tagRomanceThe Crimson King Ch. 06

The Crimson King Ch. 06


Pieter pushed the heavy wooden door open and winced at the cold that met him. Thorne had insisted that he move his lab but he was too content with the dark dankness of the dungeon that he could not resist its consolation. He set the basket of supplies down and activated the special black lighting system, illuminating two long trestle tables and a host of tubes, beakers and Bunsen burners arranged in scientific fashion.

Three different colors of liquids boiled in the glass tubes: dark red, dark blue and icy green and all swirled, then mingled by slow drip into a tall, thin test tube. It was to this tube that he hurried, his brow furrowing in concentration as he twisted the stopper closed and stoppered the tube, lifting it carefully from the steel holder. The fluid moved slowly, thickly coating the smooth glass and inching its way into the purple light.

Pieter held his breath.

The liquid crept into the luminescence and began to bubble.

The housekeeper's shoulders slouched in recognition of the defeat and he flung the tube across the room in anger. He had been so close, so close to discovering Beauregard's Solution … if only he could perfect it! He'd read all the old texts and scoured the journals and yet, the equation was still elusive, floating just outside of the reach of his intellect, taunting him with each failure.

His thoughts turned to Thorne and to the woman he loved. If he could create the Solution, he would be able to give the young man what he craved: a normal life. Beauregard's Solution would cure the hunger pangs, would ease the allergy to natural light and would allow progeny to be born virus-free. Thorne would still need to feed but at a greatly reduced rate of twice a year. He could marry and bear children. He could swim in the currents of the salty ocean. And he could witness the birth of a new day.

Pieter sighed and as if in a stupor, shuffled over to the end table, selected a shiny scalpel from the tray and neatly opened the vein on his left wrist, the blood puddling, then dripping into the sanitized beaker.

Back to the beginning …


"We're here, Mr. Chambliss."

If Richard Chambliss heard the chauffeur's voice through the intercom, he paid it no particular attention. The total of his concentration was focused on the blonde's hot mouth as he pushed his stiff rod into her welcoming orifice, grinning evilly as his girth threatened to make her pretty lips bleed.

"You like that, dontcha?" She tried to answer but with her mouth filled, it came out mmphf. He didn't care. She was just a receptacle and he intended to give her a good thick load. Her elastic lips wrapped around the head, her tongue lashing the sensitive head as she swallowed his copious pre-cum. He pulled his cock out and got on his knees, placing a fatherly hand on the nape of her neck. "Come here, little one."

His cock slid into her stretched mouth, the head thrusting against her uvula and throat. She gagged and tried to push him away, but her strength was no match for her. He rammed his thick pole past her pearly whites, loving the feel of her spit-warm tongue and spongy cheeks as he sawed in and out. "Yeah." The word left his mouth in a deep hiss as he continued pumping. Tears dripped down her cheeks, her mascara leaving black tracks that fired his blood. "Yeah, fucking take me, little one."

His climax surprised him with its quickness and ferocity. He grabbed her head with both hands and pushed his prick into her mouth until her lips touched his pubes and exploded. "Fuck, yeah." His cock jumped in her hot throat, pumping gob after gob of gooey sperm into her belly. Finally, he released her, sitting back on his haunches and pulling his half-flaccid penis from her mouth with a pop. It was then that he noticed that she was unconscious and gave her a wicked smile, leaning forward to activate the intercom.

"Garson, I'll get out now."

"Yes, sir."

The door opened and Garson performed his usual duty. He leaned down, cleaned Chambliss' cock of any leftover cum and zipped the mayor's pants. "Thank you, Garson. Is everyone here?"

"Yes, sir. Martin and Morgan just went up. They phoned me to say that they're ready for you."

"Fantastic." Chambliss got out and glanced over his shoulder at the still-unconscious girl. "You may have my leftovers."

"Thank you, sir."

Chambliss reached into his jacket pocket, extracted a cigarette and lit it as he climbed the stairs. The apartment complex was one that he had visited before. Years ago, when he was a volunteer in the mayor's office, he had taken a gay lover who had resided here. God, just the thought of his hot Latin body made him stiffen again. He reached the landing and found 17 without a problem. His quiet knock brought Martin Hough, part of his personal bodyguard contingent, to open the door and let him enter.

"Thank you, Martin."

The huge, muscle-bound man nodded in obeisance. "She's in the living room, sir."

"Fine. Lead on."

The tiny foyer entrance opened into the living room. Morgan, Martin's twin, towered over the cowering woman, nodding respectfully to the mayor and meeting his brother's dark eyes with a sexy smirk.

"Hello, Mary Ann."

"Richard, I didn't mean to tell her. She … she … "

"Aw, come here, pet." Chambliss sat on the couch and opened his arms to her. The sobbing woman crawled over and threw herself into his embrace. He pulled her close and gave Martin and Morgan a nod. The two men silently left the living room, leaving the mayor and his pregnant girlfriend alone. "You know, I've been looking for you. Why didn't you come to me?"

Mary sat back, training her innocent eyes on him. "I thought you didn't want to see me any more."

"Are you kidding?" Richard felt his prick harden as his gaze fell upon her milk-filled breasts. "You're a knockout, Mary Ann."

"Yes, but I'm pregnant. With your baby."

"I know that, honey, and you've never been more beautiful."

Mary's eyes brightened. "Really?"

"Really. Here." He took her hand and placed it on his crotch, letting her feel how hard he was. "Feel that?"


"That's because of you."

"Really, Richard?"

"Has my cock ever lied?"

"No." She smiled shyly.

"Now, why don't you take me to your bedroom and show me that sexy body of yours?"

"Oh, Richard!"


Morgan entered the kitchen behind his brother, pushing him against the sink and dropping blistering kisses all over Martin's neck. "I missed you, little brother."

Martin shivered, his nipples hardening instantly under the circular motions of Morgan's fingertips and he sighed. "You've only been gone a week."

"An hour's too long to be away from you." Morgan turned his brother in his arms and seized his mouth, roughly plunging his tongue inside. "Take me inside you, little brother. I can't wait."

Martin dropped to his knees and unzipped his brother's pants, practically drooling over the eight-inch cock that slapped his cheek when he tugged the Calvin Klein under shorts aside. He took the dark ruby head into his mouth, gratefully sucking the slimy pre-cum and swallowing Morgan's cock to the hilt. Morgan groaned, leaning back against the counter and fighting to keep his legs sturdy as his little brother's experienced mouth played a well-worn tune on his skin flute. Martin varied his speed, slowing down and lengthening the stroke, then moving faster, concentrating on the fat head. Morgan alternately cursed and whimpered, succumbing to the heat of Martin's mouth and letting it lead him towards pleasure.

Suddenly, Martin released Morgan's cock and stood, dropping his own trousers and offering his ass. Morgan bent down and shoved his face between his brother's ass cheeks, deeply inhaling the scent that was distinctly Martin and began to rim his tart asshole. Martin moaned, slipping a leg out of his pants and widening his stance so that Morgan could reach more of him. Morgan thanked him by pressing his face farther in, licking and sucking Martin's clasping hole and flicking his tongue over the sensitive perineum skin and ball sac.

"God, Morgy, don't make me wait any longer!"

Morgan momentarily ignored Martin's words, pressing his tongue into his asshole and tongue-fucking him until Martin was sobbing with desire. Only then did he stand, place the head of his rod against Martin's waiting hole and pull his brother backwards. Martin shuddered in his brother's arms, driving back until he was completely filled.

"Morgy." Morgan turned Martin's head and captured his mouth, entangling their tongues as he reached down and grasped Martin's dribbling pole and matched his ass strokes with his hand strokes. Martin gasped, breaking the kiss and putting his hands on Morgan's muscled thighs. "Oh, God, Morgy! I'm gonna cum already!"

Morgan licked his brother's neck and bit, sucking hard and pumping Martin's plump cock. Martin cried out, thick ropes of pearly cum squirting from the wide hole in his dick and splattering on the floor. Martin's climax triggered Morgan's and he grabbed Martin's hips, slamming into him and shouting his name as his semen rushed from his heavy balls into Martin's slick, hot canal. Over and over, he ejaculated into his trembling brother, holding him close and sharing a breathtaking series of aftershocks with him.

"Now," Morgan whispered, slipping down to suck the cum out of his brother's asshole. "It's your turn."


Chambliss watched Mary shyly undress, his mouth watering as cotton and rayon slid aside and revealed cranberry nipples, fat and engorged with mother's milk and smooth, rosy skin that stretched over her large belly. Just beneath was a well-trimmed pussy, one that he was well-acquainted with and his cock twitched as he remembered how much she creamed.

"You look good enough to eat."

With a little effort, she crawled onto the bed, propped herself up on some pillows and seductively spread her legs. "Then eat me."

Chambliss didn't have to be told twice. He was a sexual degenerate and eating a pregnant woman's pussy had to tank on the highest of levels. He shrugged off his jacket and loosened his tie, toed his shoes off and crept towards her dark, silky petals. He wanted to take his time but his first taste of her made him so horny that he pressed his nose into her, sticking his tongue as far inward as he could. Mary screamed in delight, her hands caressing her unborn child as pleasure overtook her senses.

"I want you to cum on my tongue, little one. I want you to cum over and over until you can't breathe my name." He gave her a long lick, from stem to stern, curling his lips around her clit and giving it a tender suck. "Is that all right?"

"Oh, yes, Richard." All thoughts of Leon swirled away on the tip of his tongue. "Oh, yes!"


"NO! I said, NO!"

Garson so loved working for the mayor. The perks were absolutely … "Oh, yeah. Suck it, bitch!" The girl struggled beneath him, trying to push his weight off her but she couldn't. He'd learned this little trick from the mayor. Straddle the girl's head and put your knees on her hair. She can't get up then. "And don't bite me or I'll kill you."

Mmmm. Delicious sensations traveled the length of his buried dick, the most delicious being her gag reflex constantly stroking him as he pressed against the back of her throat. God, he'd never felt something like that before. Fuck if she'd pass out. He could still fuck her mouth …

"What the hell?" A loud crash had sounded on the roof of the limousine and Garson yanked his glistening prick from her mouth. "Did you hear that?"

The girl struggled from under him, hastily wiping her mouth and trying not to puke. "I don't fucking know!" Grabbing her purse, she flung the door open and stalked out.

"Bitch!" Garson's expletive echoed in the empty lot and he tugged his pants up, wondering where the hell she'd gotten to. "The mayor will bury you!" Still, silence answered his shout. He finished adjusting his uniform and examined the vehicle, relieved to find no damage, but still wondering what the noise had been.

"Looking for something?"

Garson opened his mouth to scream but the rip in his throat and the gurgling blood kept the sound from emerging.


Martin's hard cock pierced Morgan's tight asshole and slowly slid inward. Morgan hugged the refrigerator, whimpering as his brother's slim dick plowed his ass. Martin was all he'd ever wanted. Even when they were experimenting as kids and were double-dating, he'd fuck the nameless, faceless girls while all the while, he was imagining that it was his little brother. Then that night … the night Martin had taken him … the night after their first kill … nothing had been the same for him. His world became Martin and wetwork.

"Marty." He gasped, feeling Martin stand on his tiptoes to deliver the deepest stroke to his clutching ass. "Fuck! I love you!"

"I love you, too, big brother." Martin murmured, humping Morgan's delicious ass and letting himself go, immersing himself in the smell of the sex and the taste of his sweat. He couldn't help but lick his broad back as he rammed himself deep in Morgan's bowels. "Oh, yeah. Oh, baby!"

Morgan steeled himself for the hot release of his brother's cum and gasped as a warm blanket of fluid covered his entire back. "Marty?" He reached over his shoulder and dipped his fingers into the liquid, bringing it to his face. It was blood. He didn't understand. Martin's thick, pulsing cock was still lodged in his welcoming asshole. What the hell had happened?

"I hope you got your rocks off." A deep voice said.

Morgan screamed as his eyes transmitted the gruesome scene to his lust-ridden brain. The stranger in the black leather coat held the torso of his brother and was sucking blood from the hicky he'd given Martin earlier.

And then, he was just screaming …


Mary Ann couldn't stop quivering as the mayor arose from her pussy. Her heart was pounding in her chest and rivulets of opaque juice coursed out of her rippling quim, lubricating her asscrack and spreading on the sheets. She tried to catch her breath, sleepily watching Richard remove his pants, his thick rod dripping pre-cum as he spread her legs open again.

Little did she know that he had secreted a knife under his crumpled pants and planned to slice her throat open at the moment of his ultimate climax. He'd never had a snuff fuck and this way, he could rid himself of the unwanted child and the scandal and blame it all on the "Crimson King'. He nearly broke into full-blown laughter as he slid into her hot, creamy hole. She was so naïve. She really believed that he was going to leave his wife and marry her and that they could metamorphosize into the perfect couple.

Richard wrapped his hands around her slender neck, sliding fully into her snatch and thrusting into her again and again. He didn't see the look of fear on her face and the sudden uneasiness that flowed through her body. She had seen something. She had recognized that this wasn't a reconciliatory fuck; this was a goodbye fuck.

"Richard … "

"Yes, little one. You're so perfect. I should have thought about this sooner."

"Thought about what?"

"About getting a woman pregnant and fucking her. Do you have any idea how hot your pussy is because of the life you're carrying?"

"Richard, get off of me!"

"Not yet, honey. I haven't cum yet."

"Get off me!"

With a sudden swiftness, Richard's heavy weight was lifted from her body and she was looking into the red, burning eyes of something she didn't know. "Who … what are you?"

"Run." The being said. Clutching her clothing to her naked body, she slipped off of the bed and stumbled towards the stairs. "Get your things and run."

Mary heeded the alien's words and half-fell, half-ran down the stairs, the coverlet slipping over her shoulder. She gazed at the emergency suitcase she had packed and turned toward the kitchen, intent on grabbing a few bottles of water. Blood covered every inch of the countertops and sink and something resembling pasta in a red sauce littered the floor. She gripped her stomach and quickly turned away, blindly pounding down the landing and the attached stairs.

She didn't make it very far. A pale young man in a uniform was lying at the base of the stairs and a half-dressed young woman lay in a twisted heap near the limousine. The softness of the stars and the cool, light breeze did nothing to calm her jangled nerves.

The excitement of the evening melted into complete blackness …

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