tagBDSMThe Cum Chip

The Cum Chip


"What is it?" I asked.

The little chip was smaller than Megan's fingertip. "Control, girlfriend" she said, looking at Sean tied face down on the bench. "Do you want it?"

I looked at Sean too. He was gagged and naked. I already had plenty of control over him. My old sorority sister promised even more.

"Will it hurt him?" I asked, concerned.

"Not if you use it responsibly," she said with a smile. Then she got serious. "It's perfectly safe Wendy. Trust me, this is my work. I know what I'm talking about."

She did. She was the smartest one in our school, a genius who went on to Med School and her own medical research clinic. I could never decide if it was ironic or inevitable that she would be a top researcher on sexual dysfunction. She was the kinkiest person I'd ever met. Kinkier than me even.

"It's adapted from a neural stim," she said. "Pain clinics have been using them for years to treat chronic pain. They stimulate nerves and can actually mask pain by disrupting the signals. For some people, it's the only way to manage chronic back pain."

"It's a torture device?" I asked, dubious. I already knew plenty of ways to inflict pain on Sean. I didn't think I needed medical assistance for that.

"No, silly," she said dismissively. "The stims mask pain, they don't cause it. But they were just the idea for this. It's modified from one of the pain-blockers. Look, I read an article in a medical journal about a woman who was being treated for chronic lower back pain with stims. She had one implanted in her lower back over her spinal cord. She would use it at home two hours a day. It blurred the pain signals so her body could relax and heal itself. Anyway, after one visit to her doctor, the stim moved a little. Instead of fuzzing the pain signals, it did something completely different."

Her eyes twinkled.

"What?" I finally asked.

"It made her cum," she said. "Instant orgasms at the push of a button. The woman loved it."

"What about her back pain?" I asked.

"Don't know," Megan replied, blinking. "The article didn't really say. But what it did say gave me an idea."

I nodded. Sean lay still, listening to us. Megan certainly had his attention. I ran my hand along his ass, gently caressing him.

"I was working on premature ejaculation, looking for a way to treat it. If these things could block the nervous system's pain signals, and they could influence orgasm, maybe they were the magic I was looking for. I got some and started experimenting."

"On what?" I asked.

"Guys," she said. "I have lots of them." Her smile was quite wicked. "I figured out how to make it work. It's the centerpiece of my practice now. How many guys don't want to last a little longer? Really, I've saved marriages with this."

"So, how does it work?" I asked.

She held up a small remote control. "The implant goes under the skin in the small of the back. It runs off the electrical potential in the patient's own skin, so it never needs batteries. It's controled by the remote. Turn it on, and it creates an electrical field that fuzzes the patient's own nervous system. It blocks the signal for orgasm. While it's on, the patient...simply...cannot...cum." She emphasized each word. "No matter how much stimulation he gets."

"It keeps him from getting hard?" I asked.

"No, not at all," she said. "Well, not this one anyway. He gets hard. He feels everything. He just can't orgasm. Everything else, the pleasure, the sensation, all that goes through, but the signal for orgasm doesn't. A guy with this implant can fuck all night."

I raised an eyebrow as Sean groaned through his gag.

"My patients tell me it works," she said. "Plus, I've tested it quite thoroughly in private."

"It's safe?" I asked again.

"Perfectly. A small incision, hardly even any blood. Sean won't even need a band aid. And I can take it back out if you don't like it."

I looked at Sean. He couldn't move, the straps held him tightly. His eyes looked lost. What he'd heard had put him into subspace. That told me he was willing. He loved orgasm control. So did I. I thought about it. One of the games I played with him was to make him fuck me with a strap-on instead of his cock so that I got pleasure while he was denied. This would raise the bar on that little game. The small chip in Megan's palm would turn Sean's cock into a flesh-and-blood strap-on.

"Do it," I said.

It only took her ten minutes. A quick, delicate slice with a scalpel to raise a flap of skin on his back, then she tucked the chip in and used surgical glue to close the flap. She swabbed the few small drops of blood off of him and handed me the remote.

"All yours," she said. "Want to test it?"

"Sure," I said. "What do I do?"

"Stand him up," she said. "Let's get access to that meat of his."

I untied Sean. He stood up beside the bench, his cock already hard. Megan slipped Velcro cuffs on him, trapping his hands behind his back.

"Push this button," Megan said, handing me the remote. I pushed the button and looked at Sean. He didn't react. I looked at Megan.

"There's no sensation to it," she said. "But it works. Remember that bet we had in college? The Tommy Hemming blow job?"

I smiled. I remembered. It was ten years ago. Tommy Hemming was a hunk who passed out drunk one night at a party. We decided to strip him and see what he had in his pants. What he had was a gorgeous cock that just begged for a pair of lips around it. My lips. I bet Megan I could make him cum in less than thirty seconds, even though he was passed out. She took me up on the bet and I won. She had to streak naked across campus – that was the bet.

"Want to make that bet again, with him this time?" she asked. "I'll give you thirty minutes instead of thirty seconds. But with this little chip controlling him."

I giggled. "And I streak naked across campus if I lose?"

She laughed too. "Campus has, um, changed a bit in ten years. There are a lot more prudes there. I have a different idea. Looser has a pizza delivered for dinner, and answers the door completely nude."

"You're on," I said, knowing that whatever happened, I was a winner. If Megan's device worked, Sean and I were going to have some amazing fun, and giving the pizza guy a free show would be a small price to pay.

I pushed Sean onto the couch, so he was sitting with his legs spread. I knelt in front of him and began licking his cock. Megan said "go", a little late, but she didn't seem to mind. I began working him over, using my hands on his shaft, running my lips along the bottom, attacking the sensitive spot just beneath the head with my tongue. Sean had pretty good control, and I'd made him work on it, but I could still make him cum in under a minute when I wanted to. And I wanted to now – I really wanted to put Megan's little gimmick to the test. Pretty soon I was pumping his shaft with one hand and lightly spanking his balls with the other, all the time my lips and tongue slithering over his glans. He started moaning, and it wasn't long before I felt him tighten, the muscles in his crotch and abdomen straining to keep control. He was on the edge, about to go over. I concentrated on his glans, rapidly flicking my tongue across it. I heard him make the low guttural sound he makes when he goes over the edge on a really powerful orgasm, and I had him. His body went rigid. I felt the muscles at the base of his cock relax. And then...


The orgasm didn't happen. He groaned. I kept slurping and licking his cock, pumping him, getting even roughly with his balls. He can never hold out long when his cock is being stimulate and his balls spanked at the same time. He tensed up again. I pulled off his cock and looked at it. It was harder than I think I'd ever seen it. Purple and glistening, the veins standing out quite clearly. I deep-throated him in one motion, swallowing the tip into my throat and pulling his balls away from him at the same time. Sean groaned. I bobbed my head, fucking my throat with his cock. He began to pant. I felt his body go into another pre-orgasm state. Once again, he growled, and once again nothing happened.

I kept going and soon he was thrusting into my mouth. His motions were jerky and he began to gasp. I heard him begin, raggedly, to beg through his gag. "Please! Make me cum!" he grunted. He begged a few more times, but soon all he could do was wimper "please, please" over and over. My tongue began to get a little sore and I pulled off again, still running my hand lightly up and down his cock. It was huge and purple and twitching. I looked up at Megan. She was smiling.

"Fifteen minutes," she said.

I jacked him off with my thumb and he thrust urgently into my hand. I took my hands away completely, and Sean humped the air frantically.

"Wow," I said. "You win. That is awesome."

"Watch this," she said, and took a powerful vibrator out of a back. She held the vibe tightly against the underside of Sean's cock, right beneath the head, and turned it on high. He spasmed and said "ng" repeatedly until Megan took the vibe off his cock. We took turns stroking and vibing him until Megan announced a half hour was up.

"You owe me a pizza," she said.

"Canadian bacon and pineapple?" I asked.

"Still my favorite," she said. "The number for Palini's is by the phone. They make really good pizza, and a really cute delivery guy works Friday nights. You'll enjoy meeting him." She grinned a very wicked grin.

I ordered the pizza and came back into the room. Poor Sean was still sitting on the couch, humping the air. His cock was simply beautiful.

"Want to see what kind of an orgasm a guy has after a session like that?" Megan asked. I nodded and she flipped the remote to the off position. "Do you want to do the honors, or should I?"

"Go ahead," I said. "He's all yours."

Megan gently wrapped her hand around his cock and gave him three or four light strokes. Then, he tightened, every muscle I could see strained, with tendons popping and his hips lifted high off the couch. He moaned a long, low wavering note, and a great jet of cum erupted from his cock, catching me completely by surprise and splattering over my shirt and running down between my breasts.. Several more large, powerful shots blasted out of him, and my shirt front was drenched in cum. Megan just laughed.

"Maybe you should have stripped first," she said.

Sean collapsed onto the couch, breathing very heavily and clearly exhausted. I plucked the gag from his mouth and kissed him. He weakly returned the kiss and smiled.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Mmmm," he said. "Wonderful." And then he drifted off to sleep, completely spent.

I stripped, handing my shirt to Megan who tossed it into the wash, pointed out I wouldn't need any clothes for a while. I agreed, and grabbed the remote. I flipped it on, feeling as horny as I'd ever felt.. When Sean woke up, I was going to ride him very, very hard, and very, very long. Oh, that would feel good.

In the mean time, I picked up the vibe. I had a few minutes before the pizza arrived, and I thought the delivery guy would appreciate seeing me just after an orgasm. The vibration touched my pussy, and my eyes went blurry, thinking of all the fun I was going to have with this new toy. Technology, and smart friends, are great, aren't they?

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