The Dark Room



"You really left a shot of your nipple on that film?" Sarah asked Allison. She and Sylvia were at Allison's after school.

"Uh huh and I want to leave more," Allison answered. "I want to leave a shot of my pussy."

"God, you're dirty!" Sylvia laughed.

"I know, but I can't tell you how much doing all this turns me on," Allison said, "I go home from school after those classes and finger myself like crazy!"

"Do you want help taking the photos?" Sarah asked.

"Yes!" Allison grinned.

"Well I'll help, but I want mine on there too. What about you Sylvia?" Sarah said.

"Um ok, why not, "she laughed. "Of course, at some point, he's going to work out who's doing this to him you realise."

"Well I think if he really wanted to, he would have stopped this by now anyway," Allison said. "I'm going to find out though, I'm going to suck him next time we're in the darkroom."

"No way!" Sylvia said.

"Yes I am," Allison said, her hand pressing into her lap against the need that was burning between her legs.


Dave had spent a long time examining the photos of the nipple and he thought he had managed to narrow it down to one of two of the five girls. He had ruled out Sylvia because her Asian skin tone didn't seem to match that of the little bit of skin he could see around the areola. He knew that it wasn't a perfect way to get this right, but it was the best he could come up with. Similarly, he figured Lucy's darker skin complexion to be wrong for the photo. He ruled out Jo. She was, after all his daughter.

Which left Sarah and Allison. The redhead and the dirty blonde, he thought to himself, laughing as he considered what connotations dirty blonde could have if he wasn't thinking in terms of hair colour.

He had decided to try and give them another chance, to see if this game would be continued. He sent them all out for the lesson with cameras.


"Ok, come with me," Allison said to Sarah, leading her off in the direction of the toilets. Sylvia followed them, knowing what they were up to and wanting to be part of the fun. It was a bit crowded with three of them in a tight space, but they managed. Allison pulled off her panties and hiked up her skirt to expose her pussy, and Sarah got in nice and close with the camera. Allison had light brown pubes, cropped and neat, covering her mound and pussy lips. Sarah fired off a couple of shots. When she stepped aside, Sylvia looked more closely at her friend's pussy.

"Are you wet?" she asked with a giggle when she thought she spied a sheen of moisture between her friend's pussy lips.

"Fuck yes, this turns me on heaps!" Allison said and as her friends watched, she ran a finger between her lips and then dragged it up over her clit shuddering.

"My turn," Sarah hissed, urging Allison to swap places with her. Sylvia just shuffled around to accommodate them. Like Allison had, Sarah stripped off her panties and lifted her skirt.

"You're bald!" Sylvia said with surprise," as Sarah's hairless pussy was revealed.

"Yeah," Sarah said, blushing deeply. "My pubes are red, so it would be a bit of a give away if they were in the photo."

"Oh, I hadn't even thought of that," Allison said, "lucky mine are just boring brown."

"Here, let me take them," Sylvia said, wanting to get a close up view of her friend's pussy, still surprised by how much she was suddenly enjoying seeing her friends like this. She got in nice and close, noting how swollen Sarah's lips seemed to be and snapped a short series of pictures.

"Is she wet?" Allison asked Sylvia.

"Well not obviously so," Sylvia replied and then, before Sarah could react, ran her finger over Sarah's pussy, slipping it between the lips quickly, finding that she was indeed wet. "But now that I've checked, she sure is!"

"Silv!" Sarah hissed, shocked that her friend had just touched her pussy. Sylvia just grinned at her.

"You're turn Silv," Sarah said, taking the camera from her. Sylvia stripped of her own panties and took up position, exposing a small black landing strip of pussy hair above her hairless lips.

Sarah moved in nice and close and took the photos before returning Sylvia's favour and running her finger through her friend's pussy lips. Sylvia just grinned at her and Sarah moved it even more slowly.

"You two are as bad as each other! Lets get some other photos we can use for class," Allison said a moment later as Sylvia pulled her panties back on. As they left the toilets, Sylvia turned to grin at Sarah, who lifted her finger to her lips and sucked on it. Sylvia just grinned at her.

Returning to class, Allison printed something off the computer. Before going home, she snuck into the darkroom and left the film with Mr Johns' stuff. "For you Mr Johns," The little note wrapped around it said.


Dave found the film whilst setting up for the next lesson and stuck it in his pocket, his cock growing at the thought of what it could contain. The all went into the darkroom together.

After the shuffle, Dave began the move, hard with anticipation. He was almost to the end of the room before he was stopped by a hand on his chest. He stood silently, wondering what course this would take today. His zipper was undone.

His cock was extracted from his pants.

And then there was the glorious sensation of a mouth covering the end of his penis, suckling at it very gently before the mouth slid down its length, the tongue caressing its underside gently. He let out a little involuntary moan and hoped it was concealed by the other noises in the room as the girls moved about. Whichever of the girls it was sucked up and down his length perhaps five times before stopping and leaving him standing erect and exposed in the dark. He quickly turned to go back to ward the light swtch, intending to put his cock away as he went, but as he turned, he sensed someone else in front of him and he paused.

A hand closed over his still exposed cock, stroking it gently, exploring. Another hand took his and placed it on what he was surprised to discover was bare flesh. Whoever held his cock had unbuttoned her dress enough that her cleavage was exposed. He felt the smooth warmth of her skin, the edge of her bra, the curve of her breasts on either side of his palm. His cock was released briefly and his hand was moved to a breast as the hand that had held his cock lifted the cup away, allowing his hand to feel her naked breast.

Then his cock was taken again and they exchanged squeezes and manipulations before she took her hand away and gently removed his.

When he was almost to the light switch, he walked into a reaching arm. The hand on the end of quickly grabbed at his crotch and seized his full penis. It was very brief, but forceful. A quick shuffling of positions took place as it always did when he neared the switch. He announced the lights were coming on and everyone settled before he flicked the switch.


When the girls had left the class and the day was over, he returned to the dark room and processed the film. If his anticipation had been heightened the first time he'd found a film, it was insane this time around. This time the film had been left for him. This time he had something of an expectation as to what he'd find.

He wasn't disappointed. He was stunned. 15 photos, 3 pussies. Heaven. He studied them and from the skin colouration and the dark pubic hair of the landing strip, quickly guessed that one of them was Sylvia's.

The other two he studied more closely. One was hairless. And the skin colour was quite light compared even to the remaining photo, which had cropped hair around it and over its lips. With this additional information, he thought he had it. He suspected that the shaved one was Sarah which would mean that the other was likely to be Allison as he would expect Lucy to have darker pubes than the light brown that was evident in the five photos of this girl's pussy.

He stood in the darkroom with his cock in his hand and masturbated until he came, blowing his load into some paper towel, aware that he was on very dangerous ground, and excited by it.


Jo sat in her room at her father's small house. She'd grabbed her Dad's cock! She couldn't believe that she'd done it. All that talk by the others, she'd been curious and finally it had got the better of her, after all, when else could she ever do anything like that without him knowing? And so she'd felt it very briefly. And they were right, it did feel huge.

She lay back on her bed, remembering the feel of it through his pants, large and firm. She slipped her hand into her panties and fingered herself.


Dave pulled the memory card from the video camera. His hands were shaking as he put it in the computer and loaded the software to view it. It seemed to take an extraordinarily long time. Finally he started it. As expected, there was minutes and minutes of nothing. He'd planned this in the time that Jo was away with her mother and whilst she had her evening shower, he hid the camera in her room and turned it on. He was thankful at least that he had picked up most of her room within what the camera could capture.

His breath caught in his throat as the door opened on the computer screen. In walked Jo, a towel wrapped about her body, her wet dark hair hanging down past the nape of her neck. Dave grabbed his cock with his hand, stroking it as he watched, as Jo, with her back to the camera, dropped the towel to the floor, looking around the room. He stroked faster as he spied her tight little bum, willing her to turn around, knowing that she's facing away from the dresser in which she keeps her underwear, knowing that she's going to put some on.

Jo turns and he holds his breath, the view isn't the greatest but none the less, he sees his daughter's breasts. They are ripe, petite and firm, with puffy nipples standing proudly at their peaks. He glances down, her pussy has hair, not a lot, but a cropped dark strip, not like either of those in the pictures.

Jo then stepped in under the view of the camera and Dave could only see her head as she pulled on underwear. He replays the scene and watches it over and over again until he can stand it no more and cum explodes from his cock.


Wait till Jo finds out you've sucked her Dad off!" Lucy said, a crazy grin on her face following the revelation that Allison had had Dave's cock in her mouth.

"No, don't tell her, I mean, god I don't think she should know about this much," Allison said, suddenly wondering what she would say if she had to confront Jo.

"Ok, but I think I really do need to catch up to you, its not fair you getting so far ahead like this," Lucy said, surprising even her own willingness to go along with what they were doing with their teacher.


Once again Dave found himself hardening as the lights when off. He gave the girls time to move around, no longer annoyed by it, but rather excited by what it would mean for him. He'd even removed his boxers during his lunch hour in anticipation of what was to come. He had decided that today would be the day that he was less of the innocent in this affair.

He paused when he felt the hand on his chest. He sensed the movement as one of the girls dropped to her knees. In his mind he pictured her hand reaching in and finding no underwear in the way, her face smiling up at him. Then he felt her mouth descend down over his cock, sucking him, gently sliding up and down his cock. Then there was a second pair of hands, sliding over his chest, undoing the buttons of his shirt to slip inside and run through the light dusting of hair on his chest. He reached out and found a breast, squeezing it, then moving to return the unbuttoning favour, slipping inside the dress and under the cup of the bra, fondling.

The sucking on his cock stopped and the girl stood up as the one he'd been feeling slipped from his grasp, dropping to her knees, taking up where her friend had left off, her mouth enveloping his rock hard cock. Before he was ready, they stopped and he was forced to move away. He felt a butt brush against him.

This time, he did what he'd been wanting to do for a long time. He stopped. His hands reached out and one rested on each of the girl's hips as he held himself there, grinding his cock purposefully against the tight butt in front of him. His hands seized the material of the dress, pulling it up. The girl before him held perfectly still as it rose. Then he had his hands under her dress, on her panties, his cock pushed against her, grinding. He thought about pulling them down, but didn't, something telling him that it wasn't the right time.


Jo lay in bed again, reflecting on the day's events. She knew what her friends were doing. She realized that she couldn't stop them without causing more drama than she could possibly imagine. But she also knew that she held a secret from them. They certainly didn't know that she was starting to join in, to enjoy being so close to her father, the way that he'd held her hips, grinding against her arse.

She slipped her hand inside her panties, feeling how wet her lips were, remembering when he'd lifted her skirt, the feeling of his hands on the sides of her panties as he'd ground that big hard cock against her. She remembered how she wished at the time that he'd had it out, that it had been rubbing between her legs, spearing at her panties.

She came hard.


"I want to surprise Mr. Johns with something", Sarah said to Sylvia.

"Oh?" Sylvia questioned her; surprised that she was the one to be saying it. Sarah was quiet, not usually the instigator. That was Allison's role.

"Yeah, I think you're the one to do this with. I want to get a photo of my lips on a nipple. Or someone else's on mine."

Sylvia looked at her friend in shock. "You realise he'll know who it is if we do that," she said.

"Yeah, I want him to," Sarah said. "And, um, I want to feel your lips on my nipple."

"Why me?" Sylvia asked; her breath catching slightly as she thought about what she was being asked to do.

"Because I saw the way that you looked at our pussies and I liked the way your finger felt," Sarah said. "But don't get me wrong, I want Mr. Johns' cock too."

Surprising her friend, Sylvia simply said, "ok."

The next time that they were sent out with cameras, the two of them split off from the other girls and found a nice quiet space where they wouldn't be disturbed. It was a room off their senior common room that was set aside for when girls might be having 'womanly issues' as the headmistress had explained to them. They'd locked the door behind them.

Sarah put the camera on the bed and then undid her school dress, allowing it to fall to the floor, standing before Sylvia in just her bra and panties, simple white cotton affairs. Sylvia was staring at her as she undressed and Sarah liked the effect it was having on her body. She reached behind and released her bra, dropping it too, revealing her breasts.

She sat down and told Sylvia she should do the same. Sylvia obliged, standing up and undressing until she stood in just a pair of pale blue panties, her nipples hard and erect in the cool air of the room.

"Touch me," Sarah said and Sylvia tentatively reached out to caress her friend's breast. Sarah reached out at the same time; fondling Sylvia's similarly sized breasts. They grinned at each other and then as if driven by an unspoken command, leaned in to kiss each other, their lips brushing together, barely touching before returning more forcefully, parting as their tongues swept between them to meet.

It was as if they'd both found something that they didn't even know that they had missed and their kiss was hungry and passionate.

It was quite some minutes later that the kiss broke apart and they stared at each other, partly embarrassed, but mainly aroused, flushed with the excitement of their first lesbian kiss.

"The camera?" Sylvia prompted, blushing. Sarah returned the blush, picking it up.

"You suck me first?" she said quietly, thrusting her breast out. Sylvia caressed it, taking her time to study Sarah's pale pink nipple, small and tight as it awaited the attention it was to receive. Then she leaned her face down and sucked it between her lips, hearing the click and whirr of the SLR as Sarah captured the moment.

"My turn," Sylvia said when Sarah stopped taking photos. She picked up the camera and it was Sarah's turn. She took Sylvia's darker nipple in her mouth, feeling how tight it was with her tongue, flicking it back and forth, feeling it restore its position like one of those punching dolls that always returns upright. She pulled it with her teeth and lips gently, hearing Sylvia moan her response, a counterpoint to the occasional snap of the camera.

A bell rang.

"Oh shit!" both girls said in unison. That was the end of the school day. They scrambled back into their uniforms and rushed back to the class, finding Mr. Johns and the other three girls all waiting for them.

"Sorry, we lost track of time!" Sylvia said. Sarah blushed under the scrutiny of her teacher and their friends. She handed back the camera, having stripped the film from it earlier.

Their friends quizzed them about where they were and why Sarah kept blushing so much, but by mutual agreement, they revealed nothing. They debated whether they should still leave the film around to be found. They wanted to do something that the others hadn't done, but they also wanted to explore what they'd discovered a little more. They decided to keep the film to them selves at this stage.


The lights went out and Dave moved. He wanted it. He needed to feel it. It was like a drug, young 18 year old girls sucking his cock, fondling him, exposing themselves to him... and he couldn't see who it was. But he knew it was more than one of them. It was enough to make a man do anything.

He was stopped and in the dark he grinned. His cock was extracted, tugged and then blissfully, sucked. He was released, and another girl was there, fondling, sucking, lifting his cock to lick at his balls. He heard a slurp as she took him back in her mouth and was sure that the whole school must have heard it at the same time. But the world kept turning. And yet another girl took up the position. He doubted that anyone but Jo was doing any photography at this point and then a fourth mouth closed over his cock. He briefly wondered what he'd do if a fifth mouth took him. The thought nearly made him lose control!

When she had finished, he moved back toward the light again, but stopped, feeling out with his hand until he had contact with a hip. He steered himself in. He hadn't bothered to put his cock away. He lifted the girls dress. He ran his hands over her panties, feeling two firm butt cheeks. His fingers slipped between her legs and he rubbed them against her pussy, feeling that they were soaked. He pushed the dress up past her waist band, feeling the skin of her back above it. Then he thrust his cock between her legs, rubbing her panties against her pussy with it, just like he had with his fingers. He felt a hand, reaching between her legs, stroking him as he was rubbed against her panties. He wanted to cum. He was desperate to.

But he didn't. He moved away, letting the girls know the lights were coming on, flicking the switch, wondering who he had just all but fucked. From the flush on her face as the lights came on, he guessed it was Lucy.


Allison swiped the pen of Mr. Johns' desk. It was the one that he used all the time; for everything. She knew that she wouldn't have long, the lunch break was just starting and she knew that whenever they came in after lunch, he'd be working on a puzzle with that pen. So she quickly retreated to the darkroom that adjoined the physics lab and grabbed one of the cameras and some film.

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