tagLesbian SexThe Complete Submission Ch. 02

The Complete Submission Ch. 02


A special thanks to Estragon for all his editing help. (Re-edited: March 2011)

Of course, all participants are 18 years or older.


This morning I got up and decided to see how far I could push my Mom. I showered and put on a red sweater that was skin tight against my blossoming breasts, a black leather skirt that barely covered by ass and black pantyhose, crotchless of course. I was wearing a sexy lace bra, but no other underwear. Mom would have never let me wear all that before yesterday's events.

I went downstairs and Mom was making breakfast. I called out in the happiest sing-song voice I could, "Morning Mommy."

My Mom turned and saw my outfit. But instead of getting angry like she would have 24 hours ago, she simply said, "I see you have changed your fashion sense."

I shrugged, "Well you always compliment Carla's outfits, so she and I went shopping for me."

After a sigh, my mother said "Well it's tough to argue that, especially after what I did."

"Oh Mom, I think it is kind of cool. I always hoped there was more to you then the Leave it to Beaver Mom you have always acted like. I wondered if I was even yours...we seemed so opposite."

"Oh honey, I treated you this way so you did not become like me."

"What do you mean?"

"I used to be rather slutty and..." my Mom stopped as my brother Mark wandered into the kitchen.

The rest of breakfast was uneventful and I headed to school.

The school day itself was complete torture, as I could not wait till after school and Carla's plan to begin. At school, Carla and I planned some more, and were so horny we had to do something. To make it till the end of the day, we grabbed Edith and Chantelle, two nerds, and had them suck our cunts in the girl's locker room. A couple of girls came in during the cunt licking and stayed to watch. After Carla came, she told the two girls to spread their legs and let the nerds munch on their snatches. We left them at it and finished our dull school day.

At the end of the school day, my panties were drenched. We headed to the mall and bought Mom a sexy, super slutty outfit, something she would never wear in a million years. It was a red see-through blouse, a black-leather mini and black stay-ups that would be completely seen by anyone who looked at her. Carla tried it on and came out as a mother, in the store with her daughter, stared at her, drool practically dripping from her mouth. Carla smirked and said, "Do you like?" The woman blushed. Carla teased the mother more by lifting up the skirt even higher and said "Better?" The woman said nothing, but did not turn away. Just as Carla was going to lift again, the daughter came out wearing a rather tacky dress, obviously for her grad. The mother reluctantly looked away and looked at her daughter. After a brief conversation, the daughter grabbed another dress and returned to the changing room. The woman shyly looked back to Carla, now minus the skirt. During this time Carla bet me 20 bucks that she could get the mother to eat her pussy in the changing room and then pay for the outfit. I figured she was probably right, she almost always is, but it would be entertaining. And how the daughter responded would be fun to see.

Carla looked at the mother and without saying a word, gestured her into the room. The mother looked at me and then sheepishly followed Carla's naked ass, obviously forgetting her daughter. In seconds, we saw the woman drop to her knees, her red pumps clearly visible to us. After a couple minutes, the daughter came out in an only remotely better teal dress. I smiled as she looked for her mother. She looked at me and was about to ask where her mother was when she heard Carla's moaning and saying "Beg to have me cum on your face."

Although it was quiet, I did hear the words, "Please cum on my face."

The daughter, recognizing the voice and then seeing the shoes, was speechless, her face went completely white. A few seconds later, Carla gave her vivid orgasm moan and then the woman got up. A minute later, what seemed like forever, especially for the girl, the woman opened the door with her face shiny with cunt juice. She was clearly completely humiliated and did not even look at her daughter. Carla came out, naked from the waist down and said to the daughter, "Your Mom eats pussy great, can you do any better?"

The Mom began to protest, but Carla gave a look that said, "Look slave, if you ever want my pussy again, don't say a word."

The daughter looked at her mother, the mother slightly shook her head yes and the daughter followed Carla in as well. The scene replayed itself, this time the mother's shocked face watched the devious scene.

This time Carla took a lot longer to orgasm, she always does after the first orgasm, and I figured I might as well get an orgasm too. I grabbed the mother, led her to the room her daughter had just been changing in and pushed her to her knees. There was no reluctance as she dropped between my nylon covered legs and went to work. She was very good as she took her time and savored my pussy. Three times she had me on the brink and then left me there until finally I grabbed her head and pushed her in. She took the cue and worked me over, bringing me to an orgasm seconds later. She stood up, I kissed her hard and said, "Thanks for the orgasm whore."

She replied with the funniest response ever, "You're welcome." I laughed hard then and she left the changing room. I pulled down my skirt and saw that her daughter was still in the same dress, her face shiny with Carla's juice.

Carla still naked from the waist down, said, "Ladies, that was fun. Both of you have eaten pussy before, you should chitchat someday." She then went back to her room to change.

The mother looked at the saleswoman who had just watched the whole thing and said, "I will pay for Mistress Carla's outfit." She then took her daughter and went into the changing room. Carla walked out of the room, smiled at the cute saleswoman, put her finger to the saleswoman's mouth. She obediently opened it and sucked what was clearly Carla's pussy juice. Carla grinned to her and said, "You were very helpful. I told the Mommy and daughter to please you as my tip to you, if you want."

The saleswoman smiled, said thanks, and went to the room. As we left, Carla was laughing as she said that she demanded the mother seduce her daughter and her daughter seduce her mother. She added, "By the way, taking charge with the Mommy slut, very good, is that foreshadowing."

I laughed as we left the mall and headed home.

We got home in record speed. Mom was reading a book, dressed in her usual outfits. A long blue skirt, beige pantyhose and a hideous blouse. When Mom saw Carla and myself her face went red instantly.

Carla, shifting the power of the house, asked "Mommy, don't I get a kiss." In the past Carla had went to her, my mother's response would tell us if we were right; Carla was convinced my Mom was submissive.

My mother got up, set down her book, and shyly approached her. When she leaned in, Carla took my mother's face in her hands. She gave my Mom a passionate kiss, obviously using tongue. In preparation for the kiss, Carla had fingered her cunt in the driveway and smeared it all over her lips. The sheen on her face was impossible not to notice I thought.

My mother broke the kiss after a few seconds and looked at me, "Oh my God, I am so sorry Mandi, I....."

Carla interrupted my mother, "June, did you just break my kiss?" Carla moved her hand to her own pussy, slid a finger in and then brought it to my mother's face. "June, if you ever break a kiss again, you will never ever taste this again." She placed the finger to her mouth. My Mom hesitated, looked at me embarrassed, ashamed, and then took the finger in her mouth. She sucked it eagerly trying to get every drop of Carla's juices.

Carla said, "Much better." She then liberally coated all five fingers on her right hand and said, "You'll like this, now get on your knees and say please."

Mom did not even hesitate, clearly losing all inhibitions and whispered submissively "Please."

Carla fed my mother the fingers one at a time. Mom was hooked. After Mom retrieved all of Carla's juices, Carla lifted her skirt, showing my mother her shaved pussy. Mom seemed to be thinking what to do next, but Carla knew the art of seduction. Mom began to lean in, but Carla said, "No, no, no, just look."

Mom settled back, starring at the delicious spread, but obeying. "I just thought you may want to see the source. Like it?" Carla brushed my Mom's nose with her clit.

Mom whispered in hypnotic awe, "It is beautiful."

Carla dropped her skirt, laughed and said, "Don't worry June, play your cards right and you will get the privilege of eating my pussy, like your daughter often does, but you need to earn it." My mother coming back to her senses with the reference to her daughter, looked at me, again embarrassed. "Honey you?"

Carla interrupted, "Yes June, your daughter is a great pussy licker. She has been between my legs many, many times. Just yesterday I fucked her young tight pussy with a thick black strap-on."

My mother looked at me shocked; breaking the tension, I finally spoke, saying, "Mom, we bought you something. Actually it is an outfit; something a little more flattering than the grandma outfit you are currently wearing. Put it on, Mommy."

Mom grabbed the bag, pulled out the outfit and said, "Mandi, I can't. Not here, with the boys outside."

I repeated, "Put it on Mommy."

"My God Mandi, I can't wear this in public; I'll go change and you can check it out in the bathroom."

Carla stepped in, saying, "June now, right here."

Mom glanced to the pool. The boys were in the pool goofing off. She pleaded, "Please, anyone might see."

Carla sternly said, "Now June."

That did it; she would not disobey Carla. It was clear she was nervous, but she slowly got undressed. Both Carla and I watched intently. She looked sexy, vulnerable. Slowly she put on the outfit, she shook her head when she realized there was no underwear. When she was done she looked fucking hot. It made her look 20. Her nipples peeked through the thin fabric.

Mom studied herself, smiled, but still said, "Girls, can I take it off now?"

Carla responded, sliding her hand on her own nylon covered legs, "You look 20 years younger and good enough to eat."

"Carla please," my Mom begged.

Carla grinned and said, "I'm sure your guests could use some cold lemonade."

Mom turned to me and pleaded, "Mandi please stop this. You can't be serious."

"We are completely serious Mommy. Don't worry, the boys will love the drinks. Dad won't be home till 8 and," I paused, "you don't want to disobey Carla do you?"

Mom looked petrified, but she saw no mercy. She kept glancing to the pool. Carla smiled and said "Mandi, your Mommy clearly doesn't want my pussy, why don't you get over hear and suck my cunt."

I immediately went to Mandi and said, "Yes mistress" and dove between her legs.

Carla told me later that my Mom was stunned, but said nothing, as she watched her daughter eat pussy right in front of her. She resigned herself to her fate and filled up four glasses.

Carla then pulled me up and let me watch. All the action around the pool stopped as my mother delivered the lemonade. My Mom said, "You boys looked really hot, here are some refreshments."

As my Mom bent down to deliver the drinks, her naked cunt was in full view. Carla, continuing the humiliation, called "June, the boys can see your cunt."

Mom quickly stood up straight and walked back to the house." Carla kissed me hard and said, "Time to make her mine. Get the camera, time to make Mrs. Cleaver a porn star." I went to get the camera and returned just in time to see Carla gently comforting my mother on her bed. I pressed record and hid as best I could.

Carla said to my mother, "It is ok, June, you are a beautiful woman and deserve to be seen as one. Doesn't your hubby treat you right?"

My Mom crying, said, "No, he takes me for granted, he used to fuck me every night, now I only get it from my brother."

Carla replied, "Oh honey, you are perfect. Your tits are still firm, your legs delicious, your face gorgeous, and your eyes hypnotizing."

Mom, no longer crying, said, "Thanks Carla, I grew up with attention from every man, and I just no longer felt sexy, except when my brother...you know."

"When he fucked the shit out of you?"

Mom laughed, "Yes, when he fucked the shit out of me."

"So, you suck cock, take it in the ass and your hubby doesn't appreciate you?"

"Yep, I haven't blown him in a year at least. And he thinks anal sex is disgusting."

Carla smirked, I already knew what she was thinking, she was going to fuck his ass somehow, and she said, "June, you have a couple choices. We can talk some more or." She stood up, slid off her shoes and placed her stocking covered toes on my Mom's leg. My Mom looked and saw a clear view of my best friend's shaved pussy. Carla lifted her foot to my Mom's mouth and instinctively my Mom took the toes into her mouth. My mother sucked each toe through the nylon; she sucked with intense focus. Carla replaced the foot with the other and Mom continued to pleasure Carla's toes and then the sole of her feet. Carla then lifted up her skirt and said, "Do you like what you see?"

My Mom eagerly said, "Yes, yes I do."

"You know that your daughter had her head between my legs just 15 minutes ago right?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Do you care?"

"No, I was envious, she is a lucky girl."

"Yes, she is. She eats pussy like a pro. I have eaten her pussy many times, fucked her pussy with a strap-on, and watched as she was triple fucked by 3 football players just last week. Your daughter is a slut and my slave."

"I know."

"Have you ever eaten pussy before?'

"Yes," my Mom replied matter of factly.

"When last?"

"Well," she paused, "It's pretty embarrassing."

Carla smiled sweetly and said, "I know you fuck your brother, so how can eating pussy be embarrassing? Plus you are now mine, do you understand that?"


"So you will always obey me, no matter what."


"Even if I make you wear this clothing in public?"


"Even if I make you watch your daughter being fucked by me."


"Even if I make you go to a bar and blow some random guy in the parking lot."


"Even if I bring over some of my football player friends and let them take turns gang-banging you."


"Even if I make you eat your daughter's pussy."

"Yes." Sweet I think.

"Then you know we have no secrets and that you will never lie to me."


"Ok, back to the question. Tell me your lesbian experiences?"

"I have ate lots of pussy ever since I was young. The first was my sister and then later my mother." I was shocked. My auntie? My stuck up grandmother? "My sister and I learned from each other, first we used brushes, then bottles, cucumbers, whatever. But it wasn't enough, so we began tasting each other. Then we were hooked. We did it two-three times daily. I later learned that my mother and sister had been eating each other out for a few months, so I went to bed one night, as you know my father died when we were young, and simply started eating her out in her sleep. She assumed it was Tamara, but did not care and was happy when she realized it was me. After that we sucked and fucked each other daily. Then my mother's mother came to visit, she simply took off her skirt and revealed a strap-on and fucked each of us. Not surprisingly, my brother got in on the action and fucked all four of us. That is why I am so strict with my children. I know how sick a pervert I am and I did not want to make them become the dirty, kinky perverts that my family was...is. But I could never resist any of my family and still fuck my brother and still get together with my sis and Mom. Other than my family, my friends and I ate each other constantly. The first guy I fucked other than my brother was my 40-year old boss at the bar where I worked. He fucked me every shift, using every hole. He brought out my submissive side and eventually I taught his daughter how to eat pussy, suck her daddy's cock and eventually take it up the backdoor. Then I met my husband, got knocked-up and rejected almost all my past perversions and became a respectable mother in this community. But I have a secret that will shock even you."

Carla was all ears, "Yes."

"I have one other woman who fucks me."


"Your mother."

Carla's face showed shock for the first time ever, "My mother?"

"Yes, she has been my mistress for a couple years now, not often because of her schedule, but at least once a month your mother fucks me with her 8 inch black strap on and has me eat her heavenly pussy, which is just like yours."

Carla smiled, "So my mother is a rug muncher too. I thought she might be, I am so fucking her when I get home."

My mother laughed and smiled, "Although she has never said it, I believe she has wanted to fuck you forever, but...."

"But what?"

"Well I don't know who would be the dominant, as both of you are the same. Seductive, beautiful, dominant."

Carla pondered his and said, "Oh we will see about that. You got me so horny. Here is your chance to earn your keep." Carla opened her legs and my Mom leaned between my best friend's legs and began to lick. My pussy was on fire watching the scene. I too wanted my mother between my legs, but according to Carla that had to wait till tomorrow. My mother was definitely good at what she was doing. Carla's facial expression said it all. It seemed my mother would bring her close with focused licking and then slow down. After over 20 minutes, Carla was over the edge with anticipation and shoved my mother's face against her shaved snatch. Carla's orgasm shook the bed. When she finally released my mother, the juices covered her whole face. I got a great close up of that. Carla then, out of character, threw my Mom on the bed, spread her stocking clad legs apart and dove into my Mom's pussy. I had never, ever, seen Carla not able to control her sexual desires. My mother moaned and said, "Oh yes Carla, I have wanted this for so long, I want to be your slave, your whore. I want to obey your every wish. Please, let me cum." She screamed, loud enough for anyone in the house to hear, as Carla's tongue got her off.

Carla got up and said, "June, from now on you are only to wear stay-ups, stockings or crotchless pantyhose; none of those old people hose. Dress like the slut you are. Do not tell my mother I know." Carla finished getting dressed and said, "Thanks for the orgasm you slut." She went to the door and turned back, "You should be ashamed of yourself, fucking your daughter's best friend." Then Carla walked out. My mother lay there for a while before composing herself. I thought she may change into something more conservative, but she didn't. She looked in the mirror and said to herself, "Fuck, I can't control myself. I am a slut." She shrugged and headed downstairs.

I went downstairs and was disappointed to see that Carla had left. But there was a note.

"I had to go home and plan fucking my mother. I also will make arrangements for tomorrow's plan. Love Carla. P.S.-Your mother is an amazing fuck."

I laughed, lay back on the bed and fucked myself with the biggest vibrator I had. I turned it on high and slid it into my moist cunt. I closed my eyes and fantasized about dominating my whore mother. Tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow...

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