tagInterracial LoveThe Cost of Love Pt. 02

The Cost of Love Pt. 02


Hi, I am Kathy again. I am 28 years old from England. I love to travel. And my life 4 months in a year is quite boring when I am working here in England trying to save enough money to go travel for 6-8 months. I rarely fuck guys in England, mostly my fuck buddies, in times when I get really horny. But the real action for me starts when I travel, and apart from seeing the world and experiencing cultures, having amazing sex is one the biggest reasons why I love to travel.

In Part 1 I shared my experience in India. Well, After I returned from India, I was quite sure that I will be going back to India again. Which, I did. This story is about my second trip to India.

I planned to visit the same place, Goa, just like last time, In hopes of meeting Madhav again. I also booked the same Home-stay for 2 weeks as this time I had decided to go to another part of India after 2 weeks, and spend in total 3 months in India then slowly move to Sri Lanka for the rest of my vacation.

I reached the home-stay. I was again like last time getting so excited seeing all those dark muscular men around me. I entered the Home-stay and they recognized me. I went to the room and the owner started talking to me asking me about my trip and how long I am planning to stay etc. I just interrupted and asked him about Madhav. He told me that Madhav left soon after I had left and has not returned for the last 2 months.

I must admit I was a bit disappointed, but at the same time I was relieved as I did not want to really fall in Love so much that it hurts again when I have to leave. Plus, the burden of fucking all of his friends I don't even know, just to be with him. Not that I don't enjoy gang-bangs, but I really wanted to fuck him and not so much his friends.

But it seems its my destiny, I am a gang-bang magnet. I don't know what it is about me, that most guys I meet when I am travelling, think that I am a good gang-bang material and will not say no to entertain their friends. I mean, yes mostly, if I like one guy in a group of guys, I would not mind all of them fucking me, as long as I get to fuck the guy I want, but I don't know how they get to know this without this topic even being talked about. Is it something that I do, or some peculiar way I behave or dress up? I don't know. But mostly I choose to become prey to such men.

How it happened again? I met Megan, at the beach, and we became quite friendly. The first night was fun because she had been here a few weeks and she took me around to the bars where there was live music and also introduced me to her friends. It was a fun night and her friends were from all different places around the world. Amazing conversations, fun moments, sharing travel info, tips and advices. All in all a really fun evening. When one of her friends Muiz, who was from Nigeria came and sat next to me and asked, if I wanted to smoke up. I thought why not, and he offered me some. He then asked me if I would like to buy some for later. He said he knows the guys here since in this part of Goa, most of the drug pedalling is done by Nigerians. These young Nigerians come to India to study, and soon get involved in drug business here to make quick money on the side.

I thought for a moment and said NO. I don't think so. He just put his hand on my right thigh and said "The quality is amazing, but there is a lot of stuff other than marijuana that you can try". This guys was really nice looking, Dark, muscular, smiling at me. I melted and said yes, why not. He said, "OK!" He was excited to hear my positive confirmation and left the table and went outside the restaurant to make a phone call. I on the other hand kept thinking immediately after I said Yes, if he is only going to sell me drugs or is he also planning to take me home and fill me up real good. It was my first day of travel, and I really needed some fucking. I could have gone with James, who was constantly hitting on me, or Eric, who was also interested in me. But, I was more attracted to the dark guy from Nigeria, who seemed only interested in selling me drugs.

Anyway, Muiz returned and walked behind my chair, put his hands on my shoulders, leaned forward towards my right ear and whispered "We should go!"

I told Megan and the other guys that I need to leave now, and if they plan to stay here late, I might come back and join them. I could see James was quite disappointed, and Eric said bye and diverted his attention now to Megan.

Muiz and me left the restaurant and we were walking on the beach. It was dark. The restaurants and bars on the right were lit, but not strong enough to light up the whole beach and the ocean looked dark and scary. Muiz was again on his phone as he walked beside me and I think he was talking in some Nigerian language. I kept walking next to him, hoping he might hold me or something to take things forward.

He kept the phone in his pocket said "Its not so far, but yes, will take around 10 minutes to walk since it is hard to walk on sand.". I laughed and said "Okay" and tried to walk as close to him as possible hoping he would make a move. After a minute of silent walking he said "You are really beautiful woman. Are you married or have boyfriend?" That was the clue for me that he maybe interested and I replied "Thanks... No I am not married, no boyfriend.". After this we talked for some time about general topics when finally he asked me if I would be interested in going to his room and try out the stuff together. I said yes.

When we were almost about to reach the place I got a bit worried. It was in a very shady place, very tiny streets, just next to the beach. Dim lighting. There were many I suppose Nigerian young women with heavy make up and short skirts and bikini tops who I think were prostitutes, walking in that area. Many Nigerian guys staring at me and then Muiz. I felt really uncomfortable there. I asked Muiz if he lives in the same area. He said he does but on the other side. I was a bit worried. Finally, Muiz stopped in front of a gate and knocked. The door was opened by a skinny Nigerian guy who looked at Muiz, smiled and shook hands, then he looked at me. I smiled at him, but he just nodded and looked back at Muiz, smiled at him. We started climbing the stairway. It was dimly lit. I started hearing voices of girls and guys making sex noises. I immediately realized that there are a few girls having sex in this area as I could hear them moaning.

We finally reached the first floor, there was a terrace area, and a corridor, which had many doors and rooms. The sounds of girls moaning was getting louder. And now I could hear sound of guys laughing and speaking a language I didn't understand so am supposing was Nigerian. Muiz and the guy opened the first door and went in. Muiz asked me to come in and wait in this very tiny area that smelled of weed, cigarettes, alcohol, and urine. I was so disgusted, but thought it will be over soon. I was a bit scared and was hoping that Muiz does not ask me to have sex in such a room. After a minute or so I got a bit curios as if where are these people having sex. I could sense that the voices are coming from the room where Muiz and the guy went. I moved towards the door of the room and tried to move the curtain to see what's happening inside.

I was shocked to see what was going on in the next room. There were more than 20 Nigerian guys moving around naked, some sitting some standing and some on the bed. And 2 very young looking white girls being fucked really hard by 2 of these guys. They were recording these girls being fucked, and laughing, smoking. Then I saw one guy take out his dick of the girls pussy, immediately followed by a lot of cum dripping out, then the next guy lying on the bed take his place, use a towel to clean the cum, and then insert his 10 inch dick into her and start pumping her. I literally started to shiver. It was scary, shocking but exciting at the same time. I looked around to see so many Nigerian guys moving around the room. Then the guy in the other girl also came inside her and the next guy took his place. The girls were moaning in pain or pleasure is something I could not figure out then. I also saw Muiz standing in one corner talking to a guy who is also naked having another young white girl sucking his 10 inch black cock. To all of them it seemed so normal. The guys was getting a blow job as he talked to Muiz. The other guys were cracking jokes talking, drinking, watching TV as they moved around naked, and fucked young white girls.

I was so lost watching all of this that I did not realize that one of the guys saw me and he came and held my hand and pulled me in to the room and shouted something in Nigerian. All the guys looked at me and got super excited and started calling me and pointing towards the bed asking me to jump on the bed. One guy held his really huge cock and moved it up and down. I started shivering and was so scared, looking at that many Nigerian Black cocks. I felt so weak in my knees and was standing there frozen. I looked at those 2 poor white girls lying on the bed with so much of cum on them and inside them and thought "Kathy... that's what's going to happen to you now".

But all of a sudden, Muiz came from behind took my hand from the guy and said to them something which I thought sounded like No, she is mine.. and then he asked me to wait outside. I started walking out of the room. I one last time looked back and saw the guy who caught me, look at me, calling me with his hands and pointing to his dick. I closed my eyes and walked out of the room. Muiz followed and we both went outside of the area and back to the beach.

Muiz apologised for what happened. I told him it was not his fault. I could not stop myself and had to ask him what was really happening there. Muiz told me that many young western girls come here to try drugs and get addicted, then they don't have any more money to buy it so they let these guys use their bodies in return. He also told me that he knew all 3 girls who were there in the room. One of them 22, one was 21 and the one who was sucking the main guys cock was 19. I told him that I feel sorry for these girls. He told me that after these guys use the girls for a few days they put them for prostitution selling them to rich Indian men who have a liking for white girls pay huge amounts to fuck them. The girls earn 40% of the price they get. So, its not a bad deal for the girls. And it may look like they are not enjoying, but every girl Muiz knew, either really enjoyed it or doesn't remember as they were heavily drugged.

I could not stop thinking about those men in that room and their Huge Dark cocks, and the girls moaning. It kept going on and on in my mind and I was getting so horny. For some reason, I wanted to be on that bed and let the men use me. It felt scary in that moment as it was so sudden and shocking. But now after some time had passed I was really enjoying thinking about being on that bed. Muiz finally took me to the other side of the street and up to his room. I entered his room. It was clean and nice. I knew I was getting fucked tonight for sure. We sat down on the bed. He started preparing the water that we were supposed to drink to get high. I was so horny thinking about what I saw, I just took off my clothes and got naked and lied down on his bed.

He drank the water, half bottle at once, look at me, smiled and handed over the bottle to me. I put it on the side and said to him. I think I am already super high from what I saw. I could see his huge cock rising under his pants. He took his pants and his underwear off and I was proud of my choice for the night. He had this massive black cock, thicker than my arm and definitely longer than my entire vagina. He was so aggressive. He held my head by the hair and put his cock in my mouth and me being a girl who loves being dominated so much loved it. After sucking his cock for 10 minutes, he pulled his cock out and said "I want my cum to flow inside your pussy first... Then your mouth" He grabbed my right leg and pulled me to the side of the bed. I kept thinking about the guys in that room. Not that I was not enjoying what Muiz was doing to me, but I was getting much more excited about what I saw. Muiz put his dick in my pussy. It hurt a lot at first, I asked him to stop, but I think he was already getting high and ignored and kept fucking. After a minute the pain subsided and I started enjoying it so much. He moved in and out touching my cervix. He was so muscular and held me tight pushing me towards the bed as he rammed my pussy with his cock. I looked down and I saw my pussy being stretched apart by his massive black cock. I looked at him and then closed my eyes and thought if Muiz alone can fuck me so good, imagine all those guys fucking me all night.

Finally after more than 90 minutes.. Muiz came inside me. The influence of drugs made him last so long that he fucked me non stop for 90 minutes without any break.

He then asked me to suck his cock clean. I moved and felt his cum dripping out of my pussy. Warm and creamy. I started to suck his cock as he moaned in pleasure. Even though sex with Muiz was amazing. I could not stop thinking about all those guys. I finally told Muiz that if I go there again and the guy pulls me in, I will definitely join them on the bed.

Muiz was surprised. He got up and asked "Tomorrow?"

I asked him if would get paid if he tells them that he convinced me? He said yes.

We both agreed that the next day we go there again, and I live my fantasy and he gets paid.

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