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The Dark Window




Dedicated to the random omegle guy/girl. Your input made it possible for me to finish the story! I hope you read this! Thank you very much for your help. ^_^

This is my first ever attempt at writing erotica, you will notice that my skills are still raw and needs much polishing. I would greatly appreciate all input you can provide.


A quiet breeze whispered coldly against her ear. Taylor stood still before the old mansion and stared at a window on the upper floor intently. It was getting colder, and the wind forced her to pull the scarf closer around her neck. Shivering a bit at the touch of the cold fabric upon her skin, Taylor looked intently for some signs of movement. The wind tossed her blonde hair around and she cleared her long bangs off her face to keep watching the window. Two days ago, she had stood right there at the gate watching a girl her own age sitting by a window on the top floor. She looked sad and lonely. She knew what it meant to be sad and lonely. At first, all that went through her mind was pity. However, the more she watched the mysterious girl, the stronger her emotions became. Pity turned to sympathy, sympathy turned to a form of empathy. Her empathy grew to such a degree that she now obsessed over this girl so much that all she wanted to do was go in there and talk to her.


Taylor had always been alone. Perhaps it was because she knew she was an orphan, perhaps it was because, as a child, she had watched her own mother burn to death and her father weep while the noose he fashioned for himself snapped his neck mid fall. She spoke very little to her foster parents but they knew what they were getting when they adopted her. Sister Rosaline had made it very clear to them that she was a very polite and well mannered child but she was quiet. Mr. Damian Grey, her foster father was a rather old man with a heart of gold. He had insisted on adopting the troubled little girl he saw at the window of the orphanage as he drove in. His wife, Charlotte, did not oppose him in this either.

All in all, Taylor was grateful to her adoptive family but they were unaware of the reputation their quiet daughter had among her circles. Taylor was the epitome of goodness as far as her parents, their friends or her parish knew but to her close friends, she was a wild outgoing girl with very few inhibitions. Taylor would never avoid school; she was too intelligent and loved learning to do that. However, if she got bored she'd know exactly what she'd want and all her friends loved her for that. Nothing was too bad to try as far as she was considered.

Her foster parents never forced her into anything she did not want; neither did they ignore her needs or wishes. In the twelve years that had gone by since the adoption, little had changed on the surface for the small family. Anyone who observed them would have found them to be the model family. They went to church every Sunday, the elderly couple were well looked after by Taylor who did all the cooking and cleaning. They in turn gave their daughter everything a girl her age would need. The town knew the family as the ideal group of people to model their own families after.

Still, Taylor dreamed of having someone close to her- a friend that she could confide in, someone to lend her a shoulder to lay her head on and weep out all the sorrows she had buried within. Standing before that forlorn gate on that cold October morning, Taylor wistfully imagined a kindred spirit looking back. She had not stayed too long that day, but tarried a few minutes before the gate every day since then, calling the girl to come out to her in her mind. Yet each day college beckoned, and she forced herself to walk away from the gate. Being a resourceful girl, Taylor had not given up on the lonely girl she had seen that morning. Instead she decided to investigate further. She sensed that something was off, however, and decided to be prudent. In the evening, Taylor walked to the post office, instead of going directly home as was her habit. She felt strange, walking a different route that day. She knew that the road she took would eventually take her home but breaking a habit is no simple thing. It leaves you floundering like a fish out of the water. Today, that was what Taylor felt like.


She reached the post office and walked up to the post master's office. "Mr. Hannigan?" she called out, "Have you got a minute to spare?"

"Taylor!" The old man at the desk looked up. "I'm surprised to see you here, come in! Of course I have a minute." Tobias Hannigan was the postmaster of the little town Taylor lived in. Everyone knew that Mr. Hannigan was a lecherous old man but they could not disagree with his authority on the town's history or present state. If you wanted to know something, Mr. Hannigan was the man to go to.

Taylor walked in and the warmth of the room suddenly put her off and she stood still for a bit, adjusting herself to the change. She realized she had been standing silently for a while when the old man cleared his throat. "I'm sorry Mr. Hannigan, I'm being rude. I came to find out about the family that lives in that old mansion on the way to my college. Could you tell me about them?" she asked, setting her backpack down and bending a little more than was necessary. Her short skirt hiked up her hips, revealing her white panties to the old postmaster and Taylor smiled, knowing he was looking at her ass. She had to make sure that she got the information she needed and from the sharp intake of breath she heard from behind, she knew that her play had worked. When she turned back to face him, the old man was looking at her strangely, stroking his beard. For a moment Taylor considered doing a little more to coax him although the thought wasn't something she enjoyed. Luckily for her he spoke voluntarily.

"What family child?" he asked, "That old house has been abandoned for years. I was a lad when the last family living there moved out. Some sort of rubbish about ghosts and so on. Now, I don't believe in ghosts or fairies but I'd advise you to not go there alone. It's been in a bad state for over 50 years and Lord knows what you'll have falling on your head if you step in."

Taylor sat in the chair by the fire and crossed her legs, making sure that her skirt fell back to expose as much of her thigh as possible without making it obvious. She wanted to hear the whole story and decided it was worth the trouble.

Besides, she enjoyed the attention from the old man and thought she'd have some fun as well. Taylor kept staring into the fire as the old man told her the tale of the house. It once belonged to a famous writer and her daughter. The woman's husband had died a long time ago from some illness leaving them with his fortune. She had refused to marry again, instead devoting herself to her books and her daughter. The child was a sad creature, wasting away from loneliness for her mother did not let her out, fearing for the safety of her only child. The postmaster paused and Taylor looked at him in a teasing manner, "What happened to them Mr. Hannigan? I'm so intrigued!" she cooed, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward, letting him get a view of her ample cleavage. She smiled when she noticed him squirming in his seat.

At length, the old man spoke and Taylor listened as he recounted how the woman and her daughter were found dead one day by their maid. Apparently the woman had poisoned herself and the girl because she could not take her situation anymore and did not have anyone to trust with her child's care. Initially, the police had doubted the maid's story and arrested her but the coroner's report proved that she was innocent. The case was closed as murder/suicide and since they had no relatives, the state took their belongings and distributed it among several charities. "At least, that's what they claimed" the old man chuckled.

Taylor felt goose bumps on her arms. A chill swept through the warm room and for an instant Taylor imagined an icy hand on her shoulder causing her to finch and look behind. The old man noticed that she was scared and told her, "I'm sorry Taylor; I didn't mean to scare you. Perhaps some family moved in and hasn't notified us yet? Or perhaps there are kids playing in there. I'll take a look and let you know tomorrow. Now, would you like me to walk you home?"

It was late and Taylor would have welcomed the company- if it was anyone but Mr. Hannigan. The hungry look in his eyes betrayed his kind offer and Taylor declined. However, she went over and gave him a warm hug so as to not lose his good graces, pressing herself close enough to let him feel her breasts against him, she kissed his cheek, leaving a wet spot on his now flushed face. Taylor smiled at him and walked out, her thoughts focused on the story she had just heard.


When Taylor left the post office the sun had already gone down. Snow had fallen lightly and there was a cold nip in the air. "Lucky I wore a bra today" she smiled and rubbed her hands together, breathing on them and then rubbing them against her cheeks. She walked as fast as her feet would carry her, more out of the need for warmth than any sort of fear. The chill was working its way up her legs and she cursed her decision to wear a short skirt rather than jeans. She stopped by a milestone and tried to pull her socks up as far as they'd go when out of the corner of her eye she spotted something moving among the trees nearby.

Taylor froze where she stood and the warmth drained out of her body. Her voice came out in a whisper as she tried to cal lout, "Hello?" She stood rooted to the spot for a while, with one leg on the milestone and bent over holding her sock. She stared at the spot she where she thought she saw it trying to make sure it was nothing but it was too hazy to know. The full moon came out of the clouds and in that moment she imagined she saw a girl about her age in a night gown standing among the trees with a half torn teddy bear dragging at her feet. The girl's mouth was half agape and her flowing sheer gown was torn in several places. Her dead eyes looked straight up and her sparse hair barely concealed the scars on her rotten scalp.

Taylor's heart skipped a beat and she felt something distinctly warm trickle down her straight leg. She wanted to scream, for help, for the apparition to pass, but her voice had left her and the chill was climbing up her body. The moon came out of the dark clouds lighting up the area and she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Taylor's knees gave out from the ordeal and squatted by the road where she stood a while ago thanking her stars. She had seen a short tree covered in snow and the full moon must have played tricks on her.

Squatting in that position, an odd compulsion came over Taylor. She looked left and right, seeing nobody in sight, she allowed the relief to flow over her and relieved herself. The warm liquid came flowing out and spread over her panty, trickling down her thigh, collecting around her ass and dripping to the ground below. Taylor felt aroused for some reason. Perhaps it was the cold, perhaps it was the sudden relief but she kept rubbing herself, sitting there. She realized she had been squatting in that spot for a while when one of her legs gave out, making her fall onto her back. Taylor sat up and pulled her soaking panties off, throwing them into the woods. She took a little snow and rubbed it on her pussy, hoping to reduce the smell. The cold shot through her and she shivered. Struggling to her feet, she brushed herself off and with some difficulty, walked the rest of the way home.


Once she was home she took a few minutes to calm her nerves and sat in her room thinking about everything she had seen and learnt in that week. The thought gave her goose bumps again. She was sure that the girl she saw sitting at the window was exactly who she thought it was. Taylor sat at the edge of her bed, shivering slightly- partly from the cold and partly from fear and excitement- the evening had certainly been eventful to say the least. She took some talc and spread it around her crotch, making sure the smell was completely masked.

She was still shaking when Her mum came in with her glass of milk. She looked at her foster daughter carefully, "Taylor dear, are you alright?" She was obviously concerned by the girl's edgy look. Taylor looked up and smiled with a little effort, "I'm alright mum, just nervous about a test." She lied, it was not the first time she had lied to Her mother but this time it felt bad. "Aw, you poor dear! Here, drink your milk and get a good night's rest. We know you'll do your best and that's all that matters." Charlotte said to her, leaving her daughter's glass on her study table and smiling reassuringly before leaving.

Taylor watched as her foster mother walked back to her room. She then slowly got off the bed and closed her door. Taylor decided that what Her mum told her was right, she needed to relax. She walked to her bathroom and turned the water on in her tub, getting that right mix between warm and cold water to soak in; nothing calmed her like a warm bath. She walked back to her room, slowly undressing along the way. Reaching her wardrobe she took out her robes but thought better of it. Her parents were both asleep and it was night. Drawing her curtains, Taylor slipped out of her skirt and blouse. She neatly placed her clothes on the bed and stretched out. It felt good to have the cold atmosphere against her naked body. Taylor giggled, she had no idea why but she thought it funny that despite all the events of the day, her body understood her needs perfectly. She bunched her hair over her head and ran her hands down her body softly but firmly watching herself in the mirror, pausing for a moment over her nipples and watching them grow harder. Taylor smiled and sighed to herself, then walked to her bath feeling slightly calmer.

Slowly dipping her toe into the water, Taylor tentatively stepped into the bath. She felt the warm water envelop her tired body and sighed a little more audibly as she felt the tension ease. She lay back in the tub and stretched fully. Smiling to herself, Taylor began to stroke her hands over her own body, slowly working her way towards her crotch. Her anticipation grew as her hand neared her lower belly and Taylor giggled again. Sliding her hand between her legs, Taylor began to rub herself around her pussy lips, feeling the sticky wetness mix with the warm water to give her a strange sensation.

The tension in her body proved to be a catalyst as Taylor felt her body convulse strongly in an intense orgasm in a few minutes. She moaned softly as the waves of pleasure came over her and calmed her mind. Taylor lay there in the tub with her juices mixing with the water and surrounding her. Giggling again, Taylor felt like doing something she's never done before and gathered the water closer, making sure to get as much of her own juices on herself. Something about the whole situation seemed to excite her to a new level of uninhibited pleasure. Taylor's mind raced with the possibilities. She could perhaps put on a mask and go for a walk naked. "Pish Taylor, it's October! Do you want to kill yourself?" she thought to herself.

She kept stroking herself all through the thought; imagining herself walking along the street in nothing but a Halloween mask, people on the street staring at her naked body, dripping with water and her own love-juices. She pictured herself walking close to a bunch of boys and girls, intentionally slowing down to let them watch her body. She was rubbing herself faster now, her other hand was busy kneading her breasts one at a time as the thoughts of being watched by strangers in the street flew through her mind bringing up vivid images.

Taylor wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if her state of pleasure had induced a vivid image in her mind but she was enjoying every moment of it as she felt pleasure radiating from her pussy to the rest of her body. Her thoughts took clear shape and she saw and felt the people as they gathered around her. A bunch of boys and girls were surrounding her now, some of them feeling her breasts, cupping them. A boy moved close to her and kissed her shoulder. Taylor shuddered as she felt a soft hand between her legs, a girl was crouching between her legs feeling her wet pussy and stroking her clit. Taylor basked in the pleasure of being touched by so many people at once but slowly that sensation faded and Taylor opened her eyes to see that the group around her had disappeared. She kept walking in that dream state and found that she was rubbing herself as she walked. She smiled as she noticed everyone paying attention to her motions.

Taylor kept walking for a while, enjoying the sensations her body was undergoing. Strangers by the side of the road would give her a helping hand as she passed- an odd palm here and an odd tongue there. Taylor was ecstatic; she never knew such levels of pleasure existed.

However, she froze in her tracks when she noticed her surroundings. Taylor was standing just outside the old mansion's gate. She looked around and saw that the streets were empty now. It was just her and the large menacing house. She felt a cold wind blow against her body. Taylor had no idea if she was awake or dreaming. It all felt so real to her and she started to panic. Her breath came short and she tried to say something. She froze in her place once more, her eyes widening in horror as she felt an icy hand on her shoulder. The grip was strong but soft.

Taylor couldn't move from where she was standing and she felt warm liquid flow down her legs for the second time that day. She didn't need to look to know what it was. The hand on her shoulder began to turn her effortlessly. Taylor's heart was pounding in her chest as she realized she was going to come face to face with something terrible. She wanted to scream but couldn't. She tried again and again but she felt like something was caught in her throat. The hand kept turning her around until finally Taylor was facing the girl.

What she saw shocked her; Taylor was no longer trying to scream but she couldn't speak either. The girl looked so beautiful and melancholy. Her face was soft and delicate, framed by deep brown curly hair; her deep grey eyes looked directly into Taylor's and she felt something inside her heart break. Taylor didn't know what it was but she knew then and there that there was nothing to fear. Her heart felt like something was bursting inside to get out and she couldn't explain the feeling.

The girl slowly pulled Taylor close and into a cold embrace. Taylor felt her own body close to the girl's icy body and felt the soft cloth of the girl's gown against her bare skin. She wrapped her arms around the girl in return and felt soft lips on her bare neck. Taylor felt goose bumps on her body again as the spectre began administering soft wet kisses on her naked body, starting from her neck, going to her chin, and coming up to her lips. Taylor did not know if she was dreaming or not but she couldn't- didn't want to- resist the girl's touch. She moved closer to the girl and kissed back, feeling her icy lips and letting her cold tongue work into her mouth.

The girl stepped back for a moment, looking at Taylor with wanting eyes; she led her beyond the gate into the front yard and laid her on the cold grass. Taylor let the girl control her, lying down where she was made to and pulling the girl down with her. The girls were lying in the grass now, the spectre on top of Taylor. The girl's soft gown was trailing over Taylor's naked body, making her shiver. Taylor sat up, kissing the girl's cold neck, slipping her gown off her as she did. The spectre did not object or resist but allowed Taylor to finish undressing her. She watched as Taylor wrapped her lips around her cold nipples and suck. The girl let out a soft sigh as Taylor's tongue danced over her nipples, causing them to grow hard. Taylor now took control, letting her pent up desires and passion to take control. She had dreamed of making friends with this girl for so long that her obsession now took on a strong sexual nature. She wanted her, and badly.

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