The Concert


She felt a swell of relief as one of her feet touched the ground, but her optimism was short-lived. A tug of her arms sent her falling backwards into a pair of awaiting hands. Unable to move, she watched as a figure emerged from the darkness and descended to her chest.

It had been many months since Jess had felt the familiar sensation of a mouth closed around her nipple. The cold air and the excitement had hardened her tiny pink nipples, and she bit her lip as a set of teeth gently tugged at her.

Another mouth quickly found its way to her other breast, and Jess' knees buckled—but the hands were there to keep her upright. It suddenly dawned on her that at some point she had stopped struggling and was passively going along with the events. No, she thought as she tried to twist free. I don't want this. I have to stop this. But the words rung hallow, and she found herself going limp once more, ashamed. She was thankful for the loud music as a soft moan escaped her lips.

Every time that her eyes began to adjust to the darkness, another camera flash blinded her.

Jess felt herself being lifted and laid back in a horizontal position on a bed of hands. She looked up at the circle of dark figures around her as her legs were pulled apart. Oh god, no...

There was no time to react as she felt a presence between her thighs. She could not see what was happening, but it became obvious as she felt something warm brushing against the lips of her exposed womanhood.

There was a roar of cheering as the shaft slipped easily into Jess' moist opening. Many arms held her steady as the stranger began pumping madly into her. Jess panicked, as she had never had sex without a condom before. She begged for him not to cum inside of her, but her voice was nowhere to be found in the chaotic noise.

It did not take long for the stranger to grab her by the hips and pull himself deeply into her. Jess lay helpless as he emptied himself inside of her. In many ways, the experience reminded Jess of her last sexual encounter—quick and unsatisfying.

However, unlike her last experience, her first partner was quickly replaced with a second. She bit her lip as another boy thrust himself into her awaiting pussy.

This is different, she thought as she reluctantly accepted her new partner. The last time that she had had sex, the whole experience had ended before she knew it. But this was not over, and she felt something that she had never felt unfamiliar force building up inside of her. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around the man, pulling him deeper into her core as she bucked her hips to match each thrust.

Without her glasses, it was difficult to see, but a dark hand on her cheek turned her head to the side. I shouldn't. I can't. Slowly, she parted her lips wide enough for the awaiting boy to enter. She looked upward, but all she could see were blurry silhouettes. For all I know, these could be the same boys that helped me earlier. These could be my classmates or, even worse, my friends, she thought as she gently worked her lips over the stranger's manhood. She had never sucked a cock before, but a pair of hands on the back of her head helped her along until she found the right rhythm. All the while, another stranger continued to fuck her from the shadows.

What am I doing? What would Raven think? Why am I letting them do this? However, it was the unasked questioned that frightened her the most. Why am I enjoying it? Never in a million years would Jess have ever considered the possibility that one day she may be getting double fucked, let alone made into a public spectacle. In her mind she told herself that she had no choice, but as a load of cum erupted onto her chest from the surrounding crowd, a violent orgasm overtook her.

Hands continued to crawl across her bare skin as her body tensed up. The cock between her legs pulled out just in time for another stream of cum to find its way onto her thigh and matted into her trimmed pubic hair. It did not take long for another cock to take its place.

Jess closed her eyes as the whole experience became too overwhelming. It's all a dream, she told herself. I might as well enjoy it before I wake.

Minutes felt like seconds as the world blurred around her. She tried to pull her mouth away as it filled with cum, but several hands held her steady. With no other option, she swallowed. The boy between her legs did not last much longer. She thought that she too may be on the verge of another orgasm when the assault suddenly stopped.

Her body was eased to the ground, and for a moment, she thought her ordeal might be over.

However, as she rose to her knees, a pair of hands gripped her shoulders and tugged her forward, causing her to stumble into the darkness. She opened her mouth to cry out, but the opening was quickly filled with another stranger.

With her arms now free, she tried to push herself away. However, a hand wrapped around her own and guided it to the base of the shaft before her. She offered no resistance.

Jess looked up at the shadowy figure as she continued jerking him off. Staring blindly into the hail of camera flashes, she gently worked her tongue over the smooth head. She had never done any of this before, and yet it came to her instinctively. Soon, semen dripped into her open mouth and down her chin, and the figure disappeared into the crowd.

Again, she tried to get up, but a shove of the crowd pushed her back down into the dirt. On her hands and knees, a tug of the hips forcefully pulled her back. She cried out as another man forced himself inside of her, fucking her from behind. Staring at the ground before her, she could only see a forest of feet and legs stretching onward.

But Jess was not alone in her ordeal. To her left was the other crowd surfing girl. The black girl was on her back several feet away, getting fucked while a crowd of boys cheered them on. From the look of her, she had been treated just as crudely as Jess. And from the look of her, she was enjoying herself just as much as Jess.

The two girls spent the next several songs of the concert getting fucked in the dirt by the endless line of guys. After several more partners and several more orgasms, Jess realized that at some point, the music had stopped and the show was over. The crowd around her was starting to disperse, and even the other girl had disappeared.

She suddenly became self-conscious again as people began pouring by, many stopping to gawk and photograph the naked slut. I have to go now! I have to go now! She kept repeating to herself, but each thought was quickly interrupted by another thrust from behind.

She cringed as a pair of hands gripped firmly into her buttocks and the boy behind her plunged himself into her core, filling her with his seed. Once fully spent, he removed himself and left her limp on the grass.

"Thanks Jess! See you at class on Monday!" were the last words she heard as he disappeared into the crowd.

Several people stopped to watch as Jess crawled, naked and covered in cum, searching frantically for the remnants of her clothing. I have to do something before security finds me like this¸ she thought. The absolute last thing she wanted was for any of this to end up on any sort of permanent record. She couldn't even buy new clothes from the merch table because her money was with her pants, apparently carried away as a trophy.

On the ground, something caught her eye, and she quickly staggered to her feet and sprinted for it. Her knees almost buckled under her own weight, but she reached her destination, ignoring the many boys who cheered her on and the many girls who gave her nasty looks. In the dirt she found a black hoodie, filthy and oversized—for Jess, it was salvation. She grabbed the garment and pulled it over her head. It covered her naked, cum-smeared body and hung just low enough to cover her little butt cheeks.

In the post-concert darkness, she half-ran through the crowd and slipped out of the gated courtyard, into the night and away from the judging eyes. She found a secluded alley next to the faculty of science to stop and catch her breath. The adrenaline was wearing off, and each step was becoming increasingly difficult. Every part of her ached. But even so, she decided to take the longer route back to the dorm, avoiding any well-lit or heavily populated walkways.

I need to go home, shower, and pretend this never happened. The words echoed in her head. That wasn't me back there. They made me do it. She desperately hoped that if she repeated the words enough, she might come to believe them.

As Jess approached the dimly lit entryway to her dormitory building, she instinctively reached for where her pants pocket would normally be. Fuck! My keys are with my pants...shit, and so is my cell phone!

She looked at the panel in the entryway, used for calling rooms. Unlike apartment buildings, the system did not allow for remotely unlocking the door. Whoever she paged would need to physically come down and open the door for her.

Who could I call? She certainly couldn't call any of her friends, as she did not want to risk explaining what happened or, even worse, being seen like this. She could call the proctor from her wing of the dormitory, but that risked the same problem as her friends. Panic started to set in as she stood so close to the safety of her room with no solution in sight.

She couldn't stay here or someone would see her. Her stomach twisted in knots as her hands moved of their own accord. The speaker on the wall came to life and began to ring, interspersed with a static noise in the background. Why her? Why did I call her?

"Hello?" came the voice in the speaker. "Hello?" it repeated as Jess tried to find her voice.

"Hey, Mandy?" Jess responded.


"Hey...umm...this is Jess...from down the hall. I...uhhh...I forgot my keys. Can you please come down to let me in?"

There was a brief pause. "Yeah, sure, no problem. Just give me a minute."

For the love of god, please hurry! Jess bit her tongue. She was certainly in no position to make demands. She cowered in the corner, hoping desperately that nobody would find her here before Mandy arrived.

After the longest minute of her life, she finally saw Mandy's silhouette through the window, rounding the corner in a t-shirt, pajama pants, and slippers. It took all of Jess' effort to keep from running away as her neighbor approached and opened the door.

Mandy's eyes widened as Jess stepped into the lit hallway. She had tried to wipe away the mess from her face with the sleeves of the hoodie, but Jess knew that she did not get it all—not by a long shot.

"Are you okay?" Mandy asked.

"Yeah...I...ugh...I was at the concert. I need to get back to my room."

The two girls quickly headed for the elevator and stepped inside. The doors closed and it began its rise to the fifth floor.

Jess' eyes were glued forward, but she could see Mandy occasionally sneaking glances at her.

"Are you...naked under there?" Mandy asked hesitantly.

Jess' cheeks turned a bright shade of red and she nodded. She gripped the hem of her shirt and tugged it down, fearful that her ass might be showing. "Mandy, please don't tell anyone about this."

"Of course. I..." She trailed off, unsure what to say. "Yeah, of course. But just out of curiosity, why did you call me?"

For the first time that she could ever remember, Jess looked Mandy straight in the eye. "I didn't want anyone else to see me like this. And I knew that you of all people wouldn't judge me."

Mandy looked puzzled and a little shocked by the response, but as the elevator opened, Jess hurried away to her wing of the dorm, leaving her neighbor behind. She raced to her room and locked the door behind her.

Finally alone in the privacy of her own room, Jess peeled off her newly acquired hoody and examined herself in the mirror. What a mess. She desperately wanted to clean up before she touched anything else in her room, but the exhaustion was too much to bear. Still naked, she decided to lie down for just a minute to catch her breath before she did anything else.

Sunlight poured through the open shades as Jess awoke from her slumber.

Was that all just a dream? Looking down over her naked body, the answer was obvious.

After what must have been the longest shower of her life, she decided to spend the remainder of the afternoon alone in her dorm room. With a bowl of cereal, she started up her computer and received an instant message from Raven.

"Hey, what happened to you last night? I searched everywhere but couldn't find you. I'm NEVER crowd surfing again. It was fun, but then some guy tried to cop a feel. Totally ruined the night for me. Hopefully that pervert didn't get you too. Did you hear what happened in the back of the crowd? Apparently a couple of whores came to the show and had some sort of orgy. So gross. I didn't see it, but I heard there are tons of pictures of it online. Anyway, if you're free later we should get together."

Jess stared at the computer screen in a daze. Finally, she closed the message window and rose from her chair to get dressed.

I wonder what Mandy is doing today.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/08/17


That was mind-boggling!!! Wow! Well written and I like how everything connected back to your AGAF stories, too. Onwards to the second part.


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by Anonymous05/28/17

a good point

I like the subtle question asked here: How many little '30-second wonders' does it take to make a woman cum? Good writing.

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by crissynh50pt04/25/17

cant stop once I start I need more

Ive had a few experiences..wouldn't mind more!

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