tagNonHumanThe Degradation of Gina

The Degradation of Gina


She awoke groggily in her hotel room some days later and what she imagined or remembered of her encounter with Raven seemed to her a dream or fantasy. Gina had suffered a heavy fever the hotel doctor told her so she dismissed the confused memory as an improbable and extremely unnatural hallucination at first. Gina rose weakly and showered after which she felt a little stronger. Voraciously she ate the best part of three cooked breakfasts before spending the rest of the day languishing in the deeper shade by the quieter of the hotel's pools. Not many guests used the smaller shady pool that was tucked away out of the heat and intensity of the sun.

After her evening meal, which she managed to take in the restaurant she began feeling noticeably more lively as the sun started to set. Gina showered once again and then dressed choosing carefully what she wore though she did not know why. In actual fact she chose to wear next to nothing as she daringly slipped into a low cut clinging knitted red dress with red patent leather stilettos. She chose a small handbag to match her shoes to hold her money and personal effects and wore no underwear at all. As she readied herself to go out a bizarre form of nervous anticipation grew steadily within her, she checked herself over one final time in the mirror, smiled at what she saw then left her hotel room.

Seemingly with no sense of purpose she headed for the hotel disco first as it was the nearest nightspot she knew. Gina spent less than twenty minutes there then passed several hours drifting seemingly aimlessly from bar to bar along the sea front. Deep in her subconscious something unexplainable drove her on, without even knowing it she was searching for Raven. After a time it drew near to midnight, Gina suddenly felt a shiver of sensual excitement run up her spine. Some kind of extremely coercive energy enveloped her mind as something irresistible began beckoning her. Without doubting she followed the call, it was drawing her away from the more popular tourist area and into the seedier area of town. Heading inland and upward away from the harbour Gina grew more energized as the powerful compulsion drew her along through some of the town's narrower lanes and darker ways. She knew the source of the call and happily she followed its irresistible urgent and thrilling trail coming at last to a seedy ramshackle bar. As it came into sight Gina immediately knew that this was the source of the calling.

Gina burst through the door without caution, anxiously her eyes swept the interior of the bar seeking Raven. A thrill rippled through Gina as she saw her, the girl was actually sitting cross-legged on top of the bar. All the other twenty or so occupants of the room were men and they were all staring directly at Gina in a strangely expectant manner. As if she were unaware of the situation she was placing herself in Gina chose to disregard the staring men as she stood before them attired so provocatively. Even though she attempted to ignore them she could see that they watched her like cats watch a mouse. Naively she still chose not to flee the bar sensing Raven was in charge here and trusting in the girl to protect her should she need it.

Gina was panting heavily from the climb up the hill, her exertions making her full breasts heave attracting the attention of everyone in the bar. The tantalising nearness of Raven excited her immensely as well causing her body to respond alarmingly. Her rapidly stimulated crotch grew uncomfortable and her nipples thrust hard against the thin fabric of her knitted dress naturally drawing the men's gazes. Her body literally ached with desire; wanting Raven so badly she stared adoringly at the girl who appeared unmoved and aloof. Only then as she gazed lovingly into the cold green eyes did the reality hit her hard. When she finally forced herself to look aside Gina noticed the pent up excitement in the men's eyes and it dawned on her what was probably going to happen to her. The grim realisation of just why Raven had drawn her here crushed Gina at first and the thought of what so many men could do to her frightened her to say the least. Gina woefully accepted these men were going to be allowed to fuck her senseless to entertain the wicked creature that she adored. Pleading with her eyes she looked to Raven for a sign of mercy as the men eagerly began to undress.

"Please Raven!" she wailed as she stared into the cold green gaze, "don't make me do this!"

In turn the girl's green eyes flared into life but not with the emotion Gina had hoped to see, instead they danced with a malevolent excitement as the creature silently gestured the men forward. Gina's hopelessly adoring heart felt suddenly very heavy as Raven chose to ignore her desperate plea. Her pitiful eyes locked urgently on Raven pleading silently for mercy as several of the men were already naked, they came towards her. Though she felt horrified by what she was about to be subjected to Gina was strangely incapable of struggling to resist them as they began to kiss and touch her intimately. Through the sting of subdued tears in her eyes she gazed at Raven only to see her tormentor urge the men on clearly growing more excited as she watched the situation develop. Her insane love for the creature eased Gina's terror, in turn she submitted to their crude advances knowing this was what Raven wanted. Tears welled in her eyes as she felt the top of her knitted dress being pulled down roughly to her waist and hard calloused hands clamouring to paw her soft breasts.

Her lack of resistance as she stood submissively in their midst made the men grow even more courageous and they began tugging the hem of her dress up above her hips. The tears ran freely down Gina's face as the unsympathetic hands assaulted her. The men scrambled and fought to feel and grope at her but they always made sure to leave Raven a clear view of the proceedings. To Gina her only pleasure tonight would come from watching Raven's excitement and evil satisfaction grow as the men defiled her, or so she thought.

With tearful eyes Gina watched Raven laugh wickedly at her when two of the excited throng actually took hold of her and pulled her to the centre of the floor. Obviously rehearsed earlier or even possibly well practiced two other men then dragged a heavy low bench over to them and Gina was forced to sit down astride it. Several of the men then stood expectantly around her and their hard cocks that thrust before her face partially obscured Gina's view of Raven. The men rattled on to each other excitedly in Greek while they waited quite patiently at first for her to make a move or do something until their unintelligible jabbering became more insistent. Futilely Gina tried hard to resist the commands that formulated in her mind and she sat frozen until Raven spoke.

"Come on you bleached blonde slut, suck them off," ordered her watcher "I want to see you really please them and enjoy it you whore" Raven's voice in her mind demanded icily.

Gina took the nearest offered shaft nervously in one hand pulling the owner towards her a little as she did so, the hot thin skin rippled over the gristly flesh beneath as her fingers stroked it gently. She licked her lips then sank her mouth around its hot glistening head amazed to feel its owner jerk in what seemed to her an alarmed response. In turn Gina leisurely sank her mouth further down the salty hot shaft. Slowly at first as she sucked on the grunting man's cock several of the others grew bolder and began caressing her. Little by little Gina was disregarding her distress, as she grew increasingly aroused by the situation that she found herself in Gina had began to forget her sorrow, frustration and anger, she started to really enjoy it. Before long she had grasped two more cocks and started wanking them furiously and pulled her mouth away from the first. Crazy wantonness overcame her as she began moving her mouth from shaft to shaft savouring the different shapes and tastes of each man.

Whilst Gina busied herself sucking and wanking the many offered cocks in turn she had become oblivious to Raven who sat avidly watching the proceedings. As Gina eagerly sank her mouth over one young man's rather large shaft she felt someone move up close behind her on the bench. A huge hot cock throbbed angrily against the back of her ribs as he rubbed himself against her back while what she presumed were his big strong hands slipped around her and played with her sensitive breasts. Hungrily she clamped her lips around the young man sensing he was getting very close to coming as suddenly many hands took a hold of her arms and legs. Though she would never openly admit it to any one Gina loved to swallow spunk and had no intention of being deprived of this boy's. She was lifted bodily and suspended in mid-air as the man behind her positioned himself.

With her mouth still clamped around the young man's cock Gina was lowered straight onto the huge rampant penis waiting beneath her. The cock in her mouth stifled her cry of enjoyment; it was suddenly thrust forward by its owner and buried itself deep in her throat as she speared herself on the up thrust shaft below. Slowly she slid down onto the huge member below, her own weight impaling her deliciously upon it. The others crowded closer as she writhed ecstatically on the stiff cock as the other young man she was blowing finally came. His hot salty come jetted in thick spurts into her greedy mouth and Gina slurped it up and swallowed thirstily. Dismissively she moved on to enthusiastically gobble up the next cock leaving the poor fellow still oozing come to finish himself off. Tiny waves of pleasure began to well deep inside her as she rode the huge veined cock that stretched her cunt deliciously. Disappointedly Gina felt the man behind her suddenly tense and cry out as he exploded far to soon inside her but she bounced on frantically for as long as possible before releasing his wilting cock. She lifted her backside up to allow him to wriggle from under her all the time slurping hungrily at another hard member that was thrust hopefully into her face. Something was yelled in Greek and the man she had just started sucking off pulled himself away.

Forcefully though there was no need she was dragged to a low couch they had set down a few feet away. On the couch a man already lay face up with a large curved cock that twitched stiffly against his belly. Gina knew the proceedings were getting more unstable but the dirty slut that Raven had sensed in her was set free and loving it. He held his cock vertical pulling back his foreskin and exposing the huge purple head as the crowd jostled her towards him. Wantonly she climbed smiling onto the couch to stand over him then biting her lip she slowly lowered herself fully onto the offered shaft. Feeling it slide home to the hilt she proceeded to ride him slowly extracting the most pleasure possible for herself as she eased it in and out of her for several strokes before she was pushed roughly forward by someone.

Gina cried out as she fell over him, looking up into her puzzled eyes the man beneath her laughed knowingly. The crowd were urgently conferring in Greek around her probably deciding who was next she thought. A pair of large hands pressed down upon her shoulder blades and her arms were grasped and pinned down to prevent her struggling. Huge furtive calloused fingers began pawing her wide spread buttocks. She froze as she felt something cold and thick being poured out on her bum, it ran thickly down her the cleft between her cheeks, and it felt like oil to her. Another big strong hand tickled her bum hole rubbing in small circles over the puckered orifice with the tip of one finger. Surprised by the action she squeaked as the finger suddenly penetrated her making the gathered throng laugh. She was amazed how good it felt as the finger sank knuckle deep into her on the first thrust. Then two fingers were introduced into her and then three eased into her to relax her muscles and lubricate her back passage. This had never happened to her before and she froze in nervous anticipation as she felt him climb up behind her. Hairy strong thighs spread around her buttocks and his heavy torso bore down on her back. She couldn't help but gasp as Gina felt the hot hardness of his glans insistently pressing against her anus. For the first time in her life she knew she was going to be buggered, eagerly she thrust her bum back onto the insistent shaft as its owner pushed it slowly into her. Her action forcing herself back on the intruder impaled her deeper on the man beneath her as well. The sensation was incredible, whimpering with pleasure Gina set a slow pace rocking back and forth while fucking herself on their shafts. Soon the two men had matched her thrusts and drove themselves deeper into her. Moving as one they thrust and withdrew together stretching her sex and rectum delightfully and caused her some new sensations that were bringing her slowly but steadily towards what promised to be a glorious climax.

"Oh my...! oh god!" she wailed "I'm gonna.., fuck me harder you bastards, Ohh I'm gonna come, yes oh yes."

This was it, she felt the first unstoppable wave surge up in her groin and she began to come, her squeals of pleasure were soon extinguished however. Seeing a hard cock was being thrust hopefully at her reddened face she greedily swallowed it taking him deep into her pumping throat immediately. Desperately she tried to keep the rhythm steady whilst being wracked exquisitely by spasms of orgasmic pleasure but couldn't. As if her climax was infectious the pair that fucked her so well came inside her arse and cunt simultaneously and filled her with hot seed. As their rhythm slowed and their cocks wilted a little their come squelched from her and the two men stopped fucking her. Without releasing the man from her eager mouth she gestured with her hands for the next stud, she couldn't believe how depraved she felt.

Slipping her arms about the hips of the man before her, she gripped him tightly and deep-throated him as many hands took hold of her. With ease they lifted her whilst the man beneath vacated his position and another slid into position on the couch. They lowered her down onto the waiting cock and she sighed with delight as it slid easily into her. As soon as she was released by the hands Gina thrust herself back on the intruding phallus, almost immediately she felt her arse being entered once more. Already well lubricated she was soon well plugged and they began fucking her earnestly. Suddenly and urgently the cock she had been busily sucking was pulled from her mouth, she knew what was about to happen. Excitedly she watched the jerking helmet as he wanked himself furiously for the final few strokes, she was ready when shortly it spat its load at her face. Strings of hot thick sperm spattered onto Gina's flushed skin as she was double fucked hard from behind. Eagerly Gina called out for the next man to come up to be sucked without even cleaning up her come-spattered face.

"Another... come on.... quickly!" she gasped.

There was no need to ask twice, a particularly unsavoury looking character stepped forward, as she opened her mouth to slip her lips around his helmet her head was seized roughly and rammed forward, soon her nose was burrowing in the Greek's bushy pubic hair and his gristly shaft was buried down her convulsing throat.

Voraciously she took them, god knows what drove her on for the more she came the more she wanted. Raven watched on as each and every man fucked Gina, most fucked her twice some even more until she knew the girl could physically take no more and she stopped them. Slowly all but one of the men dressed and left after Raven paid them for their efforts and time. A naked young fresh faced boy lingered close by, Gina was pretty sure he hadn't been one of them, could she manage another? Gina lay spread obscenely before Raven in near complete exhaustion she was splattered with come, saliva, sweat and her own sexual juices but she felt good, very tired but sated.

That was until Raven came to stand over her face and then called the youth over to them and pulled him close. Gina looked helplessly upward seeing that she wore no panties. As Raven drew him closer and kissed him Gina saw his cock harden excitedly rising against the creature's wet mound as his excitement grew rapidly. Fascinated she watched as instinctively he rode his cock between Raven's thighs to no avail. Hearing the muffled cry as he vainly thrust between Raven's thighs as she bit down hard upon his throat. Gina saw and felt the spatter of come rain over her that spurted from his jerking shaft as he enjoyed the ecstasy that only Raven could give him. Suddenly Gina was being showered all over with droplets of the boy's blood and come. Laughing demonically Raven cast his still convulsing body aside and staring down at Gina the creature was smiling that blood smeared wicked smile before falling on her prostrate form to feed on her too. For a few moments she licked the cocktail of blood and sexual issue from Gina's breasts and shoulders then moved to her throat. Once more Gina felt the indescribable pleasure flood through her as she held the creature to her.

"I love you!" She gasped into the feeding creature's pointed ear "Oh my, oh Jesus protect me" she whimpered as the lights swirled and she looked up into her lover's smiling eyes. Her own blood smeared around the creature's mouth as faltering Gina whispered "I love you."

"I know," came the whispered reply as Raven bent once more to her throat.

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I quit reading when they gang rape started, nothing after that would justify finishing

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