tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlice Moves Back In

Alice Moves Back In


Around seven months after Fiona's fortieth we held a big celebration bash for Fiona's youngest daughter Alice, it was her eighteenth and loads of the family and her friends were invited to the local working men's club for a good old piss up. Her sister, my ex didn't show as she was still abroad chasing the dream but Alice wasn't to hurt about that, what hurt the most was her dad Alan didn't show. I fully expected him to show for a drink at least but it seems the humiliation he's suffered was still too much and he'd stayed away.

I had to keep my distance from Fiona as much as possible as our little lifestyle was still hidden from the family and they all still thought that I was with her eldest, so was still welcome in the house. The family knew Fiona and Alan had split but for no other reason than him being an alcoholic and a prick.

Alice really enjoyed herself despite her obvious disappointment at her dad not being there and she was hammering the bar and ended up totally shitfaced, resulting in her having a massive blazing row in front of everyone with her on/off boyfriend Tom after which he fucked off and left her in a right state.

I helped Fiona get Alice back to our house after a very awkward stagger home and we put her to bed in the spare room fully clothed. Id refrained from being near Fiona all night and as soon as we were downstairs I pounced on her and ripped her tight clothing off and fucked all her holes without mercy for over two hours before leaving her covered in come on the lounge floor.

The next morning we had to listen to Alice arguing with tom on the phone constantly for about three hours before the phone went down for the last time and she came sobbing in to Fiona in the lounge. Fiona and myself were both dressed as whilst Alice was around I had to allow Fiona to go back to being a normal woman and a proper mother.

"Mummm," Alice sobbed, "can I move back in, me and Tom have split, the prick told me he'd been cheating on me too, what a bastard," she sobbed.

"Of course you can honey," Fiona said and looked up over Alice's head to me and I glared at her but could do nothing.

Later that evening I'd taken Alice over to the flat she'd shared with Tom and bought all her clothes and a few other bits back and she was busy upstairs putting her stuff away which gave me a moment alone with Fiona and I cornered her in the kitchen underneath Alice's room.

I came up behind Fiona and placed both hands on her shoulders and pushed her to floor from behind, she offered her first bit of resistance in well over a year but her knees soon buckled and she sunk to her knees on the tiled floor facing the cupboards. "Turn the fuck around you whore," I told her and she spun around to face me looking up at me with those perfect big brown eyes.

"Please owner, Alice is up there," she pleaded.

Her pleads did nothing to stop me and I undid my flies and dropped my flaccid cock in front of her face, "You better be quick then whore, because until your throat is full of my come I'm not going anywhere," I said to her.

She instantly rose up on her knees with her mouth open and took my soft cock in her mouth and went hurriedly to work on me, whilst she sucked me I explained to her what would be happening now her daughter was back.

"That silly bitch being back changes very little whore do you understand?" I said as I watched her blink once as she looked up at me working my cock fast in order to release my sperm. "The rule about wearing no clothes still applies when she isn't about, when she is you can wear clothes but they will still be semi revealing is that understood?" again she blinked to confirm her acceptance and continued sucking me. "I will still sleep in your bed but will ensure Alice doesn't know so I will make up a bed in the spare room, whenever possible if I choose to use you then you will still submit to me, remember you are still my whore that has not changed, do you understand?" I asked again as I felt my cock stirring and she blinked her acceptance again and didn't stop eating my dick.

Two minutes later I filled her mouth and throat with a torrent of come and made sure she swallowed it all before I left her in the kitchen on her knees. Alice came down shortly after and we all spent the evening watching TV and then I set up a bed in the smaller room and shut the door but went and got in Fiona's bed and waited for her to come up to bed.

Over the next few weeks we settled in to a pretty good routine and I was still getting plenty of usage out of Fiona, Alice had made several comments to her mum about the clothes she now wore and Fiona told her that she just wanted to try and feel sexy again now Alan had left. It was nothing unusual anymore to see Fiona in small tight vests and tight blouses, or smaller skirts than Alice was used to seeing her in but other than a few comments she was more than happy for her mum to be looking after her appearance.

I hadn't really paid much attention to Alice as she was growing up as she was hardly around and always out, she was nothing like her sister and was definitely more rebellious. I knew a few lads that hung about with her and they had told me that she'd dabbled in drugs occasionally and when I asked about her fucking I learnt she'd lost her virginity to a lad at fifteen and had fucked about five others between then and getting with Tom.

It seems that young Alice wasn't too dissimilar to her mother when she was growing up and with this new information my interest in Alice became more important. And explain what Alice is now like.

She was about five foot six with short hair, almost boyish in style but longer on one side and spiked up a bit, it was brown to match her big eyes like her mums. She was also a lovely olive colour almost all year round and tanned easily in the sun. I'd heard her talking before many a time so knew she was a size ten and boy did she have a nice body, her bum was small and pert, her legs slim and toned, her stomach flat and tanned. Her best feature were her breasts which as you can imagine on an eighteen year old stood high and firm on her front, I was obvious she would take after her mother in this department as already her boobs looked of decent size. Her makeup was always perfecta and her big full lips just looked designed for sucking cock.

When Fiona had gone shopping and Alice had caught the bus for her job in a local supermarket I took the opportunity to have a look around her room. Firstly I went to where I thought her knickers would be kept and on opening her bedside draw I wasn't disappointed by what I found. In there was an array of small size eight and ten sexy knickers made from the thinnest and most pretty material. In the next draw down were her bras and on inspection I found out her tits were already a substantial size 36B, she definitely took after her mother.

Her other draws and wardrobe didn't hid much I hadn't seen her in already, but it was under her bed that I found something a lot more interesting. I reached under and pulled up on to the bed a wicker box with a teddy bear stuck in the top which when removed unveiled not one , but three vibrators .

I smiled to myself and my mind began racing, I lifted teach vibrator out in turn and put it to my nose hoping for a smell of her scent but was left disappointed momentarily until looking at the last, biggest sliver fake dick that I found two small pubic hairs stuck to the side. I put her toys back and pulled out my phone and called Francis at Fiona's old work and asked him for the number of the company he used to fit out Fiona's new office block.

Two hours later Bill who you may know from previous stories about Fiona was at the house and rigging up cameras in Alice's room, the bathroom and in the downstairs rooms of the house, I called Fiona and told her not to return home but to go and meet Alice from work and both stay away until I called her to say she could return.

Five hours later Bill was done and I had all the software rigged in to my laptop, I paid him and he left. I flicked the programme open on my computer and made sure it was all working and smiled again to myself when I saw it would be perfect. I text Fiona and told her she could come back.

Later that night as we watched TV Fiona was sprawled out on the sofa near Alice and I was sat in the armchair when Alice got up and said she was going to have a shower and go to bed, as she left the room I flicked open the camera software and selected her bedroom and smiled again as it popped open just as she entered her room. I watched intently as she walked around her room to her chest of drawers and pulled a flimsy piece of nightwear out and laid it on the bed, she then crossed her arms and held the bottom of the jumper she was wearing and pulled upwards peeling it off her head. I took a sharp intake of breath as I admired her firm young flat stomach and perfect tits hidden by a sexy black bra with a frilly edge around the tops of the cup area.

Fiona looked up from the TV wondering what I was making such a weird noise for and I just smiled back knowing that I was watching her daughter. Alice then began to unzip her jeans and pop open her button at the top and as it opened the black line of the front of her knickers briefly visible before her position changed and with a few pushes and a wiggle of her arse her jeans fell from her hips to the floor at her feet allowing her to step free from them.

"Oh yes fantastic," I said allowed causing Fiona to eye me but she said nothing.

Alice's smooth shapely tanned legs looked fantastic and my eyes admired them from the bottom up until I saw the gap between her thighs and her thin black knickers covering her pussy, she then turned a little to pick her jeans up and as she did I could tell that she was wearing a thong as I saw her bare left arse cheek. She picked up her jeans and tossed them towards the basket in the corner as she headed towards the door.

I flicked over to the bathroom camera and the big bright room filled the screen, Alice came in a moment later and shut the door behind her but didn't lock it. She flicked on the shower and then laid a towel out on the floor and turned towards the mirror on the wall above the sink and stepped in close. The camera was hidden within the mirror somehow and looked out almost directly back towards the bath with the shower at the end, I'd ask for it there for obvious reasons.

It was as she was looking directly in to the camera as her face came close to the camera and her face filled my computer screen as she admired herself, she was beautiful no doubt. She stepped back and hooked her hands behind her back and seconds later her bra fell forward and off her breasts and for the first time her saw them in all their pert fantastic glory. My cock twitched and I smiled and licked my lips and said to myself that Alice moving back in wasn't going to be a bad thing after all.

Her tits were perfect, proportioned well in every way and sat pert and high on her chest with no sign of sag at all, her areoles like her mothers were dark but not quite so big, and her nipples were small, more rounded then Fiona's that were big and like square cubes. Again my cock stirred in my trousers and I stroked it once or twice as she bent down and peeled off her thin knickers which I couldn't see properly because she was too close to the sink. She turned and stepped in to the shower and for a minute she felt the water cascade in to her hands as I admired her beautiful arse and the outline of her pussy lips that I could just see through the gap between her thighs.

"Oh fuck me that's beautiful," I said allowed as she turned and stepped back in to the shower and tipped her head back so the warm water fell on her hair and face and down her breasts. God she had an incredible body and her perfectly neat pubic hairline that ran from her clit upwards made her cunt look perfect.

I watched her shower, soap herself all over and then towel herself off before she slipped in to her nightwear and crawled in to bed. Man I had a raging hard on and I closed the programme down and switched the laptop off before putting down on the side of the sofa.

"Get her whore I need some relief from your mouth," I told her and stood up and dropped my trousers and pants letting my erect cock spring out before slumping back down.

Fiona knew now that when I asked her then she was best to hurry and bring me off as fast as possible to minimise the risk of getting caught so in a flash she was over and kneeling between my legs.

"Christ your excited tonight owner," she said as she peeled my foreskin down and a small stream of pre-come oozed from my cock eye and over her fingers.

"That's why I need your mouth on my dick you whore," I said and without another word she opened up and devoured my dick. I exploded in her mouth ten minutes later and after wiping my slimy cock round her face I too went up for a shower.

I spent the next five or six weeks watching Alice in her room, in the shower, getting undressed, I felt after watching her so much I knew every inch of her body and my mind was racing at the thought of getting to grips with it myself. I was on about the sixth week when I clicked on some saved footage I hadn't yet watched from Monday night when I'd taken Fiona out for a meal and a fuck in the car park at the local recreation ground.

Alice had showered and had gone back to her bedroom only this time she pulled the wicker box out from under the bed and removed two of the dildos and placed them on the bed in front of her before laying back against her pillows and opening her legs. Fuck me my dick almost exploded through my trousers and I had to pull it out as I watched her begin to rub at her small little pussy. I studied it as best I could and wondered how tight she'd be, she looked tight and her small cunt lips were already pulled apart just from her splaying her legs so I could see her clit already. God it looked beautiful and good enough to eat and suck for days on end, Alice found her clit and rubbed her finger tip over the top of her little nub and let out a little yelp and moan. It seems she had a sensitive clit just like her mother and once she'd felt that little twang from her own touch she went back to it again and again each time spending a little more time rubbing it and pinching it.

She was super sexed up for an eighteen year old and even after less than five minutes of flicking her own clit she was groaning loudly and easily pushing two fingers in and out of herself , she seemed to increase the speed in which she was assaulting her own cunt with her fingers and a few seconds later I was watching Alice come on her on fingers, as she did I let out a groan of my own as my cock ached to be sucked or fucked.

It then occurred to me that what I was watching was only last night and as she picked up the smaller of the two vibrators she'd selected and eased it into her cunt I ran in to her room and fished out her box and came back to the computer with them very dildos. I held the pink one in my hand and looked at it and then at the screen as I watched her feeding that same dildo in and out of her juicy tight cunt. I lifted it closer and rolled it around and it was clearly coated in her juices still, I raised it to my nose and inhaled.

"Ohh fuck yeah," I said allowed as her sweet eighteen year old aroma filled my nose, I turned it towards me and put it in my mouth and tasted her dried juices she'd left behind. I did exactly the same with the other, the largest silver one, and the one she was on screen with now hammering her cunt until she came on it again. I wanked myself off and came all over her toys and then put them back in her box.

I started to take Fiona out twice a week just so that I could come back and watch the footage and it seemed that every time we went out, she got her toys out and toyed herself silly as she knew the house was free. It was on a Thursday that I took Fiona out and then when we got home I'd stayed up whilst Fiona had gone to bed and I flicked the programme up to see what Alice had been up to.

And I wasn't disappointed when the screen popped up to see Alice walking up the stairs towards her bedroom for what I hoped would be another long toy session on her sweet little cunt, what I wasn't expecting when I flicked the camera on to her bedroom one was to be greeted by a naked lad laying on her bed sporting a big hard on. Shit I thought who the fuck is that I thought.

I learnt over the next three minutes as Alice undressed herself and climbed up the bed beside the young lad that his name was Josh and she embraced him in a sloppy kiss as her right hand snaked down his stomach and round his shaft gripping it tightly. Josh let out a low moan as her hand began to pump his young meat over and over and he to let his hands wander on to Alice's tits and to her little perfect nipples.

Josh looked about twenty one or two, probably a couple of years younger than myself but I hadn't seen him around before, they'd left each other's lips and were now laying side by side pleasuring each other. Alice was still pumping her small hand up and down Josh's cock that was pretty decent in size, seven inches at worst but not massively thick. His hand was down between her legs working away between her folds rubbing her clit without finesse and occasionally pumping a finger or two inside her.

The sex they had was short and furious, Josh banged her in the missionary position and from behind and to be fair to him, he did make her come, unless she was faking it, before he lost his load in her pussy.

Maybe she was on the pill I thought.

Like a good girl though Alice heaved herself off his cock and turned to suck him clean, in some ways advanced in her sex techniques as not all eighteen year olds would take a cock in their mouth after it had been in her own cunt, but Alice seemed to enjoy and hungrily cleaned him up.

Again for a few weeks this seemed to be the new occurrence when I was out with Fiona, I'd make up some shit about having to be out and Fiona would do the same so that I waited round the corner and then she'd come and I'd take her off for a fuck somewhere. Alice would then get Josh round for a session that always seen her pussy full of his come.

It was the footage from the last time that we were out that I'd settled down to watch and after watching Alice ride Josh's prick to completion that again left her full of his seed that Josh's admission gave me just the ammunition I needed to explore my growing interest in Alice.

"God it's a good job Nicole isn't suspicious I'd be fucked if she found out!" he laughed.

My attention was now fixed on the screen at this revelation and then Alice said, "Not just you Josh imagine if she found out that her best friend was shagging her boyfriend!" and again she laughed before embracing and not giving a shit.

Alice's best friend I thought this is dynamite, and I knew just what to do with dynamite.

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