thinking she probably just instinctively went as far away from others as she could. She was slumped on the floor in the corner of the shower room.

I didn’t want to scare her, so upon entering the room, I spoke, “Rebecca?”

“Go away.”

I treaded my way to where I was standing directly behind her. I placed my hand on her bare back. I felt a distinct shudder run through her and she attempted to pull away. “Go away,” she repeated.

“Rebecca,” I began, “it’s not the end of the world. It’ll be alright.”

“They all saw me naked!” the young woman wailed and began loud weeping again. So far I wasn’t doing very well with this crisis counseling bullshit.

“So what?” I rejoined. “I’ve been naked in public hundred of times.”

“Yeah,” Rebecca replied bitterly, “I’ve heard about you, you’re crazy.”

Actually I wanted to laugh and agree with her, but I realized that wouldn’t help her. I attempted a different tack. “Rebecca, do you like men?” I asked.

The very attractive young woman stopped crying and half turned her head peering at me with a sudden quizzical expression across her facial features. “Of course,” she replied tentatively.

“Well, then,” I responded, knowing I was beginning to get to her. “You’ll have plenty of requests for dates this afternoon. Wait until Kristine and Nicole see how they actually helped you. Man, will they be pissed. And look at this way – you’ve now entered legendary status in the history of our university. In three short weeks you’ve managed to accomplish something that will be remembered fondly forever.”

Luckily enough for me and I guess for Rebecca in the long run, she had a good sense of humor and began to see the absurdity in the whole thing from what had happened to her to my own rather insane blathering and she began to giggle.

Soon she was laughing uproarishly and I joined in. As soon as I thought it was safe, I reached down and helped her off the shower room floor and just held her in my arms as one would hold a small child. I had no sexual thoughts at that particular moment, which was highly unusual for me.

Finally stepping back, Rebecca was able to offer me a small smile and she murmured thank you. I of course told her that anytime I could help I would be glad to. As I started to turn away, Rebecca asked, “Are you bi?”

That question caught me a bit by surprise, but I answered, “Why, yes. Are you?”

“No, I don’t think so,” the naked beauty replied. “At least I never have been, but I wondered if you would like me to kiss you one time as a way of thanking you for your kindness.”

I certainly knew a come-on line when I heard one, so I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around her in an embrace holding her close to my body. She was shaking slightly and I don’t think it was because she was cold.

Rebecca was slightly taller than me and I looked up into her winsome face and murmured, “You are so beautiful and feel so good. I could stay like this for hours.” The young woman flushed and didn’t say anything, but neither did she complain or pull away.

Finally I began to kiss her on the lips; gently at first until I could tell she was somewhat comfortable with it and then I began to kiss her more passionately. As Rebecca began to respond in like kind she slightly opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue in.

She moaned and put her hands under my cheerleader sweater and rubbed them all over my back. I lowered my hand and cupped her breast. It was fulsome and firm. She gasped when I lowered my head and began to suckle her nipple and then she began to squirm. I don’t believe anyone had ever done that for her.

When I moved my mouth to her other nipple, Rebecca reached down and grasped the bottom of my sweater and pulled it completely over my head and then down my arms and off my body. Again the good looking young woman gasped; this time when she became cognizant of my bare breasts. She hadn’t realized that I hadn’t been wearing the standard issued cheerleading bra.

I lowered my right hand down to her pussy and stuck my middle finger in and began probing with it. Again Rebecca began moaning and writhing against me.

She whispered, “I’m a virgin.”

I whispered in return, “Well love, I don’t have the physical equipment to remedy that particular problem,” causing her to giggle. When I moved my hand against her clit feeling it grow hard, she pushed my short skirt to the floor.

“My God!” she exclaimed. “You weren’t wearing any panties either!”

“I never wear underwear,” I explained. “I like to always be ready for action.”

As Rebecca was thinking about that, I lowered to my knees and began to thrust my tongue hard against her clitoris again and again harder and harder. She was tearing at my hair with her hands while moaning and arching her back. It was getting hard for me to control her and I had to pull her closer by placing my hands on her beautiful bottom. I could tell she was getting very close and I went at her clitoris even harder and was pulling her pussy right up into my face.

Suddenly Rebecca cried out, “Oh Sara! I’m cuuuummming!” And she did. All over my face.

Later, after Kristine and Nicole came in and finally apologized to Rebecca after I glared at them long enough and she was kind enough to forgive them, we all left together; another member having been added to our group. Mwahaha!

The End

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