tagRomanceThe Christmas Dumpster Ch. 04

The Christmas Dumpster Ch. 04

byDecayed Angel©

Albert and Marianne, still arm in arm dragging her wagon, walked back to their alley carefully surveying the surroundings before heading over to their shelter. They wanted to be sure there wouldn't be any trouble regarding all the clothes that they had found Christmas morning. Safely storing Marianne's wagon with Albert's shopping cart filled with their stuff, they checked out the cardboard box they had used for a roof. It was still saturated so they moved it out into the sun.

Sitting down on their old mattress, Albert said, "Look, we've got a lot more money than we expected, but I still think we should go to the twenty dollar hotel and use the other money to get some stuff to shave with and then save the rest for some food."

"How much you think we can save?" she asked.

"I don't know, we have eighty seven and say the hotel costs twenty two with tax. That will leave us ah… sixty five. Okay we spend twenty on something to clean up with and maybe something to eat. That would leave us forty to forty-five dollars."

Counting something on her fingers, Marianne finally said, "Yeah, that's good."

"Okay then, let's grab something to wear tomorrow and go to the hotel," Albert said, walking over to the chain link fence, unfastening the fabric and pulling it back to let her through. He followed her in and together they each grabbed something to wear from the things they found in the dumpster on Christmas Day.

Climbing back through the fence, Marianne waited as Albert followed her through and then fixed the fence to look intact again. Taking her hand, he then led her out to the street and toward the Sundowner Hotel, about six blocks away. They stopped at a small grocery story and bought scissors, a hairbrush, a razor, some shaving cream, soap, shampoo and Albert even slipped a bottle of cheap perfume in the basket while Marianne wasn't watching. Continuing to the hotel they passed a few acquaintances who nodded at them and then did a double take when they notice the couple holding hands.

"I guess we'll be the talk of the town for a few days," Marianne said.

"Ah, they're just jealous."

Reaching the hotel, Albert stepped up to the registration desk, paid twenty three fifty for the room and then dangling the key at Marianne, headed for the stairs. They started running up the stairs, but by the first landing they slowed to a walk. Three more floors later, Albert unlocked the door and they both collapsed on the bed breathing hard. It was several minutes before they caught their breath.

They both went into the bathroom and Albert sat on the toilet while Marianne trimmed his scraggly beard short enough so he would use the razor. When she finished she made Albert get out of the bathroom while she took off her clothes and stepped into the shower. Once she was ready, she called him back in so he could shave first with the razor and then hand it to her, without looking, in the shower.

"I don't know why I can't see you, I mean we've had sex like three times already," Albert said, while carefully shaving his face.

"But you haven't seen me naked, I want to look good for you."

"But after we leave here…"

"Is after we leave here. We're here now and I want it to be special, even if just for tonight."

"Okay, whatever you say," he replied and then continued shaving in silence, washing off the razor and handing to her, without looking.

"Now go wait in the room and when I'm finished you can get in the shower."

Albert stepped out of the bathroom and sat on the bed waiting for what felt like forever. Finally she stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her hair dripping wet and let him in. Once he stepped into the shower, she slipped back into the bathroom to brush her newly washed hair. She also found the perfume he bought for her and went into bedroom. She sprayed perfume some on and climbed into bed, pulling the blanket over her.

A short time later Albert bounded out of the bathroom, his cock already hard, curving up from a well scrubbed body. He stopped, letting Marianne simply look at him. She initially noticed how thin he was, his cheeks turned sharply down from his cheekbones, and then seemed to sink into his mouth. The sunken cheeks emphasized his pointed chin and down his neck, his Adam's apple was very pronounced and knobby.

She hadn't thought to trim his eyebrows, but now, without his hat and clean hair, the bushy overgrown gray eyebrows looked like two hairy caterpillars clinging to his forehead. Looking downward, his chest hair was a sparse mixture of gray and black and even his pubic hair, no longer crusty and matted has streaks of gray. And then there was his cock, very thin but long. Marianne reached out to it and Albert thrust his hips forward letting her run her fingers over it's purple head. She was surprised as how hard he was.

"Well, it's my turn," he said, grabbing the blanket and pulling it completely off her. She was on her back with her legs tight together, crossed at the ankles and she had one arm covering her breasts. What Albert could see was surprising. Her hair, no longer frizzy and knotted, was nicely brushed down onto her shoulders. Looking down at her face, her eyes, yes, such a stunning light blue, gazed back at him, waiting for a reaction.

He reached down to her hand and pulled it so her arm moved off her breasts. Remembering how they felt through all those layers of clothes, it was hard to believe he was finally looking at them, completely uncovered. For as slim as she was, they seemed large and nicely rounded. Her nipples were small but Albert told himself that he'd get them bigger.

Looking downward he saw a light pink scar running across her belly, just beneath where her panties had covered. He tapped her foot and tilted his head in anticipation as Marianne slowly uncrossed her ankles and opened her legs. Although he had seen this part of her before, it was never as she looked now. Instead of the dark dusting of hair on her calves and thighs, her skin was smooth and white, and her pubic hair was soft and furry instead of the wiry, crusted curls he had slid his fingers though earlier.

Albert moved to the foot of the bed as Marianne held her breath, sighing lightly when he crawled onto the bed and began kissing her ankles. Using his hands on her too, he moved up her body, caressing her thighs with his fingers as he kissed her calves and then reaching up to her breasts as his lips and tongue moved up her thigh. When his mouth moved near her pussy, she could fell his warm, moist breath roll over her lips. She was trembling by the time his lips touched hers, in a slow languid kiss that ended only as his tongue dipped into her now soaking wet opening.

While his fingers teased and pinched her nipples his tongue pushed deep inside her and then slid up between her lips as she opened to him. Finding her clit, he sucked it into her mouth as his tongue slid over it. She could feel him breathing hard as he continued sucking on her clit and when he suddenly moved one hand from her breast and moved it down, pushing two fingers into her pussy, the raised her hips and moaned. Moments later she came, kicking her legs over his shoulders and pulling him to her.

After her pulsations faded Albert removed his fingers and started crawling, straddling her body with his knees. He rubbed his cock over her breasts, letting the tip of his cock slide bad and forth over her nipple. Moving he cock between her breasts, he reached down and squeezed them together sliding his cock in between them before moving his cock toward her mouth.

Grabbing his cock, Marianne kissed along its length, but then gently pulled it downward while she whispered to him, "Fuck me now Albert, I want you to fuck me now."

Immediately moving back between her legs, he let her guide his cock into her wet pussy. Leaning forward, he slid into her easily and quickly fell into a rhythm, thrusting deep and then slowly withdrawing. Albert could feel her respond as she raised her hips to meet each of his thrusts and then fell back onto the bed as she withdrew. Soon she began to moan, whispering, "Faster, yeah, faster please."

Quickening his rhythm he felt his balls now slapping against her ass as he plunged into her again and again. When she suddenly wrapped her legs around him and arched her back and came, Albert could hold off no more and with two quick thrusts he came right after her, filling her with his cum, spurt after spurt. Falling upon her, they remained united until his cock finally shrank and slipped out of her. Albert slipped over beside her, grabbed the blanket and pulled it over them. After talking a bit, they both quickly grew quiet and they slept naked together for the first and last time.

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