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The Correct Use of Buy/By/Bye

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Buy may be used as a transitive verb. Bought, buying, buys

Buy may mean to acquire in exchange for money or its equivalent, to purchase. "They were able to Buy supplies at a good price."

Buy may mean to be capable of purchasing. "Money will not Buy some of the better things in life."

Buy may mean to acquire by exchange, trade or sacrifice. "The Israelis were asked to Buy peace by giving up land."

Buy may mean to bribe. "He tried to Buy the judge."

[Informal] Buy may mean to accept the truth or feasibility of. "The cops did not Buy my

Buy may be an intransitive verb. "Wheat is what I came to Buy."

Buy may be used as a noun.

Buy may be used to refer to something bought or for sale; purchase. "He made a major Buy of art at the auction."

Buy may mean an act of purchasing. "The police arrested him for making a drug Buy."

Buy may mean something that is underpriced; a bargain. "For the price he was asking, the car was a Buy."

Buy may be used as part of a phrasal verb.

Buy Into may mean to acquire an interest in. "They wanted him to Buy Into their business venture."

[Informal] Buy Into may mean to believe in, especially wholeheartedly. "They wanted me to Buy Into the idea that they could deliver computer parts in quantity."

Buy Off may mean to bribe (an official, for example) in order to secure improper cooperation or gain exemption from a regulation or legal consequence. "It is illegal to import the drug, but they were able to Buy Off the border guard."

Buy Out may mean to purchase the entire stock, business rights, or interests of. "He was able to Buy Out the bankrupt company at a very good price."

Buy Up may mean to purchase all that is available of. "If they Buy Up all the spare parts for my generator, I am in trouble."

[Slang] Buy It may mean to die or be killed. "If you try to run, you gonna' Buy It!"

Buy Time may mean to increase the time available for a specific purpose or to delay. "I took a second job to Buy Time for my business to begin turning a profit." "We need to Buy Time until the reinforcements arrive."

Buy The Farm may mean to die, especially suddenly or violently. "When the tire blew, I knew he was going to Buy The Farm."

By may be used as a preposition.

By may mean close to or next to. "She is standing over By the tree." "It is the block By
the park."

By may mean with the use or help of; through. "Since the main road was blocked, we
came by the detour."

By may mean up to and beyond; past. "We drove By the place early this morning."

By may mean in the period of or during: "We worked By night and slept By day."

By may mean not later than. "The contract must be signed By 2:15 P.M."

By may mean in the amount of. "The front yard was covered in leaves By the thousands."

By may mean to the extent of. "That route is longer By three miles."

By may mean according to. "He always went By the book."

By may mean with respect to. "They were related By blood."

By may mean in the name of. "He swore By the Bible to tell the truth."

By may mean through the agency or action of. "He was hidden By the fog."

By may be used to indicate a succession of specified individuals, groups, or quantities.
"The animals were loaded two By two." "They were worn down bit By bit."

By may be used in multiplication or division. "Your assignment is to multiply 6 By 9." "You are to divide 12 By 3."

By may be used with measurements. "The room was 20 feet By 12 feet."

By may mean toward as used to express direction with points of the compass. "The direction is North By Northwest."

By may be an adverb.

By may mean on hand or nearby. "Stand By."

By may mean aside or away. "We put it By for later."

By may mean up to, alongside, and past: "The woman walked By."

By may mean at or to one's home or current location. "I asked Judy to stop By after work."

By may mean in the past. "In years gone By."

[Idiom] By Oneself

By Oneself may mean without company; alone. "She had to go By herself."

By Oneself may mean without help. "He wrote the book By himself."

Bye is used as a noun.

Bye may mean a secondary matter or a side issue.

[Sports] Bye may mean the situation of one who draws no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advances to the next round.

[Idiom] By the Bye (also By the By)

By the Bye means by the way or incidentally. "By the Bye, Jane stopped by today."

Bye may be used as an interjection. Bye may be used to express farewell. "Bye for now!"

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