tagNonHumanThe Dark One Ch. 03

The Dark One Ch. 03


(This is the last part in my 'The Dark One' stories, I hope you enjoyed them and that the ending is to your liking. Please remember that feedback and comments are extremely helpful so feel free to give me any. Thanks ;) Alicexxx)

I lay there, his arms still wound around me, his legs intertwined with mine. My heart had slowed down somewhat and he had fallen still behind me, all I could hear was his light breathing. Did devils sleep? I wondered. Against my side I felt the baby kick and I passed a hand almost unconsciously to soothe the little life inside me with a small caress. I shivered a little bit and snuggled closer to him, we were still on the floor, his back to my front, spooned up under a blanket that he had just summoned into life to flare around us. Even the floor didn't feel so hard beneath me and I was pretty sure that that was his handiwork as well.

I sighed and rolled away from him, sweeping my robe off the floor where it had been dropped next to us, I pulled it over my naked body and stood for a second glancing down at his sleeping form.

He was so beautiful, and he looked so sweet and innocent as he lay there on my floor. I sighed and ran a shaky hand through my hair before turning from him and heading for my kitchen to make something to eat. Ever since getting pregnant I'd been eating like a pig, couldn't seem to keep my hands off of food, but yet, I hadn't gained an ounce, the only difference you could see was my belly and my breasts.

I made myself some coffee and a bagel, given that this wasn't a normal pregnancy and my baby wasn't a normal baby I didn't think that the caffeine would do any harm. Slipping onto a stool I took a sip from the hot mug and then twisted my hair into some kind of bun at my nape before leaning my elbows on the counter and staring off into space. I sighed.

This was not what had been supposed to happen. He had left me in this situation and it had been time for him to hear a peace of my mind. But what did I do? I threw myself at him and had crazy sex with him on the floor... and in the middle of a very heavy and unusual pregnancy. Really, there was something seriously wrong with me.

Without any warning I felt something soft and warm brush against the back of my neck. It felt so nice and familiar. He felt so nice and familiar. But he wasn't nice...and as for familiar...

"I can hear the wheels in your head turning...don't you ever just...relax?" He murmured against my neck. I felt his arms snake around my swollen waist to wrap around me just below my breasts.

"With you around?" I asked, lifting a quizzing eyebrow even though he couldn't see my face.

His teeth grazed the side of my neck, going up to nip my lobe as his hands slid a little bit higher and cupped my sensitive breasts through the robe. The tips stiffened instantly and I sighed again, allowing myself to lean back against him. "But I'm starting to think that you like having me around sweet."

I turned in my stool and my eyes met his golden ones. My expression was grave. "Be honest with me Lucien." His eyes closed as if he was savouring the sound of his name on my lips. "What is the purpose of this?"

At that question he opened his eyes again and after holding my gaze for a few seconds he released me and stepped back, going around the counter to sit in a stool opposite me. He'd pulled his robe back on too... only his wasn't belted and I could see absolutely everything, including the part which was standing hard and away from his body. My lips went dry and I forced myself to look up at his face, only to see a knowing smirk pasted on it.

"Why does there have to be a purpose?" he asked as he settled on he stool and then picked up one of my hands to toy with.

"Come on, you didn't just harass me for months on end to get me pregnant for no reason Lucien. What's this all about?"

He shrugged, dropping my hand and looking around my kitchen with a bored look on his beautiful face. I shook my head and raised my mug to my lips, needing a fortifying sip of caffeine in order to go on dealing with this man... creature that sat before me. Then my hands froze with the mug halfway to my lips when he turned his eyes to me once again. They were terrifying in their intensity. "I wanted you." he cocked his head slightly as he watched my eyes flare at his words. "I still want you..." his eyes dropped down to my belly, lingering there with an almost awed expression. "And you have my child inside you."

"But I didn't before, you could have just picked another woman to have your -"

He shook his head, cutting her off mid sentence. "No other woman would have been able to bear my child."

I frowned. "Why not? I'm no different from any other woman."

"That is true... but offspring is not something one of my kind desires, it is not natural for our kind to want to have offspring, unless there is a purpose. And if we don't want to then we don't. It's not exactly a conscious thing...we just do not impregnate if we do not wish to." He dissolved before my eyes, disappearing from the stool he'd been on to reappear beside me once more, kneeling at my feet, hands already sliding up my thighs, underneath the robe. "With you - I wanted to mark you as mine." His eyes focused once again on my stomach, but this time with a feverish glint as he continued to ease my robe up.

My fingers went slack on the mug and I managed to set it down before I dropped it and spilt coffee all over the kitchen. I watched him at my feet, kneeling there, he was so completely wrapped up in what he was doing that it was fascinating to see. It was probably one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen...funny how every erotic thing I'd seen involved him in it.

"Why me?" I whispered as my hands went to thread themselves through his silky hair even as he parted my robe and then my thighs. His eyes were glued to my cunt and I shivered in response to his intensity.

"You were just..." he lowered a kiss to the inner part of my thigh and placed a lingering kiss there and I felt my heat go up, he was so near that place that was already oozing for him, but he wasn't there yet, "the purest thing I'd ever seen... and you know what they say about how opposites attract don't you?" He whispered against her skin and looked up into my eyes as his tongue flicked out and ran a line from my thigh all the way to...

I flung my head back and groaned. His tongue had gone straight for the kill, flicking against my clit before driving insistently inside me, retreating, flicking against my clit again and then as I caught my breath, he caught it gently between his teeth, golden burning eyes still locked with my own, he drew it into his mouth and started sucking.

My hands fisted in his hair and I threw my head back as I let out a scream as I came instantly. "Oh god!!!" I groaned, widening my legs as I rocked my hips against him. He made me feel like I was flying high. I removed my hands from his hair and braced my elbows back on the counter in case my strength chose to desert me completely and I fell off the damn stool. "Lucien!" I panted.

His hands just slid around to my ass and pulled me even closer to him. His mouth doing all sorts of things to me as I gyrated against his mouth. He sucked every last shudder from me before falling back on his heels and looking back up at me, licking his lips as he did so. He looked like a pagan god as he knelt, golden bronze skin bared by the open black robe, lips parted, cheeks slightly flushed, lids low over feverish eyes and his cock jutting out from his body, proudly erect.

I was no longer capable of speech, he seemed to have that effect on me and after the sex battle we'd had earlier that night I wasn't feeling the need to fight with him again. He stood and then in a move that left my heart lurching he swept me up into his arms and next thing I knew I felt dizzy and we were in my room.

My eyebrows lifted and to my surprise I felt a devilish smile steal over my lips as I looked up at him, my arms still wrapped around his neck. "Again?"

He leaned down and kissed me hard, his tongue surging between my ready lips to rub sinuously against mine. "Again and again and again." He rasped against my lips and something about the tone of his voice, a raw edge that spoke slightly of desperation had my heart warming even though I knew that that was the sign of my doom. It showed that he'd managed to get to me despite everything I had against him, despite every possible wall I'd thrown up in protection of myself. I was falling for Satan's own.

Still holding me he sank onto the edge of the bed and settled me on his lap. That golden gaze never leaving my face. "The robe." He said. It took me a while to understand what he meant as I was very distracted by his hard member probing against my ass as I shifted experimentally on his lap. I reached up to his shoulders and pushed the silk off of them, my hands trailing down his smooth hard back as the material fell away. Just the texture of his skin made me want cry out with insatiable lust for him. He was magnificent and I knew that never again would I ever be with someone that matched up to him.

I looked at him and slowly my hands came around and then flattened against his shoulder blades, I pushed him back on the bed with those predatory eyes on me the whole time until he was lying flat. Watching me with a curious look in his eyes as he stretched his arms up and then slid them beneath his head to pillow it. I slid from his lap and pushed my own robe off. Even though the large belly didn't exactly feel like a blessing to me, I loved the way his eyes would darken as he glanced at it.

I crawled onto the bed and my belly brushed against his erection and he threw his head back on the pillow with a groan as it continued to brush deliciously against my skin until my thighs parted over it. Still on my hands and knees I lowered my head and my hair came loose, falling over onto his stomach in masses of waves and curls... covering me from his view... so that when my tongue swirled into his belly button he almost bucked me off him, his hands came up to hold my head as if to ground himself.

"Beautiful," he husked, sounding mindless with want, "now. No games, not this time."

"No." I agreed against his tight stomach, giving a nip to his hip bone and then one last lick to his belly button, I opened my legs wider, bracing my knees on the mattress. One of my hands wound itself around his hard pulsing erection and guided it into my practically dripping pussy. I wanted to go slow, I wanted to savour it this time. But he sat up with incredible strength, making me straighten with him and my rounded stomach came into contact with his middle, holding him off at quite a little bit of distance then caught my hips in his strong hands and with a strong thrust speared into me.

My nails forged deep into the skin of his shoulders as I cried out loud and ground against him, taking him deeper into me. All thought of going slow gone form my head.

"Ride me." he whispered against my collar bone as he went about his way stroking alongside it with his tongue, occasionally scraping his teeth against the bone. His hands left my hips and slid upward to cup and caress my tingling breasts. My nipples were so tight that they were almost in pain as I waited for him to pay some kind of attention from them.

Taking him at his words, I started to move against him, not quite going up and down as the belly seemed to kind of hamper when I did that, instead I just ground myself against him, harder and harder with each thrust of him into me. He felt absolutely gorgeous inside me, thick and reaching into the very depths of me. His size was such that felt I would never ever get used to it... but that wasn't exactly a point of complaint.

He pinched my nipples and I groaned, leaning forward to catch his bottom lip between my teeth as I rode him out, my hips moving smoothly with a wet sound coming between our bodies every time he slid back into me. It felt delicious and my lips fused with his as his hands slid back down to my hips, urging me to move faster and harder against him, accompanying his increasingly brutal thrusts.

"That's it," he groaned, "exactly like that."

I'm not sure how I heard that since I was so completely out of my mind with the sensations violating my body that I seemed to be completely detached from anything else... but in the middle of that mindlessness I felt it... as his fingers found their way between our bodies and then pinched my clit with a tiny little pressure.

"Lucien!" That was all I managed to gasp out before I orgasmed so hard that I swear I saw stars. I barely felt his fingers bite into my hips as he pistoned against me and then let out a low savage growl. For the second time, we sank down completely wrapped around one another.

He turned as we collapsed so that our baby wasn't squashed between us. Still breathing hard I stared wide eyed into his predatory gaze that still held that gleam of darkness which indicated at his dark heritage, but no longer frightened me. I felt his hand stroking my spine slowly, up and down in long leisurely strokes... calming my still excited body until our breaths calmed.

A blanket fell out of nowhere to cover us and a sweet smile curved my mouth. He blinked as he saw it, his eyes gaining a touch of wonder as they saw it and he lifted a finger to trace it. He looked almost like a child at Christmas, except he was no where as innocent. His eyes flicked up to mine. "You feel for me?" The murmured question surprised me. Not because he would ask but because I thought that it would have been more his style to pose it as a statement.

Wordlessly I nodded, dislodging his wandering finger slightly. The hand on my spine came around to rest against my belly on its side. I felt a bump and winced slightly. "Will you be mine?"

I stared at him. This was so not something I had been expecting. He was asking me, not telling me. But the thing was that if I said yes, like to my astonishment every cell in my body wanted me to, then there would never be a way to get out of this. You can't escape a devil.

"Beautiful?" He prompted when I didn't answer.

My baby kicked inside me again and I sighed. Had I ever really stood a chance against him? With hindsight I knew I hadn't. With another sigh - this one resigned, I pulled his hand from my lips and pressed my mouth to his palm. "Haven't you always known that I would be?"

His eyebrows drew together as he tried to decipher my thoughts... funny, he used to be able to read them before. Why couldn't he now?

"Is that a yes?"

I gave him a small smile, placed his hand on my breast before leaning over him to place a peck on his amazing lips... felt his hand give my breast an involuntary squeeze. I looked down at his questioning golden eyes. "That's a yes my Dark One."

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