tagErotic HorrorThe Devilish Flame

The Devilish Flame


If another fucker knocks on my door, I'm gonna swing for my baseball bat I cursed my anxious mind, seething with nervous tension. Adrenaline hit every nerve in my body as I paced the room like a frantic idiot, and before I knew it, my teeth chattered, in a world of their own, but without the faintly goose bumps that normally occur with a chill.

The smouldering fire in the centre of the room warmed my skin. I stared at the mysterious blue flame in the centre, and focused hard. Without a blink, I dropped to my knees; my sight totally enthralled in this hypnotic flame, and I floated above my body.

Every second that passed made me wonder about the mind and body's interconnectedness, except I was floating like a bird above my body, not a care in the world about another greedy Halloween Trick or Treater knocking at my door, requesting more cash. Alas, as soon at that thought did enter my mind, the sound of a loud thump made my body connect back with my mind, and I fell in a heap to the floor, grazing my funny bone on the granite fireplace.

I swear these fucking cunts are going to be the end of me tonight; the stress they put me under.

Shirley, my girlfriend was out on the town dressed as a ghoul with her girlfriends, and I chose to stay in like a boring old fool, except a 21 year old fool. The sound of the second thump, accompanied by another thump, then another made me curl my fist in aggression. I wanted to scream at them to leave, get the fuck off my property, even my door, but no words of anger flew out. Instead, my mind held the brunt of my aggression, and I slowly grunted while stomping to the door.

As I reached for the door, the sharp gust of wind almost made it hit me in the face, but my quick actions saved me.

"Trick or treat," the dark witch asked me. Man oh man was she dark. The colour of dark chocolate, the whites of her eyes the only luminous sign on her face. The ghoulish outfit did nothing to accentuate her curves, but I knew from the sight of her dark plump cheeks, the same kind of ass was covered beneath. "Trick," I snarled back to her startled face.

"But...erm...I...shit,"it," she mumbled under her breath, "do not have a trick."

"So you want money again like the three dicks who I have already given a fiver to?" My foot directly faced her, tapping the floor as if possessed, and with a look of thunder on my face, my forehead raised with wrinkles, she sauntered to the left, then to the right in an effort to walk away.

"Wait a second," I shouted loud enough for it to echo in her ears for long minutes. "You think you can just leave without giving me my trick. Come on in?" I kindly beckoned with my finger and a genuine smile.

The hypnotic flame caught my gaze, and I shot my head around 180 degrees to stare at this dark witch with black teeth, dark red lips, and what looked like a plastic bin bag cut into rags covering her figure.

"What do you want to do with me," she whispered, probably too afraid to wake the devil inside me up. Except, the devil had entered me, through the blue flame, but I wanted to tease her a little, win her onto my side. I'm sure the devil can persuade people with tempting delights in our true reality. The promise of riches, fame, and fortune to those who abide is not a conspiracy.

"Fancy a red wine," I asked in a gentle relaxed tone. "Sit down beside the fire, you look freezing sweet child."

Who the hell are you, Steve. Sweet child my ass. She's a grown woman.

"I don't drink, it's against my religion," the witch whimpered.

"And is it against your religion to go asking strangers for money."

"But I didn't..."


""¦is it against your religion to ask strangers for money," I snapped, interrupting her.

"I didn't ask you for money. I'm raising money for my church, and I certainly didn't want to piss anyone off on this dark and starry night."

"You not met any werewolves on your way over here then," I joked.

She shook her head, peering at nothing but the white fluffy rug beside next to my blazing fireplace. I lifted the top off my crystal decanter, and poured the overwhelmingly scented thick syrupy whiskey into a glass. The thick texture I had grown to love over the years warmed my throat in an instant, and I slowly marched back to my ruby recliner. I crossed my legs, staring at the attractive witch sat opposite me with her head down, arms tightly crossed covering her bosoms.

"You shy," I flirted, but it wasn't enough of a gesture to make her raise her head and make eye contact with the devil himself.

A brief nod told me everything. "How religious are you dark witch?"

"I'm not a witch," she cussed, "My name is Sarmulza."

"Lovely name, is it Irish," I joked.

"Do I look fucking Irish," she snapped, this time raising her glowing eyes at me in hate. "My parents are from Somalia, but I was born in the UK."

We have contact. Now how easy is it to hypnotize her beautiful dark eyes? Oh yes, strip off your bag, sexy. Get naked on my rug, and let the devil ravish you?

She quickly looked away from my gaze to nosy around the room, but damn, I needed another twenty seconds, even the devil needs time to perform his wicked games.

"You live here alone," she queried, and lifted off her witches hat to reveal her dark hair that gleamed under the light of the fire.

"With my partner, Shirley, whose probably getting pissed out of her skull on a fancy dress night dressed as a sexy ghoul."

Samulza stood up, let her arms drop from her chest, and walked a step toward the fire. "Do you normally invite strange girls into your house?" she whispered in her sexy strong accent.

She stole my breath carefully ripping off her clothes, revealing a sexy black bra and huge breasts. My throbbing dick instantly leapt to the sky, and I rubbed it beneath her seductive eyes staring into my soul. Does she know I'm the evil one, that I have seduced her into this? The image of her lay on the rug, the flickering flames awakening the beautiful shadow of her body.

Her toned but muscular legs flipped me over the edge, and the thought of them over my shoulders made me reach for her curves.

"Who gave you permission to touch me, evil one?" she snarled. She wasn't the same girl, she was a confident minx who had leapt out of her bashful shell.

"Where's Sarmulza," I asked. Burning fire leapt through her eyes, and a husky voice snapped back, "She's gone. You have me now."

Two seconds later, I found myself on the rug, this weird beast of a woman with fangs, a thicker wig, and flame eyes sat on top of me, teasing her nipples, trying her best to seduce me into a shag. My heart and head said no, yet the compulsion to squirt all over her face terrified me.

I suddenly realised I had no evil entity inside me, it had jumped into her, or the evil blue flame had hypnotized her the instant she walked through my front door.

"You ready to commit a sin?" she grinned with her ugliness that made me cringe and slam my eyes so tight tears fell down my cheeks. The way she wanked my cock, soft strokes then hard tugs flipped me over the edge, and seconds later, the irony taste of blood hit my tongue.

"You fucking bastard," Shirley yelled. "You wanking over anyone special?"

The thick syrup dripped down my face, and now I felt the shard of glass in my right eye. "What the hell have you done," I yelled.

I stared at my hand to see if it had turned into a tree, try to find some hint of a lucid dream. This strange night of the devil, an evil seduction, and now one-eyed Steve said it all.

One more look at the flame healed my rapid blood loss, and the devil jumped back into me, desperate to teach evil Alice a lesson. "Get off me you loon," Shirley fumed, desperately trying her best to kick her way out of my grip.

"You think you can stab me in the eye and get away with it. The devil hates ungrateful women like you who bitch, scream, and use sharp weapons of choice. Wrong decision, Shirley."

Two horrified eyes stared back at my burning flames. The tears wept from her eyes, the same she was unable to close, and vomit hit me in the face. I only had to beckon a piece of glass to fly over to my hand, and I held it over her heart. Like a scene in the exorcist, poor Shirley covered my face with every alcoholic drink known to man. Now a thick green gloop of bile hit me, and she managed to free herself whilst blinding me with her vomit.

"Take that," she shrieked, and a dulling pain floored me, killing the entity that jumped back into the flame.

"It's Steve. Don't kill me," I wept, begging at her ankles. "And don't look at that evil flame."

A second later, I knew it was all over for me, when Shirley gripped my hair, and glared at me with her fiery eyes.

"It's blood sucking time," she screeched, and I felt only a second of pain when her sharp fangs hit my genitals, sending me into the black hole.

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