tagErotic CouplingsThe Continuing Adventures...

The Continuing Adventures...


*This story is actually the 4th in my Subman and Condiment Girl series. Yes, I know the title is really weird but it works for me. Enjoy the stories.

I had been carelessly avoiding you, avoiding getting too close to someone that I knew I would never be able to call my own, and avoiding getting hurt. That seemed to be a problem for me because like a moth is drawn to a flame, so I was drawn to you. I could pretend that none of it bothered me and that I was really okay with the fact that you would remain someone else's and I would only be granted glimpses. I tried my hardest to put off what needed to be done but eventually, I couldn't pretend anymore.

I knew it was a problem when I saw your face everywhere. I started hearing you say my name in silence and felt your lips on my skin when the wind blew. My mind was consumed with you and it took all my self-control to not drive to you and just take what I so desperately needed from you. Even though I knew you were due for a visit, I couldn't wait to see you and be with you, if only for a few hours.

You sent me a text on Monday, asking me if I was up for some of your company this weekend. My first instinct was to deny you and tell you maybe another time in an attempt to distance myself from you but my desire was stronger than my willpower and told you that yes; I would love to share my bed with you. I wrestled with anxiety for the better part of the week, feeling tenser than ever before. I wasn't sure why; this wasn't the first time you were going to come see me. So I didn't understand why just thinking about you caused my heart to race and my breath to quicken.

The Saturday you were due to be at my place was hot and sticky. Just opening the door to my apartment to get the mail caused drops of sweat to fall between my breasts. Perfect day for a swim, I thought and grabbed my new bathing suit. I grabbed my book and sunscreen with an SPF of 50, just in case my porcelain skin should somehow be exposed to the sunlight. I lounged on one of the chairs on the deck and let the sun warm me, inside and out. I must have dozed because the next thing I knew, you were calling me, asking me where I was. I looked at the time and saw that it was almost 7 o'clock at night. Shit, I thought, now we aren't going to have that much time together. I barely took the time to grab a pair of shorts before making the drive to the skate park.

I drove fast enough to break the sound barrier or so I thought and quite luckily, avoided any stray police officers with an attitude. The cool air blowing out of the vents in my car felt like heaven compared to the heat outside. My skin was slightly red and I couldn't tell if it was from exertion or sunburn. I figured that I'd find out as soon as your hands were on me. It was only after this thought came to me that I realized I was still wearing my bathing suit and a pair of white shorts. It was definitely not the attire that I wanted to be wearing when I saw you again but alas, it was much too late for me to do anything about it at that point.

I parked beside your now familiar Jeep, took a few breaths, and climbed out of the car. As I shut the door, I felt your presence behind me. My heart started skipping beats and I couldn't breathe. I blamed it on the heat as I turned to face you. Your eyes lit when you smiled at me and lifted my sunglasses up to look into the eyes you said drove you crazy. I had completely forgotten, until this point, that you were experiencing another first; you were seeing me without my usual mask, cleverly provided by Cover Girl.

"Hey, lady," you said with a smile. Your eyes roamed over my black strapless bathing suit, which really did nothing much to cover me.

"Hey, yourself. I'm sorry I was so late but I went down to the pool and dozed for a while. I wasn't planning on meeting you in my bathing suit, without my make-up but here I am," I said, avoiding your stare. Your hand cupped my chin, lifted my face back to yours and a soft smile graced your lips just before you kissed me.

This kiss was so unlike the others. It was soft and gentle and warm and I melted on the spot. Oh, you could say that it was just the heat and I was probably having a stroke but in that moment, with you, I had never felt more unforgettable.

I had to remind myself that you did not belong to me and that at the end of it all, you would be going back to the woman you loved. Even though I felt a piece of my heart shatter as I pulled away, I knew that I had to.

"What do you say we get out of here and I'll cook you some dinner and we can hang out?" I asked you, half-heartedly hoping that you would say no, that you already had other plans.

"Sure. I'd love it," you said and I felt a flutter of panic at the thought of being alone with you again. Climbing into our respective vehicles, we made the short drive to my place. I was so consumed with the kiss you gave me when I saw you pull in the parking space beside me that I sat in my car, staring through the windshield, until you knocked on my window and pulled me out of my frozen state.

"You okay?" you asked. I nodded as I climbed out of my little car then cursed myself mentally for falling asleep as your eyes roamed over my attire yet again. Even with all the times that we had slept together, literally and figuratively, I had never felt more naked before your eyes. I blushed and lowered my eyes as I walked to my door and opened it quickly.

"I don't really have much more than simple dishes, what with having a small child around. So, if you want, I can make you some pasta," I told you from the kitchen.

"That sounds fine with me," you said as you turned on the television. You had seated yourself on my couch and you seemed so at home that I almost forgot, for a minute, that you would not be able to stay. I went back to fixing our dinner but was so preoccupied with thoughts of you staying for good that I was not paying attention and burned my hand on the stove. I cried and you came running.

"What did you do?" I heard you ask through a haze of pain. I nodded and you took my hand in yours. You turned my hand palm up while our gazes locked and kissed my burn before kissing me. This kiss was like the one we shared when I met you earlier that day. My heart began to pound and I could hear the beats in my head. My breath stopped and all I could think was that I could not get close enough to you. So I pressed my body close to yours and I felt your arms tighten around my waist. As you began to nibble on my neck, I heard the bubbling sounds of water boiling behind me.

"Hey, you're going to have to stop that... Or I'm going to mess up dinner," I whispered.

"Change of menu," you growled as your hands began to remove my clothes and successfully pulled down the top of my swim suit, revealing my breasts.

"You're right... I want you instead," I stated as I turned my boiling water off and pushed you against the counter. Not to be one upped by you, I placed my hands on the zipper of your pants. I teased the zipper down and reached inside until I found what I was looking for. I heard you moan low as I held your hard cock in my hands. I ran my fingers up and down your length before placing it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue over the tip while my hands continued to move up and down. Your hands fisted in my hair, gently pushing and pulling to guide my mouth up and down your cock. Your breaths became short pants and I felt you tensing in my mouth. I ran my nails down the bare skin of your thighs and back up again, continuing to let my tongue entertain you. I heard you whisper that you were close and I felt myself getting wet at the thought of you coming in my mouth. I sucked on the tip and began to tease my nipples when I felt your hot juices fill my mouth. Swallowing your essence down, I stood before you and licked my lips.

"I hope you realize that I'm not done with you yet, Subman," I said with a half-smile on my face.

"Well, before we do anything else, you're going to have to feed me. I don't think I could do you any good without the proper sustenance," you joked, reminding me that yes, I did need to feed you before I devoured you again. I suggested pizza and while we waited for it to be delivered, I told you that I needed to take a shower to wash the day off.

"Want some company?" I laughed and said no, that I could do this one little thing on my own and left you standing by my kitchen counter.

I absentmindedly grabbed my normal Snoopy pants with a gray shirt; my mind was more concentrated on entertaining you than on my fashion decisions. As I started the shower and turned the water on scalding, I wondered what it would be like if you were to join me. But before I opened the door, I remembered that it was one thing for you to see me naked in bed and a completely different thing for you to see me in the shower. That was just a little too intimate for my tastes.

The first beads of water running down my already heated skin felt like a little taste of heaven. I let the water flow over my body, enjoying the feeling as each drop rolled down my back. Before I let myself get carried away, I lathered up the shampoo and began to wash my hair when I heard the door open. Pulling the shower curtain back far enough for me to look out, I saw you leaning against the door frame with a smile on your face. I must have looked quite bewildered because you started laughing and sauntered over to the shower.

"What are you doing, Abe?" I never called you by your first name but your eyes were deadlocked on mine and it took all I had to even say those words.

"I've always wanted to know what you looked like wet," you joked and I couldn't help myself before I started laughing at you.

"Okay. Now, you've seen what I look like when I'm trying to wash my hair. Will you go away and let me finish in peace?" But your hand was already on the shower curtain, pulling it back and exposing me to your gaze. I tried to cover myself with my hands but yours were already moving towards my skin. The feel of your fingers running down my slick flesh caused me to shiver and my nipples to stand out.

I slapped your hand away and moved back towards the warm water, silently cursing you for getting my bathroom floor all wet. Just as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back to wash the suds from my hair, I felt you move in behind me. I turned to face you but found myself only looking at your chest. Looking up at your face, I felt my heart drop to the floor. I ran my hands over your chest, savoring the sensation of your flesh underneath my fingertips. Your hands cupped my face so you could lean down and kiss me.

While your mouth was busy ravishing mine, your hands slid down my arms to my waist then around my back to pull me closer to you. I gasped and your tongue darted inside my mouth. I realized that this would be a fight that I would not win and decided to surrender to you.

Without breaking our kiss, I guided our bodies out of the shower where you grabbed me around the waist and set me on my vanity. This placed us at a more advantageous level as your hands moved over the outside of my thighs then between them, spreading my legs so you could move your whole body against mine.

I felt the thickness and hardness of your arousal at my center and I moaned in delight. Instead of sliding into me as I had originally thought, your hands were not done torturing me. Starting with my hair, you grabbed a fistful and pulled hard enough to make me raise my face to yours where you kissed me with a ferocity and hardness that I had come to love. Then they moved down my neck, teased my collarbone, and slid down my belly. I felt your skilled fingers moving inside me, rubbing my most sensitive area. As I felt the onslaught of pleasure overwhelming me, you slid in and only intensified my pleasure.

I wrapped my legs about your waist, holding you deep in me, leaning back against the mirror and arched my back. You started to move inside me and it wasn't long before my hips responded in kind. Your hands moved back up my body, kneading and caressing my breasts as you slowly made love to me on a porcelain vanity. Your pace quickened, as did my breath, and I felt the first familiar tingles of an orgasm building. I moaned out your name as I came hard enough to see stars and I felt you coming inside me again.

It was only after I finally returned to my senses that I heard a knock on the door. I giggled nervously as we separated our bodies and I quickly got dressed so I could get our pizza. We ate and laughed over a stupid show on the television and the last thing I remember that night before I fell asleep was my head resting in your lap, your fingers stroking my hair, and wishing that this moment would never end.

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