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The Dentist's Assistant

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I've just returned from the dentist surgery and for the first time ever I came out into the snowy weather, feeling better than how I went in there. Dentists are one of my pet hates, alongside thunderstorms and spiders. The feeling of being absolutely shit scared is not a feeling I like.

The receptionist called my name and I reluctantly lifted my bruised arse off the seat. A bruised arse I hear you question. Yesterday it was snowing and my daughters had a snow day so I decided to take them sledging, hence the bruises. Anyway, back to the dentist surgery. I climbed the steep staircase to the dreaded room. I hate it with a passion. Always have done and I always will. The big black chair, leather I think, sat dominantly in the centre of the room. My dentist and I exchanged the usual pleasantries. He knows what I'm like and ignored my feelings about him. He knows it's professional and not personal!

I looked to my right and saw a middle aged woman looking through my records. She wasn't the same assistant as normal. How do I know? Normally it's my Aunts sister-in-law, who is a little younger than the woman that now stands beside me. The woman wasn't attractive at all. I wouldn't even call her plain. She was just unattractive full stop. What I did notice in the fleeting moment between setting my eyes on her and being ushered to the chair was that she was dressed rather sexily. She had black shoes on with a heel between two or three inches high. Her legs were shapely under a pair of black nylons. As my eyes rose to her knees there was still no sign of a hemline. Up they went over her knees and sitting about three inches above them was a black skirt. She turned to walk away to the counter and the slit at the side parted, giving me a tantalising view of her stocking top. My pulse raced. It powered through my fear of what was about to happen in that chair.

I sat in the chair and tried not to stare so openly at the woman, but the feeling between my thighs was becoming more evident as I heard her heels tapping on the floor. She pushed the trolley with the tray of attachments for drills, probes and polishers, to where the dentist was seated to the right of me. I leant back and rested my head on the cushioned headrest of the chair. The woman had positioned herself further back but still in my view from the position I was in. She sat on a swivel chair, and slowly lifted her left leg over her right knee. Although I couldn't see her right foot she must have been moving it because the chair was swaying from left to right.

By now my dentist had begun to work on my teeth. I knew he had the injection ready but my attention was firmly on the glimpse of stocking top as the woman teasingly moved back and forth on her chair. My dentist's voice broke my stare by telling me the injection was over with and now I had to wait a minute or two for the numbness to set in. I really must have been caught up with the woman because I never felt the needle penetrate my gum. I looked back at her and she smiled at me then licked her lips, before turning the chair to face the window. My eyes fell again as her skirt rose a little more. For the first time I heard her voice. She mentioned how beautiful outside looked with the snow gently cascading from the dark and gloomy sky. With the numbing to my mouth progressing I had to agree, although the view of the falling white flakes outside was not at the forefront of my mind.

Heavy footsteps behind me indicated that the dentist was ready to proceed with my treatment. The woman span around and again faced her exposed stocking top towards me. My eyes met her gaze and she raised an eyebrow. The dentist began probing my mouth with his fingers and before too long I was wishing it was the woman's finger entering my mouth, feeding me her juices from her pussy. Heat welled in my knickers and I felt my pussy lips enlarging. A pleasant moistness oozed from me. I closed my eyes as I felt my mouth being probed by a number of dentistry tools.

My thoughts were now consumed with the woman. I kept my eyes shut as the drill chiselled out the cavity. All I could see in front of closed eyelids was the woman standing in front of me. Her legs were spread and her skirt was rising higher, exposing both her stocking tops. My breathing had changed dramatically and the dentists voice again stirred me out of my thoughts, asking me if I was ok. I slowly nodded my head and groaned a muffled "yes."

I closed my eyes and returned back to the woman. Her milky thighs were such a contrast to her sexy black stockings. Her fingers stroked her outer thighs, which in turn inched her skirt up further. Once the skirt reached her hips she stopped all movement. I was becoming increasingly hot and wet in my jeans. Within seconds the skirt had been pulled back down to its normal length. The woman then turned to face the window. Her hands reached behind her back and she teasingly edged the zip lower. Her fingers reached just inside the waist and with a quick sway of her hips the skirt fell, revealing a rounded bare bottom. No knickers, g-string or thong.

My heart was pounding faster and my palms felt hot and clammy. The woman slowly turned to face me. She was completely bare. Her finger slid right into the juncture between her thighs. Her middle finger slipped between her swollen lips that protruded obscenely from her pussy. They were absolutely beautiful, so enticing! I wanted to nibble on them, bite them even.

I fidgeted in the chair and felt the seam of my jeans rub on my clit. It was throbbing and begging for attention. I clenched the stitched seam between my pussy lips and slowly pulsed around it. It caressed my clit gently. The woman's finger was now dipping right into her pussy and I swear that the squelching from her pummelling fingers was louder than the noise that emanated from the drilling in my mouth.

The gentle stroking of my clit from my jeans built into a steady tingling sensation. The woman withdrew her finger and began to suck on it suggestively. Her other hand began to undo her buttons on her pink shirt. She teasingly pulled one side away from her skin and showed me one luscious breast encased in a darker pink coloured bra.

I groaned aloud, startling myself from my thoughts. My dentist assumed I had felt a little pain from the drilling but after my reassurance that I was fine he began to drill away again. I relaxed and closed my eyes, getting lost in my thoughts. The woman's fingers edged into the cup of her bra and stroked the smooth unblemished skin. I felt the familiar feeling of my orgasm rising as the woman began to toy with her clit. Her fingers rotated on her throbbing spot, her pussy lips engulfed it.

The drilling stopped and I felt my dentist scraping the 'cement' into the cavity. The woman's legs were trembling and her head fell back. Somehow she had lowered her cup from her bra and her breast had popped out. It was full, round and inviting. She arched her back and her bust stuck right out at me. My legs trembled and my pussy quivered as the seam of my jeans rubbed my clit one last time causing a muffled moan and a slight tenseness to shroud my being.

I fluttered my eyes open to the sound of my dentist telling me it was all over. Looking at him surprised the only words to escape me were, "oh I didn't feel a thing!" I looked over at the woman who was still seated in the chair as before. She gave me a knowing smile as she placed her finger in her mouth and lightly licked the tip of it with her moist tongue. I smiled back at her and hurriedly left with the scent of my arousal wafting up from my crutch and the feeling of numbness on my face that would take hours to recede.

I hope I feel this good when I leave there next week!

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