The Concert


This story does not directly follow the A Gift Amongst Friends storyline, but will make at least one major reference to the third chapter in that series. Although I hope this is able to stand up as an enjoyable tale on its own, you may want to consider checking out the AGAF series. It will help to put things in context.


She rolled around in her bed, restless. She shifted to her left side, then several minutes later to her right. Things seemed to be going well on her back, and Jess could feel herself slowly drifting off to sleep.

However, just as she was starting to relax, the image crept back into her mind. She closed her eyes, but it seemed to be tattooed on the back of her eyelids.

Even when exhaustion finally overtook her, the memory penetrated her dreams. She was back in the hallway, but she could not remember why she was there. On either side, the walls were lined with doors that went on and on. She was all alone, but she felt like she was being watched. She turned, but there was nobody there.

A door opened behind her, as it had many times before, in many dreams before. Jess looked and saw her emerge. Melissa? No. Amanda? No...Mandy. Her name is Mandy. Jess always struggled with her name, but she had seen the girl enough times to recognize her face. They lived in the same wing of the dormitory, and Jess had seen her around the common rooms many times before.

Like so many dreams before, Mandy emerged from one of the doors, the hallway behind her fading into obscurity. The first thing Jess noticed was her breast. The girl's top was pulled down on one side, and Jess could clearly see her large pink nipple. Her skin glistened from the semen that ran from her face to her chest. She was drunk. In the dreams, just as in real life, Jess could clearly tell that she was drunk. As quickly as it had begun, the girl was gone, and Jess was alone once again.

She awoke the next morning, unsure of what to make of her dreams. Several days had passed since she had accidentally witnessed Mandy's debauchery, but the image of her exposed neighbor, dripping with cum, was burned into her brain. She had passed Mandy in the hall several times since then, but as per usual, Mandy never so much as gave her a second look. I don't think she even remembers seeing me that night. She was too drunk. But Jess certainly remembered.

"Wow, what a slut," Raven had responded when Jess told her about the incident. "I can't believe she would do that. You should see if you can get her kicked out of residence."

That seems like a bit of an overreaction, Jess thought.

Her friend continued, still outraged. "At least the school year is almost over so you might not ever see her again. I bet she's failing all her classes and won't even be back next year."

Raven was one of Jess' more conservative friends that she had met in her economics class. The daughter of a Black minister, Raven had grown up in a strict religious household. Jess was not at all surprised by the angered response.

While Jess was less religious than her classmate, the two girls shared much in common. They were both quiet and shy, preferring to stay in on the weekends rather than go out to the clubs. They enjoyed reading, watched the same television shows, and shared a similar distaste for other people.

The two girls were of a similar height, with Jess at 5'4" and Raven only an inch shorter. Jess certainly had a much more bookish look, slender and freckled, with curled auburn hair and glasses, whereas Raven's dark complexion and wider figure made the two girls stand apart as clearly as night and day.

"I don't know," Jess replied. "I heard she's on the dean's list. Anyway, it's not like it's a big deal. It was just sort of a surprise to turn around and see her like that."

"Well, she can't be all that smart if she's walking around the building, half-naked and covered in...ugh" Raven made a disgusted face, leaving her sentence unfinished. "One way or another, she's a slut."

That didn't quite sit right with Jess, but she had learned long ago that there was no point in arguing with Raven. When she was passionate about an issue, it no longer mattered whether she was right. The last time they had strongly disagreed on something, Raven had been bitchy about it for days afterward, and Jess had feared that the friendship would never recover. Instead, she dropped the subject. Jess didn't disagree that Mandy was a skank, but she certainly didn't feel so hateful about something that was none of her concern.

Raven had been in a relationship with her current boyfriend since high school, and he had recently proposed to her during the Christmas break. However, Jess suspected that Raven was still a virgin. As far as she could tell, the couple was never more physical than kissing or holding hands.

Jess, on the other hand, did not have much interest in boys. She was by no means a lesbian—she was merely tired of the dating game and had decided to take a break. They're only after one thing, she had told herself after her last date, almost a year ago.

She had tried sex a few times with a couple of different guys. It was enjoyable, but the guys had always finished far too quickly for her to really appreciate the experience. For the time being, I can do without it.

Besides, with her books and movies, she didn't really need a guy.

"Oh," Raven exclaimed, changing the topic, "I got my shift switched at work, so I can come with you to the concert on Friday."

Jess lit up. "Really? That's awesome!"

Jess had been excited for weeks about an upcoming rock concert on campus. The event was going to be huge, with one of her favorite bands headlining. She didn't think that Raven would be able to make it with her, but she was glad to hear about the change. Jess was fortunate enough to have parents that were able to pay for her university, but her friend was not so lucky. Raven was forced to work part-time as a waitress, typically eating up a lot of her free time.

The two girls hung out in Jess' dorm room and made plans for the concert for another half hour before Raven had to leave for her dance class.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully. As usual, Jess procrastinated studying for her final exams, and she spent her free time working on a novel that she had started writing several months ago.

By the time that Friday arrived, she could no longer contain her excitement. With her last class of the day finished, she hurried to the meal hall for dinner. She hurriedly ate half a serving of chicken nuggets, and then walked back to her dorm.

As she passed Mandy in the hall, Jess' eyes were glued to the floor. She could still hardly bear to look at her, a full week after their awkward encounter in this very hall.

Jess slipped into her room, grabbed a change of clothes and a towel, and then headed for the shower. She allowed enough time for a quick rinse before drying, getting dressed, and returning to her room to call Raven.

It was 7:45pm by the time the girls met up in the lobby of the dormitory and began their walk to the campus courtyard, where the concert was being held. Jess had picked up their tickets the previous evening, and she was happy to see that Raven had remembered the cash to reimburse her. She slipped the bills into her pocket as the lights along the walkway flickered on.

The evening was somewhat cool, and Jess was glad she had decided to wear jeans rather than shorts. They were her favorite pair of jeans, fitting her small frame perfectly, complimenting what little curves she had. To go with them, she had chosen to wear an orange t-shirt and sneakers. Raven was dressed similarly, with jeans and a beige t-shirt. She had also brought a black zip-up hoodie. I wonder if I will regret not bringing one as well, Jess wondered.

It was starting to get dark, and the girls could already hear the large crowd from the other end of the campus. Thousands of students were expected to attend the show, and despite her usual hatred of large crowds, Jess was feeling pumped for such a big event.

As the girls approached the courtyard, the first opening act began playing. It was some local band, not one that Jess was familiar with. Even so, she quickened her pace.

The courtyard was fenced off with one major entrance, and the girls stepped into the line for admittance.

After what seemed like eternity, Jess reached the front of the line and showed her ticket to a woman in a security jacket. The woman waved her in. As she entered the enclosure, she came face to face with a tall man in another security jacket. Like the woman before him, he looked like he was a student from the university. He gestured for her to position her arms away from her body. Meekly, she did as she was told.

She almost jumped as his hands reached under her arms on both sides, sliding down along her sides to her hips. His hand stopped at the bulge in her pocket. "What's this?" He asked sternly.

Jess reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone to show him.

He returned to his task, placing both of his hands around her tiny left thigh and sliding them upwards before she had time to react. He then repeated the gesture on her right leg. As he pulled his hands away, his fingers lightly brushed against the crotch of her pants, causing Jess to flinch.

His hands returned to her sides and moved forwards along her ribcage until his thumbs rested just under her tiny breasts.

The whole ordeal lasted no more than a few seconds before he signaled for her to move on, but she was still shaking when Raven met up with her on the other side.

"I didn't think they would be doing searches," Jess shouted over the music as they walked along the outskirts of the crowd.

"I know! It's so stupid!" Raven responded. "What would we be smuggling in?"

Jess knew that searches for alcohol and weapons were common at large public events, and their school had a terrible reputation for unruly behavior. But something about the way that man had touched her had left her feeling uncomfortable.

The opening act played a short set list, and the audience was still not fully warmed up by the time they left the stage. The girls decided to peruse the vendor stands and hang around in the back areas of the grassy field that had yet to fill up.

As the second act began, the girls started to make their way into the thinly populated sections of the crowd, hoping for a better view. Raven said something, but Jess could not make it out over the heavily distorted guitars and the pounding drums. The second act progressed through several more energetic songs, and the audience became much more enthusiastic.

Jess turned to her friend and made a sour face as the smell of marijuana filled the air. The girls retreated to the back once more, hoping to avoid the smoke.

It's much more crowded back here than it was when we arrived, Jess noted as they squeezed between people, trying to find a vacant spot. Despite her usual quietness, Jess cheered loudly as the second act came to a close. The energy of the music, the lights, and the crowd was really starting to scratch through her dour exterior, and Jess was really starting to enjoy herself. Before she knew it, an hour had already passed.

The final act was one of Jess' favorite bands, and she once again pushed her way into the densely populated audience, Raven following closely behind her. The girls pushed forward until the crowd became too thick and would no longer allow them to pass.

Within minutes, amidst cheers and whistles, the headlining band emerged, kicking immediately into one of their more famous singles. The crowd went wild and Jess struggled to keep her balance as the multitude of bodies surged forward.

She had barely regained her composure from the first shove when a second wave came seconds after. She almost lost her footing, but thankfully a group of nearby boys saw her dilemma, and two of them took her by the arms to help her steady herself.

She smiled in thanks and looked back to make sure she had not lost Raven. The two girls nestled in with the group of boys, who helped to shelter them against some of the more violent pushes and shoves. Soon, crowd surfers began moving overhead, and the boys helped to keep them from raining down on the girls.

Jess wondered if she had perhaps gotten in over her head by moving so deep into the heart of the crowd. However, as the adrenaline kicked in, her worries disappeared. She got into the swing of things and started to shout the lyrics to the songs she knew.

After several songs, she noticed that the boys were lifting one of their friends up onto the crowd. The crowd lifted the surfer and carried him away towards the stage. Soon, the boys sent up another from their group.

One of the closer boys turned to Jess and pointed upward, mouthing the words "up." She laughed and shook her head. She looked around and saw several other crowd surfers passing atop the audience, all of whom seemed to be having fun.

Several other boys joined in, encouraging Jess and Raven to go up. Jess looked to her friend, who looked hesitant.

Finally, Jess caved in to the peer pressure. She stepped forward and allowed one of the boys to pick her up. Soon, a second and third pair of hands joined the first one, and she felt herself being lifted above the heads around her.

From up here, she could see the stage so much clearer. She did not stay in place for long as the boys gave her a push forward and a chorus of hands came up to meet her.

The sensation was strange and somewhat scary as the first hand grabbed at her butt. She almost kicked at the grabber instinctively. But soon, she got into the hang of it and ignored the occasional inappropriate hand.

Turning back, she saw that Raven had followed her up and was surfing several feet behind her. Jess reached out and for a moment, the girls grabbed hands, laughs and shouts lost in the thunderous noise that filled the courtyard.

A sudden jolt separated the girls as Jess continued to move forward and Raven moved towards the back of the crowd. Afraid that she might lose her friend in the confusion of darkness and flashing lights, Jess signaled for the crowd to push her back in the opposite direction.

The crowd obliged, and Jess scanned the ocean of bodies for her friend. She thought she caught a glimpse of Raven surfing atop the back of the back section, laughing and cheering, far removed from the bright lights of the stage.

A sudden jolt left Jess disoriented again. She turned her neck back and forth, when the sight of a female figure caught her eye. Raven seemed to be hovering in one spot, laughing frantically. What is she doing?

Jess squinted into the darkness. Wait, that's not Raven...Oh my god... The other girl was not laughing at all—she was struggling.

As the crowd carried her closer, Jess watched in horror as dozens of hands groped the girl's body. She had dark skin and looked to be somewhat taller than Jess, wearing a red tube top and pair of denim shorts. Several hands were grabbing at her chest, several were latched onto her arms, and several were pulling at her clothing.

Jess shouted, but her voice was lost in the noise. She could only watch helplessly as a hand took hold of the girl's red tube top and pulled downward, spilling the woman's large breasts into the night air. What possessed her to crowd surf in that outfit? As the garment pooled around her waist, dozens of hands arose to get a feel of her bare tits. Another pair of boys seemed to be working the shorts down her hips, revealing a pair of black panties.

Jess was terrified, and she realized her own danger as she continued to drift towards the same group of boys that were accosting this other girl. She tried to turn around, tried to grab at the hands that were pushing her. She twisted and turned, but no matter what she did, she could not seem to move against the tide that carried her.

It felt like she was outside of her own body, watching the experience. She was several feet away from the girl. Jess watched as the stranger's shorts were removed completely from her body and tossed amongst the crowd, thrown back and forth before disappearing in the sea of people.

The girl turned to Jess with a look of fear before she too disappeared down amidst the crowd. Seconds later, she saw a pair of male hands clutching the black panties like a trophy above the chaos.

Jess could feel her own movement slowing. She fought and kicked, but a pair of strong hands grasped her feet, holding them still. More hands grabbed at her body, and she tried to knock them away as best as she could before the boys restrained her arms as well.

The guitar crunched and the drums continued to pound as the boys below began tugging at Jess' clothing. She pulled her arms inward, attempting to keep her shirt in place. She squirmed as the crowd tugged and pulled at her pants. Fortunately, she had worn one of her tighter pairs of jeans, and they seemed to be holding steady on her hips.

Please, no... She could not be certain if she was shouting the words or merely thinking them, the volume around her was so intense.

She could feel her shirt slowly inching up her stomach as she begged for this to end. A shove flipped her over so that she was facing the ground, and she instinctively grabbed for her glasses as they fell from her face. She lost the glasses, and in the process, the boys were able to force her shirt up to her armpits.

She looked down at the crowd, but in darkness without her glasses, she could only make out a blur of faces and arms. Dozens of hands were now grabbing at her exposed bra, pinching and squeezing at her tiny breasts.

She tried to resist, but her arms were pulled above her head, allowing her shirt to be removed. She could feel another pair of hands working at the front of her pants. No, no, no! But it was no use, and after a few seconds of fumbling, she could feel the material go lose around her waist. With the pants unfastened, the boys needed no further invitation. They immediately worked her jeans over her hips and down to her knees. Her shoes gave some resistance, but those too were quickly removed and tossed aside.

Soon, the pants were gone, and she was left in the pink bra and panties she had chosen after her shower.

In no time, hands were slipping below the material of her panties, poking and prodding at her most private parts.

Another shove flipped her back onto her backside. She looked at the stage so far away and wondered if anyone could see what was happening.

The clasp of her bra let go, and in a swift motion, the garment was forcefully tugged away. The same went for her panties, leaving Jess exposed above the crowd, naked but for a pair of socks. For a moment, the world seemed to stop and her mind was a million miles away, fixated on just how silly she must look, held above the pandemonium in nothing but a mismatched pair of flowery socks.

Another sudden shove brought her back to her senses.

Stage lights blurred together with camera flashes as Jess twisted in vain. The effort was leaving her exhausted, and with her most intimate parts exposed, the fight was taken out of her. No matter which direction she turned, a camera or cell phone waited to greet her.

She cringed as hands explored her bare body and fingers found their way inside her. Her heart was beating like crazy and waves of emotions were crashing together more quickly than she could process them. She thought she might cry, but the rush of adrenaline and the flood of physical sensations kept the tears at bay. Her primal emotions began to take over as fear and excitement overrode the more logical parts of her mind.

Darkness swallowed her as her body was lowered amongst the crowd of awaiting strangers.

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