tagRomanceThe Colors Of Punishment

The Colors Of Punishment


Isabella was exhausted after a long day of cleaning her master's house. He was very meticulous in the way things were to be cleaned and replaced. She followed his written directions closely and marking each task as she completed them. And now she was on her last task, perched high above the floor on a ladder dusting the crystal chandelier that hung in his study. She tugged at her snug fitting uniform with its ruffles and lace all around. She hated this uniform. It was too short, showing her ass whenever she bent over and it barely held her large breasts. But this is what Master Paul wanted her to wear, so she obliged to his wishes. The bright afternoon sun shone into the study reflecting colors of the rainbow through the crystal chandelier. She stood and watched as the colors floated around the room until Master Paul entering the room and slamming the door behind him startled her.

"Good afternoon, Master Paul," she spoke as she descended the ladder. Isabella noticed that he had white cotton gloves on his hands and on the right index finger there was a spot of dirt. He held up his right hand and index finger up, and looked at her with bewilderment.

"Isabella," he said, "Can you explain why I found this dirt along the top of the entryway?" Isabella searched her mind trying to remember if dusting the top of the entryway was on the list Master Paul had left her.

"No sir," she replied and she lowered her head to the floor.

Master Paul walked over to her and lifted her chin with his hand. "Isabella, I left you very specific instructions on how I wanted my home cleaned and it appears that you did not follow those instructions. Am I correct?"

"Yes sir. But I do not recall cleaning the entryway as being in the instructions," she said quietly trying not to meet his eyes as he held her chin. "Let me get the instructions and look to see if that is written on them"

"No need, Isabella. I know what I wrote and I had instructed you to clean the top of the entryway," he stated while looking into her eyes. She tried to look away, but she was drawn to how dark his eyes were. "Do you know what I do to my employees that do not follow my instructions," he asked her.

"No sir. Please do not fire me," she begged.

Master Paul threw his head back and let out a laugh. "No, no, my sweet Isabella. I would never fire you. However, you do need to be punished for not following my directions."

Isabella looked at him, puzzled, she asked, "Punished? How so sir? Will you dock my pay?"

Again, Master Paul let out a laugh. "No, no Isabella. You will not lose your pay, you will not be fired, but you will learn to follow my instructions."

Master Paul released the hold he had of Isabella's chin and turned her around to face the interior of the room. He brought his body close to her and leaned into her ear whispering, "Go over to the sofa and remove your panties." Isabella was not sure why he wanted her to remove her panties, but she did as she was told. She walked over to the couch and pulled up her short skirt. As she slid her panties down, she glanced up to see Master Paul standing and watching her with his hands behind his back. He was in a military stance with his eyes never wavering from her. After her panties were on the floor, Master Paul walked quietly and sternly over to the couch and sat down.

"Isabella, I want you to lie across my lap so that you may receive your punishment," Master Paul said in a commanding voice. Isabella did as she was told, laying her body across his lap, arms touching the ground and her ass in the air. She still was unsure of what her punishment would be and her heart beat with fear and anticipation of the punishment.

Isabella whimpered, "Master Paul, what shall my punishment be?"

"My dear, sweet Isabella. I shall give you a spanking for every inch of the entryway that you did not clean as you were instructed." Then he chuckled and said, "There are many inches so you shall have many spankings."

Isabella could feel his left hand push her skirt up further, revealing her ass. She braced her hands against the floor waiting for that first smack. She tried to think of something, anything, that would focus her attention away from the foreseen pain. "The colors," she thought. "I'll watch the pretty colors from the sun." She found a rainbow of colors dancing on the wall ahead of her, but then "WHACK," she felt Master Paul's hand strike her exposed ass.

"WHACK," again. "WHACK. WHACK. WHACK." Isabella could feel her ass stinging, burning from his strong hands hitting it. But she continued to focus on the colors.

"WHACK," again. And then it stopped.

Master Paul had stopped and he asked, "Isabella, why are you not crying for me to stop? Does it not hurt?"

Isabella held back the tears and said firmly, "No, it does not." This frustrated Master Paul so he held her down with his left hand and brought up his right hand. With all the strength he could gather, he brought his hand down hard and struck Isabella's already reddened ass.

Again, she did not cry out. She continued to stay focused on the colors.

Bringing his hand up again, he brought it down with more power and struck her ass. This time Isabella could not hold in the cry. "Please! Please! No more. I have learned my lesson," and she began to sob.

Master Paul looked down at the woman lying across his lap. Her ass had reddened and his finger marks were defined on her cheeks. He could feel her body shake as she sobbed and the guilt grew in him. What had he done to this poor woman? His sweet Isabella. He did not mean to cause her much pain, but to teach her a lesson.

He took his hand and gently rubbed her ass. Blowing on it to cool the sting from the spankings. Isabella's sobs began to subside and her body to relax as she felt his hands rubbing her ass. She could feel his breath on her ass as he blew on it to relieve the stinging. Again, she focused on the colors.

Master Paul noticed how round and firm Isabella's ass was. Not a blemish or mark on it. It had the shape of a heart. "Perfect ass," he thought. He brought his mouth closer to her ass as to not miss any part of it while blowing on it. Before he knew what he was doing, his lips were gently kissing Isabella's ass. He kissed around the perfect shape of it, kissing the hand marks and licking the areas that were still very red. He kissed and licked along the crack until his tongue found the darker recesses of her ass.

Isabella felt Master Paul's lips touch her bare ass. She wanted to tell him to stop, but he was being so gentle and loving and she was beginning to enjoy it. She felt his lips trace around her ass, his tongue tasting her and then the wetness of his tongue between her cheeks. She moved her body slightly as to allow her legs to open wider, inviting him.

Master Paul noticed that she had shifted her body and her legs were now open wider. He could see that she had wetness coming from her pussy and he took his finger and wiped some of the wetness onto it. He lifted his finger up and noticed how creamy and smooth it appeared and placed his finger into his mouth. "MMMMMMM, Isabella. You are definitely my sweet Isabella," he told her.

He took both hands and firmly grabbed each side of Isabella's ass, spreading the cheeks. He leaned over her ass and placed his face between her cheeks, his tongue probing the outer edges of her ass. The tip of his tongue teased her ass, gently pushing in and out, tasting her.

Isabella felt Master Paul separate her ass cheeks and his tongue probing along her. Her legs quivered as his tongue pushed into her ass, causing her to shift her body again so that he may taste all of her. She felt herself become more aroused with each touch of his tongue. Her pussy began to ache and become full of her juices. He had tasted her and she knew he would want more. And she was prepared to give him more.

Master Paul was finding it difficult to fully taste Isabella's sweetness. He needed to put her into a position that he could push his face deeply into her sweet pussy and truly enjoy her. He looked up and noticed that the ladder that Isabella had been using to dust was still standing under the chandelier. As much as he didn't want to stop tasting her, he sat up and instructed Isabella to go over to the ladder. "Isabella," he said, "I want you to stand on the second step up and open your legs for me." Isabella stood, feeling her legs weak beneath her and moved over to the ladder. She climbed to the second step and opened her legs awaiting her Master.

Master Paul removed his suit jacket, unbuttoned the sleeves on his shirt and rolled them up. He walked over to Isabella, her juices still on his lips, reached up and grabbed her hips. He noticed how her hips curved to meet that perfect ass. He stood and looked at her body above him. Her breasts were generous, soft, and succulent. Her shoulders smooth and round with little freckles dotting them. Her legs muscular, yet feminine. The kind of legs he wanted wrapped around him.

His hands moved down the outer side of her taunt thighs. He could feel Isabella's legs quivering to his touch. This excited him. His hands moved to the back of her thighs and then to the inside where he pushed gently to open her legs wider for him. He slid his hands up the inside of her thighs until he found the wetness of her pussy. He took his tongue and tasted her juices first. "MMMMMMM," he thought. He didn't want to rush into to it though; he wanted to enjoy her taste. With one hand her pushed on her back causing her to lie onto the ladder. She wrapped her arms around the steps to keep her balance.

Taking both hands he again separated her cheeks and pushed his face into her wet pussy. His tongue traced the outside of her lips, up to her clit, back around her lips and up to her ass. Her juices following his tongue along the way.

Isabella stood on the ladder, clinging to it, as her Master enjoyed her. She was enjoying this too. This was the best punishment she had ever received. She felt her Masters tongue probe her pussy. He nibbled on her clit, sucking it, flicking it and she felt her body respond to the pleasure. Her juices were flowing. She could feel them running down her legs. Then she felt him spread her ass cheeks and plunge his tongue deep into her pussy. He fucked her pussy with his tongue. In and out. "Oh God," she cried. She felt her body begin to shake. She was going to cum.

Master Paul enjoyed being in her pussy. She tasted so sweet and creamy. He loved the way she felt on his lips and tongue. He was fucking her pussy with his tongue when he felt her body start to shake and she cried out. He knew what was coming and he positioned himself to receive her into his mouth. He held her hips as she came with his lips firmly placed around her pussy and tongue still fucking her.

He felt her body relax after she came and heard a soft moan come from her. He must have her. He could not wait anymore.

He stood back from the ladder, Isabella's juices covering his face and told her to come down off the ladder. When she was on the ground, Isabella looked up at him and was struck by how his once dark eyes had now softened into a shade of amber. She was taken by them and moved closer to him. Her Master pulled her into him and kissed her deeply and passionately. Her juices remaining on his lips were now on hers. He pulled away and picked her up to lay her on the couch.

Isabella stretched herself upon the couch and watched him as he undressed. First he removed his shirt. His chest was bare of any hair, but defined with strong muscles. His arms were long and muscular. He undid his slacks and pushed them down to the floor leaving him standing there with only a pair of boxer/briefs remaining. His abdomen muscles were defined and strong. His legs were muscular and from under his boxer/briefs she could see a bulge that seemed to be growing.

Her Master moved towards her on the couch and motioned for her to sit up. "Isabella, if I am to be without clothes, so are you. Please take off your uniform," he instructed. She stood up and with a quick pull, her short uniform dropped to the floor. She stood in front of him fully bare and he looked at her in awe. He always knew that she had a good figure, but seeing her like this, he realized that she was the perfectly shaped woman. She was not skinny, nor did she have extra weight. She was curvaceous and soft. She appeared to him to have stepped out of a Michelangelo painting.

Master Paul after taking in her beauty, slid his underwear down his legs. His cock was hard and throbbing. Isabella looked down to see his cock waiting for her. Her eyes grew large when she saw how thick and long it was. She had never seen a cock that size, let alone fuck one. She moved closer to him and put it in her hand. Her fingers could not close around it. She felt it throbbing in her hand and saw the pre-cum on the head of the cock. She dropped to her knees and licked the head of Master Paul's cock, tasting him.

"Oh my," she thought. "He tastes really good," as she giggled to herself. Her tongue traced around the head of his cock, under the rim and down the underside of the shaft. Tracing each vein as she traveled to his balls with her tongue. Her tongue roamed around his balls, pulling each into her mouth, she gently sucked them. She felt her Masters hands rest on top of her head as she continued to stroke his cock with one hand and suck his balls. She then positioned herself further between his legs and ran her tongue along his taint. She felt his cock grow harder in her hand and begin to throb more. Isabella's tongue found its way to his ass. With one hand she separated his cheeks and her tongue teased his ass. Reminding him of what he had done to her previously. She spent a few minutes licking and tongue fucking his ass and felt his hard cock throb harder. She knew she was driving him insane and she loved it.

She moved from between his legs still using her tongue to retrace where she had already been. She positioned herself in front of him, still on her knees; she put the head of his cock into her mouth. Slowly she took his whole cock into her mouth until her nose brushed along his hard stomach. Master Paul looked down in amazement. No woman had ever been able to take his cock fully into their mouth. She moved her mouth up and down his cock. Feeling it throb. Her pussy was aching and becoming wet again. She took her hand and moved it down to her pussy, feeling the wetness, she inserted two fingers into herself. She began finger fucking herself while she continued sucking on her Master.

Master Paul saw her fingering herself and that made him want her even more. He couldn't take it anymore. He had to fuck her. He grabbed her head and removed her from his cock. Isabella looked up at him in disbelief. Had she done something wrong?

"My sweet Isabella. I want you to drape your body over the back of the couch. I'm going to fuck you," he said in a matter of fact tone.

Isabella obeyed her Master and lay across the back of the couch. Master Paul stood behind her, spread her legs so that he may enter her and grabbed her hips. He pushed the head of his cock barely into her wet pussy. She gasped, feeling the thickness of the head. She waited breathlessly for him to enter her fully. But he pulled the head out and stood there. She wondered why. Then, again, she felt the head of his cock enter her. And again, he pulled his cock out and stood behind her.

Master Paul needed to fuck Isabella. But he knew if he didn't take his time, he would cum almost instantly. So he put the head of his cock into her pussy and feeling the warmth and wetness of it, almost sent him over the edge, and he pulled out. He could see the look of disappointment on Isabella's beautiful face. But he didn't want to tell her why he did that. He would have been too embarrassed. So again, he put the head of his cock into her pussy. And again, he had to pull it out. "UGH," he thought to himself, "Get it together man." Finally, with a deep breath he put the head of his cock back into her waiting pussy.

Isabella felt the head of Master Paul's cock enter her pussy once more. But this time, he didn't pull out. Instead, he firmly grabbed her hips and thrust himself deep into her. She released a loud moan as she felt his cock penetrate her. Her pussy tightened around his cock and he began fucking her slowly.

Master Paul heard Isabella moan as he pushed himself into her. Her pussy was so tight, so wet and warm. He could feel her muscles tighten around his hard cock as he slowly fucked her. He continued to slowly fuck her until her heard her cry, "Please Master, fuck me harder. Pound my pussy. Make it yours." That was all she had to say.

He reached around her, holding her breasts firmly in his hands, feeling her nipples hard against his palms. He pulled his cock almost out of her pussy and thrust it deep into her again. Faster he fucked her. His balls moving with the motion of his hips. Isabella moaned to the rhythm of Master Paul fucking her.

He could feel himself getting ready to cum, so he pushed himself deep into her. He held himself in her until he released his cum.

Isabella could feel him getting ready to cum in her. She could feel the power in his fucking her and his cock growing within her walls. She felt him push deep into her and felt the warmth of his cum as he filled her.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy. Their cum intermingling with each other, he watched as it dripped from her. He pushed her ass cheeks apart one last time and licked her pussy, tasting the both of them.

He stood behind her and pulled Isabella up to him. Turning her around to face him, he kissed her, letting her taste his lips which was layered with their cum. She greedily took it. Master Paul sat down on the couch, pulling her onto his lap. This time however, cradling her in his arms.

Isabella lay curled in Master Paul's arms. Feeling safe and warm. "Maybe," she thought to herself, "next time I will not follow instructions if I receive this type of punishment." She giggled to herself and laid her head upon his chest.

Together Master Paul and Isabella sat holding each other in the warmth of the afternoon sun and watch the colors dance on the walls.

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